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How to get FREE Silver Coins Around the Neighborhood!!!!!

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Information How to get FREE Silver Coins Around the Neighborhood!!!!!

Title :  How to get FREE Silver Coins Around the Neighborhood!!!!!
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Frames How to get FREE Silver Coins Around the Neighborhood!!!!!

Description How to get FREE Silver Coins Around the Neighborhood!!!!!

Comments How to get FREE Silver Coins Around the Neighborhood!!!!!

Ludwig Otto Friedrich Wilhelm II Von Bayern
I was the 1k like epic
Comment from : Ludwig Otto Friedrich Wilhelm II Von Bayern

Robby Rob
The R euro penny means Rome It's from Italy 🇮🇹😀😀 Great video👍
Comment from : Robby Rob

Keller Johnson
the angel coin is a catholic prayer token
Comment from : Keller Johnson

Josh Tong
Comment from : Josh Tong

Silver Luckypicker
Who’s watching on 2020brMe yes
Comment from : Silver Luckypicker

Nicholas Quinn
The euro coins with the RI are from Italy and the coins with a leaf are from Germany
Comment from : Nicholas Quinn

Owl Knickerknots
Comment from : Owl Knickerknots

3:52 I think that’s Germany 🇩🇪
Comment from : Eric

Isaiah Winter
So you don’t have to pay for them from those
Comment from : Isaiah Winter

Gabe T
Don't miss this!🌜 silveravalanchecom
Comment from : Gabe T

Unknown Guy
Give me some coins freePlease
Comment from : Unknown Guy

Kaden Kissh
I checked a coin star machine and found in 1964 silver quarter
Comment from : Kaden Kissh

TB Willoughby
#3:54 The "Oak Sprig" is from Germany, "I" over "R" = Italy, and "RF" = France #4:31 That's a "Guardian Angel" token from the Catholic Relief Services #4:43 Croatia
Comment from : TB Willoughby

TB Willoughby
#2:50 The Coinstar Machines are located in nearly all major grocery stores and Wal Marts in my area (Cleveland, Ohio) and are my "major source" for all (domestic and foreign) coins The US coins I "return to circulation" if they're not silver or "Wheat Backs," the foreign coins are put in my collection if I don't already have it Other foreign coins get sold in an auction at either one of the two coin clubs I attend for $1000 in a plastic storage bag of 100 coins (or 10 Cents/coin) The modern Canadian coins (5 Cents - $2 "tooney") are now plated steel, earlier Canadian coins were cupro-nickel (Canadian nickel is slightly magnetic) Early Canadian cents are rejected because they're "foreign" and have a different "feel" (for the counter)
Comment from : TB Willoughby

So you just walk up to a coin machine and there's money waiting for you? Wow
Comment from : mikebell2112

Its Your Boii!
Comment from : Its Your Boii!

Epic Coin Hunting
I have the same angel token thing I wonder what it is?
Comment from : Epic Coin Hunting

Marco Maraglino
About euro cents:the maple leaf cent is German and the castle cent is Italian (In Italy, that coin has not been around since 1 January 2018)
Comment from : Marco Maraglino

michael venniro
do it all the time
Comment from : michael venniro

kelsey soukup
Lipa coin is from Croatia
Comment from : kelsey soukup

Gabriel Cornea
Some of the Canadian coins might be silver Check the dates!
Comment from : Gabriel Cornea

I am also interested in this
Comment from : RobloxerC

Saint Crispin
50 LIPAI believe it's from Croatiacould be lower mintage as well
Comment from : Saint Crispin

Smoke em Ifugottem
Just because it's from Europe doesn't mean it's a euro
Comment from : Smoke em Ifugottem

Jaceeek Gary
3:52 The coins that you were looking at that you didn't know where it was from is from Germany The ones with the leaves I have lots of this types of German coins
Comment from : Jaceeek Gary

Quarters from 1964 are silver?
Comment from : coows

Camroc Ian
Comment from : Camroc Ian

ToXic Productions
Hey I'm a big fan of you and I love Australian pennies and half pennies with the kangaroo on the back, if you have any could I purchase them?
Comment from : ToXic Productions

I got a silver from a vending machine
Comment from : Luke

I checked out a Coinstar machine immediately after a lady left it + found a 1964 silver quarter she left behind!
Comment from : seeamerica1

you use cointalk?!?!?! same!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment from : Jonathan

one of them is clear gold
Comment from : Venusimo

Caleb Peterson
Comment from : Caleb Peterson

Cyclops Staxx
My mother passed away a couple of months ago While emptying her house, i found that exact angel token If you are interested in selling it or trading it, i would love to get it for my brother I carry mine in my pocket always My email is [email protected] maybe we can work something out Thanks brother! Seeing that token kinda choked me up a bit I look forward to hearing from you soon
Comment from : Cyclops Staxx

I work at a bank and a man dropped off $30 in 1964 halfs Suffice to say I punched them immediately after
Comment from : TKDMIKEP

Is this really 5 years ago 😞😞😞
Comment from : KORIGAN

Jared Highlands
I picked up a lil Canada coins as well from a day or two ago which is still sitting in my car I can’t seem to find silver though
Comment from : Jared Highlands

Jared Highlands
Omg that is a good haul
Comment from : Jared Highlands

Sixty two 8787ttth
The angel token is an Angel in my pocket medallion (religious)
Comment from : Sixty two 8787ttth

Dave Hensley
that 64 quarter looks double die (stamp misprint on the lettering and rim?) But to answer your Q I have found many foreign coins in the reject slot of Coinstar machines ,my first haul was 5 war pennies,,pretty cool even though not super valuable ,just a piece of history worth remembering---if The US runs out of copper to make ammo I think we are wasting alot of resourses on frikkin WARim from norcal and im a fire survivor(santa rosa oct "2017brthanks for the video ,nicely done,well spoken
Comment from : Dave Hensley

i found a 1964 dime in my pocket
Comment from : PinkTurkey

Brian Jordan
I found one of those angel tokens from a Coin Star also Wonder where they come from?
Comment from : Brian Jordan

Laci Bryans
Weird Angel coins that you pointed out well I got one too and I got it from my grandfather's messy garage where she was full of junk coin is named the golden angel I think
Comment from : Laci Bryans

Chase Delp
The quarter looks like a seating error
Comment from : Chase Delp

Casino life
I got most of my silver coins working as a cashier I want to start doing the bank notes hunting soon
Comment from : Casino life

Coin roll hunting
Comment from : Pumamountainlion777

Lit Diamond
I got the same angle coin
Comment from : Lit Diamond

Greg Gabo
hi buddy! I'm gregorio gabo from the Philippines I'm here in canada just visiting my two grandson forgot i just finished my heart operation (anjoplasti) proud to tell that you and other coin colletor and errors finder gave me a strong determination to live to make my life Worthy ilove coin collection but only here in canada find that it is a great treasure once you found precious, even a single coin,more power to all of you especially to you buddy!
Comment from : Greg Gabo

Oliver Lösch
The eurocents with the leafs on it are from Germany RI stand for Italy
Comment from : Oliver Lösch

one of my friends has that exact angel coin
Comment from : PickItProspecting

Mikey Torres
give me one
Comment from : Mikey Torres

Toivo Kent
I found my first 1941 mint condition mercury dime from a reject tray
Comment from : Toivo Kent

4:28 that I a "pocket angel" my grandma used to give them to me
Comment from : Yeahmenoodle

Jamie Parker
so hard in englandbut ask people coming back from america to show you any change and offer them double the face and they accept it as the exchange companies don't accept change at all so i am doing people a favour and then add to my collection
Comment from : Jamie Parker

unusual coin br1 ruble-1 dollarbr youtube/AZQFW4O-XRg
Comment from : ВМ

Thank You So Very Much
Wow good!
Comment from : Thank You So Very Much

sonalika chaki
Comment from : sonalika chaki

Mrs Strazdovska
my favourite coin is the 2 Indian rupees one
Comment from : Mrs Strazdovska

Mel B
Comment from : Mel B

I threw a 1964 nickel into a lake thinking it was worthless :(
Comment from : HG05

Chicken Fang
sub to my channel
Comment from : Chicken Fang

Hillary Clinton
I am Frank P I am sorry for what I have done to this community I cannot repair the damage though
Comment from : Hillary Clinton

Super gamer Games
I think the one u said u weren't sure about and had a leaf on it, I think it's a Canadian coin
Comment from : Super gamer Games

Treasure By Measure
Great idea!
Comment from : Treasure By Measure

my coins sell call me 7042623850
Comment from : MADHURI PATRA

Bret Patton
where is the magnet located on a coinstar machine?
Comment from : Bret Patton

jessie Sweetness
I found a merk in a reject tray
Comment from : jessie Sweetness

steve tafe
very honest of you dude good luck
Comment from : steve tafe

Treasure Tracker
Neat coins
Comment from : Treasure Tracker

danny acevedo
thats fake no one know that a 1964 have something special
Comment from : danny acevedo

Adam Davis
good old Canadian way atta boy!
Comment from : Adam Davis

LolCanadian coins are not made of steelit's nickel, zinc, & copper
Comment from : Southpaw

Yeswanth Yadav
3:59 is germany coin because i have that coin
Comment from : Yeswanth Yadav

Yeswanth Yadav
2 rupees from india
Comment from : Yeswanth Yadav

Mario Ćurić
Lipa is from Croatia
Comment from : Mario Ćurić

William Charles
The Canadian coins that were magnetic as well as some of the other coins issued by other countries are made with a high percentage of the metal "Nickel" Even though it's not a ferrous metal like steel it will stick to a magnet US 5 cent pieces do contain the "Nickel" metal but they aren't magnetic due to the high copper content in their alloy
Comment from : William Charles

Corie Stern
Yes we have Coin Star here I once got back (rejects) some coins from Israel and hear from A Coin Dealer in my small towna person found a Gold Coin he thought it was brass worth about $25000 at the timenever know interesting vid !!!!  Corie in Seattle
Comment from : Corie Stern

my sister found a 1951 dime in a coinstar before I could check
Comment from : yeetbomb

Zaro GD
Next video: How to find 9999 gold bullion bar in your backyard (easy)
Comment from : Zaro GD

Jay ‘
that 65 is 40 silver
Comment from : Jay ‘

The Canadian coins the very last one in the middle bottom is not Canadian for anyone who thinks it is
Comment from : WV- DIPPER

Pala Luka
The ones you didn't recognize are from Germany, the I and R one is Italian and the lipa is hrvaska blood, I only know this because I've traveled to all these places literally countless times, should have had a list, alright only once for Italy that place smells like sulfur, for anyone I would recommend Croatia wayyyy better then Italy, hit up split where the party's are, Italy blocks all the junk from the Mediterranean thier boot desire is perform making Croatia a gem, over 1000 island one of the nicest places in the world
Comment from : Pala Luka

Ian the coin hunter
Wow nice method! Your channel is awsome!
Comment from : Ian the coin hunter

Tristan Paul
navy federal has a coin star machine I got an elvis coin
Comment from : Tristan Paul

1964 quarters are 90 silver! (goes to see all quarters)
Comment from : Karath

Matt B
Where is this magnet at on the coin star machines? I have a few of these coin machines I would like to check
Comment from : Matt B

Mason Bentley
I've found some Canadian coins at the coinstar and an interesting penny
Comment from : Mason Bentley

what is the exact process you used to get them to open the coin machine for you? Just ask for a manager and tell them you would like to purchase them?
Comment from : MaliceV

kahuna bobby
silver picker that angel coin actually is a good luck sign i have one of my own
Comment from : kahuna bobby

John Ferrari
my question to you, silverpicker, is why on earth would you ( or ANYONE ) keep ANYTHING of value in a bank vault or even in a bank account?
Comment from : John Ferrari

Epic Airport
1965 is still silver may people think coins after 1964 were not silver but its coins after 9965 are not silver
Comment from : Epic Airport

Brandon Rogerio
My dad works for Bank of America, should I ask him to keep (interesting) coins?
Comment from : Brandon Rogerio

Tom Angell
The Euro cents are: Leaf German and IR is Italian
Comment from : Tom Angell

Jeff Blackmon
How can you tell the difference from a silver coin and one thats not?
Comment from : Jeff Blackmon

Josias Pujols
I search up the Republic or Hrvatska coin and its from croatia
Comment from : Josias Pujols

Cointucky Derby
Nice Info Silverpicker!   'Liked'   Cheers   :)
Comment from : Cointucky Derby

kristijan vidović
50 lipa is from croatia
Comment from : kristijan vidović

Emil Phoryew
Older Canadian coins are made of nickel and silver 1968 and back dimes and up contain silver Your Lipa coin is from Croatia The French Franc or Centime coin is probably made of nickel The Canadian 1 cent pieces no longer circulate Those from 1996 and back are copper coins
Comment from : Emil Phoryew

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