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48 Fundraising Ideas in Under 8 Minutes

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Information 48 Fundraising Ideas in Under 8 Minutes

Title :  48 Fundraising Ideas in Under 8 Minutes
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Hey, if you got something out of these ideas check out our free webinar on Digital Fundraising next Tuesday - 6/9/2020 Perfect for small to mid-sized nonprofits interested in understanding the larger strategy:br wwwwholewhalecom/wwu-live/online-fundraising-introduction/
Comment from : WholeWhale

Hey, please would you - brconsider, to: support: "The Rare Gem School"/"DOK (Dyslexia Org Of Kenya)" and/or; others ("Dyslexia _Friendly orgs/Schools etc"); across Africa and Asia?? brMKS
Comment from : MK S

شاكير كادير
Can i know that fundraising event is importance now?
Comment from : شاكير كادير

Haseo Zenith  Maru
Good fundraising ideas, it reminds me of the game Catherine by Altus
Comment from : Haseo Zenith Maru

feedtoamerica NGO
Good ideas
Comment from : feedtoamerica NGO

sandeep kumar
Challenge in completing dream course☹️brbrRead more - milaaporg/fundraisers/support-sandeep-260?utm_medium=header_share&utm_source=appbrbrTo donate - milaaporg/fundraisers/support-sandeep-260/deeplink?deeplink_type=upi&utm_source=app
Comment from : sandeep kumar

vamsi raju
Need donations for build super specialty hospital for poor with free of cost
Comment from : vamsi raju

sak lang
Hello sir I am a single parant How can I get amount
Comment from : sak lang

Jyoti Lakhwani
I want to raise funds for buying a business in uk
Comment from : Jyoti Lakhwani

Zeddi GK
It's was quite awesome watching things changes Frequently Stock Trading is the ultimate decision anyone can afford Himself and create Funds without running on a losing if Traded properly Crypto currencies is the easiest I will assured
Comment from : Zeddi GK

Thank you for the inspriration, sir My mom has cancer and we (me) are currently trying to find fund raising ideas for her medication, this helped me alot Arigato (Thank you)
Comment from : LINNEY_Artz

Sandra Hart
(Ragpicking garbage for recycling takes too much Gatorade and energy drinks )
Comment from : Sandra Hart

Eternity With Jesus
I am so new to this and I have very few friends and etc
Comment from : Eternity With Jesus

Ghost hunter
Anyone help🙏brUrgentlybrBank NamebrState Bank of IndiabrbrNamebrAromal RbrbrAccount numberbr39596356834brbrIFSC codebrSBIN0070449
Comment from : Ghost hunter

Charity for poor kids Fund for food and studies for poor kids if any one want s to donate A/c no - 04152610000859 IFSC no- synb0000415
Comment from : Pops

Katarina Abromavich
Hi brLast week I lost my young cousin to cancer She has left behind a nine year old son Her husband has chronic depression I want to create a gofundme page to raise money for her son and husband but I have no idea what I should put in a video when she is no longer here We don’t live in the same country either brSomeone please please give me ideas/tips Thank you
Comment from : Katarina Abromavich

Barawa United Channel
wwwgofundmecom/f/bravanese-app-launch-2021 help me raise money for an app I’m currently working on for my small city Barawa🙏🏽
Comment from : Barawa United Channel

James Wrikid
enmwikipediaorg/wiki/Qatar_and_state-sponsored_terrorismbrIn islam it is said that when the right hand donates d charity the left can't know about it That leaves hella room for terrorism funding brQatar is one of those countries that supports terrorism brBoycott Qatar and seek transparency in charity
Comment from : James Wrikid

chinfu Hanyang
investing in bitcoin is very cool especially with the rise of bitcoin rate, if you need more BTC then you should apply for a Hack from a private hack operator here's his business whatsApp +1 (929) 314-8512 i worked with them 2 days ago and i made 11 BTC from their hack in my wallet if you don't know how much 11BTC is worth, then use your google and check the rate in your currency
Comment from : chinfu Hanyang

vedant soni
lz help me saving the dogs living on streets and who starve till death  here is the link                                                                                 br  fndus/91k3Yb?ref=sh_c9hVW3                                               plz help me help the m plzz donate plz
Comment from : vedant soni

Deedee Prior
Comment from : Deedee Prior

Enrico Pucci
I'm a 17 year old student and I wanna gift my mom new phone as she is using old Samsung from 2012 and I really need money Bro can you donate me even $1 at my paypal?
Comment from : Enrico Pucci

Rashmi Kapoor
I am raising funds for my further education is there anyone here who can help me out by sharing my campaign would be grateful whoever comes forward thanks
Comment from : Rashmi Kapoor

Hiriyan Chaltu
Hi am looking for fund I started small kindergarten class am from Ethiopia
Comment from : Hiriyan Chaltu

Tony Parks
Comment from : Tony Parks

Elina Mark
Hi, I am a refugee living in Indonesia I already found a group of five Canadians who are welling to sponser me Now I am collecting money for my process Please donate and share it chuffedorg/project/one-last-opportunity-help-a-dentist
Comment from : Elina Mark

Jorge Zerna
Raising money for my house that caught on fire 😞😭 br wwwgofundmecom/f/jorges-family-is-in-need-of-help/share
Comment from : Jorge Zerna

Sameer Khan
Sir, I'm from India jobless from last 11 months, with 5 dependents I need amount to shart small business Please let me know how you can help me out
Comment from : Sameer Khan

Maria Boyd
Comment from : Maria Boyd

Eleonce John
please I have an idea to establish an Organization here at TANZANIA I need one who will join me in this so as we can start together After that we can arrange other steps Including writing proposals for getting fund my email [email protected]
Comment from : Eleonce John

Robert Ivan Lewis
I'm from Shelbyville TN I got my business loan from Wayforward Financial Service after reading about their loan offers My loan application was granted with the required document You can contact Wayforward Financial Service through their company email @ [email protected] They are trustworthy and reliable
Comment from : Robert Ivan Lewis

ZP Tech
Nilkanth Patel wants to raise funds for Offer A Helping Hand To Support Rajesh Patel's Treatment Your donation has the power to help them move closer to their goal amount Please contributebrbrYour little bit help can save someone's lifebrbrThank youbr wwwkettoorg/fundraiser/offer-a-helping-hand-to-support-rajesh-patels-treatment?utm_medium=nativeShare&utm_content=f75c2c9cba1d05cec7f1e60108519bfd&shby=1&utm_source=campaigner&utm_campaign=offer-a-helping-hand-to-support-rajesh-patels-treatment
Comment from : ZP Tech

John Ritter
Our Taxi Business needs help We don't want to go out of business If any one can donate Any Amount would helpbr wwwpaypalcom/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=EHDKRJK5RP72U&source=url
Comment from : John Ritter

Comment from : LAZO DEE TV

MD Abid
I have been in a lot of financial crisis since my father died I do not have my own home We have to live in a rented house I am the eldest son of the family I have younger siblings I am studying in Honors I used to do tuition but it is also closed due to corona Sometimes we have to live without eating If the expatriate siblings helped me a little financially, it would be very helpful Good luck to all of you brbrMy BKASH number is Mobile Banking +8801881543319brbrBangladesh
Comment from : MD Abid

Please, i would apreciate if you just read my case! 🙏🏻 wwwwhydonatenl/pages/JusticeForMyDad/
Comment from : Nicolas

Life Up lifters
HibrI Am in bad need of your help please support me subscribers brBecause of pandemic I lost my job I am struggling to take care of my aged parents I need little support from you people to survive anything will be highly appreciated brbrAccount name: Umesh brAccount number:393501500350brIfsc code: icic0003935brMumbai, india,
Comment from : Life Up lifters

Jijin Kumar
Comment from : Jijin Kumar

Clara Pineda
Awesome video!!! So helpful
Comment from : Clara Pineda

Clara Pineda
I created my own non profit organization to help people in need here in Honduras and I invite all of you to go to this website and read the brief description to know a little bit more and I will thank you all if you could donate!!!!! The goal is to raise L 20,000 ($1000) wwwabrassosorg/campaigns/view?id=479&slug=desprendete--a4b3
Comment from : Clara Pineda

Clara Pineda
I created my own non profit organization to help people in need here in Honduras and I invite all of you to go to this website and read the brief description to know a little bit more and I will thank you all if you could donate!!!!! The goal is to raise L 20,000 ($1000) wwwabrassosorg/campaigns/view?id=479&slug=desprendete--a4b3
Comment from : Clara Pineda

Comment from : PALI QAMAR

Audrey Morrison
Great video eCrowdFundrcom is awesome One of the best places to create your fundraising website easily
Comment from : Audrey Morrison

The Babosh Crew
Please help me pay off my student loan It is killing me wwwgofundmecom/f/education-should-be-free-for-everyone?utm_source=customer&utm_medium=copy_link&utm_campaign=p_cf+share-flow-1
Comment from : The Babosh Crew

huong dan lam Youtube
anh ấy đã chia sẻ rất hay và chân thành đến cho mọi người
Comment from : huong dan lam Youtube

Kenadi Elise
I wanna help animals in shelters!
Comment from : Kenadi Elise

Rosalinda Cerdon
Hello Have a blessed day I need your help how to create fundraised for my mission in Africa this coming November To buy plane ticket Thank you God bless who want to help me
Comment from : Rosalinda Cerdon

Peter Ian Echavez
I would to raise money for my mother she needs it to buy more milk for her jajenoustomy tube, it is the only way of her eating direct to her intestine because she doenst have a stomach since 2013 I wanted to help her but i need to save money for her operation Her tube needs to be changed every year but for now it takes takes a lot of time to save money for that Today is the 2nd year of her tube bot thankfully still nothing happens to her Hope anyone can hear me and me raise fund for my mother God bless averyone
Comment from : Peter Ian Echavez

Mari Botha
Hi guys, we don’t have much time, and we really need help There’s people stranded with absolutely nothing, some of us are helping with food but we need to get these people home ASAP I really need help and support if this will succeed Please just have a read gogetfundingcom/south-africans-stranded-in-cambodia/
Comment from : Mari Botha

Thank you ,brilliant videobrGiven me some ideas for school charity event Can't thank you enough
Comment from : fifam#subtodenveloper,#sub2blairxe#fplplayer

Blezza Smith
Guys i desperately need your help because my child will come out soon and it will be a girlbr wwwgofundmecom/f/pregnant-medical-bill?utm_source=customer&utm_medium=copy_link&utm_campaign=p_cf+share-flow-1
Comment from : Blezza Smith

Comment from : MEKAGRUPPO

Virtual RafflesbrbrRafflesNow - The 50/50 Fundraising Raffle App / Platform Do Good Have Fun #RafflesNowbr wwwyoutubecom/watch?v=U7M-g4Jcm6c
Comment from : RafflesNow


Chethan P
Please take a moment to readbrCampaign Story - Hi myself Chethan, raising this fund to help a friend of mine who is suffering from both kidney failure She will be undergoing surgery anytime soon, as her family is not financially stable, looking for help for financial assistance for surgery charges Kindly help her to fight against her ailment Thank you in advancebrbrRead more - milaaporg/fundraisers/support-deepika-27?mlp_referrer_id=1683103&utm_medium=created&utm_source=virtual_bank_accountbrbrbTo pay via Paytm (for Android users only)/b - mp-ytm/pay-milaap?comment=originId_183456&amount=2500&amount_editable=1brbrbFor UPI payment:/b You can send money via Google Pay, Phone Pe, BHIM or any other UPI app to [email protected], just click milaaporg/fundraisers/support-deepika-27/upi_deeplink to make the paymentbrbrbYou can also do a bank transfer to the below mentioned account:/bbrAccount number: 2223330041323346brAccount name: DeepikabrIFSC code: RATN0VAAPISbrbrbShare this message with others on WhatsApp!/b
Comment from : Chethan P

Adrienne Dukes
Comment from : Adrienne Dukes

I like this I will use a lot of these and let my organization do some That penny wars sound great
Comment from : DarkKnightro

hi, i started my own fundraising to help me startup my job as an ESL Teacherplease help me 🙏🏻brbr gogetfundingcom/pleasehelpmestartmyjob/
Comment from : 예린 YERIN

Mr No_Name 893
Comment from : Mr No_Name 893

Dibyam Upadhayay
Here to feed the hungrybrbr#Hungernolonger
Comment from : Dibyam Upadhayay

Missy ECE
Well done Sir
Comment from : Missy ECE

Arundathi Yasok
Thanks so much! Great tips Hoping to create a non-profit for endo women ❤❤
Comment from : Arundathi Yasok

7atim Mahmoud
Hello, I am from Africa and Sudan I need help from everyone in raising $ 10,000 It costs building 3 rooms, two bathrooms and a kitchen for my family This is a goal I want to achieve for my family We own the land without building I hope you will help me
Comment from : 7atim Mahmoud

Shivani Rai
Amazing fundraising ideasbrHi all also follow my agency on Instagram:br wwwinstagramcom/adlaxyin/
Comment from : Shivani Rai

Sarah Keable
i'm only on here because i wanna raise money for #blacklivesmatter
Comment from : Sarah Keable

Allshall Givetome
Help us here -> gfme/u/x5szv2 brFor as long as I can remember, my grandfather supported not only his entire family but his extended family 6 children, 15 grandchildren as well as other members of his family, alone, by himself, as a master artist br brOur family has always been poor, very poor, borderline homeless poor, because it was entirely supported by a single hero If it weren't for my grandpa and his old home and his dedication to his family and his job, we would have sank to the streets br brWe lived our lives off of government peanut butter and cheese, food stamps and walking to the grocery store Our Christmas presents came from the Lions Club and our birthday presents were hand-me-downs wrapped in newspaper brMy grandfather was the type of person to work 80+ hours a week for like 50 years and covered EVERYTHING for his entire family, because times were unbearable I grew up in his house with his sons, daughters and grandchildren brHis profession was a master-artist He would handpaint motors and vehicles in large-scale highly detailed masterpieces that manufacturing companies such as Ford, GM and Chrysler would use for schematics and references before computers were even invented or printing capabilities were what they are now His art is dead and his talent and experience was overruled by technology br brHe would work 15 hours a day and 7 days a week or so and come home to a dysfunctional and severely depressed family Now he is retired and 80 years old, he is in fairly decent health and he beat an extremely rare form of blood cancer that only 7 people in the world have been diagnosed with br brAll my family has left the state so I am alone and caring for him I can now cover all the bills and payments on my own because my amazing grandfather helped me achieve a livable career but it leaves me with literally nothing to maintain or repair the house and it is only a matter of time before there is no house brYou see, his house is falling apart and nearly condemned When I was a child my uncle tore apart the entire house with the aspiration of remodeling it himself then suddenly moved across the country and left it in shambles and absolutely destroyed it, that was over 20 years ago br brThe damage he has done has, over time, has taken a serious toll on the house A few years ago as I would visit my grandfather every few days I noticed he wasn't eating or taking care of himself properly I began to come over to cook daily He has no money anymore so I was helping him with all his bills Eventually I realized I was his only salvation and I gave up my clean little home to be with him daily He has a fairly large house on a private lake Every other house is basically a million-dollar mansion but my grandfathers house is not like that, it is a tragic and heartbreaking rotting shell of a beautiful home brRight now, my only dream and goal in life is to have his home rebuilt for him and keep it in our family for generations to come Without it, we would both become homeless brI don't have a YouTube video so I will I will paint you a descriptive picture: brThere are hardly any walls, just rotting wood There is no ceiling, just a frame where the ceiling once was The roof is rotted and caving The carpet is rotten Any bit of wall or ceiling left is morbidly discolored and misshaped from the water damage The walls and roof leak horribly The furnace and everything attached to it is rotten and gone, there is no heat The plumbing is over 150 years old, it all needs to be replaced The electrical and outlets are over 150 years old, we cant use many of the plugs due to them overheating and burning the house down, all the electrical needs to be replaced Every window in this house needs to be replaced The floors are gone and the bugs and rodents are invasive The actual literal foundation of the house is massively and dangerously cracked and eroded, if it were to give way, which it will, half the house will crumble to the ground and we will become homeless, if the roof doesn't cave in first, that is br brIt became especially difficult after my grandmother, his wife, moved on to become part of the earth she came from br brI just don't know what to do I am a minimalist, I live a very simple and clean lifestyle due to my grandparents hoarding in the house I grew up in Now I've moved back here and I am overwhelmed I want to help and I don't know how brThe yard, oh my! The driveway has sank, the water comes in, all the bricks and pavers and anything like that in front of the house are completely out of wack, it's like a tornado came through The sides of the house are absolute jungles, the overgrown and unmaintained vegetation looks like something from the amazon The lakefront has eroded and sank in, the lawn is just weird plants and holes and severely misshapen there is nothing brThis entire house must be rebuilt It needs to be re-framed, It needs all new electrical, it needs all new plumbing, it needs new floors, carpet the entire house needs to be dry walled The two sets of stairs need to be rebuilt The deck has rotted and turned into a dangerous hazard, it needs to be rebuilt It needs a new roof The entire yard, front to back, needs to be scraped away and turned into a lawn again brRight now I work full-time and every penny goes to food and bills Though I do afford some casual luxuries such as occasional pizza for dinner, netflix, and internet brI work about 12 grueling hours a day and I somehow manage to get home and summon the courage and motivation to shower and begin cooking and cleaning and caring for an awesome man who is also the only father-figure I've ever had brI know 500k seems like sooooo much money, and it is However, the work needed is extreme and very very expensive It is out of my reach I can either have this home and yard basically rebuilt, or live here with my grandfather and care for him as his home crumbles and collapses around him and then try to find a place for myself to live after I bury him brI just want, for the first time ever, an opportunity to live a good life I want to provide a home for my grandfather and my brothers and sisters if they ever need it I want to be just like my grandfather, I want to be a hero to everyone around me, I don't want my family to live in homes of poverty, depression and anxiety any longer I want to offer relief to my grandfather and my mother Soon, my mother will live with me and I will care for her too I don't want it to be somewhere else I want it to be in our family home, and I want it to be a beautiful American lifestyle, one that we have always dreamed and fantasized about brNever in my life will I have an opportunity for a beautiful home, it's rebuild THIS home or lose everything brI don't even care if I must suffer the humility of the embarrassing, demoralizing and degrading option before me to beg the internet and well-off strangers for help to have a better life I will do anything for the people I love brAnything left over after I rebuild my grandfathers beautiful home and restore it to glory will go towards his health, happiness and well-being I will pay for his bedside assistance when he needs it and care for him for the rest of his days Not because I am obligated but because I am honored He did EVERYTHING for me and my family, I want to continue on by doing everything for him br brThank you in advance for reading this plea and thank you 100 times over if you can contribute even anything at all to changing our lives If you are poor, like me, and cannot help Then perhaps you can share my page to somewhere or someone who will have the ability to recognize our great need for a better life br brThe amount of appreciation I would have for this immeasurable gift of security and well-being would lift such a great weight, one so heavy that words could never describe I will certainly and undoubtedly be changed forever and my gratitude towards my faith in humanity will surely be restored Thank you brHelp us here -> gfme/u/x5szv2
Comment from : Allshall Givetome

Basanta Aryal
my fundraising wwwgofundmecom/f/xvgrt-western-sydney-university-fee?utm_medium=copy_link&utm_source=customer&utm_campaign=p_na+share-sheet&pc_code=ot_co_dashboard_a&rcid=4d9b4e5cc6ec45de9f55309c9d232c60
Comment from : Basanta Aryal

Ani B
Comment from : Ani B

Arman Khan
Help us in raising funds for educationbr milaaporg/fundraisers/support-arman-khan?mlp_referrer_id=3054577&utm_medium=created&utm_source=virtual_bank_account
Comment from : Arman Khan

It wasn't, but it was my homework But why rubber duck?😒
Comment from : MildŪška

Asmaa o
wwwjustgivingcom/crowdfunding/asmaa-magdy?utm_term=jEx9JXaXWbrFund me through my education journey
Comment from : Asmaa o

J7JoYoPro Studios
Fundraising for my Star Wars Fan Film: wwwgofundmecom/f/zmywss-star-wars-fan-film
Comment from : J7JoYoPro Studios

i want to do a fundraiser this was the first thing that popped up thanks for everything whole wale
Comment from : TheGeoWhizz

Comment from : TheGeoWhizz

Erik Earomirski
I have a sports themed organization, does anyone have an recommendations other than the once used in the video? I took a lot from the video and am glad that these things are so easily accessible now Thanks in advance!
Comment from : Erik Earomirski

Do you have any ideas for the corona situation?
Comment from : Srivaishnavi

Cathy Fitzpatrick
Fab ideasbrThanks!
Comment from : Cathy Fitzpatrick

Hi! Want to help the poor?brbr wwwairfundingnet/project/57439?hl=en&utm_source=messenger&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=project_first_shares&utm_content=project_id_57439&app_id=326574301263778
Comment from : Fupayme

Yazan Alghayad
Comment from : Yazan Alghayad

Athora Naim
#pleaseHelp#SaveALifebrbrbr wwwgofundmecom/f/helping-my-aunty-fighting-colorectal-cancer?utm_source=customer&utm_medium=copy_link-tip&utm_campaign=p_cp+share-sheet
Comment from : Athora Naim

Demetrio Landeros
Is there anything wrong with producing value?
Comment from : Demetrio Landeros

kenzie rose
If anyone wants to help Atleast a little bit for my animal sanctuary 💛brbrbr wwwgofundmecom/f/btdf5-help-me-start-an-animal-sanctuary?utm_medium=copy_link&utm_source=customer&utm_campaign=p_na+share-sheet&rcid=c1ce4230c8454305a96f467e13008c78
Comment from : kenzie rose

I enjoyed this video I actually came here looking for ideas to help a friend in the hospital which needs to have a double lung transplant She is currently waiting for a donor she has a GoFundMe but I need some ideas to further assist If anyone would like to support anything would help br wwwgofundmecom/f/ruth-pierre-lung-transplant?utm_source=customer&utm_medium=copy_link-tip&utm_campaign=p_cp+share-sheet
Comment from : Gigi

Cody Runa
Hi everyone, please click here to support my GoFundMe campaign, Help us save this puppy!: wwwgofundmecom/f/e5hfsv?utm_medium=sms&utm_source=customer&utm_campaign=p_na+share-sheet&rcid=43b212c5b3b54e5b97bf2616f6f1b72f
Comment from : Cody Runa

Abron D Slaughter
Comment from : Abron D Slaughter

I am a bad person Everyone in the comments is saying that they want to save the environment with their money I'm just trying to save up to go to Disney Land with my chorus group for a feildtrip Now I feel like crap
Comment from : Mars

Самоделкин 13
Help people fundraising
Comment from : Самоделкин 13

Qiyu Zhou
Thank you so much for so many ideas in under 8 min! Love your graphics on the left for each ideas, they are so cute and straightforward! How did you made them?
Comment from : Qiyu Zhou

hey everyone! im going to an expedition with world challenge to Malaysia in 2021 and i’ve got to raise an awful amount of money brbri’d politely ask that if you are ever online shopping, please shop through this link because it gives free donations towards my cause, it would be such a big help and i’d appreciate it so much! thank youbrbr wwweasyfundraisingorguk/causes/elonadaraskeviciute21
Comment from : elonyte

I need money for comp I wanna be in a competition but my mom says I can be in comp next year if I raise alot of money
Comment from : basicallyjaydaxx

jarick sauceda
📍 wwwclassyorg/fundraiser/2502604
Comment from : jarick sauceda

Godd day I ask you from the bottom of my heart please open your hearts and help these poor children and their families YOU can make a difference And for a starving child to know they have a meal coming their way can change their lives Please donate and share May God reward you all for your effortsbrbrWant to join me in making a difference? I'm raising money any donation will help make an impact Thanks in advance for your contribution to this cause that means so much to our province CagayanbrbrTo move forward, we NEED your HELP!!! brbrDONATE AND SHARE THE LINK THANK YOU SO MUCH 💕❤ Click the link below 🤗brbr socialfund/jtzagx/?sw=1
Comment from : EAYM

Steven Hernandez Non-profit fundamentals
Interesting list! Here are some youtube/gV0yD52KRYs
Comment from : Steven Hernandez Non-profit fundamentals

Gwyneth Duna
i know this is not the right comment thread to fundraise on but i really need your help right now i have a fundraising for medical expenses on gogetfundingcom but sadly no one notice my fundraising :((
Comment from : Gwyneth Duna

Mriganka Das
🍋 Don't know if anyone will see this or not but I teach underprivileged kids and I'm looking for funding to fund their next session snehalaya123kettoorg/contribute/contributephp?fmd_id=141792&utm_source=campaigner&utm_medium=whatsappShare&utm_campaign=mriganka-jvkwj&utm_content=1186089
Comment from : Mriganka Das

Victor Reitstätter
that music choise is terrible
Comment from : Victor Reitstätter

Anna Lettinga
Here to save the trees #teamtrees!!
Comment from : Anna Lettinga

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