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Is there Still Value in Buying Junk Silver | Stacking Kat

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Information Is there Still Value in Buying Junk Silver | Stacking Kat

Title :  Is there Still Value in Buying Junk Silver | Stacking Kat
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Frames Is there Still Value in Buying Junk Silver | Stacking Kat

Description Is there Still Value in Buying Junk Silver | Stacking Kat

Comments Is there Still Value in Buying Junk Silver | Stacking Kat

Shane Lewis
$140 face = 1 ounce (with quarters, dimes and half dollars of 90)
Comment from : Shane Lewis

Sean Oconnor
Nothing "junk" about 7 dollar premium We should start calling it premium silver🤷‍♂️
Comment from : Sean Oconnor

Tom Depeter
Hell yeah on the 90 silver people hate 40 half dollars super low premiums 75 to dollar over spot hell yeah
Comment from : Tom Depeter

Dennis Silverstein
It is now Dec 2021 and the premiums are any where from 30 t0 40 over spot Every one is thinking Barter and Constitutional is the way to goNo one will recognize your ASE and you can not break that down like ConSilver
Comment from : Dennis Silverstein

ASMR Charlie
Love the channel name! Cool video!
Comment from : ASMR Charlie

eric bond
at 8:10 I agree with you
Comment from : eric bond

eric bond
I'll just buy generics like an Asahi round The premiums are too high
Comment from : eric bond

Diana McGinnis
The US needs to end its experiment with [unconstitutional] fiat currency and base-metallic slug-tokens and return to using constitutional "Money" [ie, "gold and silver Coin"], as described in my novella "WHAT WORLD IS THIS? A Tale of Hope for a World Mired in Debt and Delusion" -- Diana McGinnis
Comment from : Diana McGinnis

Joshua Israel
Premiums don’t matter anymore There is a disconnect between spot price and market price for silver of any kind Spot price is based on the derivatives paper market and not physical silver I’m also noticing Constitutional/Junk Silver is becoming harder to find It’s out there but not as much Forget about the premiums and just buy It’s not getting any better
Comment from : Joshua Israel

They are getting harder and harder to find and soon will be completely out It is real life modern treasure I use to get only 999 but now switching to only US 90
Comment from : Hector

Joseph Garcia
I have a dealer that sells me all the junk at spot no matter what it is
Comment from : Joseph Garcia

I can still get a pretty decent deal for junk but, it’s starting to come up at my LCS Still a better buy right now but soon, 999 will be better
Comment from : JPlifts

John Mizak
I don't buy the average junk silver anymore, what I buy are coins that have some numismatic value along with the silver content For example, at the current silver price I can get nice problem free common date GOOD condition Barber half dollars for about $14 each They have $10 worth of silver in them, plus the numismatic value I feel that buying coins like this offer protection against a drop in silver prices because the numismatic value should hold steady or increase in value over time I realize that this way of investing in silver isn't for everyone though
Comment from : John Mizak

Carl Hammill
Where do you sell the silver? It doesn't seem like local dealers will pay any sort of premium so doesn't it defeat the purpose of physically owning Silver? This reminds me of when I used to collect baseball cards (which ironically was also sold at these local coin dealer shops) They would release a book of prices for baseball cardsthen one day I took them to dealer and what they offered wasn't close to book value Thats when it became crystal clear to me that if you don't spot the fool in the roomyou are the fool Don't want to make that mistake again
Comment from : Carl Hammill

I think Silver of almost any kind of still of value Diversity is optionality, so the more variety one has in their stack, the better off they are likely to be
Comment from : veritasfiles

Benjamin Gitchel
One selling point I didn't hear you mention about the constitutional silver is it's fractional aspect Lots of people these days are "prepping" for some sort of apocalypse scenario and imagine they'll be able to buy gas (from where?) with a silver quarter when SHTF
Comment from : Benjamin Gitchel

I feel like 90 US silver is the second-most reliable (meaning, re-sellable) physical silver you can get Everyone knows it, trusts it, can figure out how to calculate its value, etc #1 most reliable is the Silver Eagles, and the premiums on 90 are still wayyyy lower than the ASEs brbrThanks for the vid and the tip - I'll keep an eye on deals on other bullion I like to buy (Gritannias) or would consider (Philharmonics & Maple Leafs) So far, 90 junk has been the best deal I could get since the premiums went up on everything months ago
Comment from : Jakers88

Michael W
Wish I could buy constitutional silver over here at a decent price So bored with Nazi coins and Deutschmark commemorative coins
Comment from : Michael W

stephen redmond
If I have none in my stack is it worth it to pick up a roll of dimes or something?
Comment from : stephen redmond

For constitutional, I have a dollar amount per coin I use as a guide for purchasing consideration For example, Roosevelt dimes should be around $2-250 each, and I won't buy if priced beyond that
Comment from : Nekk-ra

I’m simply trying to diversify my stack a little Have over 100 oz of 1oz coins/rounds, so my latest order is made up of $10 face junk and some 10 oz bars
Comment from : BB

Peace & Grace
You do not understand Silver's true value, that's why you keep repeating over and over in the video about selling it in the future for a worthless fiat currency , might as well go crypto if your in it for the fiat dollars !
Comment from : Peace & Grace

Silver Scorpion
Great video and info
Comment from : Silver Scorpion

Bullion Addict
You make a lot of valid points 👉
Comment from : Bullion Addict

Underground Metals
Yeah I eased up alil on my junk silver purchases but still buying here and there
Comment from : Underground Metals

It's very tough in Aotearoa (New Zealand 🥝) br50 silver pre 1946brSo it's very hard to get now
Comment from : Ezipze

Ian Raistrick
Yeah the premiums on 90 right now are crazy Although, not sure about other people, but I think the 40 kennedy's still (at least compared to everything else) remain viable to stack as they have a considerably lower premium compared to 90 junk and even some of the 999 fine Would love to hear what anybody else thinks on this
Comment from : Ian Raistrick

The answer is yes, just go to a coin shop or online coin auction site such as eBay, there's definitely money to be made with junk silver, especially with growing demand
Comment from : misterTVman

Lawrence Williams
It's definitely not a good buy from what I've seen over the past fee months I can get 999 rounds for the same price or cheaper I may not have great local coin shops The online dealers are way over priced
Comment from : Lawrence Williams

Saltwater Saddle Tramp
I’ve got to agree with you The prices on 90 have gone crazy I see better deals on Brits and Maples
Comment from : Saltwater Saddle Tramp

Martinis Great Adventure
Comment from : Martinis Great Adventure

Just bought 10 Maples for 300 bucks Prior to that, I haven’t purchased any 90 or 999 in any significant quantities for many months Premiums are just out of this world these days Sticking to gold & platinum until things change
Comment from : SoCalSilver

William Tell
There's a lot of counterfeit coins coming out of China
Comment from : William Tell

Logan Scott
I see the value of constitutional coins coming from the historical value and the limited supply, no one is making any more of it
Comment from : Logan Scott

only time I buy 90 is when my LCS offers me beat coins now but will say I have got some good prices on barbers now
Comment from : Dave

Actually, an argument can be made for "stacking" junk silver: Janet Yellen has recently admitted publicly that the stock market will crash, possibly much more so than in 1929; when inflation goes through the roof, gold will be too high priced for bartering/shopping, so will silver, just not as much, so, small increments of silver will be required, and, since junk silver (US coinage) is something everyone is familiar with (as opposed to bullion in general, especially that sold in metric denominations), junk silver will be the most in demand This has proved true in virtually every country that has experienced hyper-inflation
Comment from : hottuna7

jim c
i am still buying 90 at spot but i only buy on auctions! try auctions !!!!!
Comment from : jim c

Collectin Texan
I think people are starting to wake up to the fact that junk silver is: never going to be made again It’s government issued It’s the cheapest fractional silver It’s historical And there is always potential to find semi numismatic coins in there
Comment from : Collectin Texan

guy azbell
Supply and demand they ain't making anymore silver coins is why it costs more
Comment from : guy azbell

guy azbell
No I just threw 40lbs of junk silber in the garbage
Comment from : guy azbell

leanne novak
I remember buying silver morgan $ at coin shows for $ 5 in fine & vf condition, back in 1977
Comment from : leanne novak

Donald Martin
I approach Constitutional silver a little differently I am buying to teach my Granddaughter history Something they use to do in schools
Comment from : Donald Martin

The Silver Sliver
I got into the stacking game a little on the late side for constitutional silver I think it was around $99 for a roll of Kennedy dimes I agree with you that the Krugs and Brits are a better deals right now Thanks for sharing Keep On Keep'n On !
Comment from : The Silver Sliver

CGB Coins Matt - CGB Clean Matt
I love 90 because it has character I like to finish Whitman books and stack the duplicates Great video
Comment from : CGB Coins Matt - CGB Clean Matt

Marco Arce
well because they aren't making them anymore
Comment from : Marco Arce

Marco Arce
I ordered two Morgan's and two liberty's 32 bucks a piece expensive
Comment from : Marco Arce

Marco Arce
Dollar and 40 face equals an ounce
Comment from : Marco Arce

Gunnar Gundersen
I've switched to Canadian which is cheaper The 1CAD 80 has exactly 6 Troy which makes calculating easier too I've also looked further afield I bought some Cloggie 72 2 1/2 GuilderbrbrThe toughest stuff to get is pre-1920 British Most got melted down to pay for weapons in WW2 Beautiful constitutional but rare as rocking horse poop
Comment from : Gunnar Gundersen

Coyotegrad Collectables
Any silver is good silver, but 90 is too expensive Great video bud!
Comment from : Coyotegrad Collectables

Canadian silver dollars are 80 silver and can be had for less I bought a tube of 25 for about 1700 each
Comment from : Drickett1

Steve Woods
Great video!!!
Comment from : Steve Woods

Fragrance Man
Has anyone ordered straight from Scottsdale mints website? Been stacking a long time and just learned it was an option Let me know if anyone has please
Comment from : Fragrance Man

Justin Colt
Last year I saw a $10 face value bag of silver quarters for $140 and I almost bought them brAnd literally 1 week later he wanted $230 for them brI was so sick to my stomach
Comment from : Justin Colt

One lcs has it here for 225 x face and another down the road is at 30x I’ve been mainly picking up Mercury dimes and rosies just due to the fractional benefits
Comment from : West_Texas_Arrowheads

What We Call Dollars Arent Money
They still made 90 silver dimes, quarters, and halves as recently as 1966 They just dated them 1964
Comment from : What We Call Dollars Arent Money

Danny Scobee
Not a deal at my LCS Can buy generic silver rounds cheaper I don’t get it really
Comment from : Danny Scobee

Anita Hamlin
I think junk is far better than paper with the way the fiat is being printed It will still be silver when the dollar is no longer the reserve currency also Being careful of the entry point is important in all assets
Comment from : Anita Hamlin

Cate McCool
Love 90 percent but not buying now The premiums are absurd
Comment from : Cate McCool

James M
The fakes are mainly only for key date-marks
Comment from : James M

James M
This is especially the case with Morgan/peace dollars I think hype and such plays into it, but I also think the sheer amount melted down over the decades is finally starting to really catch up with the market
Comment from : James M

Jerry Bennett
I went to a local small town auction today Common ASEs went for at least $50-$60 a piece Common Morgan and Peace went for 40-70 A 1/10 ounce gold AE went for $1100 What a time to be alive
Comment from : Jerry Bennett

I'm actually shocked at the price of 90 the last time I bought some it was about $13 for $1 face glad I got what I did
Comment from : pigwigpa

Beto D
I have a few junk not alot I have more Silver than gold and junk but hopefully soon Al buy alot of gold or junk just to stack and maybe one day trade it
Comment from : Beto D

You should check out Commercial Rare Coins & Precious metals Just a Florida coin shop guy educating people on precious metals
Comment from : Dman772

Big Pimpin
Don’t care about premiums I’m expecting to sell way over $50 in my lifetime Silver supply is shrinking and massive inflation is coming Better to pay high premiums and have the silver than sit around hoping premiums come down then you go to buy it and there’s no inventory the economic fireworks haven’t even hardly got started yet with regards to Inflation and even buying silver now is a challenge Definitely better to get it while you can Stop thinking of silver in dollar amounts and think of it in weight How much do you own Silver is money Dollars are trash Covert trash to real money while it’s still somewhat available because when shtf nobody is getting any silver
Comment from : Big Pimpin

Texas Lone Star Stacker
When I catch it at 20x FV on IG I usually pick it up and I have been finding that fairly regularly
Comment from : Texas Lone Star Stacker

Hi Kat! Thank you for the video today I have very little junk silver, just never really got in to that aspect of stacking
Comment from : ScorpMusic

Ryan Searles
I can get Junk from my local LCS at about a 7 premium so its by far the cheapest I can find around Seems worth it to me
Comment from : Ryan Searles

JS Hound
When we all go to digital currency They'll be worth a lot more Imo
Comment from : JS Hound

Mark Lewis
Thanks stacking kat great video great content much appreciated
Comment from : Mark Lewis

Artemis Arrow
I’ll buy walking liberty half dollars if i find them but for the most part premiums are so high on CS that I find you’re just better off buying 1oz coins and stuff for the time being
Comment from : Artemis Arrow

I’m done with junk $10 over spot? Fat chance Dealers won’t buy it back for over spot Silver rounds, bars, and sovereign coins may be the way to go
Comment from : Exmarine268

Salvador Dalinian
Come hell or high water, I stack junk annually on Black Friday and/or Cyber Monday
Comment from : Salvador Dalinian

I think the online premiums are way too high for Constitutional $22 on face is 30 bucks, that's my limit
Comment from : DudeDave

Java Man
At 00:53Pre-65 not pre-64
Comment from : Java Man

Martin Harris
I still grab a few Standing Liberty Quarters (with dates) when I find them
Comment from : Martin Harris

S Chandler
It's good to have the fractional silver but at current prices it's not worth it
Comment from : S Chandler

LitCoin Stacker
If copper increases 20x, what will that do to the value of constitutional silver?
Comment from : LitCoin Stacker

Andrew Yankee
lcs has it for 20x face so i buy as much as i can when i can
Comment from : Andrew Yankee

LitCoin Stacker
What is the difference between junk and constitutional? How well you take care of it
Comment from : LitCoin Stacker

LitCoin Stacker
Don’t forget that the other 10 is copper Two metals one coin Copper at all time high yet silver isn’t
Comment from : LitCoin Stacker

I’m buying from my LCS @ $20x No point in buying any other silver
Comment from : Big_Nasty

mike D
ilike silverMaples
Comment from : mike D

No the premiums are too high I'd rather buy a silver bar
Comment from : joewger

Thanks for the info I still like junk silver and silver bars
Comment from : lilrockfromga

Kenneth Thrasher
I am getting 90 for less than 50 cents over spot at my lcs Not paying any tax either Online, I would need to spend $1000 to avoid the tax
Comment from : Kenneth Thrasher

Christo Four
90 has a lot of utility so it's up to you if you want to buy at these prices I shop around
Comment from : Christo Four

King Magpie
Yea, it’s a bit ridiculous right now Hunting for deals found me some near spot, but that the exception rather than the rule For the most part it’s not worth it right now
Comment from : King Magpie

Damn Yankee Silver stacker
Last week I got 90 at 215x :)
Comment from : Damn Yankee Silver stacker

Indy Tim
Great Video If I cant get 90 real close to spot I dont buy it! The premiums from the big internet dealers on 90 is way too high for me Keep up the good work!
Comment from : Indy Tim

Debbie - Silver Trap
Solid advice THANKS for sharing
Comment from : Debbie - Silver Trap

Nick DiMaria
Curious, any preference between 90 Kennedys vs Benjis? I see some sites that have Kennedys priced slightly higher
Comment from : Nick DiMaria

I only buy 90 when I can find it for a decent price My LCS had it for $2075 face I bought all he had
Comment from : SLAYER STACKER

My Lcs is $475 over for generic and about $550 over on 90 I had almost no 90until recently So a giant chunk of my stack is 999+ but now I’m speculating that the Constitutional Silver premiums will keep going up because they can keep making more 999 and Constitutional will be harder and harder to find in a market where nobody is selling Stack what you like
Comment from : Lucas

Joseph Collins
I’d rather have the junk silver or 1 kilo bars
Comment from : Joseph Collins

Joseph Collins
At the pawn shop they wanted 2500 for one Kennedy 64 half dollar
Comment from : Joseph Collins

Is it way pricier than it used to be, yeah Still a bit better of a deal than generics at my LCS, and beats anything I can get online Eagles are insane right now, zero interest in those at the moment And in my past experience of selling when I have I never get extra for non American sovereign minted coins so not worth paying more on those than junk to me If I could get them at same price I would pick up more
Comment from : nr

Mike OBrien
Agree Maybe new stackers getting ripped off?
Comment from : Mike OBrien

Italian G
The quality of the coins I get now has lead me to downgrade it to just “weight” in my mind With occasional exceptions
Comment from : Italian G

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