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Thank god the good guys won WW2!
Comment from : 1Higgs0Boson1

File criminal Charge against judges and procecutor for partizipatig in Coorporation with criminal Strukture
Comment from : Albert

Blue Sky
How Money Became Worthless? Answer: because of greed
Comment from : Blue Sky

The US dollar is only as valuable as the confidence the people using it have in it
Comment from : AdamantiumBladeComicsCollectibles

Born into this system I wish I have a choice Welcome to world
Comment from : V VIP

Principles by Arif
Islamic almsgiving policy is the solution to the havoc of punzi scheme
Comment from : Principles by Arif

29:10 all that is happening nowbrNatural disaster ‐ kinda with Covid19brPolitical shock - Russia Ukraine conflictbrGeneral lack of confidence - unilateral sanctions from the west
Comment from : Nikhil

Mr Em Aaejae
The situation is even worse and more questionable since this video was made!
Comment from : Mr Em Aaejae

Watching this and then it pauses for an ad and that ad was an ad for credit cards! Best keep up with the Jonesessesesssessss!
Comment from : Luke

enginuity garage
I shared this video
Comment from : enginuity garage

So this was just basicly a one hour long "buy gold" commercial
Comment from : nads070

some1’s gotta invent a new inflation proof $(golds too heavy to be carrying around), a $ based on 1 1000th of current gold oz $ (tgo) it can be purchased through a worldwide computer program that anyone can check to make sure it’s not being corrupted this(tgo) would & could B, a world contract ruled inflation, debasement, ponzi-scam free fiat once everyone in world has bought up this new $(regardless if sum value exceeds however many oz of gold their are), then the tgo value price is set - & will change no more from there all prices can be adjusted at sellers(& buyers) will from this point no government can lie about how much gold they ‘have’ - or print(program) more tgos(except for world voted/agreed adjustments changing &value conversely with changing quantity, which is just for growing or shrinking population type stuff) now we wud have the world tgo(& world tgo program) & within the program no tgos can be created nor destroyed, only traded to another party(- with +), & the quantity & value never changes, & inflation & everything else, is Ypd off this nieve Ppl’d earth✋😒
Comment from : EzOy

Jane Patrick
The most important thing that should be on everyone mind currently should be to invest in different sources of income that doesn't depend on the government Especially with the current economic crisis around the word This is still a good time to invest in various stocks, Gold, silver and digital currencies
Comment from : Jane Patrick

Robert R
Modern Monetary Theory is their answer to the problem they created
Comment from : Robert R

Victor Thomas
Nobody can answer exactly what is the root cause of inflation and why printing money increases prices its just greed
Comment from : Victor Thomas

The day they dropped golden standard
Comment from : NYYUUUKAAAH

Jeremy Walker
nteresting how 2 inflation has been a concern when central banks and the Fed begin to hike interest rates I consider the rising interest rate to be a very serious issue since it will undoubtedly cause more investors to withdraw their money from the stock market This may have worked when I was only using a few thousand dollars to invest, but it is more challenging to decide to withdraw more than $365,000 from my account at this point Despite the severe bear market, I am aware of certain investors that continue to earn that amount I wish I could accomplish that
Comment from : Jeremy Walker

That's why I trust Crypto; Thank you for the information in this Infomercial for the metal known as gold
Comment from : luna

Exxon Mobil Company
To my understanding this just proves how much we need an edge as investors because playing the market like everyone else just isn’t good enough> I've been quite unsure about investing in this current market and at the same time I feel it's the best time to get started on the market, what are your thoughts?
Comment from : Exxon Mobil Company

Is it not strange that Islamic Economic System advocates to do trade with Gold and Silver denominations or barter trade and completely discourages any other forms of currency or any instrument which has no tangible backing
Comment from : Dannys

paul fay
How do I get off this ride?
Comment from : paul fay

Jeremy Oliver
Man, the analogy of the US Federal Reserve as a Ponzi Scheme is so accurate yet so indicative of how much we trust the government to stay afloat Such an interesting way to think about the world economy
Comment from : Jeremy Oliver

Momchil Andonov
What currency is currently backed by gold/silver? Logically long term it would be the best currency in the world :) ))
Comment from : Momchil Andonov

Ronald Dippenaar
Therefore the US needs to completely dominate all of the world or start WWlll inorder to save it's currency by collapsing the world economy Bitcoin is just another Ponzi scheme which is based on nothing
Comment from : Ronald Dippenaar

Rafael Nery Mendonca
how to control inflation and raisinhg the minimum wage plus the lifetyle with ethanol and cereals
Comment from : Rafael Nery Mendonca

This needs a 2023 update to take into account the nuclear money print in the last few years
Comment from : Malicant

,william jameson
Gold and Silver has always been real Money since beginning of time
Comment from : ,william jameson

Emy Barker
If you’re buying your gold with a fiat currency… When do you know the price is legitimate for the actual supply Who appraises this gold?
Comment from : Emy Barker

Emy Barker
But what makes gold or silver have value?brTechnically it can only create stuffbrCoins, jewelry, plates, cups But it’s just an aesthetic…brIf you need groceries and only have gold, that poor farmer is going to keep their food Because at that point it’s every man for themselves
Comment from : Emy Barker

The Silent Generation et al
Nixon was an idiot End the Fed, please Between the USgovernment and the Fed they run the biggest Ponzi scheme in history I worked for the Fed for thirty years No, I did not set policy, and I was a low level employee So don't blame me for this mess A private institution controls your money They have not been elected and were created expressly to keep control of the currency in favor of the rich\government By making a Federal Reserve system to control the money, puts control in the hands of the government Letting the free market determine the direction of the fiat currency and basing that currency on some tangible like commodities\precious metals gives control back to the people, and the elite certainly do not want that The Fed is liberal through and through If an employee is conservative, they will find out about it, and you will slowly diminish and be marginalized They couldn't care less about the people, especially the people that work for them It is a liberal club and if you do not play the game you are out Normal principles do not apply there, only the unwritten principles handed down from above, apply It is a bit like Xi in China It is highly centralized at the top of each Fed office We used to have an old saying in the work place; "…the Fed giveth and the Fed taketh away blessed be the name of the Fed" The creation of the Fed was not a democracy motivated move nor even a Republic move We live in a republic not a democracy, but this had nothing to do with either No it was a deliberate successful attempt to override both of those and put power in the hands of the few elites at the expense of the people So now we have a Fed who does not let the system run its natural course in a down turn but artificially manipulates interest rates to counter the natural way the market has of weeding out the weak and useless companies that should fail But now the Fed has met its match in that inflation is so far advanced that any manipulation of rates can no longer keep the economy afloat They have never seen this before and have zero tools with which to manipulate with It will take the crash of the entire economy now in order to correct this and put the country back in stable growth It will take the end of a fiat currency backed by nothing and the end of Fed manipulation
Comment from : The Silent Generation et al

14 trillion? Hahaha We wish
Comment from : caseylm100

Maria Tyler
Nice video as always but here is my problem I have been making losses trying to make profit trading I thought trading demo account is just like trading the real market can anyone help me out or at least advise me on what to do
Comment from : Maria Tyler

Amazing film Beautiful editing and of course great compilation of history and knowledge Great job
Comment from : Mixtorek

Snowbunny Empire
This is incredulous
Comment from : Snowbunny Empire

David Williams
Just like bible predicted thousands years ago End times they will be throwing their gold in the streets In end times awful wars famines climate issues depression money an gold can't buy anything Never understood how people think gold is worth more than money an certainly how can gold be more safe so they say
Comment from : David Williams

Another Comment
Short Answer is the central bankers family who Created the Fiat dollar out of Nothing A valueless IOUbrThe bankers are changing it all to ONE-ness as long-planned thru the Generations
Comment from : Another Comment

JC Choe
I'll buy some gold
Comment from : JC Choe

Alan Gallego Macias
One alternative is the US creating and selling things to other countries and then paying for the debt, that would cause deflation
Comment from : Alan Gallego Macias

Thomas Sullivan
Those are perpetrated such a crime or citizens should be brought to Justice
Comment from : Thomas Sullivan

Thomas Sullivan
In the end it's just psychology
Comment from : Thomas Sullivan

Thomas Sullivan
Scam , hustle , contrivance etc ,it's organized crime period The United States has a two ocean navy so they can park an aircraft carrier outside of your shores to enforce there will upon your nation They know that by controlling the seas they can control trade And so do the other nations We are witnessing the rise of a new power in the east between China and Russia in the year 2022 and beyond There will either be cooperation between the east and west will the worst war the globe has ever known
Comment from : Thomas Sullivan

Transparent Media Truth
Fractional Reserve = the biggest ponzi scheme > no shock G Edward Griffin gets shutout of MSM > along with all Others who are bold enough to expose the nefarious Institutional Agenda
Comment from : Transparent Media Truth

ginni jo
Well, if money became worthless, then, give all the 💰 🤑 💸 me!
Comment from : ginni jo

Fuk U
Wealth is never Lost It is only redistributed Real Estate is Wralth
Comment from : Fuk U

Chelsea John
Success depends on the actions or steps you take to achieve it Show me a man with no investment and I'll tell you how long it takes to fail The investment creates a safe haven for the future With the right investment choi noce that has at least a minimum risk of 2 and with expert advice, both profits and interest are 100 guaranteed
Comment from : Chelsea John

Breno D S Soares
The only problem with this kind of thinking is that gold is inelastic World economy has grown too large to be suported by it
Comment from : Breno D S Soares

Bhim raj Shahi
empowermental in due-obligating in daily_lifebr❤‍🩹❤‍🩹❤‍🩹
Comment from : Bhim raj Shahi

William Spiritdancer
All this is happening now The trigger event was the pandimic
Comment from : William Spiritdancer

Catherine B
"Get out of currency, buy money" what does that even mean? Isn't money currency?
Comment from : Catherine B

Maybe if we were still on the gold reserve we’d be able to buy a house 🤣 seeing the price of homes now and the minimum wage is a joke lol rent for ur whole life make sure nothing is yours and is being used as a way to make you keeping paying
Comment from : ATLAS

Frank Business
Is that Benjamin Franklin 27:38 🤣
Comment from : Frank Business

Just 1 Bitcoin thats all i need 😂
Comment from : PIKOLO390

Man I saw this video years ago can't believe I stumbled across it again I always told people this was the best information on our financial system I ever heard
Comment from : bodeezy78

cjmsll llnd
I guess it is now gold vs bitcoin with bitcoin having the upper hand due to ease of transaction rather than physical gold
Comment from : cjmsll llnd

Carlos Hernandez
I like this video a lot
Comment from : Carlos Hernandez

Bitcoin is a trillion-dollar asset The first and largest cryptocurrency set a new high of $56,73948 Friday morning, the magic number at which the market value of all bitcoins in circulation is worth $1 trillionI did some research and I have been benefiting from investing with William by gaining 8X my funds invested
Comment from : [email protected]

Michael louis
Despite the economy crisis, this is still a good time to invest in stock and crypto
Comment from : Michael louis

Young Ae
Fraud and corruption :brNothing is free brEverything has to be paid for
Comment from : Young Ae

Temporarily 🤞🤞
Comment from : Nope

Gary Lunn
Who do they have to pay back a printing press behead the printing press bills are paid
Comment from : Gary Lunn

Oil and gold are the real standard
Comment from : RICHARD GARCIA

Now I understand Elon musk, population collapse is coming
Comment from : RICHARD GARCIA

DeVon Avant
Supply Chain Management - VeChainbrTrade Finance/ Derivatives Markets- XDCbrForex/ Cross Boarder Remittances/ Global Liquidity- XRPbrP2P Digital Payments - XLMbrInteroperability of Blockchains - R3 CordabrbrCheaper Fees / Energy Efficiency / Scarcity of Money / Unlocks Nostro Vostro Accounts / Fast Payment Solutions brbrWELCOME TO THE FUTURE MONEY SYSTEM
Comment from : DeVon Avant

Gregg Paige Turner
Buy bitcoin now It’s coming
Comment from : Gregg Paige Turner

Greg Davis
Everybody is concerned about the market going down but refusing to take advantage of it The best decision I ever made in my life was investing in the crypto market Trust me guys, it really pays a lot! 😊
Comment from : Greg Davis

Thomas Beslanovits
Comment from : Thomas Beslanovits

Thomas Beslanovits
Comment from : Thomas Beslanovits

Thomas Beslanovits
Comment from : Thomas Beslanovits

Markis Willis
Why don't these videos ever talk about how EVERYONE involved knows it is a Ponzi scheme, and yet they continue to keep adding fuel to the fire??brPlease answer that questionbrWhy do countries continue to buy IOUs with the US, if they know we can never pay it back? Why didn't the French gold turn in have any effect on the US?
Comment from : Markis Willis

Moral of the story- get smart about money, get education and investments
Comment from : Aberration

Logos Rising
schiff is looking awfully young here so I got curious what year this doc was made: 2012 describes our current situation to a t the coming crash will be bad especially with the supply chain problems and a possible WW III around the cornerbrbrwish I'd known this back then so I could've loaded up on silver and gold for a ridiculous price crypto can get you significant gains but it's not real money you won't be able to trade btc for food when those blackouts occur or the grid goes completely downbrbrgold and silver are still on the cheap compared to what it should be corrected for inflation since 1980: silver $ 966p/oz, gold $ 20000 p/oz brbrwith silver having the added bonus that peak silver silver is expected around 2030 with grades already dropping compared to findings a decade ago which is why silver will make considerably more gains than gold but when silver goes down it will also go down harder than gold
Comment from : Logos Rising

10 years later Gold hasn't increased I think we all know why, there's a scarcer, more transparent alternative, thanks to Satoshi
Comment from : APC48

James MacDonald
Gold is a ponzi scheme, has very little intrinsic value compared to lets say steel Tell our governments they can not just keep printing money
Comment from : James MacDonald

Blue Crystal
The creature from jekyll Island
Comment from : Blue Crystal

Bong Kadi
Ever since the Chinese invented paper bills in 740BC, money has functioned to represent value
Comment from : Bong Kadi

Child of GOD
I accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior
Comment from : Child of GOD

naser rahman
Comment from : naser rahman

Ghygt Huhgfty
Comment from : Ghygt Huhgfty

Why is every “expert” interviewed here a version of santa claus?
Comment from : jerolvilladolid

Apocalypse Wow!
This completely changes the economic narrative But don’t get hopeful, and start sharing this video, no It is too late Solar Storm 2025 MIT society collapse 2040 in between climate emergency and tipping points And all that gets exploited by these new technologies, like described in the article „The grim fate that could be ‘worse than extinction’“ We may already be living under such circumstances in 2025, if a solar storm hits and governments and companies exploit this to build a new complete-surveillance-society Look up everything I mentioned You‘ll be scared but at least prepared
Comment from : Apocalypse Wow!

Helen Joseph
Starting early is the best way of getting ahead to build wealth, investing remains a priority The stock market has plenty of opportunities to earn a decent payout, with the right skills and proper understanding of how the market works
Comment from : Helen Joseph

robert wallace
And you think people won't rise up and kick out of government's like Sri Lanka just did ????
Comment from : robert wallace

Jerome Ierome
Proof again of how evil the US Really is
Comment from : Jerome Ierome

Mbuso Mehlomakulu
This is happening right now
Comment from : Mbuso Mehlomakulu

jack prescott
The Dollar can be backed not only by Gold or silver, but with oil, natural gas, nuclear energy, technology, or another assets
Comment from : jack prescott

Gsh Chf
Comment from : Gsh Chf

Jfyh Jvfy
Comment from : Jfyh Jvfy

Mikael Grad
Defend the dollar against the speculator 🤣🤣🤣
Comment from : Mikael Grad

Financial wipe life out good
Comment from : SpaceJudgeQ1701D

Rob B
"There is no need for economic development; everything is provided Therefore one should understand that everything belongs to Kṛṣṇa, and with this idea, one may take prasāda However, if one interferes with the allotments of others, he is a thief We should not accept more than what we actually need Therefore, if by chance we get an abundance of money, we should always consider that it belongs to the Supreme Personality of Godhead" Read The Bhagavad-Gītā As It Is, Hare KRSNA
Comment from : Rob B

I am happy to see there are some good boomers that decide to stop hiding the facts
Comment from : iamzero

Luis Torres
I vote bitcoin easy
Comment from : Luis Torres

Gabe Khosla
Comment from : Gabe Khosla

The fact that money rules this life is terrifying
Comment from : 𝒯𝓇𝒾𝓈

Deni F
Todos santinhos em casa, obedecendo, aceitando e respeitando Deus do Universo3, Jesus Baby DJ Star e Denise Floriano no Reino Eterno3!!!🙏🙏🙏
Comment from : Deni F

Deni F
Muita paz, saúde, felicidade, harmonia e muito amor no coração3!!!🙏🙏🙏
Comment from : Deni F

Jawalo2k The Last
Gold isn't an investment either sadly as the ownership of the land then just gets contested by who ever is chill with the most deaths Could be your local government too
Comment from : Jawalo2k The Last

George Morales
No wonder the world will soon collapse! Thank you for sharing
Comment from : George Morales

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