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How to hire a video editor for your youtube channel (+ how much an editor will cost you)

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Information How to hire a video editor for your youtube channel (+ how much an editor will cost you)

Title :  How to hire a video editor for your youtube channel (+ how much an editor will cost you)
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Frames How to hire a video editor for your youtube channel (+ how much an editor will cost you)

Description How to hire a video editor for your youtube channel (+ how much an editor will cost you)

Comments How to hire a video editor for your youtube channel (+ how much an editor will cost you)

Gillian Perkins
Want more in-depth training like this? Check out the How to Hire a Video Editor Checklist I created to help make the process easier for you: gillianperkinscom/video-editor-hiring-checklist/
Comment from : Gillian Perkins

Muhammad Saleem
Comment from : Muhammad Saleem

Stacy Liddell
I don't think I've heard the word editor so many times in one video Great tips as well!
Comment from : Stacy Liddell

good luck to everyone that wants to start a YouTube channel and always remember"Patience is key"

500$ an hour lol
Comment from : C T

I've been making content mostly on youtube but on other video platforms as well for 15 years, and even though I've never been brand-friendly enough to go viral, I'm so tired of going it alone My mom died two years ago and I decided to spend part of the life insurance trying to find other freelancers to delegate some of the work to so I can concentrate on actually making new content--like a social media manager to make all the promo posts for me, and/or a web developer who can make my website not look so messy and set up an e-commerce site for, and a video editor who can just take the most rambly parts out of my vlogs and cut out excessive umms, that's really it But I have not been able to figure out WHERE to find any of these people to hire, certainly no one with any experience working on videos Every freelance hiring site I try, I get bombarded with barely-coherent copypasta posts from people in undeveloped countries with no proof of portfolio, and that's it Where do you go to find legitimately professional freelancers to hire?!?
Comment from : ToplessTopics

John Clay
informative 20mins+ on hiring a editor/s and how much time they save you
Comment from : John Clay

Garden in Mind UK - Power of plants and meditation
thank you for demystifying this subject - I am yet to find a VE and not so savvy or time rich to do it all myself - now I have some helpful guidelines the search may be less ambiguous
Comment from : Garden in Mind UK - Power of plants and meditation

Why I need editor:br-Decentbr-Lazy
Comment from : AKIPROX7

Jelly 219
Im an editor, hit me up if you need an editor
Comment from : Jelly 219

Alternative Visuals
From experience as a cleaner and video editor, I know you can't do a four-hour job in two hours
Comment from : Alternative Visuals

Hi there! I have been editing my own videos for years (which are now offline) and so love to edit other people's videos as well If you are interested, let me know
Comment from : PandaPower

Goodlife Investor
Nice video, I was thinking of hiring someone as I'm getting to that stage, but honestly the hassle of back and forth with some of these guys is not worth the time in certian cases, better to do self quick edits - having said this greatly depends upon the type of channel and content being produced
Comment from : Goodlife Investor

Aleksi Himself - Videos about Finland
I wish you had shown the workflow file at the ned more in detail That's precisely what I'm looking for at the moment
Comment from : Aleksi Himself - Videos about Finland

Blue’s Show Ringo Fan
Ty So Much!! Mom got Me Editor! 😊
Comment from : Blue’s Show Ringo Fan

Gaming With Jazz
When she says about proving your editor with a guild so they know what you want is important Somene reached out to me for a trial run They gave very little info as to how they wanted the sample to be structured I asked for an outline so I know where to put what effect or what effect ( eg at this mark I want a text bumper) So just guessed because I asked 5 times for a rough draft Then they came back and had the nurve to say they're "concered" about paying for "simple edits" well if they were so concered they would have made a layout like she showed what she makes for her editorbrbrPLEASE make some sort of chart for your editor/potential editor in reagrds to how you want the video to be structured If you're vauge more than likely they will just guess
Comment from : Gaming With Jazz

Working Aspirant (IT, Banking)
Youtube is not allowing to comment my Instagram here Is there any way I can get in touch with the employer's who are watching this video
Comment from : Working Aspirant (IT, Banking)

really insightful video--my advice as an editor is for those seeking editors, be as detailed as possible with briefs for videos The more detailed and well planned out a video is, the easier the edit will be Try and refrain from filming, and then thinking about what you want it to look like after No one likes loads of revisions, communication is key As well as this, try and remember editors are creative people! When you hand over a video to edit, it will not come out exactly the same as if you yourself were to edit it, just like any art!
Comment from : Kaya

Ryn 🕳🐇
I’m an editor looking for clients dm me on Instagram if you’re interested in pricing :) my portfolio is my YouTube account 💗
Comment from : Ryn 🕳🐇

It is really stressful to edit vids make vids go to school study brBe social and all that stuff I really need an editor butttttt I don't have that much I am 13 soooooo
Comment from : LIONPRO

I'm a freelance video and audio editor for youtubers See if we can partner up
Comment from : Deepit

I am a former small-time animation celebrity with over 15 years of experience brbrIf anyone needs an advanced editor, I am available and very flexible when it comes to pay rate I am available to speak with on Discord and via eMail brbrMy editing work can be seen on my channel I look forward to doing business with any of you 🎥
Comment from : videogameguy101

Me watching as a video editor so i know where to find a job 🤓
Comment from : gk

I'm a video editor for more than 10 years, and I've had a lot of clients who don't give enough details on how they want me to edit their videos What he said about damaging the relationship when having too much revisions is true They give you raw videos Doesn't give you enough details You edit it and then they want some revisions It's crazy
Comment from : KrizbyYT

Mousy Leigh
I needed this video so much! I've been pulling my hair out trying to find a good editor This info is so hard to find
Comment from : Mousy Leigh

I wonder how many out of the 32k people who viewed this video that actually ended up hiring a video editoras a single dad beginner YouTuber I'm thinking this may be the most common sense move for me!
Comment from : J Mans ASMR

Chiedza Mhosva
Thanks for the information But damn girl, your hair is good BEAUTIFUL !
Comment from : Chiedza Mhosva

jiafang han
I’m a freelanced video editor! Glad I found your video actually really helpful for me as well I’ve been dealing with some difficult clients actually Getting some good advice on communicating with clients from your video 👍 if anyone need a video editor HMU😁
Comment from : jiafang han

$5 is so much even for a month Then, $5 PER HOUR!?!? I can't afford that Anyways thanks for explaining
Comment from : TechTriggr

Is there any special considerations you can think of for gaming youtubers?
Comment from : ChasingMyTale

Millennial Brochan
Oh boy I have so many things I feel the need to tell/inform/correct you on… ya know what, I think I might just make a response video to you
Comment from : Millennial Brochan

JZ helps (a Florida injury law firm)
The sample vids from even the top editors on Upwork are so disappointing brbrNone of them have samples of fast paced YouTuber quality videos
Comment from : JZ helps (a Florida injury law firm)

Who can be my editor
Comment from : Mncfh4

For my editors out there, I want to stream/make content in the future and edit my own videos at first, but when I hire an editor later on, what is the best payment method for you and how much would an average editor make out of that each time? I want to go with the safest option to keep both the editor and I happy But I'm still a tad bit confused on how much I should be paying I don't want to pay less or more than I should be paying I would love some help on this from actual editors :) thank you!
Comment from : Mushymellowdino

Eshaan Sharma
I have been editing for 4 years now and this is the best video that has been recommended to me I’ve worked for channels with 2m and 11m subscribers and they follow all the steps that you mentioned Also, more successful the YouTuber is, more humble they are I will share this video with my clients who need some insights Thanks !
Comment from : Eshaan Sharma

Andrea Raven
so helpful thank you!
Comment from : Andrea Raven

It takes me hours too edit smh it’s Theo not reason I want someone to edit
Comment from : D BOX

I want to start a series of videos doing public questions with strangers I would need a filmer and editor to do that Would $15 a hour be fair for a filmer and then give them a additional $5 to edit the videos as well? The editing would be very basic work
Comment from : GBMAIN

Black Rebel Radio®️
Leave me raw just Post non script to
Comment from : Black Rebel Radio®️

Hiiii I hope you see this! How do you and your editors go about sending videos and clips back n forth? (due to the files being so large)
Comment from : ALISHA J POOLE

Monarch Roofing
Great insight! Thank you very much… we applied the reach out to local connection and pushed indeed brWe ended up having too many qualified candidates haha brWe hired 3 !! brThank you
Comment from : Monarch Roofing

Dylan Reh
As a freelance video editor, you're spot on with a lot of this info And anyone looking for editing, contact me through the email in my bio!
Comment from : Dylan Reh

David Ramos
Such a great breakdown, thank you for this vid!
Comment from : David Ramos

How much do YOU pay for your editors, kind lady?
Comment from : CptZhu

Miss Finance
Super helpful video! I'll be hiring a video editor soon and this video answered all of my questions
Comment from : Miss Finance

But where do you go to hire a video editior
Comment from : DJay

Andrea Winters
Love the video! I am a new video editor and I was wondering if you or anyone in the comments Would you recommend asking for more money if the video includes sponsored content or should this be the same cost as a regular video without?
Comment from : Andrea Winters

Tutorial Queen
Hello! Since people seem to be networking down here I would like to hire an editor on my channel I do mostly crafting stuff like chainmail dragons or cosplay or different art mediums, and I'd love to show off my card magic skills, but I'm going to Korea in a few months and would love someone to help me edit some vlogs too My email is on my about page, just hit me up Great video by the way, very helpful :)
Comment from : Tutorial Queen

Jordan Amit
Do you have any tips for video editors on how to reach out to youtubers if they need an editor? I'm an up and coming editor and want to reach out to youtubers, but I'm wondering if you have any input on that as you must get hit up all the time by editors
Comment from : Jordan Amit

How do you know how long they spent on the video? Couldn’t someone lie about how long it took them to make the video if your paying per hour?
Comment from : Martin

Deepa Parakkal
I am a video editor looking for some work for experience Anyone want a video editor, just reply to this comment!
Comment from : Deepa Parakkal

Just Jus
I need a affordable editor can anyone help me? It will be gameplay and irl videos too
Comment from : Just Jus

Aleck royce Bullag
I'm a freelance video editor! I had an experience in editing I worked in some of the content creators here in YouTube Let me do the editing! I'm also a trusted person so everything will be cool :)
Comment from : Aleck royce Bullag

Onii Dreaming
My editing has slightly improved since I started editing a year ago but I really need an editor This is really helpful But I always feel like I need to grow first before anyone would want to work with me 😅
Comment from : Onii Dreaming

TOs -
I use premiere pro along with adobe photoshop and after effects, Hmu for editing projects!!!
Comment from : TOs -

Yazz Hansford
oh my gosh is £15 not enough for a rough cut and £30 for a full video😭😭😭 (for a youtuber like me but with more subs) roughly a rough cut would take maybe 4/5 hours and a full video would take 10/12 hours, please lmk what you think! :)
Comment from : Yazz Hansford

Kevin Luna
Yes please What editors do you recommend?
Comment from : Kevin Luna

Gohel Dwarkesh
Need editor hire me straight to the point !
Comment from : Gohel Dwarkesh

Tonys Turn
Very very good video👌💯😮‍💨
Comment from : Tonys Turn

E-Bike Reviews
So glad I found your video Outstanding! Looking for an editor now, and appreciate the insight and tips
Comment from : E-Bike Reviews

Maths UV
Nice to get information about video editor
Comment from : Maths UV

3:53 - 4:54 brCan't we just show the Editor OTHER YouTube Videos we like, done by other YouTubers, and ask them to make similar videos?
Comment from : Cali_Girl

3:53 - 4:54 brCan't we just show the Editor OTHER YouTube Videos we like, done by other people, and ask them to make similar videos?
Comment from : Cali_Girl

What do you think about an editor factoring in the success and amount the YouTuber is making into their pay ask?brFor example: editing for a YouTuber that gets 1 million+ views per video on average, but makes about 1 video a week, 4-6 videos a monthbrAnother ex: If someone edits a video that goes on to get 4 million views, which means that video made them 10s of thousands, but the editor was only paid $250 to edit it brIs it not supposed to matter because the editors job is "done"? Isn't the editor at a loss when factoring in the success of the video that is largely their work as well? In a way, yhe YouTuber would continue profiting off of something that was a collaborative effort while the other half, the editor, in theory, got shorted brWould love your feedback on how to deal with something like this and specifically how you think the editor should be paid under these circumstances
Comment from : KMV TV

hello i am a roblox channel looking for a editor and i cant hire u or pay u but i can give u some things in roblox
Comment from : 𝐅𝐥𝐨𝐰𝐞𝐫

Ka Mali
I need a editor Hmu willing to pay
Comment from : Ka Mali

I'm new to YouTube (obviously not this account) I have published 70 vids so far w/minimal editing Now I want to hire an editing agency and pay them per month to edit a bunch of videos the entire month and send them to me at the end of the month I want to bulk record then send 22 videos to them in May Will they be able to edit that amount in one month? They don't have to complete it each day but I'd like all of the vids completed and sent to me by the end of June Then I plan on uploading them slowly
Comment from : E E

Rohit Gaikwad
You are having less views in your recent uploads
Comment from : Rohit Gaikwad

I want to job
Comment from : MLM HEMADEB

Chris Zayachkowski
Who on earth would work for $500 an hour?
Comment from : Chris Zayachkowski

Virtual Panda
Finally, a good video that explains this and actually helped
Comment from : Virtual Panda

Rebeccas Studio - Editing, Graphic Design, Music
Hello, my name is Rebecca and I'm a freelance video editor with 10 years of experience in video making brI am open to editing for any platform I have affordable editing packages you can purchase or if you have a specific project in mind, feel free to get in contact brbrLinks on my about pagebrbrLooking forward to working with you
Comment from : Rebeccas Studio - Editing, Graphic Design, Music

Pat Nylund Films
Next video: „How to get hired as an editor“
Comment from : Pat Nylund Films

Sam Flower
I love recording but i hate editing fuck
Comment from : Sam Flower

Amateur Coffee Bean
Everyone: watching this video to see how they can hire a video editorbrMe: watching this video to see how I can work as a video editor for other YouTubers :,D
Comment from : Amateur Coffee Bean

Is $1 or even $11 per minute of raw footage still applicable? I think that is a good ratebrI have all the content for 200+ videos in my head (I am a college professor), but don't want to spend all the time on editing myself I would just like to keep generated tons of raw footage and just send it over to an editor for $1/minute of raw footage (even $120 is ok)
Comment from : Y D

Looking for a nice editor to edit my videos my email is on the description on my channel drop a comment❤️
Comment from : FRN KVNG

I was always skeptical about outsourcing video editing, but i am so glad i finally did With the guys belowbrbrBy offloading the video editing to a reliable video editing service, you not only save a heap of time, but you can use this time so focus on the more important stuff Creating more content Then in turn uploading more consistency and ultimately growing an audience on YoutubebrbrI been using Vampupvideo for my edits, they are super reliable and really good quality Should be able to find them with a google search Hope this helps some others than want to increase their video output Good luck
Comment from : dellosmedia

Thank you I've been struggling to make content and it takes a lot my time and yeah thank you
Comment from : InfinityGaming

chi ibeji
this is really helpful for a person who struggles making videos thanks for this
Comment from : chi ibeji

i need a free editer lol im not rich im like broke soooooo i need one that is like per month
Comment from : Gman349

Daniel The Editor
Everyone: Watching this video to see how they can hire a video editor for their channelbrMe: Watching this video to find out how to be a video editor for Youtubers :Dbrhmmm
Comment from : Daniel The Editor

you can hire mebrI am an amateur video editor I am looking to gain some experienceI am willing to work for free brmy mail( [email protected])
Comment from : cool

Leeja Miller
👏excellent work, super helpful, THANK YOU!
Comment from : Leeja Miller

MOR Designs
Just monetized my channel! I would love to get to the point of hiring an editor not their yet but maybe in the future! Editing is my least favorite part!
Comment from : MOR Designs

Why am I watching? I am a video editor 😀
Comment from : gedeo

Awsome thank you
Comment from : FLOPPED LOP

How To
The crazy thing is brthis video got edited too
Comment from : How To

Design Concepts
I am video editor and graphic designer i am doing job in UAE ANYONE WANT TO EDIT YOUR VIDEO PLEASE CONTACT ME
Comment from : Design Concepts

Design Concepts
I am also video editor
Comment from : Design Concepts

Afrobarbie - sustainable lifestyle channel
Great, informative video ✨✨you answered all my questions and then some
Comment from : Afrobarbie - sustainable lifestyle channel

Hey i am an editor and kinda looking a part time job for my college So if anyone interested dm me on insta @hxslqyy
Comment from : akseusa

vee kay
can you make a video on how to make your own podcast?
Comment from : vee kay

WOW!!! Gillian you're so right !!!!! I video edit for people who want to make more videos, upload more and get more views and these are definitely the steps you need! I use all 3 types of pricing with my clients It's which ever they prefer and helps them get the best results This video is a must watch till the end! Thanks Gillian

Are there any free ones cause I am 13 year old and I can’t get a job to pay them
Comment from : FruitPunchy

Courtney Raine
I am looking for a video editor, if anyone is interested! DM me on Instagram @courtneyraine_
Comment from : Courtney Raine

Epic Video HQ
Great video Gillian with lots of value 👍 💯 I was just looking into hiring an editor, great timing! 🔥 Cheers, Kurt
Comment from : Epic Video HQ

Daphnes Day Off
I always love your helpful tips! :-)brHope to get better at this, too More power!
Comment from : Daphnes Day Off

Vinay Pendse
Nice presentation!
Comment from : Vinay Pendse

Blue Edge Crypto
Hey Gillian! I've been seeing your content and I gotta say, I'm impressed! I previously reached out to see if we can discuss an idea of a video that will go viral! Please let me know how to best contact you and I'll be happy to share it with you! Keep up the good work!
Comment from : Blue Edge Crypto

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