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You Will Memorize The Fretboard in Minutes With This Simple Method

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Information You Will Memorize The Fretboard in Minutes With This Simple Method

Title :  You Will Memorize The Fretboard in Minutes With This Simple Method
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Frames You Will Memorize The Fretboard in Minutes With This Simple Method

Description You Will Memorize The Fretboard in Minutes With This Simple Method

Comments You Will Memorize The Fretboard in Minutes With This Simple Method

Marty McHighAsFk
What song were playing in the beginning?
Comment from : Marty McHighAsFk

Matt B
Well you may occasionally run into a score that has an E or B sharp Not that it’s correct but some composers will write it like that
Comment from : Matt B

This is great
Comment from : Bob

Albert Benjohar
Great lesson keep them coming!!
Comment from : Albert Benjohar

C-D-E F-G-A-BbrbrSay and play to learn the naturals in segments Connect them Sharps and flats implicitbrbrEF half step BC half stepbrbrOpen strings EADGBebrbrReally smart way to make simple what seems complicatedbrbrGreat learning system
Comment from : Paul

this is great information but the low pitch humming for 10 minutes straight gave me an instant migrane
Comment from : ABentPaperclip

Comment from : ApophisDagod

brian legg
Except for the annoying, distracting background music, unlike many other YouTube videos about this subject this one is actually very helpful I think I can use this one Thanks
Comment from : brian legg

Pierre Gatineau
Thank you so much, i was stuck for years, decided to restart my learning from scratch, youtube should recommand your video sooner
Comment from : Pierre Gatineau

What's wrong with the audio? Had to stop watching What a shame!
Comment from : Cancel19

why so much bass in the background while talking?
Comment from : Bigjuergo

-Brain -Police
man i feel dumb all you had to do was say "C-D-E" and "F-G-A-B" and i could instantly see the pattern lol i feel like i should've figured this out myself years ago haha
Comment from : -Brain -Police

Paul Gray
Eugene nailed it Great encouragement Eugene Joseph Mr Kai, you are a very, very good teacher Kudos man The world is a better place with great mentors and teachers
Comment from : Paul Gray

XCombat Mike
The base is ridiculous
Comment from : XCombat Mike

Great information, but VERY difficult to hear you
Comment from : LPowers1989

Denise Shaw
My little fingers wont stretch that far lol
Comment from : Denise Shaw

lomats  h
This guy is teaching the wrong way u will learn mistakes from this way like he is making mistake on notes names
Comment from : lomats h

Willie Jackson
Of all the guitar videos I have seen about learning how to move around the fretboard, this by far, is the best I like the A string-CDE/D string-FGAB technique Everything clicked and now I have a better understanding of what I am doing Thank you
Comment from : Willie Jackson

Al Guitar Christie
There is a really annoying earth hum throughout your video dude!
Comment from : Al Guitar Christie

Volodymyr Fedorenko
Thank YOU, Elijah Wood!!! brNow, i know you secret!
Comment from : Volodymyr Fedorenko

Been playing by ear / tabs for 7+ years; decided to try again at theory brbrThis is incredible INCREDIBLE THANK YOU
Comment from : Zorisx

kaya nowtoo
Thankyou, very usefull and much appreciated Every one knows the EADGBE pneumonic but I also use "Bee's Cause Extra Flavour" (it's the honey) meaning that B to C and E to F are the two half steps (single fret gaps)
Comment from : kaya nowtoo

Dozen Dozen
Cant hear you man
Comment from : Dozen Dozen

Boxer 71c
Excellent video! its making a daunting task seem easier! thanks
Comment from : Boxer 71c

Shane Scott
This is fantastic I was trying to learn to read for guitar in the 80s I already knew how to read music, but I lost patience with learning to apply it to the fretboard Never did I think to break it down, string-by-string Brilliant!
Comment from : Shane Scott

great video my man
Comment from : Robin

Mark Brown
I think you’re teaching a good thing here I learned this clear back in 1983 I learned all the finger board and then I learn how to read music It was a long time before I ever played a song but when I picked up a book that was written for a finger style guitar I could play reading music and knowing the fingerboard it’s a beautiful thing to know Thanks for the video it’s super cool 😎👍🏼🎸🎼🎶😃
Comment from : Mark Brown

CFL Dumpsters
Thanks 🙏 Eat Apple Daily Grow Big Ears or Eddie Ate Dynamite Good Bye Eddie
Comment from : CFL Dumpsters

Eddie - Ate - Dynamite - Good - Bye - Eddie was my way of memorising the open strings, at least for me it's the one which makes the most sense xD
Comment from : SiebAir

Nada  Sou
Split the octave into 2 parts, memorize the 4th string where F, G, A, B is from fret 3 up, 3 rows of C, D, E down, 2 rows of C, D, E up is effective to develop muscle memory, and navigate through the looked complex fretboard!brbrGreat man!
Comment from : Nada Sou

The constant hum and your head being cropped the entire video was very distracting Good and informative video otherwise
Comment from : TBall

Riley Mitchell
Bro i’ve been playing guitar for 6 months and just got comfortable with a handful of barre chords and was like okay i’m ready to tackle this fretboard so i can begin my transition into intermediate guitar playing Fearfully might i add and you really just came in here and blew my tits out Thanks homie
Comment from : Riley Mitchell

This is genius and succinct
Comment from : greenlizardballs

Mikenmillie crypto
Very good 👍 👏
Comment from : Mikenmillie crypto

Personally, I've allway's memorised the open strings by pronouncing it "edge be" brbrI dunno, it works for me
Comment from : Brennan0914

The thumbnail came dangerously close to having the dots on the "I"'s align with the fretboard Too bad they didn't, it would have been a geek bonus for players to spot such a delicious Easter egg
Comment from : johneholder

There's no way you're going to memorize the fretboard this way cause you need to be able to jump to any interval/position/key on the fret board, knowing the notes instantly The only way is to mentally say each note out loud (or even better sing it out loud) while playing intervals, arpeggios and scales in all keys and all positions It's plain hard and dull multi year work but the reward is huge
Comment from : Jingle

Scott Clark
Thanks - I've needed to do this for years
Comment from : Scott Clark

Very good way to memorize
Comment from : Bgray NARZARY

Best lesson I’ve had in a while
Comment from : jj3

Orions Descendent
Eddie Ate Dynamite Good Bye Eddie
Comment from : Orions Descendent

Please edit the background noise Can't hear what you're saying
Comment from : chordarrow1

Charles William Pemberton
Thanks that helps!!!
Comment from : Charles William Pemberton

great lesson i am abit thick but will keep trying thanks alot been playing a year but loads i dont now
Comment from : GuitarMan

Rock me Amadeus
What about Eddie Ate Dynamite Good Bye Eddie & Battle Ends and down goes Charles father?😃
Comment from : Rock me Amadeus

Steven Vo
Amazing Thanks so much man—best way to learn the fret board quickly
Comment from : Steven Vo

True Backstage and Road Stories
Good job man
Comment from : True Backstage and Road Stories

Honest News Network
Comment from : Honest News Network

Eddie Ate Dynamite Good Bye Eddie
Comment from : Righty

Thank you, thank you, thank you Kai! 👏
Comment from : Tanvir

Lori Gilmore
This was the single most useful video on guitar that I have EVER seen, I can't thank you enough This is great!
Comment from : Lori Gilmore

gökhan ayvazoğlu
Thank you
Comment from : gökhan ayvazoğlu

Comment from : Sunshine

Jeffrey Dawkins
Brore-record the audio Loved it otherwise
Comment from : Jeffrey Dawkins

Need a notch filter for the 60 hz noise or get a better grounded system
Comment from : columbiabuzz

Sherrie Lea
Ur a GOD
Comment from : Sherrie Lea

Rang Klos
Very good method only the last part I can't tell what note you are pressing since all those fingers seem to be active Would be clearer with just one, say index finger, pressing the note you want to ask Great job btw!
Comment from : Rang Klos

Reverie Collection
been legit stumped trying to figure this out and ur method is amazing, thank you so much for this ❤bralso:br“b is on the 9th fret, a is on the 7th fret, so what’s between a and b in the musical alphabet?”brme: “oh! b flat!”br“it’s a#, right”brme: “bruh……”
Comment from : Reverie Collection

bill wayne
Can’t concentrate because of the noise in the background
Comment from : bill wayne

Bro this REALLY helped Thanks!
Comment from : CrimsonRob

suicidal melon
thank you sir this has opened my eyes
Comment from : suicidal melon

Robster Boy
Thank you so much I'm twice your age and never knew the note locations over the neck In 4 days I now know over half of them Bless you, you're a smart young man!
Comment from : Robster Boy

Malky Hendry
I can hear marty mcfly in the background powering up his amp
Comment from : Malky Hendry

Robert Z
This is the winner! No better approach to learning the fretboard exists!
Comment from : Robert Z

audio is rough dude good lesson tho
Comment from : John

This was very helpful, thank you
Comment from : Stanuel

Don Joseph
Im gonna thank you one more tim! The whole fret board unlocked for me know I already knew the name of the strings Problem was I could put it all together!! Best method out there man By far!! Kudos brother!! I have freedom know!!
Comment from : Don Joseph

Don Joseph
I was taught BE Whitehall spells be so easier!
Comment from : Don Joseph

Don Joseph
Thank so soooooo much!! The best method I’ve ever seen!! I was looking for that one magical teaching and here it is!! 🙌🙌
Comment from : Don Joseph

Don Joseph
Everyone use to use Eddie Ate Dynamite, Good By Eddie for the opens
Comment from : Don Joseph

Always remember we must repent of our sins (sin is transgression The Law Of Yahuah The Father in Heaven The Law are The Books: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, & Deuteronomy) We must repent of our sins and Have Belief On Yahusha The Messiah HE Died and Rose three days later so that we can be forgiven of our sins! brbrCome to HIM Today
Comment from : Rey Ban YAHUAH

Elton Carvalho
What a video!!!!!!! I am impressed with myself i just learned the entire fret board! Thank you buddy! You definitely were meant for it Your are a great guitar teacher
Comment from : Elton Carvalho

Barry Coulter
Good simple learning technique to knowing ur notes…!thx!
Comment from : Barry Coulter

Phantom XTV
You need a pop filter for your mic man but great video helped a lot
Comment from : Phantom XTV

I watched maybe five of these videos purporting to teach this quickly Yours is the only one that works Thank you!
Comment from : E M

3:30 step 1
Comment from : SeanRawlins

Cucker Tarlson
I also learned for the 5th fret Any Diligent Guitarist Can Easily AchievebrAnd for the 10th Don't Get Caught Fretting All Day
Comment from : Cucker Tarlson

Sir SloppyVids
lmfao the sudden stop and gears grinding in your head cracked me the fukk up lol
Comment from : Sir SloppyVids

Hey there! After years of struggling with the fretboard you’ve changed my world in this ten minute video Bless you!
Comment from : gandyands

blt bob
Thank you so much for this simple trick I had been looking all over yt for a good video on memorising the fretboard, but they all had complex teaching ways, and confusing information for beginners You have really helped me out, and now I know the fretboard by memory! U hav earned a new sub!
Comment from : blt bob

noah bieser
To all the doubters out there try this for 10 minutes it actually works
Comment from : noah bieser

Blake Paulk
This was excellent bro Thanks a lot God bless
Comment from : Blake Paulk

Ross Porter 20
thank you
Comment from : Ross Porter 20

Wind Shitter
great video but that humming kinda gave me a headache
Comment from : Wind Shitter

Dude I never knew e and b have no sharps that's why the next note is just one fret up Dang u changed my life! I see the light!
Comment from : smollande

Romil Tiwari
Thanks for this amazing lessons 👍
Comment from : Romil Tiwari

Too much backround bass, I could not watch it
Comment from : ksharpe10

Mike S
Battle Ends And Down Goes Charles's Father BEADGCF This will allow you to know the notes around any point on the fretboard without having to go through the entire string of notes There are a few caveats to this that occur on the 2nd string and at F where in each case you drop down one fret and begin the BEADGCF sequence again Try it
Comment from : Mike S

Keith smith
Your hand / fingers have some serious reach / stretch
Comment from : Keith smith

Sam Gee
Great video Your pleasant and authentic personality is your super power Don’t lose that Do make more videos, please, and slow down just a tad Some of us are old newbies! 😉
Comment from : Sam Gee

Don Joseph
Can I us K Y jelly on my electric to lube the nuts?
Comment from : Don Joseph

wth is that bass in the background??? i feel like im in an earthquake
Comment from : C S

queen of devil
Can you do a tutorial that you played in the introthat was hella goodi wanna learn it so bad😭
Comment from : queen of devil

Michael Jannetta
epic, thankyou
Comment from : Michael Jannetta

Big Dog
I take my hat off to you!! You did a great job of explaining it! Thank you !!
Comment from : Big Dog

Michael Kabes
Nicely done Thank you
Comment from : Michael Kabes

Eugene Joseph
Dude!!!! I am 63 years old AND, been playing for 45 years and I can play some great tunes (humbly saying;)BUT, you are the only teacher that has motivated me to learn the fretboard ! Absolutely brilliant and your humility comes across so genuine when you admit you missed something makes those of us lazy grumpy old rockers listen and pay attention If the world doesn't end in the next few months, your star will rise You made awesome Finally, and this his what made me watch your whole lesson and subscribe to your channel, no stupid jokes and dumb rants about stuff nobody cares about! God bless you young man!
Comment from : Eugene Joseph

Fahad Azeem
E B G D A E brE-everybrB beautiful brG girlbrD deserve brA anbrE eye
Comment from : Fahad Azeem

Percy DMello
Thanks for sharing easy way to memorize the guitar fretboard It's inspiring and informative
Comment from : Percy DMello

Thomas Brown
The only criticism is to be more obvious what fret and finger your playing the guessing game note Otherwise perfect, and brilliant Thank you
Comment from : Thomas Brown

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