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Get Gold u0026 Silver through Airport Security! Airport Customs How to! #Airport #SilverStacking #Travel

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Information Get Gold u0026 Silver through Airport Security! Airport Customs How to! #Airport #SilverStacking #Travel

Title :  Get Gold u0026 Silver through Airport Security! Airport Customs How to! #Airport #SilverStacking #Travel
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Frames Get Gold u0026 Silver through Airport Security! Airport Customs How to! #Airport #SilverStacking #Travel

Description Get Gold u0026 Silver through Airport Security! Airport Customs How to! #Airport #SilverStacking #Travel

Comments Get Gold u0026 Silver through Airport Security! Airport Customs How to! #Airport #SilverStacking #Travel

Aaron T
Wow! Amazed the plane took off with all that weight! 🀣
Comment from : Aaron T

ahmed ghanem
And what about paper money
Comment from : ahmed ghanem

Sai Smruti Sahu
I wanted to send a silver to Philippines through postal , I didn't know that we can't send this kind of things , then now am thinking to send it , covering with a lots of clothes , what says ? I will be successful or not ???
Comment from : Sai Smruti Sahu

Eva Rojas
Hello and thank you very much for your excellent video Would you or anyone happen have experience with carrying gold and silver coins to Brasil? It is hard to find information in this regard I am not sure how safe it is to travel with my metals into that country Thank you very much for your help
Comment from : Eva Rojas

First, I will NEVER place my coins in CHECKED baggage I would carry them on All you have to do is store your coins in plastic coin TUBES I am certain it will be easier for TSA to search if they are stored in coin tube Just an fyiπŸ€”
Comment from : Elizabeth

So, if someone was travelling to Mexico (not from the US) It says goods over $500 will be subject to duty Cash can be $10,000 and other exchangeable currencies are included in this The customs page doesn't mention PMs Do you think I can take say $4K in cash and the equivalent of $6K in gold and it will be ok if I have the receipt? Or will the gold count as 'goods' which are subject to duty?
Comment from : ScottishTimesTV

Goldcic Vibefel
Is it face or spot?
Comment from : Goldcic Vibefel

Sahir Pinju
Thankyou for your informationbrIam in prison
Comment from : Sahir Pinju

Shah Rob
Not clear things for learn just time waste
Comment from : Shah Rob

Sinem Toy
Do you know the process for semi precious gemstones? Like amethysts, onyx etc I've been looking for info and came up with looking at your video! Very nice and great video!
Comment from : Sinem Toy

My brother thought he was gonna beat the guards up with the sock full of coins
Comment from : moon

Sirran Haal
I feel like the $10K limit for declaration needs to be adjusted for inflation
Comment from : Sirran Haal

Do you have any information on Japan? Like going in and out of Japan brbrI heard that there is 10 consumption tax Not sure if you know about it
Comment from : SkyHermit

denis kurt
* Can the x-ray device also make diamonds visible?*
Comment from : denis kurt

Jyothi Sathya
How to take 24k gold bangles of weight 193 grams to India please let me know?
Comment from : Jyothi Sathya

a popular white is to get your gold melted down and turned into diving weights with a light dip of lead on the outside then pack it up with your scuba gear easy way to get kilos through without problem
Comment from : drspastic

Kingdom Living
Has anyone traveled from the US to Colombia with gold and silver? Any advice would be appreciated
Comment from : Kingdom Living

uckBay Nguyen
Very informative video I plan to retire and possibly own a property in Vietnam What is the best way to store precious metals outside of the US, while you're away?
Comment from : uckBay Nguyen

Pagrator Tersot
My experience exactly It was easier than i thought and i too was on a domestic flight
Comment from : Pagrator Tersot

villen stacker
mega mega mega πŸ¦€
Comment from : villen stacker

Pirate Stacker
Great information, I was curious about this Awesome you get to travel & find treasures all over the world! Great video!
Comment from : Pirate Stacker

Shirl Bussman
Good for some people to know I don't travel with my silveronly to the bank vaultbrHave a great week Mega Mega GAWBLON!!!πŸ¦€πŸ¦€πŸ¦€πŸ¦€πŸ¦€πŸ¦€πŸ¦€πŸ¦€πŸ¦€πŸ¦€
Comment from : Shirl Bussman

Nick T Devlin
Thanks I've always wondered how getting through security would work
Comment from : Nick T Devlin

Mister Smith
Hey International! Love your channel Thought it would be cool if you did a video on bringing silver to and from Europe from the USA and customs duties or the lack thereof My wife and I are trying to move back to Europe to Czech Republic and wanted to know if you had any idea how to deal with customs and vat on coins We have about 530 american silver eagles and 100 maples we are trying to get in so im afraid of getting a tax bill of 6 or 8 k and afraid of having our hard earned assets taken Plz help International We need to leave in 2 weeks and we cannot find any info on this subject Can we just walk through customs with them or should we declare My wife is Czech We cannot get a straight answer from Czech Customs Customs said the face value of the coin is its value but another customs email said it just depends on the customs agent Very murky water we are treading here Thx for any help!
Comment from : Mister Smith

John Morey
Silver in a sock could be considered a deadly weapon in California A flail I think Just saying
Comment from : John Morey

Great tips friend!!!
Comment from : INK SCARS

Casey Kerley
That's cool as hell you giving somebody silver the first time you made them
Comment from : Casey Kerley

Kyle Jackson
I know you are wearing a mask, right?
Comment from : Kyle Jackson

ASMR People
An interesting video, but honestly I curious if there is a way to get gold past security without them knowing I'm less of a doomsday stacker than most, but even if there is a slight chance a time comes where I have to secretly leave the us with my gold I'd like to be prepared Granted I would not suggest making a video a out smuggling gold, but is this something you've put some thought into also? I've personally considered looking into instruments that contain lead or tungsten Perhaps this is as far as I want to talk about it on a Google platform πŸ˜…
Comment from : ASMR People

Fiat Destroyer
Did I catch that right that you have to declare over $10k worth of gold and silver?
Comment from : Fiat Destroyer

Adam Baker
$10k face value or spot value?
Comment from : Adam Baker

Carrie & Terry Kellogg
Thanks for the tips and advice Good thing i don't really fly anywhere
Comment from : Carrie & Terry Kellogg

"Anything to declare?"brbr"Yeah, don't go to England"
Comment from : willy565

Silver Scorpion
Great info
Comment from : Silver Scorpion

How many TSA agents are watching this?
Comment from : FalconRS

John W
That info was MEGA! Smash
Comment from : John W

Kendall Kidd
Just ship your gold/Silver to me, I'll store it well for you, It'll be safe w me 😏
Comment from : Kendall Kidd

LIKE, if you think international stacker should make a VIDEO, research, and TSA interview on the controversial topic of Declaring or NOT declaring a TUBE (20) of American Gold Eagle's Dollar Value ($1,000) VS Spot Value ($40,000) when traveling through international airports LEGALLY
Comment from : JB

Michael Fox
I believe it was a Mike Malone video I watched where he told the story of someone coming across the US Canadian border with Close to $300,000 melt value of gold They were a Canadian Mapleleaf with a face value of under $10,000 The person did not declare them and after some questioning and then more questioning by a supervisor he determined that since it was a government issued coin each one with a $50 Canadian face value that it came in below the $10,000 threshold
Comment from : Michael Fox

Metal Bum
Thanks for taking us live through the process
Comment from : Metal Bum

Curtis Lee
I plan on moving The Philippines or somewhere in SE Asia Have you had experience bringing PM's into those countries?
Comment from : Curtis Lee

Johnny Fingers
Definitely earned a new subscriber here Really interesting video I’m in the uk and wondered would it be the same when flying and checking in and out with jewellery ?
Comment from : Johnny Fingers

John Lee
Domestic travel isn't the issue It's foreign travel that you have to be careful about Certain countries have strict import limits Always declare the full value of your stash in customs declaration form if you exceed these limits
Comment from : John Lee

Matt Mallon
If I had 999 silver American eagles what I had to declare it their $1 denominations?
Comment from : Matt Mallon

Left Side Story
What about wearing a 10+oz 24k gold chain around your neck? Would you declare that? If my memory is correct, in your Dubai videos there were vendors selling obscenely large gold chains at the Dubai airport
Comment from : Left Side Story

Eric Singletary
A few years ago before silver when I was watching kleshguitars gold pan alot, I brought a small vial of placer gold with me through TSAI was definitely pulled aside and made to explain myself πŸ˜‚
Comment from : Eric Singletary

Someone You don’t know
Zombie task force was awesome that’s hilarious
Comment from : Someone You don’t know

Very interesting!! I just wanted to ask if they asked anything and what did you reply please!πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…
Comment from : Silber47

hΓΆpΓΆ nasu
I forgot ones an dive weight on the back and they even took test swipe at Heathrow
Comment from : hΓΆpΓΆ nasu

Upnorth Collector
Thanks for the tips!
Comment from : Upnorth Collector

Should you declare the face value if it's all mostly just junk US coins? It's literally legal tinder And in the court of law, I hear they only look at face value since it's legal to use in circulation in whatnot
Comment from : T

Chris Cl
I use to travel all over the country buying gold and silver from pm events and one time I forgot to put the silverware I purchased in my checked baggage Don't leave silverware knives and forks with your carry on It is a headache Lol
Comment from : Chris Cl

Bullion Addict
ISbrSo what if any questions did the TSA agent ask you when searching your suitcase of silver?
Comment from : Bullion Addict

Silver Heist
Internationally, for declaring would it be $10,000 worth of ASEs (300 oz today) OR 10,000 ASEs that have a $1 denomination?
Comment from : Silver Heist

Jason Maggard
I have slipped gold n silver and cash past TSA before BUT I am currently 0 for 3 on getting large pocket knives through Whaaaat? Nowadays there are questionable lookin folk everywhereso on my first silver buy I usually also buy a nice $10 knife for duration of my visit And then a couole days later at TSA enviatebly they dig past my dozens of coins while I vocally proclaim injustice, tyrany just before TSA pulls out my wicked looking πŸ”ͺ Oh thatoops Its usually quite awkward but funny
Comment from : Jason Maggard

Jason Maggard
This is GREAT ADVICE all around International Stacker!!! brAlways carry onbrTry not to draw attentionbrPack for easy inspectionbrFYI I buy with cash and fly frequently Many times with way north $10k Gold n Silver and above $10k cash Have challenged TSA and snuck it all through twice before I put all coins in a single sachel sling and in a suitcase when planning on being searched Easier for them to inspect Havent had to declare my gold n silver yet but for first time had to declare my cash recently They are getting more nosey Yes folks always declare or risk confiscation And if cant get receipt grab business cards from establishments you did business with They love thisshows you legitimately acquired items
Comment from : Jason Maggard

Lunnex Film
This is what im waiting to see
Comment from : Lunnex Film

Luis B
11kgs of silver UBS barsdo you think the guys would notice?! LOL itΒ΄s below 10K so no problem right? (itΒ΄s kilos bars) :)
Comment from : Luis B

Great video International Stacker Thanks
Comment from : ChadatWork

gerry2828 kelly
I'm in quarantine in Qatar for 8 months now probably it will be 12 months total before I get home I will have over 10k in PM so your video is very interesting
Comment from : gerry2828 kelly

Good video thanks
Comment from : Metalscrapper

Michael Silverman
I travel back and forth from Europe What I noticed is that if I don't have bars they don't stop me They really don't care about silver, only gold bars I was once stopped in Madrid heading back to USA with about 300-400 grams of "junk gold" the security lady had a hard on, called the 'guardia civil', the national police, and they quickly looked over everything and said nice collection They saw the 50 pesos coin and read it as 500grams at first, but after they realized it wasn't 500g they were happy Anyway those guys would rather find 500g of that china white :) Also all the junk silver the TSA have no idea there is silver init!! The cops never asked me anything about the coins, only the security lady who had a hard on That was the one time I travelled with more than 10k so I was nervous, but I just told her , everything inherited from my grandfather, therefore no receipts I thought for next time to just mix raw coins with change, do they stop you if you just have a bag of change? I don't think so Would be good to test that theory
Comment from : Michael Silverman

Ernest Pierce
Next tell us how to smuggle 32k in gold across the US Canadian Border to San Francisco and not get caught πŸ˜…πŸ˜œ
Comment from : Ernest Pierce

David Henningson
Great video! Good info I vacation in Mexico (but not this yearπŸ˜•) no issues in customs sofar (I just fill out the form and let them search my bag of souvenirs)
Comment from : David Henningson

Jeff Gray
Cool Thank you Great info!
Comment from : Jeff Gray

Floyd Baldwin
Comment from : Floyd Baldwin

Shawn 47
I used to travel quite frequently for work Mainly regional, so not a lot of flying, but I've had a couple of memorable experiences with airport security! Being on the road a lot, I'd often carry a ziplock bag full of laundry detergent to wash my clothes wherever I happened to be I'd used a sharpie and written "Anthrax" on one side and "Cocaine" on the other because the reactions when I'd take out the bag at the laundromat were hilarious I got a call one day - this was in 2005 - definitely post 9/11, (you can see where this story is going) for a job in Calgary, but I had literally no advance notice I was over 300 kms from the departure airport and my flight was in 5 hours! I quickly went through my normal travel load to dump a bunch of dead weight and non-essentials reducing it from a car trunk full to a single suitcase and a backpack carry-on, then I hauled ass to Toronto I completely forgot about the ziplock of white powder in the outer pocket of my now carry-on bag! I checked in with only about 25 minutes to get to my gate! At Security, my bag was searched by a very bored looking CBSA agent who pulled the ziplock of white powder labeled "Cocaine" and "Anthrax" out of my backpack and held it in his left hand in clear view of everyone in line (My eyes must have popped right out of my head!), while he rooted around in the pocket with his right hand, then replaced the sandwich bag without even looking at it, and waved me through! I nearly shit my pants, but I made my flight! The infamous ziplock did not return from Calgary and I never made that mistake again!
Comment from : Shawn 47

He says keep it low key then proceeds to talk about it as he leaves the hotel and walks threw the entire airport while making a video lololol
Comment from : Midnitesilverrun

Says keep it low key then makes a video talking about it walking threw the motel and the whole airport lololol
Comment from : Midnitesilverrun

m m
Question? A one ounce gold eagle has a face value of 50 dollars could you count that since it has a denomination?
Comment from : m m

Prepping With Sarge
β€œIf you try to french fry when you meant to pizza, you’re gonna have a bad time”
Comment from : Prepping With Sarge

Chris Garner the Tuscan Wine Fan
You seem to missing all my comments What is up with that?
Comment from : Chris Garner the Tuscan Wine Fan

johnny b
TSA to international stacker : what's with all the silver coins?? Time for a cavity search 🀣🀣
Comment from : johnny b

Buy an old 486 laptop, remove the motherboard and components, and fill it up with coins and bars, with some crumpled up paper or whatever to help keep the coins/bars from rattling around They will just think it's all part of the laptop
Comment from : J J

Jay Leal
THE BOOK OF TRUTH is mentioned in the Bible for these end of times The prophecies are unfolding jesushablaorg/indexphp/book-of-truth It is also available as an audio book: youtube/kMk4xZy1tZY Watch and share to prepare the public for what's coming
Comment from : Jay Leal

Jack Stehlik
Declare 10k in PM value or is that just for fiat currency?
Comment from : Jack Stehlik

May the Schwarz be with you
Great video! I've seen a few videos on traveling with gold and silver but none where the person is actually going through security The floor looks like Reagan International
Comment from : May the Schwarz be with you

Tomokos Enterprize
Thanks bud All pretty much as I thought Shared it too
Comment from : Tomokos Enterprize

Justin Moody
Hope you had a safe trip home
Comment from : Justin Moody

Silver Ripples
Agenda for IS : Silver is top priority, purchase luggage 🧳 and only take one pair of pants and 2 pair of shoes βœ… GOT it
Comment from : Silver Ripples

Cactus Jack SwAg
Either put it in your dirty undies or underneath your Crab Army Ain't NOBODY gonna touch either When I go to Mexico I'm gonna tell them I'm taking Fr Hidalgo back to his resting place under the Libertad stature
Comment from : Cactus Jack SwAg

OldPa Sink
California? If you get near Temecula again, would love to meet up
Comment from : OldPa Sink

Thanks for the Mega GAW ending πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰
Comment from : Snowzeus

Pierogi Stacker
Bummer you not coming to the hunt
Comment from : Pierogi Stacker

Pierogi Stacker
Cool a good use for the CYOTNO socks
Comment from : Pierogi Stacker

Highlander Stackin
Great tips πŸ‘ Now I can be International Highlander?!?!πŸ€ͺπŸ‘Š
Comment from : Highlander Stackin

Deleted Account
I had bought a victorian era french sign at an antique store and when I packed it I wrapped it in toilet paper A lot of tp At CDG the lady took my suitcase and had to unwrap it all just to find a street sign Ive never traveled with silver though It all stays where it is supposed to
Comment from : Deleted Account

Gods Weather
Comment from : Gods Weather

Tiaan Damstra
Awesome video!!! I am planning on taking about 100oz Silver and 50g Gold from South Africa to The Netherlands Do you have any additional information that I may find useful?
Comment from : Tiaan Damstra

IS, what if you have 10 of the 1oz gold eagles or other currency gold coins? Would that be considered just $500?, or do they use melt value?
Comment from : Chris

Ws Sl
I thought you will take only silver and shoes πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Comment from : Ws Sl

Bricktown Silver
Thanksanks for sharing!
Comment from : Bricktown Silver

Awesome Great information very well put together
Comment from : NOSEMATICS

Aztec Gold
Thanksit Does answer some questions I was just in the Black Hills of South Dakota Sad to report not alot of gold and silver Went on a gold mine tour paned for a little Only silver I found was plated Trump coins they were selling to the bikersI asked for the pure stuff and got a lot of funny looksoh well
Comment from : Aztec Gold

Every Australian airline now weighs carry-on baggage - max 7Kg if over you HAVE to check it
Comment from : SilverDelta

Chris P
Nice conversely you can wear 10k worth of gold jewelry and put that in a separate bin ,I believe (not sure ) you don't even have to declare it Stack on IS
Comment from : Chris P

Do you have do declare $10k+ PM's if your traveling domestically? (USA)
Comment from : chrishodson44

Jacob Dansereau
I like the car and megagaw
Comment from : Jacob Dansereau

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