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Title :  The Euro Explained for Travelers
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Comments The Euro Explained for Travelers

That’s insane 500 euro bill
Comment from : firelord9000

Teresa Diaz
INCREDIBLY helpful brThank you
Comment from : Teresa Diaz

Gavin Expose
Very informative! Thank you
Comment from : Gavin Expose

Mildly Displeased
You used to have hair?
Comment from : Mildly Displeased

Robert Silva
Wolter's world party time Excellent
Comment from : Robert Silva

Dennis costabile
Really? You chose Portugal to explain the Euro?
Comment from : Dennis costabile

What was that thing that popped up on the screen for a millisecond
Comment from : Jippse

FPV Cartel
Awesome, everything I wanted to know!
Comment from : FPV Cartel

I'm trying to write a story and then it hit me- I'm American and don't know how Euros work
Comment from : floofiedreams

Johnny Kayla
I recommended a professional broker to you guys sometime ago can I get a person who invested with her?
Comment from : Johnny Kayla

Bro lol the hair 😂 just shave it Let it go
Comment from : 110liveoak

Baccarat Plaza
157 Canadian for one euro
Comment from : Baccarat Plaza

Baccarat Plaza
From Canada currency man , 150$ for a euro jeez
Comment from : Baccarat Plaza

Louis Potter
Is 1 Euro in France equivalent to 1 Euro in France, Spain, or Germany? I’m talking about let’s say food or any items Ok let’s just say I have 20 Euros If I’m from France and an item is worth 20 Euros then I fly to Spain and I see the same exact item Is it gonna be 20 Euros as well? Is 20 Euros in France = 20 Euros in Spain?
Comment from : Louis Potter

Rodolphos Tech channel
A lot has changed
Comment from : Rodolphos Tech channel

Nilsa Giselle
so idk if this is a euro thing that he talked about in his video: €73,00 is that a euro ? if anyone knows what this type of money is pls let me know and also if you could let me know how much €73,00 is in US dollars
Comment from : Nilsa Giselle

whats with that short little pop up between 2:03-2:04 are you trying to give subliminal messages lolll,
Comment from : Hil

Here from mrs rufo
Comment from : vrzq

Paul van Maanen
Cash is king? Not in the Netherlands, it's mostly debit cards overhere Most restaurants also accept credit cards but don't try to use your creditcard at a tankstop or in a supermarket, most of them don't accept it
Comment from : Paul van Maanen

Question: Does Italy is very strict when it comes into their bank notes like for example if the bank notes has a torn or even folded it is still acceptable?
Comment from : RLK MTB

The Basketball Historian
If you hate coins, you'll love Japan! lolbrbrTheir smallest paper bill is $10 They use coins for their $5 and $1 equivalents
Comment from : The Basketball Historian

Im left with four euro and seventy-six cents worth of coins br(This is the sum of the money that I refused to exchange it to dollar)brbrIt's more like my souvenir ✌
Comment from : Kathleen

David Ramirez
that's a lie there telling you full lies check the PPP guide and you will see the is a little bit higher 1 euro cent equal's 2 cent's usa don't get fool and rob by those thief's there stealing you 1 euro dollar equal's 1 dollar and 2 cents
Comment from : David Ramirez

ghost baby
What is 118,00 € in US dollars? Please help 😣
Comment from : ghost baby

Some tips in using Euros from me:brbr1) If you are (un)lucky and have a bank note of 200 or 500 Euros, you can use them on the toll roads in France A great way to lose that annoying bills :) brbrbr2) Some countries in Europe don't accept the one and two cents anymore and they change their prices to the closest 5 cents mark For example: €1,21 becomes €1,20 and €2,43 becomes €2,45 There is a money hack in this system where if you pay with your card for the higher 3 and 4 cents, you pay the actual price If you pay by cash the lower 1 and 2 cents, it gets back to the 0 You save a quick buck this waybrbrbr3) Do yourself a favour and watch the backsides of the coins well For every country with the Euro there is another backside You have 5 types of categories for this: br- The head of state's head It's quite dull It's the head of the king/queen/prince of the country (or the Pope himself if you are lucky to find such a coin from the Vatican!) These are from The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, Monaco, and the Vatican (although the last one is very rare) br- The countries with their own historc logo or country only on the coin Portugal, Estonia and Ireland chose these options These are quite similar to each otherbr- The biggest group of the coins is quite different designed coins in sets or all different altoghether These are the real pearls to watch at For example: Germany uses the Bundesadler (the Federal Eagle), the oak leaf and the Brandenburger Tor as backsides of the coins, while Italy uses a different image on EVERY sort of coin These are from Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Greece, Slovakia, Slovenia, Andorra, Malta, Cyprus and San Marino These are by far the most interesting ones br- Spain is special They have a combination of some symbols for every coin of 50 cents and lower and the king on the 1 and 2 euros br- Then there are the rememberance coins Every country can make special coins to remember special moments They can be of any country, mostly showing a hint on the coin from where Those are mainly the 2 euro coins
Comment from : joehoe222

Karl Walsh
Some countries in the European Union don't use the Euro such as the UK, Denmark and Sweeden etc
Comment from : Karl Walsh

Queen Success
Thanks for the helpful advice!
Comment from : Queen Success

Funny, I live in Europe and use euro daily but I'm watching a video by an American explaining the values of euro notes and coins
Comment from : lkrnpk

Néstor Abreu Jiménez
Do they take euros in Northern Ireland? I mean if euros are accepted in non Eu countries
Comment from : Néstor Abreu Jiménez

Jose Balcazar
I thought you were someone else finding you in 2016 lol
Comment from : Jose Balcazar

amosa mwig
bYaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn :O/b
Comment from : amosa mwig

If you learn euro, then you learn 1 of 23 countries
Comment from : 701

Henrik Wind
In Denmark is mostly cards now In the future you will see shops that only accepts card
Comment from : Henrik Wind

Davids Dose of Italy
Here in Italy places that accept cards has increased fortunately
Comment from : Davids Dose of Italy

M !
So we can exchange our money at American banks?
Comment from : M !

Rachel Eliz Obrien
how much would I get for 200 euros exchaned into dollers as i am sending money over to a loved one in the states please
Comment from : Rachel Eliz Obrien

Morgan Salzano
Did anyone see the thing that flashed at like 2:04? What was that
Comment from : Morgan Salzano

Hunter Monzon
Damn in the states card and digitized payments are becoming the norm
Comment from : Hunter Monzon

Brandeis Townsend
We have 2 dollars bill americaaa
Comment from : Brandeis Townsend

Very helpful Years later
Comment from : Mavis

Philip Travisano
I liked your subliminal Wolter's World street sign you stuck in there during the word "Germany" 2:19
Comment from : Philip Travisano

Efstathios Dimopoulos
Where I live only the cafeteria in the building I work does not accept cards and I have to pay with Euros Everywhere else they happily accept my NFC Visa (no pin below 20Eur) I rarely keep cash and the biggest amount I have is usually 20
Comment from : Efstathios Dimopoulos

Hyunjin Lee
Big notes in euro are usually refuse to accept specially the €500
Comment from : Hyunjin Lee

S Egberink
This video could use an update A lot of the money exchange in European countries has changed over the years; as in pin- automat for example For the rest, clear and good
Comment from : S Egberink

Mango Vlogs
Comment from : Mango Vlogs

Mark Hancock
As a British viewer just a reminder that not all the continent (or EU) uses the Euro As well as the UK other countries keeping their own currency include: Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, Sweden, Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary Some of these (like the  Scandinavian countries have very different value to the base unitbrI would agree with the comments about larger Euro notes They aren't necessary and can become a liability I even had a problem once here in the UK (where most people will even have a few notes in a draw at home from their last vacation) getting a 100 Euro note (that I accepted from a client) exchangedLike your channel An interesting outside viewpoint
Comment from : Mark Hancock

What denominations can you normally get from an ATM?
Comment from : kinkisharyocoasters

Actually you are the ones who change the period for the comabrIn the rest of the world a thousand is 1000
Comment from : The

why am i watching this, im european
Comment from : cldynght

I am a German citizen and I don't like the Euro banknotes
Comment from : Dennis

Man you know more about Europe than i root European :D
Comment from : AS

This helps a lot Thanks👍
Comment from : Matt

mark brinston
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Comment from : mark brinston

ARX 351
the strange things about euro coins is that the german coins seem to be the most idespread of all
Comment from : ARX 351

Daniel K
Yeah but you know the subliminal messages don't work anymore right?
Comment from : Daniel K


Comment from : In1998able

Mister Wizz
is posting subliminal messages legal by law on YouTube?
Comment from : Mister Wizz

TRiG (Ireland)
In some parts of Europe (UK and Ireland, and I think also Cyprus and perhaps Malta) we use the decimal point and the comma as a thousands separator, the same as North America Continental Europe uses the comma as the decimal mark, and either a point, an apostrophe, or a thin space as a thousands separator
Comment from : TRiG (Ireland)

If you exchange your money for Euro balways!!!/b ask for smaller notes Never take higher note than 100 € brHigher notes are not needed as you will normally spend smaller amounts (for Americans - how often you pay your meal with 500 $ note) Many shops wont accept higher notes because they may not have enough money for exchange And last but not least higher notes (200 and 500 €) have bad reputation of being favourite subject to forgery
Comment from : MyYTwatcher

David Steere
do you not have 1 and 2 dollar coin do you have notes
Comment from : David Steere

Super helpful, thanks! I'll be traveling abroad for the first time this summer and I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around the euro :)
Comment from : cadmium-ores

Aeriel Canoy
so for example is one euro equal to one American dollar I am going to Germany soon and I really want to know
Comment from : Aeriel Canoy

Sofía Fuentes
Hey coins in the US are not useless!!! I was there for only a week and had so many coins I bought some stuff at the dollar store I had over 20 dolars in coins Respect the coin Love the coin
Comment from : Sofía Fuentes

Chris Diaz
I've been watching you for about a year now and I finally found out I'm going to eastern/Central Europe so I guess I have to binge watch your channel again
Comment from : Chris Diaz

muna kay
in switzerland there is even a 1000 Note
Comment from : muna kay

Actually, it's pretty logicalbrbr0,01 0,02 0,05br0,1 0,2 0,5br1 2 5br10 20 50br100 200 500
Comment from : Nimmen

Ma St
Usually shops dont accept 200 and 500 € notes
Comment from : Ma St

Geography Boy
+Wolters World not all countries in Europe use Euro only Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Spain
Comment from : Geography Boy

Daniela Gartmann
in switzerland you can even get an 1000 francs note
Comment from : Daniela Gartmann

I AM SO CONFUSED WITH HOW THIS WORKSbrIF I WENT TO THE UK WITH $50000 what is that equal to in Euros? or Notes?
Comment from : a

Keep in mind that notes higher than €50 are often rejected, especially in smaler shops Because their is simply not enough change when you show up with €100, €200 or even €500 when you just buy something for a few euros
Comment from : Iamwatchingyou75

gpe el sierrita
how many euros you get pay n hour? = the usa dolar
Comment from : gpe el sierrita

The comma-vs-dot thing is why (I'm fairly sure) the SI thousands separator is a space - then you can use whatever you like for your decimal sign Of course, if you go further east into Pakistan or India you might encounter the lakh/crore system, and have numbers grouped into thousands, with two-digit groupings above 100000
Comment from : countertony

subliminal message at 2:19 "wolters world"
Comment from : korkz808

Mikkel Filtenborg
Sidenote: Denmark Cash is not always king Some places don't take cash when you're in the bigger cities Make sure if you travel to Denmark that you have a working card Visa and Mastercard is accepted in 99 on stores
Comment from : Mikkel Filtenborg

frank cruz
cool info
Comment from : frank cruz

Illiminatie overlord Gurglekoks
I just turned my wallet upside down and looked at the coins I have Dutch, Spanish, Greek, French, Belgian and Austrian Euros! Got to love European pluralism! :D
Comment from : Illiminatie overlord Gurglekoks

Illiminatie overlord Gurglekoks
In the Netherlands 1 and 2 cent coins aren't accepted in stores They cost too much to exchange or have in the register or something So they round up or down at the register 1,99 becomes 2,00 1, 96 becomes 1,95 etc
Comment from : Illiminatie overlord Gurglekoks

Omega 01
Do a review on Mexican bills??
Comment from : Omega 01

Good lord, that kid in the background screaming constantly! Kudos for not losing your shit over it Also, very helpful video!
Comment from : snazzysportstacker

Sunday Funday
You will see a lot of boards in stores saying 'we don't accept €100, €200 and €500', but they can NOT refuse it! It's legal tender So if they won't accept it, just say that you're going to call the police
Comment from : Sunday Funday

'Travellers' has two L's in it Explaining English spelling to Muricans
Comment from : Itsmeeman1

Star buono
Could someone please tell me how much 4 euros are in dollars thank you
Comment from : Star buono

Spain is the country with more 500€ notes    Guess why???   CORRUPTION and black money
Comment from : solountipomas

We don't use the 1 and 2 cent coins anymore! Many stores also don't accept the 200 and 500 euro bills!! :D
Comment from : TheFettuck

Iona Downie
+woltersworld how do we add the Euros up when buying things?
Comment from : Iona Downie

Isosceles Kramer
The periods and commas Stupid
Comment from : Isosceles Kramer

Not cool with the subliminal message halfway during video
Comment from : Dementos

Jerry Acosta
I'm american I belive that euro is better us dollar
Comment from : Jerry Acosta

Teddy Bass
The 500 notes are not accepted everywhere
Comment from : Teddy Bass

Victor Calvete
Wolter is right about the cash is king! Altough you will for sure be able to use a credit or debit card most people will prefer if you pay with cash (especially now a days that the European Tax machine is more aggressive) People that own small businesses will much prefer that you pay in cash
Comment from : Victor Calvete

illustrations on bills changed/ are changing (06/2015)
Comment from : Sais

JP & Realtor Extraordinaire Marie Tyler Wiley
thanks for this :)
Comment from : JP & Realtor Extraordinaire Marie Tyler Wiley

Indra Mutukuda
Comment from : Indra Mutukuda

cash is king ? maybe in the others countries, here in France, i always pay with my credit card, i never have cash on me lol 
Comment from : elizewyn

Lena Redin
Comment from : Lena Redin

I cannot join to this cash is king thing you are always saying about Europe I have not used cash in shops for a few years nowbrAlthough it might be a different thing for tourist I have a chip card from European bank, and always use pin-code when I'm paying Us credit/debit cards then do not have chips on them or aren't cards from US banks just accepted?
Comment from : Vipix

Jenny B
Great video, but the kid screaming in the background is distracting
Comment from : Jenny B

Raquel Gomes
Hey Mark,brbrI live in Ottawa and all my dads family lives in Portugal, my grandmother lives in Obidos it is a nice little village and the Mercado Medieval is so cool I went there last summerThe rest of my dads family lives in Lisbon Muito obrigada para os vídeos muito bons !!!! :)brE muito bom trabalho !!!! :)
Comment from : Raquel Gomes

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