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Saint Gaudens Double Eagles! They sent me three of the same gold coins!

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Information Saint Gaudens Double Eagles! They sent me three of the same gold coins!

Title :  Saint Gaudens Double Eagles! They sent me three of the same gold coins!
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Frames Saint Gaudens Double Eagles! They sent me three of the same gold coins!

Description Saint Gaudens Double Eagles! They sent me three of the same gold coins!

Comments Saint Gaudens Double Eagles! They sent me three of the same gold coins!

I’m debating between the 1924 MS64 saint gaudens my coin store has currently or a 1908 MS64 saint gaudens “no motto” online What would you advise? Thank you
Comment from : AppleZtoOranges

Ahilleas Tsavalos
Your coin guy is going to be offended at you for not buying gold coins from him
Comment from : Ahilleas Tsavalos

Scuba Steve #2
The pre 33's tone a beautiful golden orange, mostly from the 10 copper
Comment from : Scuba Steve #2

1924, 27, 28 and 08 NM are usually what you see with saints, but still nice in 64 PCGS!
Comment from : asheland

They look nice in 64 I got one in 64 recently
Comment from : asheland

Adam M
the reason you haven't been getting different boxes, is most of the year and some of last year we were dealing with a paper shortage
Comment from : Adam M

Jackson McDaniel
This is my dream coin
Comment from : Jackson McDaniel

jacob manalang
im a bar guy so i passed on a maple to get a 1oz bar from the rcmnow i think im gonna save for a round brbri really love the lady fortuna pamp bars and just seen the una and the lion so that would take priority for mebrbr i may just pay the premium for a buffalo or eagle over a maple or something since i'd only be getting one for a whileMAYBE
Comment from : jacob manalang

Nick S
Just got this too! Love this coin The in flight eagle is classic
Comment from : Nick S

I picked up a 1924 MS64 from my LCS a few months back I saw it and had to have it
Comment from : DJbabynoneck

You can get fine scratches off the case easily by using meguiars “plastx” polish You can get it at Walmart fairly cheap You put a small dab on a microfiber cloth and rub it on scratched area in a circle motion, may have to do a couple or few times till they are gone Then dry the case off well to get polish residue off
Comment from : Pyromagic

Jay Dumas
Per PCGS there are more 1924's than all the other dates combined
Comment from : Jay Dumas

Vienna Coinage
So much gold! Great job 👍
Comment from : Vienna Coinage

Dissident Aggressor
Didn’t you get that MS62 from APMEX?brI guess you’ve forgiven them
Comment from : Dissident Aggressor

greg gelato
Trade out your dupes to someone you can trust Hint Coin Guy ;)
Comment from : greg gelato

AntFrey 302
Love St Gaudens Double Eagles! Can you see the Edge lettering on them?? (NVM U just answered my question) 1924 is special year for me it was the year my Grandfather was born!
Comment from : AntFrey 302

Raymond Nieliwocki
I got to get me one Right now I favorite gold coin is the Canadian gold maple leaf It’s so beautiful I was going to order the Philharmonic from Apmex but i think you changed my mind The Double eagles are awesome
Comment from : Raymond Nieliwocki

Raymond Nieliwocki
I personally like to hold the coin in my hand I keep mine in a flipper That way I have easy access to them
Comment from : Raymond Nieliwocki

ryan ferris
where did you pick up the capsules for your saints ? they look like good quality
Comment from : ryan ferris

NC Farmer
Beautiful coins Thank you for the video
Comment from : NC Farmer

Dep Nox
Hey Speg Hope to see you and coinguy alongside WSS in the next short while Put in a good word for you ;)
Comment from : Dep Nox

Sergio Lopez
I don’t have any 1oz gold coins yet but I’ll get there Nice pick ups Speg
Comment from : Sergio Lopez

Stamos gemes
pre 33 gold is nices
Comment from : Stamos gemes

Very nice bro very nice ; )
Comment from : Ed

john shoultz
they look the same to me
Comment from : john shoultz

Evenrude Ranger
NGC new holders show the edge!
Comment from : Evenrude Ranger

Silver eagle stacker
I have a half ounce 1987 gold eagle in numeral numbers Is that rare 🤔
Comment from : Silver eagle stacker

Silver eagle stacker
I don't buy holders
Comment from : Silver eagle stacker

Brian Smythe
That would be a good name for sunglasses Bro Ray bands , Nice Coins Love the wrighting on the edges
Comment from : Brian Smythe

Cody White
Comment from : Cody White

Anthony Neeley
Your 1908 is nomo that one is worth a little more
Comment from : Anthony Neeley

i haven't gotten one yet but I'm working on it
Comment from : Crispy_Mofo_1776

Silver Stacker Mike
I’ve never got a box
Comment from : Silver Stacker Mike

Nice I think I would take two of them to my LCSs and see if they might trade for some different dates
Comment from : mainelystacking

Silver Rabbit
My favorite eagle design of any coin
Comment from : Silver Rabbit

cheyenne galen
When you order at apmex you can tell them to send 3 different dates
Comment from : cheyenne galen

Liberty double eagles is the best for me
Comment from : ACE *

Hi Spectacular, I always loved the design The most beautiful American coin Nothing since compares, especially what the mint is putting out recently Thanks, Bill
Comment from : WILLIAM J RIEGER

Jon Popejoy
I’m jealous Nice!
Comment from : Jon Popejoy

James L
Get Slab-Renew product it will buff out all scratches on the screen
Comment from : James L

Mark B
Comment from : Mark B

Silver Leo
Beautiful Speg I love them just don’t have the funds to get one
Comment from : Silver Leo

Do a full gold stack
Comment from : rogertayloRRR

Aquarian Dreamer
I never got a box like that I get the regular brown box
Comment from : Aquarian Dreamer

Silver Spinner
Do you prefer pre 33 gold versus modern gold bullion?
Comment from : Silver Spinner

Speg is buying gold like it's silver
Comment from : Kentd

Foster Sylvere
I wonder how CoinGuy feels about this!!!! Nice haul
Comment from : Foster Sylvere

James Goss
I bought a Whitman album for gold I hope to fill it in my lifetime Disappointing that the (overpriced) Dansco US-Type gold page doesn't have slots for motto and no-motto St Gaudens
Comment from : James Goss

Ya but the 62 looks better to me
Comment from : JOKERS WILD

Getting one I have a 1/10 oz but I'm saving for some big ones
Comment from : JOKERS WILD

tripple Brown
I Have a 1908 St Gaudin no motto I bought mines @ $1300 (2yrs ago)
Comment from : tripple Brown

Comment from : JOKERS WILD

Small orders are in envelopes
Comment from : JOKERS WILD

Agboo Hans
Showing off 9 gold coins, what’s not to like?
Comment from : Agboo Hans

Keep it Real
Nice video and content Super nice coins Ms64s OK around 10k ?
Comment from : Keep it Real

joshua jones
Just got a few mint direct tubes from APMEX this morning and they just came in their brown cardboard box
Comment from : joshua jones

Jade Nephrite
Regarding 3:12, adhesive residue can be wiped off with a tissue moistened with Goo Gone
Comment from : Jade Nephrite

Mark Elman
Took me 2 years to save up for my own, buying and trading eventually got me to my dream 1924 Ms 65 $20 gold shield Segtacular is correct, with some time and saving it is possible
Comment from : Mark Elman

Saltwater Saddle Tramp
OMG, that’s gotta be like twenty grand worth of gold Awesome!
Comment from : Saltwater Saddle Tramp

Aloha Stacker
St Gaudens are the best! I have one, but would love to acquire many more
Comment from : Aloha Stacker

Underground Metals
I've had problems with toning on American eagles myself Its like the copper bleeds out of some coins
Comment from : Underground Metals

Biggus Doggus
Maybe they were just taking the coins out an original roll of of 1924's and they were shipped from mint all the same date?
Comment from : Biggus Doggus

Sir Rather Splendid
Reeded edges are quite handy as the sharpness of the vanes is a good indication of wear And they’r better than plain flat edges
Comment from : Sir Rather Splendid

Beautiful coins Speg! Thanks for sharing
Comment from : shrekylou

I absolutely love the St Gaudens double eagles That and the $10 Indian designed by the same sculptor are two of the most beautiful gold pieces ever made I feel exactly the same as you do about the old coronet style gold coins Thanks for sharing those beautiful ladies with us!
Comment from : QuickSilver

Talking Bullion
I love the random date situation but honestly I’d be bummed that they sent 3 of the same year Beautiful coins Spegcongrats
Comment from : Talking Bullion

Billy Bohner
That 1 gaudens is a bit darker I can see the difference I would attribute it possibly to the coins being 90 gold you get variation with the 10 copper
Comment from : Billy Bohner

bought hundreds of item, over a decade or more , some pretty pricey never got a blue box first one i've seen
Comment from : LifeAsWeKnowIt

No Hurry
Have you seen the 2009 Ultra High Relief reissue?
Comment from : No Hurry

Comment from : flybone100

The newer NGC holders show the edge well, can check the entire rim of the coin apart from the four tabs holding it in place, but the white background pieces are clear about 1-2mm off the coin
Comment from : nr

Shashank Golikeri
Great gold coins, Speg The StGaudens double eagle is my most favourite coin design and my preferred year is 1927brSo Apmex sent you 3 identical coins If atleast they were 1924 from P, D and S, that'd have been super
Comment from : Shashank Golikeri

Joey From Seattle
This is another reason why my LCS is better i get to pick out what i really want Great coins, though
Comment from : Joey From Seattle

David Phillips
Speg - It's Toning that gives it Appeal
Comment from : David Phillips

I will get one in a year or two
Comment from : SparkyDHappyCat

Matthew Cataline
Those are some great double eagles! I have two "dream" gold coins, the St Gaudens and the Mexican 50 pesos I'm trying out a new saving plan this year If it works to plan, I'll have enough for a quarter ounce or equivalent (half eagle, sovereign, 10 pesos, etc) at year's end, with something left over for a few ounces of silver From there, the next plan is to expand it to get the St Gaudens double eagle, and then work on the 50 pesos I might even forgo the silver, and roll the remainder into the St Gaudens fund to give it a head start All depends on what the market looks like in January
Comment from : Matthew Cataline

Beto D
Wow very nice gold coins am glad u got some gold
Comment from : Beto D

WD 40 will remove that residue Apply it with a paper towel, and remove fully so it doesn't harm the plastic
Comment from : ChicagoHOG27

IM Dunn
I picked up a roll of random half dollars from SD Bullion I really wanted Benjamins, but they were asking more for that So, I ordered a random roll What did I receive? A roll of Benjamins! Win/win
Comment from : IM Dunn

Lewis Overfield
Patina, congrats and thx for sharing
Comment from : Lewis Overfield

Charles Latre
I thought the color was just my eye
Comment from : Charles Latre

Butter Beans
Comment from : Butter Beans

Silver Bull30
Man those are some beauties, and they will be 100 years old soon! may add a bit of numismatic value Thanks for sharing as always speg
Comment from : Silver Bull30

Ray K
As soon as Doggie hits a Buck I'm buying some Double Eagles How about a video on buying Gold and Silver online with Crypto
Comment from : Ray K

Eric Moritz
BTW just an odd point A group of Eagles is called a “convocation”
Comment from : Eric Moritz

Patriots Edge
Well done Patriot
Comment from : Patriots Edge

I'm happy seeing you be happy LOL , I believe the coin/precious collecting community is underrated
Comment from : GoldToothDizzle247

01oz gold challenge reporting in Got a nice gold sovereign this week Beautiful coin and 02345oz Say no to paper gold
Comment from : CatsMeowPaw

William Fender
For random I would say you done pretty good You can't expect perfection
Comment from : William Fender

Edward Slizewski
I love double eagles the Saint gardens as well as the liberty head My first Saint gardens was a 1913 S and I sent it into NGC and it came back MS 62 I thought I was going to get at least a 64The coin is so beautiful
Comment from : Edward Slizewski

Treasure! I would love to find those in a box I can’t afford those, but I can get a 1/10 oz coin sometimes I have been stacking silver eagles though Those gold coins are beautiful Thanks for the video
Comment from : Rolltiderman

I once acquired a random date MS 64 St Gaudens from APMEX and it too was a 1924🤔🤔🤔
Comment from : SkullStaxx

Anxious Stacker
I have a skeletonized Silver Shield st Gaudens with the very limited mintage on its way I just love anything with the St Gaudens design
Comment from : Anxious Stacker

My Mother was born 1924 Absolute gorgeous coins A lot of history sitting there I am saving slowly for the 1933 Double Eagle in June auction Don't think I will make it though :):)
Comment from : DALE STONER

Mark Lewis
Wow they are beautiful speg thanks for the video’s definitely saving for one I sold one when I was a kid for $80 bucks when I was in a pinch as a young parent it was and Always will be the last coin I sold I stack now for only one reason to pass down to my sons and grandson
Comment from : Mark Lewis

Steve Stewart
Seems to be a little shady to order 3 random year coins and get the same year for all three I know I would not be happy, and I would complain to them about it When you order 3 random year coins you should get three different years
Comment from : Steve Stewart

johnny b
Awesome coins!!
Comment from : johnny b

Soothy Moody
Love those gold Nice!! May I ask how much you paid for graded coins?
Comment from : Soothy Moody

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