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How to rub a coin into your arm magic trick tutorial -Julien Magic

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Information How to rub a coin into your arm magic trick tutorial -Julien Magic

Title :  How to rub a coin into your arm magic trick tutorial -Julien Magic
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Frames How to rub a coin into your arm magic trick tutorial -Julien Magic

Description How to rub a coin into your arm magic trick tutorial -Julien Magic

Comments How to rub a coin into your arm magic trick tutorial -Julien Magic

My dad showed this once😂😂
Comment from : SausageWasTaken

I only watched the performance Then I stopped watching It is more fun not knowingbrAmazing trick!brI remember seeing this done years ago as a child and have always been baffledbrThe teenaged magician retrieved the coin from my ear
Comment from : moboco

Dis Donc!
That one was obvious because the last time you can't see the coin anymore compared to the first attempts That was very suspect
Comment from : Dis Donc!

Weird_kid Idk
I have a queestion But how to pull out this coin later of your shoulder and pull out of your friends ear :(
Comment from : Weird_kid Idk

Sir your face like ABD South Africa batsman ( 360 )
Comment from : UNIQUE INSS∆N

Bhavani Murali
Please talk in Tamil
Comment from : Bhavani Murali

Krueger Lake
Comment from : Krueger Lake

We are legend
Its really interesting
Comment from : We are legend

ምርጥ 10 - Top 10
Teach us another like coin vanish and other card magic please
Comment from : ምርጥ 10 - Top 10

SaltyAdmiral -
Fuck this trash tutorial waste my fucking timebrHow can i refund my time for watching this crap video
Comment from : SaltyAdmiral -

Omphitlhetse Meshack
I want money man eish teach me
Comment from : Omphitlhetse Meshack

Beena Rawat
You looks like ab deviliers
Comment from : Beena Rawat

Twinfinite Gaming
Damn but it slipped out of my shirt and when i tried to slip it back put while my sister wasn’t looking it wasn’t there and we both thought it vanished
Comment from : Twinfinite Gaming

Dustin Rowe
I saw a similar variation of this trick on Disney back in the mid 90s I showed my wife (who is a real cynic lol) this trick a few years ago, and she was actually amazed Almost mad haha She was like "WHERE TF DID IT GO?!?" 😂😂
Comment from : Dustin Rowe

꧁OᴄᴇᴀɴWxᴠᴇs꧂ #road to 200
It's been 4 years and he is still reading the comments he loves his fans xD
Comment from : ꧁OᴄᴇᴀɴWxᴠᴇs꧂ #road to 200

That is such a dad trick
Comment from : strangetranceoffaith

Aj gallegos
Comment from : Aj gallegos

Ahmad hassan
Comment from : Ahmad hassan

jose jose
How we bring it
Comment from : jose jose

Thanks I fooled
Comment from : supreetl

Aaron Abarca
I also feel like Zach King
Comment from : Aaron Abarca

Ali Jafarzade
Very good
Comment from : Ali Jafarzade

Jay Ronker
How to became a magician
Comment from : Jay Ronker

I know this trick😜👍
Comment from : 🕯️MÁLÀK🕯️

Hardrock Cafe
Wowit's a very nice magic trick,I will practice that😁
Comment from : Hardrock Cafe

Miracles Happen
I thought all your magic tricks were R E A L !!!
Comment from : Miracles Happen

Devendar DT
Comment from : Devendar DT

e-kanal VIDEO
I like a card and money trick This is my favorite coin trick youtube/8UjjRJjQb_Q
Comment from : e-kanal VIDEO

Chipochashe Masvingwa
Hate it
Comment from : Chipochashe Masvingwa

Damian Mok
I am just curious how the Chinese do the mask change? You have any idea?
Comment from : Damian Mok

Angel Morse
thats why your arms hair are done by rubbing coins on it😂😂😂
Comment from : Angel Morse

Nicolas Abd El Ahad
Do you know how to vanish a coin or money? brbrbrbrbrbrWhen u get married
Comment from : Nicolas Abd El Ahad


Comment from : UR MOM

Sandra Avila
It's not working on me I think you're not good
Comment from : Sandra Avila

Dude love your vids when I did it I tricked all my friends
Comment from : Kaylee

alpian dpm chanel
Comment from : alpian dpm chanel

van halen
It works when you have a Q-tip that is inside of a canal to transpose the musical notes when they go into the righteous divider
Comment from : van halen

Very super
Comment from : jayaprankas

Comment from : TopCat

Clark Clark
Comment from : Clark Clark

Bro that's genius 👌
Comment from : AllY

Daxton Tofte
0:56 sitting with your friends Me: what do you mean?
Comment from : Daxton Tofte

Aravind G
Julien, would you please suggest some magic books so as learn what you're doing ?
Comment from : Aravind G

The intro scared me
Comment from : SmashyNoa

Pdubs 706
Your EARBOW seems to be like everyone else's forearm!
Comment from : Pdubs 706

Pdubs 706
Sorry for your spelling of ELBOW as well!😞
Comment from : Pdubs 706

MD Saif
OMG magic 😱😱😱😱😯😯
Comment from : MD Saif

grace buan
wow thats amazing😰😰😤😤
Comment from : grace buan

gaijeng kamson
Plz teach me magic
Comment from : gaijeng kamson

my dad showed me this trick when I was 3, since then I am facinated by magic
Comment from : NEBDOE

Comment from : IKMAL HAKIMI

2:25 lol right arm laugh
Comment from : Kairie

0:07 wtf is that intro
Comment from : samdoesstuff

Cameron Hagen
What is the beginning???
Comment from : Cameron Hagen

Jananip Janani
Comment from : Jananip Janani

The Rex
After this he went to the doctor and they found a coin In his arm LOL
Comment from : The Rex

Mangpu Khongsai
yesss i did it, thank u julien
Comment from : Mangpu Khongsai

Moti Yadav Kisauli
Comment from : Moti Yadav Kisauli

Khmer Food Cooking Everyday
Wow good so quick magic Pro 👍👍
Comment from : Khmer Food Cooking Everyday

nice bro im a pilipino
Comment from : KABROSIS TV

Fahrur Rohman
What if the audience wants the coin back sir?
Comment from : Fahrur Rohman

Raj SA
In which school do you study to learn these magic tricks
Comment from : Raj SA

Trần Anh Khôi - Brad
aye i can't do this
Comment from : Trần Anh Khôi - Brad

Yunus Nas
Where did you go to learn these things
Comment from : Yunus Nas

harpreet saini
I slap you
Comment from : harpreet saini

Du är bra magic
Comment from : isAqooouackkk

Gareth Brown
I have seen three different people claim this was their trick, but who was the first
Comment from : Gareth Brown

Nithin Thilakh
Comment from : Nithin Thilakh

Comment from : shanghaipudong2006

Manikandan S
0:06 i am scared
Comment from : Manikandan S

Maf Taf
I knew it
Comment from : Maf Taf

Jagannath Jmlshra
Hindi me lavu
Comment from : Jagannath Jmlshra

caleb j
what a trick
Comment from : caleb j

Nice magic to learn easilybrThanks
Comment from : 성이름

Grace Gerasse
Saya tahu
Comment from : Grace Gerasse

tera baap
Brother sand me your whatsaap number
Comment from : tera baap

Rahat Rizwan
Comment from : Rahat Rizwan

Ruthless 28
Honestly this trick is so obvious
Comment from : Ruthless 28

Maria Delmendo
Comment from : Maria Delmendo

Comment from : Qabriuu

Liakath Ali
Very mistakes
Comment from : Liakath Ali

Abdiweli Official
Comment from : Abdiweli Official

Elmo Life
Ellbow LOL
Comment from : Elmo Life

Josy Vv
The entrance of the video was amazing🤣🤣
Comment from : Josy Vv

Pawan Venu Venu
What covering coin is in your colar
Comment from : Pawan Venu Venu

Ahmed Gaming
Hej jag är svensk får jag 10 likes?
Comment from : Ahmed Gaming

Bhukya jethuram
nice magic good nice
Comment from : Bhukya jethuram

Jojo Mascarenhas
Is your elbow itchy
Comment from : Jojo Mascarenhas

md rakib
Comment from : md rakib

Awesome Lego
Comment from : Awesome Lego

Kannan K E
Comment from : Kannan K E

• pastel clouds •
Dislike 0-0
Comment from : • pastel clouds •

Sampath P
Comment from : Sampath P

puspa chauhan
Comment from : puspa chauhan

Abhishek singh banafar
youtube/PodmT0gpT-wbrbrit is my video link see my video and share and subscribr my chhanel bro
Comment from : Abhishek singh banafar

Abhishek singh banafar
i also make a chhanel and upload video on magic trick
Comment from : Abhishek singh banafar

Abhishek singh banafar
good magic trick
Comment from : Abhishek singh banafar

Abhishek singh banafar
Comment from : Abhishek singh banafar

Shrawan Kumar
Comment from : Shrawan Kumar

Comment from : OzzyTheEpic

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