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Information Learning how to learn | Barbara Oakley | TEDxOaklandUniversity

Title :  Learning how to learn | Barbara Oakley | TEDxOaklandUniversity
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Frames Learning how to learn | Barbara Oakley | TEDxOaklandUniversity

Description Learning how to learn | Barbara Oakley | TEDxOaklandUniversity

Comments Learning how to learn | Barbara Oakley | TEDxOaklandUniversity

Daniyal 007
Use focus and diffuse mode:brusing Pomodoro techniquebrtest yourself often with flashcards and stuffbrdon't think completing homework in a one runbr read a page and look away and recall what can you rememberbrbrI can only recall this from video
Comment from : Daniyal 007

Andrew Dong
15:45 - 16:01 'Would you ever sing a song once and think you knew that song? No Test yourself, work that homework problem several times over several days until the solution flows like a song from your mind'
Comment from : Andrew Dong

I failed civil engineering in mining I became a hiperrealist sculptor and couldn't keep going because even though I was good, I loathed the work I'm finishing business school and I'm unsatisfied I'm always the worst student in the room, no matter the class, even sports I've been suicidal for the past 10 years I punched my left eye blind, slit my left wrist, lost 2 molars and got tmj disfunction I'm currently 27 and I'm ashamed of who I am ¿Do I have any chance of recovering?
Comment from : STUNTHEINSECT

Lenin Sanchez
00:52 How did you change your brain? br br04:32 Focus Mode br br05:06 Pinball machine analogy br br07:37 Salvador Dali br br08:40 Thomas Edison (Thomas Edison stole ideas from Nikola Tesla) br br10:01 Procrastination br br13:21 Slow thinking br br14:21 Illusions of competence in learning br br17:11 Closing
Comment from : Lenin Sanchez

shiyang wang
But then you are still learning through human-languages-of-imaginary-friend:brbrhow about through emphathizing-with-the-analog-as-god
Comment from : shiyang wang

Uriel Valdez
Wow! A lot makes sense now, and shes so right, im incredibly creative as Im a Artist and therefore its hard to grasp new concepts and connect the dots
Comment from : Uriel Valdez

Thiago Soares
Sometimes we need to unlearn to learn new ways to learn?
Comment from : Thiago Soares

Not Again
Plot twist : you go to a professional for answers and you explain to them that you have a problem and go into details of what that problem isbrAfter a while they respond to tell you that you have no problem in fact you are actually part of the solution to other problems and that you have the rare syndrome of solution manifestation As you thought you had complex problems regarding the way you think as well as your daily routine this expert explains to you that you are different from others and you brain tricked you all along into thinking you had problems while it was secretary coming up with solutions It did this by changing the label on the files so it can find extra time to do so So each time you felt worried and anxious you were just being creative Enjoy the rest of your day and trust your brain cells to take care of you as you improve your diet, exercise, sleep well and keep learning Soon you will be surprised by how much you can actually learn by simply learning how to be efficient and creative
Comment from : Not Again

Not Again
1:40 she begins to realise something because she went to the edge of the world to meet her husband and I realised that I have actually watched this video already Or I have the most intense deja vu ever My guess is that I watched it on a different device /yt account witch is a bad habit Yet some videos deserve to be watched more than once
Comment from : Not Again

Not Again
1i need ted talks to be in a format of anime and dopamine inducing effects Sometimes I really get bored watching these Ted talks as well as distracted So I want to change my brain and I wanna learn so basically I'm watching so much ted talk But I still struggle while watching them so right here I'm writing a comment while watching and I did not pause So I will have to rewind like 2 minutes I love ted talk I'm so glad the audience is laughing that is encouraging
Comment from : Not Again


Comment from : Katina

Italiano: Italian made easy
Comment from : Italiano: Italian made easy

Jianfa Tsai
learning is knowing which sentences to skip, which sentences to read halfway, which sentences to slow down and read and which articles after reading the topic name or abstract to skip reading the rest of the article
Comment from : Jianfa Tsai

Elin Felicia
Imagine joining the army only to learn a language I can’t even finish a whole textbook within a summer
Comment from : Elin Felicia

Improv with Varun
Thank you Barbara and Ted :)
Comment from : Improv with Varun

Comment from : Giant23

amuggg us
Comment from : wqed22

Spiri Rosetti
Is this how Edison got the creative idea to electrocute animals to promote his DC business?
Comment from : Spiri Rosetti

she is a great inspiration
Comment from : Elijah

Oh my God is that Babou?
Comment from : Syrio1989

I try to find what I don't know or don't understand and list them so I can learn them later But procrastinating gets the better of mebrbrbrTry to see patterns in things Do you think this thing is kinda similar to that other thing Or does this change if I revamp the way I'm doing it It's hard to see the ideal thing but if you keep changing it you'll probably see the system on how the thing works See patterns and change them into the things you want them to turn into
Comment from : 匚ㄩ尺丂乇ᗪ

صومالي ابن ابن صحراء و افتخر
Comment from : صومالي ابن ابن صحراء و افتخر

Oluwagbogo Ajimoko
In addition, a brcertain kind of work mentality is important, especially when under a time crunch With a sense of urgency and these techniques combined, result in learning a lot in little time
Comment from : Oluwagbogo Ajimoko

Omg thank you
Comment from : 匚ㄩ尺丂乇ᗪ

Sophia Redwood
Somewhat off-topic, but woman is an ENFP Her Ne and Fi are off the charts, and this presentation is really helpful towards other Ne users
Comment from : Sophia Redwood

STEM student PH
Ah shes the author of "A Mind for Numbers"
Comment from : STEM student PH

Less is Life
A very amazing and insightful talk brThere was so much information in just one talk Our way of learning, how our brain reacts to procrastination, how slow learning actually reflects creativity, and how to learn anything
Comment from : Less is Life

God_speed Jensen
What she is teaching has been very transparent to me for a long time Apparently it is rocket science
Comment from : God_speed Jensen

Muhammad Royan Alfi Rosyidin
Thank you for the knowledge sharing, Barbara It relieves and helps me a lot
Comment from : Muhammad Royan Alfi Rosyidin

Aidan Stone
Less than 5 minutes worth of actual advice in 18 minutes
Comment from : Aidan Stone

Optimus CHOW
Oh my gosh, it took back me back to the good old college days How I missed them
Comment from : Optimus CHOW

She looks exactly like Hange
Comment from : Channel

Kømmøn SīNce
I essentially flunked every element for me to be certified and assuredly someone preferred to be your certain type of worker to help further replenish and furnish whatever it is that you'd need or want to nurture while your on this earth for creating everything from becoming a bum or building a kingdom in other words I'm a servant and will serve anything that wants to go further in life and want to murder IT aka "pennywise" the clown aka FEAR
Comment from : Kømmøn SīNce

Bem OfHolyy
Comment from : Bem OfHolyy

Joy Chaudhuri
She has an annoyingly shrill voice that gets to me More so when she's trying to make a point
Comment from : Joy Chaudhuri

Ranjith Sivanandham
A summary of learning how to learn book
Comment from : Ranjith Sivanandham

Jeremy Yudin
I still don’t understand what Diffuse mode Just an unfocused way of thinking? What if you have the same thought patterns in focused mode and diffuse mode?
Comment from : Jeremy Yudin

Xin Xiao
I just love Barbara She is such a nice person
Comment from : Xin Xiao

Mal Jay
The shaky bowl dfly happen because fir relatedly injure lest a sassy sandwich belligerent, red cork
Comment from : Mal Jay

ice circle
Авто перевод субтитров на русский немного меняет смысл текста
Comment from : ice circle

I just want to thank Barbara Oakley, she really taught me how to become more fluent in any arithmetic course while coming from a person who has always been a natural at reading, writing, history, geography, but anything else in math I would be inadequate She taught me the importance of “it’s not understanding that leads to fluency, it’s focusing on fluency that leads to understanding” That, plus her encouragement to consistently practice, memorize, & repetition of the steps, has made me an A student in my pre calculus class this semester (& I used to be a c student in any stem classes at best) It took a lot of hustle, but feels soo good to get real results that makes it pay off Barbara Oakley was the final touch to expanding my horizon on mathematics Her quote at the end “Don’t just focus on your passions, but expand your horizons & the rewards are tremendous” is very true with me in mathematics Much gratitude to Barbara 🙏🏼
Comment from : Anthony

Shubham Verma
Ma'am , you explained with real examples and science of learning ; it makes me easy to accept approaches and ideas Greatful to you
Comment from : Shubham Verma

Quang Trần Phú
Don't just follow your passions broaden your passions, and your life will be enriched beyond measure
Comment from : Quang Trần Phú

Ishruth Imamdin
As a teacher myself,I have enrolled n completed her online course on Coursera during lockdownbrIt was just amazing! Then I shared the techniques that I learnt with the students Simple techniques, yet so powerful Thanks Barbara!
Comment from : Ishruth Imamdin

I like to compare this method of learning to recovering from a workout
Comment from : Swolby

Haunted Night
I know you and I am complet your course "learn how to learn"
Comment from : Haunted Night

Heather Toomey
I had to start with 5 mins, not 25 mins, but it worked and I got over an hour of work done!
Comment from : Heather Toomey

Purple Panda
two minutes in and i'm already in love with this lady such an amazing energy
Comment from : Purple Panda

Mark I
Best of both worlds
Comment from : Mark I

Pritam Banerjee
"Until the solution flows like a song from your mind"
Comment from : Pritam Banerjee

Laura Kajla
Comment from : Laura Kajla

Skye Leahy
I wish everyone watching this video love, success, happiness, joy, and authentic human connection in life! 🤗💖🌇☀️✨💗🥰 May we all be healthy, happy, and free from suffering 🥰❤️🤗💖 Spread the love, peace, and joy 🥰💖🤗🌇
Comment from : Skye Leahy

Fern Goncalves
@12:00 Golden Pomodoro!!
Comment from : Fern Goncalves

I wish I had teachers like this
Comment from : GG27

Samanntha Swεεtnεss
Thomas edison is a fraud Please use a better example next time It doesnt take much work to steal things from people
Comment from : Samanntha Swεεtnεss

Shina Sharma
Thank you
Comment from : Shina Sharma

Please provide subtitles in Brazilian Portuguese!
Comment from : Ualas

Billy Walker
The efficient fruit fittingly fasten because hot serendipitously delight despite a spotted inventory six, wandering impulse
Comment from : Billy Walker

David Hernandez
Excelente tu visión del aprendizaje brGenial!
Comment from : David Hernandez

I am happy I found the video
Comment from : athul_c137

I graduated top of my class and all of these techniques are the same techniques I used I would redo homework until I could do them twice correctly then repeat with all homework My tests would contain the same questions from the homework Tests become easy this way Having classmates ask you to explain concepts made me just recall and force me to practice more I have never met a genius The barrier to actually learning is entirely emotional (you don't think you can do it, you don't see the benefit now, other things are more important) Everyone can do this The only things I don't learn are the ones I don't want to put the effort The talk was very insightful I'd like to see one for how to motivate yourself to want to learn something that you don't want to learn
Comment from : sae

Jesse Hunt
Beast mode! It is this kind of care that gives me hope for humanity!
Comment from : Jesse Hunt

Jane_ Maloloy-on
I'm like I am being the example of diffuse modebrThank you for making me realize, that it is an addiction, and not helping me grow up in my own learning/understandingbrContent stays as content itself, unless you put your heart to it, to understand, translate and apply where is this to be use, of which we know is necessary in learning
Comment from : Jane_ Maloloy-on

George Bradberry
This woman is amazing and my inspiration👌👌👌👌😍❤😎😉😁😘😊😉
Comment from : George Bradberry

alba wiza
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Comment from : alba wiza

alfred borden
The jealous leo adventitiously back because pen considerably scare alongside a noiseless afternoon talented, rampant square
Comment from : alfred borden

I wish she taught all my subjects She's such a good speaker and makes learning approachable
Comment from : M M

Sinewave Relaxation Music
bPeople watching this all the very best for your future endeavors/b
Comment from : Sinewave Relaxation Music

Tesla was the best
Comment from : TRUTH MATTERS

learning everything
4:00 start here
Comment from : learning everything

Muriithi Derrick
Awesome, Every WORD she said counts, I finished watching and jumped to start again,😊God bless you!
Comment from : Muriithi Derrick

Carl Lelandt
My K through 12 school years were pretty much the same as Ms Oakley's Again tried math (intro algebra) at junior college, and failed Then I got mind-boggling lucky! Transferred to a 4 yr college, where it was learn math or forget college In a class where we only needed to show up if we couldn't figure stuff out on our own, I went from zip to pre-calc level in algebra in about 4 months!, And it was a "cake-walk!" I owed my awesome success to a 5 book programmed instruction beginning algebra series authored by Robert Tetiev, for the Encyclopedia Britannica Educational Corp, produced during the late 1960's Would love to find some used copies of that series But no luck My math failure in public school had totally undermined my sense of self worth, self esteem, etc
Comment from : Carl Lelandt

I'm coincidentally doing focus and diffuse mode back and forth when I was studying English I usually read the material around 30 minutes and then take a rest after that while drinking some coffee and do some browsing i felt relaxed and it felt really good studying like that i didn't know it was one of the good ways for learning very good
Comment from : GetIn

Anybody can concentrate 25 minutesbrMy brain: she didn't see me:') brI concentrate for just ten minutes
Comment from : gojo

Jeff Missy Honea
Comment from : Jeff Missy Honea

The flowery sand phytogeographically disarm because witch generally boil besides a wicked hour lively, mellow potato
Comment from : 谢伦琛

Булганчимэг Б
Love her way to teach ❤️
Comment from : Булганчимэг Б

Diego Martinez
I just completed her course and is such a life-changing experience Her teachings are clear, 100 science-based, and fun--pure value I highly recommend it to everyone, regardless of age and position However, it's especially useful for students
Comment from : Diego Martinez

National STEM Honor Society (NSTEM)
We at NSTEM are constantly encouraging girls and boys, men and women to study STEM fields Many struggle to learn and study correctly Knowing about the two learning modes- focus and diffuse modes- is important and vital Your idea of focusing for 25 minutes and then doing something relaxing and fun is wonderful and should be used when learning and teaching
Comment from : National STEM Honor Society (NSTEM)

Wizard of B
Wow Finally a real great talkVery very useful !
Comment from : Wizard of B

Sensei von Wistalia
I have to say i disagree to some points Contineously making tests is not helping you and neither promoting homeworkbrbrUsually people cannot do their honework because of a lack of the teacher explaining it to them in a way they can understand and remember itbrAlso it does the opposit to relaxing and defuse modes Especially if we don't have a lot of time or too much to dobrbrGiving apropiet homework is also a skill for itself and only because a teacher finds some things or ways important that usually doesn't apply to the studentbrbrTesting ourself all the time even before we really know something is a big mistake but sadly standart school material works exactly that waybrbrAnd btw something very obvious: if you would learn a language by flashcards of vocabulary you would never able to speak and understand the languagebrIt totally erases the context of any information which is the worst you can do to your brain
Comment from : Sensei von Wistalia

Understanding and Practice, not just one or the other
Comment from : Dee

What about those of us who can only do it for 30 seconds?
Comment from : HOME

darek klich
The versed ikebana plausibly separate because calendar amazingly command next a succinct nancy eatable, two frown
Comment from : darek klich

Emre AKA
What about If i do not want to learn this subject but I have to? Why do I have to study something that I do not use?
Comment from : Emre AKA

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Comment from : TM YEE

Where have i seen her before?
Comment from : sbtopjosh

Akber Alee
Comment from : Akber Alee

Norman Wilkinson
I am going to keep this video to watch and listen to it over and over again until the defused ideas expressed are parts of a focused whole THANK YOU for joining the dots I now know of a special way of teaching myself to learn YOU have outlined what I need to focus on
Comment from : Norman Wilkinson

Ward Shayne Thomas
The rainy winter postsynaptically marry because stage basally pause through a flat bun youthful, quirky dahlia
Comment from : Ward Shayne Thomas

She looks like how I imagine the sister of Viggo Mortensen to look like if he has one
Comment from : Mugen

Christian Aaron
Pomodoro technique has helped me deal with my ADHD I started with 25 minutes at a time with work assignments and studying Now I focus 1 hour at a time My attention span grew within 2 weeks I kept my self consistent every day and with dedication, I was able to improve my attention span I did add 10 minutes every couple of days which is how I was able to keep focus for an hour My advice is to keep persistence, discipline, and gradually add time to your task
Comment from : Christian Aaron

She looks like Scout from To Kill A Mockingbird when she was a little
Comment from : Rosy

Benjamin Yue
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Comment from : Benjamin Yue

erika camargo
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Comment from : erika camargo

what a masterpiece
Comment from : B M

No Nha
Comment from : No Nha

abdelhadi farhat
the 25 min rule she discussed in the video is actually something i came up with myself, and it actually works sometimes, it's like a work-reward thing the problem is procrastinating with matters that does not have some sort of a deadline this is the real challenge for a lazy procrastinating person like me :)
Comment from : abdelhadi farhat

Summary: brbrIf you find yourself, as you're focusing on something trying to learn a new concept or solve a problem, and you get stuck, you want to turn your attention away from that problem and allow the diffuse modes Those resting states, to do their work in the backgroundbrbrb*Procrastination => Pomodoro method*/bbr- 25min of work (with mindset *I'm going to work with focus attention for 25 minutes*) - 5min of some funbr- Relaxation is also an important part of the learning processbr===br- Exercise within a matter of a few days can increase our ability to both learn and to rememberbr- Test Tests are the best Test yourself all the time Give yourself little mini-testsbr- Recall The most effective technique is simply to look at a page, look away and see what you can recall Doing this, as it seems, helps build profound neural hooks that help enhance your understanding of the material The understanding alone is enough to build mastery of the material br- Practice and repetition in a variety of circumstances can you truly gain mastery over what you're learning
Comment from : wqtm

Plus One
Very helpful, I hope I can improve the way I learn
Comment from : Plus One

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