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USB Bitcoin Miner - мощность компьютеров 1000-х годов

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Information USB Bitcoin Miner - мощность компьютеров 1000-х годов

Title :  USB Bitcoin Miner - мощность компьютеров 1000-х годов
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Frames USB Bitcoin Miner - мощность компьютеров 1000-х годов

Description USB Bitcoin Miner - мощность компьютеров 1000-х годов

Comments USB Bitcoin Miner - мощность компьютеров 1000-х годов

dude where can ı get the program code for the bitcoin mining computers
Comment from : ToxNTonic

Calvin Holder
so why does mine switch by itself i put it at 200 and it drops it back to 100 for some reason
Comment from : Calvin Holder

you can't help me buy one i have 44 usd paypal i have looked on ebay and they are very overpriced for one it is an abuse this would never give me a bitcoin an s9 is more powerful than this
Comment from : andres

James Driver
it wouldn't let me download the forum, for some security reason what am i doing wrong?
Comment from : James Driver

Simranjeet Singh
Can web mine shiba inu using this usb stick ???
Comment from : Simranjeet Singh

then by installing those drivers you showed and configuring the txt file correctly, subsequently transformed into bat, if we click on the same file, the mining takes place on the USB while preserving our pc is it correct?
Comment from : DaviiGeoRacingTeam

Rudra Selokar
Can we mine monero from this method ??? Please reply brother 🙏🙏🙏
Comment from : Rudra Selokar

What about the Compac F (BM1397) chips? Is there a slightly different command to overclock these?
Comment from : JourneyMan

arya atlı
dude how can i buy this
Comment from : arya atlı

How is it possible earning so low having around 40 GH/s? is this beacause it mine bitcoin and is more difficult than others cryptos?
Comment from : WILDIN DANK

Hi, when is more stock available? Thank you
Comment from : Ariesfx

Ed Powell
in 2019 btc cost 10k???!?!?!?!?!1
Comment from : Ed Powell

Bermy Yanez
That yet work?
Comment from : Bermy Yanez

sun-sun welson
Cara pemakaian nya bagaimana? Sy minat…
Comment from : sun-sun welson

Les Hicks
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Click bait much!?
Comment from : Les Hicks

grosir petshop
where can i buy a usb miner like that, can you help
Comment from : grosir petshop

Hi, I'm new into this! can i use mac for mining?
Comment from : nicolaberlen

How many blocks of bitcoin we can mine with 6 of them
Comment from : SNIFU GAMING

This is stupid, you need more than 10 years to get the amount you pay for this nonsense and yet if it is still usable
Comment from : GEORGE-MIXED

Greystton Thiago
Is it possible to mine btc with Raspberry Pi? The same way it is done with video cards and antminer And can you earn well using Raspberry Pi? Earnings from 10 usd up to 100 per day Im 2021, 2022
Comment from : Greystton Thiago

How to bitcoin can you mine with this hardware in a day
Comment from : PGamer

Hay buddy I just started out with this bitcoin mining I have 2 bitmain D3 all set up and ready 2 go I’m having a small issue? When I down loaded the Nice Hash app? In my laptop I’m getting a Error Message saying ( my OC Hardware is not supported at least one video card is needed? brbrAnd recommendations? Please advise
Comment from : Sold

Aiello Luca
Mi puoi dire il prezzo di ogni singolo e come e dove posso acquistarlo ?
Comment from : Aiello Luca

How much you earn in a day?
Comment from : trusthim

watch out for $PDOG!!! bsc will launch soon!
Comment from : Rose

watch out for $PDOG!!! bsc will launch soon!
Comment from : Jane

Sir, what is the minimum requirements of cpu and gpu in your laptop to run multiple gekko science miner i well wait your reply sir, thank you
Comment from : JAMIs TV

Mr Narrador
Holacomo puedo registrarme?
Comment from : Mr Narrador

Internal Game
Comment from : Internal Game

Lol my 6900xt has the power of 1000s of these
Comment from : Gian

bro can you build it for me i pay you
Comment from : DILLI RAJ

Mario Enrique Medrano
Can this be done with a MacBook ?
Comment from : Mario Enrique Medrano

Does Taiwan seem to be able to buy it?
Comment from : 大筆進財

Comment from : Andy

hecmil escalona
hola compre uno ahorita, esto es solo para bitcoin, o se puede inar oras coins
Comment from : hecmil escalona

Comment from : startreplay

Hamdi yağan
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Comment from : Hamdi yağan

Youtube Kullanıcısı
Bitcoin can be used as investment it is a reward for a process known as mining they can be exchanged for other currencies, product and services am saying all this to hold in high regard of Realsourceinvestmentdotorg for showing me the best way to earn with bitcoin
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Müzik Tadı
something that Words can't express the happiness of the shield you provided for me when dealing with my dilemma you assisted me financially and gave me a hope realsourceinvestmentorg I hope people find a way to get to you guys to see the grace and help they gave rendered to helpless people like us
Comment from : Müzik Tadı

Wow $11/year Thats a lot of money What year is it? 1220?
Comment from : Tigervillee

Ken Haya
Where can I buy this??
Comment from : Ken Haya

Joseph Decorrevont
If it's not making you money,it is pretty much pointless
Comment from : Joseph Decorrevont

Corey Harvey
Window's/ or Zadig, doesn't recognize the USB miner even after the driver install?
Comment from : Corey Harvey

What kind of usb is this, what power supply, specific please I will build something like this

Galaxi Ranaweerage
Useful video Thanks for sharing the knowledge
Comment from : Galaxi Ranaweerage

CyberWolf gr
Can I use this with Nicehash Could you do a updated video please
Comment from : CyberWolf gr

Prosper Eshun
Please how can I get one
Comment from : Prosper Eshun

Dimitris Doumanis
Very Nice video my friendtell me please for usb miners i may use another softare mining or not ? ? ?
Comment from : Dimitris Doumanis

Money Making online
Cool thnx
Comment from : Money Making online

Pablo Moncayo
The link you provide is a scam, I order the items and the company doesn´t provide any tracking code or any clear information about the product, and if you ask for refund NO ONE respond any question or gives any answer or explanation
Comment from : Pablo Moncayo

Animesh Ekka
One stick is enough for mining?????????
Comment from : Animesh Ekka

Animesh Ekka
Have you linked a trusted seller???
Comment from : Animesh Ekka

Grimey 2Timez
Hey can I mine monero with the gekko on a MacBook ?
Comment from : Grimey 2Timez

Talal Dandashi
im sitting here watching this video in 2021 just thinking about how rich this guy got, but honestly my fault for missing out
Comment from : Talal Dandashi

Free Wheel Burning
lol your better off using a mining simulator than pay 200 bucks for that
Comment from : Free Wheel Burning

Can you mine litecoin with this usb?
Comment from : Ayski

now your day mining cost 13 eur 10:48
Comment from : EY3T1T

I need help im really struggling to get my block erupter and my ttbit set up any help is appreciated
Comment from : P4RS WOT BLITZ

Victor Waikhom
Bitcoin value when this video is made = 11+ k $brWhen I watch this video= 64+k $
Comment from : Victor Waikhom

What if you buy a 100 of them; similar to an asic miner with 100 ASI-chips insside?
Comment from : Harry

Trying solo mining with this is better than buying lottery ticket😁
Comment from : mert2112

Luis Antonio Valentino
Where can i buy that usb?
Comment from : Luis Antonio Valentino

Marlins Muller
Comment from : Marlins Muller

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Rose Mattar  ➡️ Cryptopatriciaa on Instagram
I can now pay my children’s tuition for several months with cryptoinvestment•tech site thank you I’m so grateful to you
Comment from : Rose Mattar ➡️ Cryptopatriciaa on Instagram

Henry Houston  🌕 Cryptopatriciaa on  IG  🌕
Comment from : Henry Houston 🌕 Cryptopatriciaa on IG 🌕

it work but with only 1 usb it produce 000000089 btw IN A WEEK
Comment from : Atarip

Clickbate Tumbnail :(
Comment from : Medithaven

Mrs Jennifer ediga and her methods work like magic I keep on earning a huge profit every single day and weekly with her new bitcoin investment strategy
Comment from : FIDELITY TV

manu abecassis
Seems like african prince BS
Comment from : manu abecassis

জীবনের জন্য ইসলাম
i friend i want to contact with you online skype for mining setup on pc please response me
Comment from : জীবনের জন্য ইসলাম

Mark Stoll
You talked about overclocking this unit that is made of the same chips that are in the big ASIC miners which made me wonder if you can overclock the big ones? Or are they already overclocked from the start?
Comment from : Mark Stoll

Jabbar Ahmad Minhas
How can I get this usb system
Comment from : Jabbar Ahmad Minhas

is it possible to connect these to Nicehash? been using them to learn about this bitcoin mining stuff lately, looks cool Also has anyone bought these sticks from this website and can give me feedback if it's legit or not?
Comment from : Heck493

Dragone Programmatore Esercizi di Sviluppo Software
Quando si produce al giorno con due usb per minare?brUna sola chiavetta USB al giorno quando so può guadagnare?brCon due chiavette usb al giorno quando si può guadagnare?brPer impostare il wallet del mio portafoglio come si fa?
Comment from : Dragone Programmatore Esercizi di Sviluppo Software

Forget it 50 bucks???? LMAO
Comment from : shrimboy

Manuel Bruña
Can Mining Ethereum with this too?
Comment from : Manuel Bruña

Boat Man Dan
Great Video! im looking for a miner thats small/portable so i cant take it to work (free leki) :-) goldsheel hs1 kind of thing but id like to mine eth ideally is there an option ?? cheers
Comment from : Boat Man Dan

False Copyrights Claims Fighters
Can you mine BTT (BitTorrent) coins with this?
Comment from : False Copyrights Claims Fighters

Tequilas and Air Motorsports
What do you recommend me for today, for mining bitcoin? I have a RX 5500 XT 4GB mining at 252 Mh Do you recommend me a USB? It is better? or what do you recommend me? An ASIC Miner? Let me know
Comment from : Tequilas and Air Motorsports

guaco gaming
000024450 is pretty good for its price
Comment from : guaco gaming

guaco gaming
How much time it will take you to get one Bitcoin with one of these
Comment from : guaco gaming

Comment from : pelon198712

Mateo Lincoln
Wonderful content, Well personally I feel, those who would allow the market dynamism determine when to trade or not are either new in crypto currency world in general or probably just naive, crypto currencies have seen far worse times than this, enlightened trading continue to make good use of the dip and pump even acquiring more equities towards trading sessions, One month back I started trading, though i knew just the basics of trading, I've seen a lot of money been made from crypto trading just within weeks, i wasnt able to capture the secret to understanding the use of signals till I got connected to a trading pro!! April Nicole Under her guide I've been able to understand the market structure and how best to use signals for amazing returns, plus her trading classes has been so educative, April makes you learn while earning massively alongside She can be contacted for crypto inclined concerns
Comment from : Mateo Lincoln

Comment from : Shreyash

Just put it inside your fridge and oc the hell out of it
Comment from : droitega

JJAJAJA Juajauajaua
If i buy 100 how much time will it take me to grab 1 Btc?
Comment from : JJAJAJA Juajauajaua

Romeo d Explorer
Where to buy and how much?
Comment from : Romeo d Explorer

Blaze outside
Ether is a sha257 algorithm and you would be making bank with it instead of btcbrbrSo it should work
Comment from : Blaze outside

james rafael
Can it work on chromebook?
Comment from : james rafael

Peter Eloy
Got it! waiting the shipment 📦 let’s have some fun!
Comment from : Peter Eloy

Euryale Dimitrescu herself ♪
I guess Recycling Soda Cans is much more profitable
Comment from : Euryale Dimitrescu herself ♪

Neto Sena
Very good this video, thanks so much!brOne question, is it possible to mine ethereum with this USB miner?
Comment from : Neto Sena

Jay Castro
Add frequency why? brbrMine crypto? Why
Comment from : Jay Castro

1:15 2021 wants you to hold its beer for a moment
Comment from : IndustryOfMagic

Václav Moravec
Year 2019 - it cost 2999 dollarsbrYear 2021 - it cost 6999 dollarsbr WOW
Comment from : Václav Moravec

Any one know where to pick up the GekkoScience USB? All stores are sold out and prices on eBay and Amazon are whack!
Comment from : Saxtron3000

Comment from : MauMainAja

That little fan was putting in work lol
Comment from : Chillgasm

Him: Takes many years to make money backbrMe: hits a block hehe boi
Comment from : AHHEUS

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