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How To Improve Your Memory RIGHT NOW!

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Information How To Improve Your Memory RIGHT NOW!

Title :  How To Improve Your Memory RIGHT NOW!
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Comments How To Improve Your Memory RIGHT NOW!

Yet Li
Try to memorize new things daily to strengthen your brain Keep your kidneys healthy to improve your memory Meditate with Dhyana Mudra, it helps enhance your concentration and overall health Poor health may affect concentration and memory Use Memory Palace often to help memorize things better
Comment from : Yet Li

Comment from : Decko

Whenever I interact I get told to get more more social or get a boyfriend like leave me alone
Comment from : Q

no friendsbrme is friends :)brget it ?brbeause i am alone ?brya :)brbrbrbri am shy man :( like i am 19 old, i'm STILL have no friend :Dbrlike i am taking my self bryabrbr-Yfove85
Comment from : YfoVe85

Vid doesnt really help, not practical, sorry
Comment from : DHammer

I had a cool comment but I forgot😅
Comment from : FogK

Why use lastpass when I can use this video to remember my password?
Comment from : ARK-1410

Gamongey Quinn
CardiobrGood food (like blueberries)brBe in good quality relationships brSpeaking and conversingbrBrain stimulation & trainingbrOptimal level of stress
Comment from : Gamongey Quinn

Solomon Douglas
Hey how are u still learn that improve that remember it memory
Comment from : Solomon Douglas

B12- Miguel Mariñas
my attention span (fair)
Comment from : B12- Miguel Mariñas

Rip on the friends part
Comment from : IRekUNubs2

Alex M
forgot what u said in first minute of the vid
Comment from : Alex M

i hate you and this video
Comment from : maddie

Jay J
- cardio (leg day) + other regular exercisebr - blueberries (healthy for maintaining/creating/and the overall health of neurons (brain cells) they also help repairing damages done to them)br -good friends (pressure around friends can actually be healthy for memory) this is the same with similar relationships (family-like-example)br - memory training for 6 weeks, 30 min/day (train your memory accordingly (according to your free time and life situation/style)brJust enough focussed anxiety and stable use of the chemical compound: (Cortisol)brWhile ensuring a steady and low stress (balanced lifestyle - and study/work - life)brIt is essential for one to have a slight increase in your daily showers, and move from warm/hot water to cold water in hopes to therapeutically relieve both the body and mindbrMake sure to stay hydrated and have a controlled and somewhat organised or place that can bring deja vu of a place retaining directly to one's personal experiences of cognitive ease (such as one's room or common study/work area)brMake sure you are in good healthbrmake sure you consciously use your free times and time off to better improve yourselfbrAnd things such as statistic video games (shooting) or high action and reflexive gameplay can actually show high amounts of positivitybrbefore studying, or working on specific profession, it would be extensively favorable for oneself to consume a noticeable amount of their daily sugar / insulin then however do not add to your daily intake, instead move or even slight subtract from it
Comment from : Jay J

Dick Cock
I have a memory from when I was 2 or 3 year old I don't know why I clicked on this video😂
Comment from : Dick Cock

What if I'm an introvert 😶
Comment from : Arashi

sritama 00
1 Exercisebr2 Eatbr3 Friendsbr4 Practicebr5 Stress
Comment from : sritama 00

Alright fam n friends where do I practice intensely to get my memory champion level skills to that of the athletes? Any good recommendations ?
Comment from : jakilode

haha funny nuke
I forgot everything u said
Comment from : haha funny nuke

Nappyhead Boi
Trying to Remember plays
Comment from : Nappyhead Boi

Amirhosein Tabatabaei
sorry I do not have any friend
Comment from : Amirhosein Tabatabaei

my short term memory is pure crap, but my long term memory is just crazy, i still remember when i was 1 year old and my dad was giving me a little bit of coca cola to try
Comment from : PearCoin124

great , i am now having anxiety because i dont know if i am panicking enough or more, thanks
Comment from : Chrysalis

Yeah I'm not going to remember all of this
Comment from : curiartsity

Random Smart Stuff
Can we be friends?
Comment from : Random Smart Stuff

Mohammed Ahmed
Comment from : Mohammed Ahmed

i disliked for the 'thank you friends' at 1:56
Comment from : Super

Random Guy
What was the video talking about?
Comment from : Random Guy

Jia eunice
My memory before the pandemic was good but now i get depressed i have a hard copy mechanism that i cant recall what other people sais to me help
Comment from : Jia eunice

ニシャーン  :)
I was bout to search something on yt but i forgot what it was so i came here lol
Comment from : ニシャーン :)

Aarti thaur
planet ka brahmi capsule are 100vegitarin and natural they contain bacopa monneiri in extract form , this is a time tested herb used to increase memory naturally
Comment from : Aarti thaur

High quality relationships oh so that's why I keep forgetting things
Comment from : porc

Is chocolate a "good snack" as you recall?
Comment from : Gold

ivar the boneless
Blueberries? Thats the only thing gary vee eats
Comment from : ivar the boneless

Drake Brown
They have such friendly faces, I love learning from them
Comment from : Drake Brown

Antonio Sanchez
POV your a kid and it's Saturday
Comment from : Antonio Sanchez

Comment from : emeraldgd

Alright I'm commenting without watchingbrbrbrLISTEN OKbrI FORGOT AN ESSAY-DOING-RELATED PACKET I NEEDED TO DO A BUCKET PLANNER TWO DAYS IN A ROWbrI finally remembered to bring it today- 😅
Comment from : rOsee

kayd Woodman
Personally I choose to stay away from those who get in my way Example: I’d rather stay away from a situation, instead of walking towards it I think that being independent is one of the reasons why I’m able to focus more!
Comment from : kayd Woodman

The gender bender
The group chat partbrI need friends first for that part😐
Comment from : The gender bender

Lingua Business & Logistics
Powerful method world ways thanks a lot
Comment from : Lingua Business & Logistics

Lingua Business & Logistics
wwwyoutubecom/watch?v=bQ9zFnWR6H4 Memory palace for powerful memory
Comment from : Lingua Business & Logistics

World Ways
youtube/bQ9zFnWR6H4 memory palace for powerful memory
Comment from : World Ways

Meme Guy
now i can remember where the remote go
Comment from : Meme Guy

i started this video a year ago and forgot to continue
Comment from : Ibis

Léo Rodríguez
This isn’t helping 🙄
Comment from : Léo Rodríguez

AJ Vasava
Comment from : AJ Vasava

funny talk
Memory is very important for people doing everything, I am appreciate to ur video teach us how to improve our memory , it is useful
Comment from : funny talk

This vid is cool!
Comment from : IPeeAlot_o95

This vid is cool!
Comment from : IPeeAlot_o95

Daniella Francis
Thanks to Karl on YouTube, who introduced me to Dr Gbenga memory booster, using Dr Gbenga memory booster, boost my memory with 70, Thanks alot
Comment from : Daniella Francis

rupa das
The isn't about just ummm memory but how the h*ll youtube knew that i have an upcoming exam??? it's really strange😶😶🤔
Comment from : rupa das

I don’t even remember half the video bruh
Comment from : Joe

The Unknown
I forgor stuff
Comment from : The Unknown

When my history class is in the morning and I’m too lazy to exercise
Comment from : Xxlilxghosty

Lachlan Ethan
Using Dr Gbenga memory booster got my memory increase with 80, today am more intelligent more than ever, and I have suddenly emerge as the best student in my department
Comment from : Lachlan Ethan

I REALLY LOVED this video Thank you very much for sharing God bless you ❤️🙏🏽
Comment from : NKP

memory is different from intellect, intellect is about solving a puzzle and answering unanswerable question While memory is about repeat and repeat something
Comment from : Black_Water99

Friends: bIncrease your memory/bbrAlso Friends: bYesterday's your birthday?/b
Comment from : Sushanth

Eternal Brain
Frequency of the brain wwwyoutubecom/watch?v=xdNPGN-i0no&t=428s
Comment from : Eternal Brain

Anonymous S
Hanging out with people?brbrbrbrEw😐🤚
Comment from : Anonymous S

Cat Hat
Yea what if you dont have friends because you live in a terrible place like Connecticut and dont have money to move
Comment from : Cat Hat

Ultra Obscure
i forgor 💀
Comment from : Ultra Obscure

I forgor
Comment from : JOEY

i forgot what this video taught me so im watching it again
Comment from : caros

GorilleToast706 Leduc
Thanks I’m learning how to code now I can actually remember CODE
Comment from : GorilleToast706 Leduc

Auvella ・97 years ago
Comment from : Auvella ・97 years ago

Why was Acorn named after A corn?
when you instantly forget what they just said
Comment from : Why was Acorn named after A corn?

Kakeyi Sharma
I cant have bluenerries i am poor
Comment from : Kakeyi Sharma

Elise Headley
Thank you for this! Really helpful and simplified information I appreciated the note about blueberries because the antioxidants can also help with oxidative stress Double bonus!
Comment from : Elise Headley

Talia Skye
Watching this so I can memorize the periodic table songbredit: memorized it
Comment from : Talia Skye

Hitting the gym first , it really helped
Comment from : PRAISE GARWI

Jaylen Lenear
This and top think will be my regular channels for learning
Comment from : Jaylen Lenear

Me trying to learn a new language: 📖🖋 got thatbrMight forget what I did on this day even this comment
Comment from : Mafuuri

Abby Heiderman
What do you think of increase your IQ of 20 points with Rotogenflux Methods? I see lots of people keep on talking about Rotogenflux Methods
Comment from : Abby Heiderman

Stefan Wons
Is Rotogenflux Methods useful to increase your IQ score over 15 points? I've read numerous good stuff about this intelligence boost program
Comment from : Stefan Wons

Zippy Dearinger
Does Rotogenflux Methods (just google it) help me my IQ score increased over 15 points? I notice lots of people keep on speaking about this iq boost secrets
Comment from : Zippy Dearinger

Lunatic Girl
I cannot excersis without my family making me feel bad about itbrI HATE blueberries They taste horriblebrI have no friendsbr:/
Comment from : Lunatic Girl

Iraq Amer
Thank you so much for Arabic caption
Comment from : Iraq Amer

italia gorino
This was a great video with a cute voice
Comment from : italia gorino

Abdullah Omar
Glucose and Insulin aren't going through my throat!
Comment from : Abdullah Omar

Bodhi Campbell
Do anybody know about Rotogenflux Methods? Does it work? I hear lots of people improve their intelligence with this intelligence boost program
Comment from : Bodhi Campbell

Qiana Long
Hello there, I want to know if Rotogenflux Methods, will work for me? I notice lots of people keep on talking about this iq course
Comment from : Qiana Long

Averie Garrison
Has anyone tried Rotogenflux Methods? (just google it) We've heard numerous amazing things about this intelligence boost system
Comment from : Averie Garrison

Danny R
I had to rewatch this because I forgot everything he said
Comment from : Danny R

Kylo GQ
It’s took me two hours to get here because I wanted to look at a video of how to get better memory and then I forgot because I had to do something
Comment from : Kylo GQ

Bobby Mathew
What doodle software did you use for that whiteboard presentation?
Comment from : Bobby Mathew

Subtitles: Oh that's arabic
Comment from : NoHeartUnicorn

 Jaguar Productions
i have extremely bad memeory i cant watch tv shows becuase i cant remember what happened in the last episode
Comment from : Jaguar Productions

cool faiza
wait a minute neurons can regenrate? wow
Comment from : cool faiza

I’m loosing my memory bc I’m falling sleep late and oversleeping!!! This is seriously scary!!
Comment from : diligent4Christ

Gamongey Quinn
DO CARDIObrHelps with learning, performance on memory tasks,brIncreases blood flow,brSize of hippocampus,brCombat age related memory declinesbrDo regular aerobic exercise like runningbrbrHAVE A GOOD SNACKbrafter exercise & pre studyingbrglucose & insulin:brHelps with learning new info & consolidation Which moves info from short term memory to long term memory Probably because the hippocampus has insulin receptorsbrBlueberries help with recalling past events They also have flavonoids that help with: neurons' function, protection & regenerationbrbrBE SOCIALbrHave high quality, personal relationships,brHelps combat age related memory declines,brMakes the brain think about others & yourself Like taking care of yourself or othersbrStimulates the brain as well by thinking of how to interact with each otherbrbrHAVE MEMORY TRAINING?brbrA BIT OF STRESSbrHave an optimal amount of stress/ anxietybrTriggers hormones like cortisol to make the brain promote long term memorybrBut too much would ruin memory
Comment from : Gamongey Quinn

Barry Gol
sniff glue
Comment from : Barry Gol

le Zanji🇷🇺
I have a friend with a 2tb ssd and an intel inside cpu
Comment from : le Zanji🇷🇺

hug your friends todaybrme uh we r in a pandemic
Comment from : Koala

I start my workout journey today
Comment from : rachel183321

guys i am more into games, playing in my pc for whole day, watching random garbage videos on youtube on my ipad and stuff lime that decrease my memory power?
Comment from : sapfits

Gore Obsessed
Ah yes the power of friendship prevails again
Comment from : Gore Obsessed

Sumaiyas Zone
ALTERNATIVE TITLE:brHow to Improve memory without getting FAT
Comment from : Sumaiyas Zone

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