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HOW TO LEARN LANGUAGES EFFECTIVELY | Matyáš Pilin | [email protected]

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Information HOW TO LEARN LANGUAGES EFFECTIVELY | Matyáš Pilin | [email protected]

Title :  HOW TO LEARN LANGUAGES EFFECTIVELY | Matyáš Pilin | [email protected]
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Frames HOW TO LEARN LANGUAGES EFFECTIVELY | Matyáš Pilin | [email protected]

Description HOW TO LEARN LANGUAGES EFFECTIVELY | Matyáš Pilin | [email protected]

Comments HOW TO LEARN LANGUAGES EFFECTIVELY | Matyáš Pilin | [email protected]

Haitham B
Comment from : Haitham B

ashik puthenpurayil
Answer to the question in the title is within the 1st 2minutes😊
Comment from : ashik puthenpurayil

Mariana Silva
I'm student's English and learn this language, it had been a biggest challenge for me. This video inspirate me move on!!!
Comment from : Mariana Silva

4 Key Principles : 3💯1. Message
2. Importance
3. Observation
4. Comprehension

Comment from : VuVietDuc•Com

Artem Borodai
Great speech ! Good steps to understand language ! I'm completly agreed with Matyas! Tell you like a English teacher ! Good luck ! Thank you very much !
Comment from : Artem Borodai

هادف مش تافه
Learning a new language is hard, but it's not impossible. you just pay some afforts, and you will be good in it.
Comment from : هادف مش تافه

Ngocbao Dao
I learn english by singing english song
Comment from : Ngocbao Dao

Christopher THOMAS
was this presentation not a copy of a previous presentation by Chris Lonsdale? why is there no mention of this in the tedex blurb?
Comment from : Christopher THOMAS

Лия Sunny
I really want learning English
Comment from : Лия Sunny

Kalina Faza
i learned to speak a new language a whole time, and i agree with matyas that if u want to learn something about languages, u have to comprehend it. and it helps me to understand some sentences.thanks for inspire me to keep learning about languages😋
Comment from : Kalina Faza

Rifat Hossain
I will take Iels that's way I listen English programme
Comment from : Rifat Hossain

I’m actually learning English. I love the way that he talks. I have understood everything and I am so proud of this. His presentation is very good and clear. I did progress since I really want to improve my English skills. I know that I need to improve a lot yet, but thanks to his speech I swear that I will do everything for that. Thanks you bro
Comment from : M.lps95

Krzysztof Hryniewicz
-Last summer, the speaker faced a challenge while alone in Tallin, Estonia when they were confronted with the phrase "Tere tulemast" and other Estonian phrases.
-The speaker had no previous experience with the Estonian language and had to learn quickly in order to communicate with locals.
-The speaker attended a talk by a polyglot about how to learn a language quickly and effectively.
-The polyglot emphasized that there is no one "super method" for learning a language and that it is important to find a personal approach that works for the individual learner.
-The speaker will be presenting four key points that are essential to the learning of any language.
-These four points are motivation, dedication, immersion, and consistency.
-Motivation is important because it drives the learner to continue pursuing their goal of learning the language.
-Dedication means being committed to putting in the time and effort to learn the language.
-Immersion involves surrounding oneself with the language as much as possible in order to fully immerse oneself in the learning process.
-Consistency means making a regular effort to practice and learn the language on a consistent basis.
-The speaker suggests finding a language exchange partner or joining a language learning community in order to practice speaking and listening skills.
-Reading and listening to authentic materials, such as news articles or TV shows, can also help with learning a language.
-The speaker recommends setting small goals and celebrating progress in order to stay motivated and dedicated to learning the language.
-The speaker stresses the importance of making mistakes and embracing them as a natural part of the learning process.
-Practicing with native speakers can be helpful in improving pronunciation and understanding the nuances of the language.
-The speaker advises setting aside specific times for language learning in order to maintain consistency.
-Using a variety of learning methods, such as textbooks, apps, and conversation practice, can also be helpful in the language learning process.
-The speaker encourages learners to be patient and not to get discouraged, as learning a language takes time and practice.
-The speaker concludes by reiterating the importance of finding a personal approach to language learning that works for the individual learner.
-No matter the method, motivation, dedication, immersion, and consistency are key to successfully learning a language.

Comment from : Krzysztof Hryniewicz

Do you know his real YouTube channel? if you know please give me
Comment from : mair_aksoy

Tech Knowledge
I am from India and learning this world's most spoken English language
Comment from : Tech Knowledge

Ranjeet Singh
Speechless sir
Comment from : Ranjeet Singh

Катерина Левченко
Thank you very much for this video
Comment from : Катерина Левченко

Adnan Rahman
I am a estonian
Comment from : Adnan Rahman

Es cosa mía o esté chico habla muy rápido?
Comment from : Secreto94

Moonis Wani
13:10 yup a wise man once said geniuses aren't born they are created.
Comment from : Moonis Wani

Xuantiep Bui
it is quite diffcult to learing english
Comment from : Xuantiep Bui

Sebastián Amand De Mendieta
I will talk 10 languages at my 30!! Almost halfway
Comment from : Sebastián Amand De Mendieta

Walter Martinez
Vaya mensaje y aprendizaje, para una persona que habla Español es complicado aprender el Ingles pero se hace el esfuerzo, se busca un padre para practicar el idioma ingles. saludos
Comment from : Walter Martinez

Curtis McDonald
Matyáš thank you for sharing your brilliant approach to hearing, speaking, comprehending a foreign language! I have a bachelors in Spanish which isn’t saying much considering it took me three years to master phonetics, dialects, sentence structure, verb conjugation, along with the potential 13 different ways you can conjugate a specific verb. I think it is the simplest language for me to learn because it possesses what I call pure vowels. I am a classically trained vocalist and yet I was trained primarily in my native tongue, English. Whatever choir I was in we always had a 3 to 5 minute vocal warm-up. We would sing five specific vowel sounds at a specific pitch. Naturally these vowel sounds are the American phonetic spellings: eh, ee, ah, oh, oo. Those are the same vowel Sounds that are found in Spanish and Latin. As time went on I became very attracted to singing popular radio songs in Spanish and Latin. But I never mastered speaking and responding quickly until I was placed in a foreign country; Costa Rica. And at the end of my bachelors I lived and studied Costa Rica for 11 straight weeks, four hours a day. The professor told us she would send us home if she caught us speaking in English after a third warning. My Costa Rican host family, thank God, spoke no English whatsoever. So nearly 6 hours to 8 hours a day I was never around anyone to speak English to. Had I not done this Full immersion, my bachelor degree in Spanish would’ve been worthless.
Comment from : Curtis McDonald

Very nice talk ,I love it ❤
Comment from : Raymound

Sam Mou
The video could be 10 seconds only : hello people enjoy learning language andu will learn it !
Comment from : Sam Mou

Sen Ng
I’m a person learning English and watching an English video about how to learn language effectively 🤔🤔
Comment from : Sen Ng

Deutsch mit Purple
Thank you for sharing this fantastic video 🥰🥰❤❤
Comment from : Deutsch mit Purple

Coffe Sporty | كوفي سبورتي
I apologize with him.
To speak any language fluently you should take these 2 words :

Comment from : Coffe Sporty | كوفي سبورتي

Maru Mondoux
I think that is very difficult to leave the prejudices behind, because a lot of us are expected about things that people say, but I have faith and I know I can, and someday i will speak and write English very well. I’m from Argentina🙌🏽
Comment from : Maru Mondoux

Dotman Golden
I can speak german well, coz I graduated german languange and now I would improve my english:)
Comment from : Dotman Golden

He speaks too fast ,can't understand some of the words .
Comment from : PRISMO

João Consultor
Watching in 2022 october
Comment from : João Consultor

I think I’m good at learning languages… I practiced things 10 years ago for 2 days and still memorize it.
Comment from : kingof206

người ẩn danh
This is a good advice for new people learning language. I think that a good way to progress in studying any language. I will remember to do that
Comment from : người ẩn danh

người ẩn danh
I watch a useful video about learning language and I will exert it in process learning language
Comment from : người ẩn danh

Abdul Barik Official Vlog & fun
Thanks for this informative content.
Comment from : Abdul Barik Official Vlog & fun

What I do to practice English is watch videos that I am interested in. I try to learn something new beyond the English language. The more I learn the more interested I become in the language. It is not as easy as it sounds because we have many distractors and occupations, however, I still think a language is not all about phonetics and grammar but culture, friends, and fun. The World is too big to be static, let´s dream about getting to know the unknown.

I speak Arabic, English and French fluently.
I know how to read and write in Spanish and Italian.
I understand Turkish, Russian and Greek.
Now I am willing to learn Swedich, German and Chinese.
I was born in Tunisia and I can tell that what helped me learn these languages at only 23, is the fact that I live with languages and do like if they were my native ones. So I never mind watching a film in Turkish, seeing a cooking show in Italian, listening to Russian songs, reading articles for my researches in Spanich, asking for a greek sandwich in Greek and helping my French friends learn Arabic, my actual native language, so that they do the same.

Comment from : Mira

Leslie Lewis-Walker
Hi there, I am dyslexic trying to learn Italian. Any tips I can use to help me?
Comment from : Leslie Lewis-Walker

Maryam Michele
بحضر للتعليم الانجليزيه ٦/٩/٢٠٢٢
Comment from : Maryam Michele

Yazan Habib
can anyone help me with german here ? like practicing it together ?
Comment from : Yazan Habib

Ehsan Forghani
It's it only for me or universal that comments are usually way more useful than the videos themselves!?
Comment from : Ehsan Forghani

Thank you very much. Great ideas! I totally agree with you.
Comment from : LG LG

kids king👶
I wish to speak on the TED
Comment from : kids king👶

Thank u😘
Comment from : KingdomPrincess616

Brittany Nelson
Thích những người bên đạo dậy đàn hay như vậy:)).
Comment from : Brittany Nelson

Social Videos
I am writing something in english at the moment but i don't know what i am writing.
Comment from : Social Videos

Sobirjon Murodov
Wonderful 🔥🔥🔥
Comment from : Sobirjon Murodov

Le Majors
Yes, amazing presentation to maka a way to understand another language effectively !
Comment from : Le Majors

Peserta 08. 01_Abdul Salam
I Learn English but watch this video so complicated, this so fast
Comment from : Peserta 08. 01_Abdul Salam

Thaihuy Dang
This is his personal experience and that is good to know. He has key points but need to improve Präsentation skills. The aim is to make people believe in his key points and understand WHY it is so important to him.
Comment from : Thaihuy Dang

Suvo Sarkar
I have been lerning english for the last 1 year. My family mamber are helping me for this effective language learn.😀😀
Comment from : Suvo Sarkar

The Maker la R
I totally Agree with this
Comment from : The Maker la R

Ilham Bahari
guys can you help me to answer my ask? please for my homework
1. How can one learning language in an amount limited up time? To comprehend it, to be able to act with it, to be able to progress in it?
2. What does it mean when the speaker say: " to learn a language it has to be personal"?
3. What are 4 principles the speaker mentioned?
4. What is parent speaker?
5. Can anyone master a language? How? (See the end of the video)
Thank you

Comment from : Ilham Bahari

Rodrigo Nieto
Jajaja, el wey apellida pilin
Comment from : Rodrigo Nieto

victor Gil
qué esconderá en su bolsillo ?! 😶
Comment from : victor Gil

Issa Madarkou
Very good job, the same way that I took when I decided to speak English, I wasn't know any word in it but from zero I speak English...
Comment from : Issa Madarkou

Raaid Awad
Best way to learn English is a technique called by "JAM"
Comment from : Raaid Awad

Maikel Josué Sánchez Alvarado
I'm Spanish speaker, trying to be master in English, I've made a lot of progress this year, I'm also learning other romance languages, such as: Portuguese, French and Italian. I'm enjoying my progress and I hope one day to become a polyglot.
Comment from : Maikel Josué Sánchez Alvarado

jesus reynaldo paco quispe
Je suis d'accord. la phrase que j'aime le plus est "push yourselves"
Comment from : jesus reynaldo paco quispe

Jedi Cruz
"Don't be scared, push"

- Matyas Pilin

Comment from : Jedi Cruz

Tedros Welde
The most secret of learning language is to avoid fear from doing a mistake
Comment from : Tedros Welde

Mahmoud Hussein
It's a good body behavior and generous.
Comment from : Mahmoud Hussein

Yebo Girl
He talks so quickly 🥵🥵🥵
Comment from : Yebo Girl

motivation world
Comment from : motivation world

Daniel Aguirre
Se apellida “Pilin” 😂
Comment from : Daniel Aguirre

Tasha Tasha1
It is an amazing speech thanks a lot. I gained a lot of knowledge and will be using. I appreciate it.
Comment from : Tasha Tasha1

Dimash Serik
I thought that he is Canelo
Comment from : Dimash Serik

Utpal Paul
Simple way just choose story listen it again and again repeat it by speak ing write one or two pages anything daily ,sit and speak ten minutes anything in English start thinking in English .
Comment from : Utpal Paul

Mehmet Albayrak🇹🇷
To my knowledge listening as an input is the most significant item while learning how to use the language as a means of communication in real life situations
Comment from : Mehmet Albayrak🇹🇷

all rounder
I am a YouTuber. My channel is all rounder
Comment from : all rounder

Azamat Pshukov
I’m from in Russia, and a learn English language in order to pass exams
Comment from : Azamat Pshukov

David León
3:49 5:57 7:39
Comment from : David León

Heather Fluegge
Chúc cho Đức Thật nhiều sức khỏe.
Comment from : Heather Fluegge

Thiago Dert
I got some useful advices, appreciate it, thanks
Comment from : Thiago Dert

Sanjeev Singh
One day, I'll go to the stage of Tedxtalk and give speech that "how I learnt English from here" by watching videos alongwith taking much knowledge about what I wanted to.
Thank you ☺️☮️

Comment from : Sanjeev Singh

Rudolf Evdokimovich
thank you. i learned word "comprehension"
Comment from : Rudolf Evdokimovich

I did hope a more interesting message...what he says is known...nothing new
Comment from : Franco

I learn english now,, 2022
Comment from : rejugi

Jalen Moses
Lâu quá rồi mới nghe anh Đức Phúc hát, thích quá đi thôi.
Comment from : Jalen Moses

Such a handsome man! 😌
Comment from : tigerasa

Nigga Child
Comment from : Nigga Child

رحماني عبدالقادر
This is inspirational !!, thanks a lot ..
Comment from : رحماني عبدالقادر

L’incroyable Mohamed
I’m just wasting my time by watching this video
Comment from : L’incroyable Mohamed

Cecilia Camargo
Im from Brazil 🇧🇷 and im learning english with your vídeos.really i love this Channel,i pratic my listening with this...
Comment from : Cecilia Camargo

Max Shahov
Bài hit làm mưa làm gió một thời của chị Bảo Thy. Cám ơn Đức Phúc mang nó trở lại với màu sắc mới ❤❤❤❤️
Comment from : Max Shahov

Matilda Wolfram
Good video! The most important thing in life is knowledge of foreign languages! Thanks to foreign languages you can realize all your dreams and realize your grandiose ambitions! I would like to recommend all the practices of Yuriy Ivantsiv ''Polyglot Notes. Practical tips for learning foreign language". This book will be an indispensable helper, a handbook for every person who studies a foreign language! This book contains invaluable tips, questions and answers, and solutions to problems faced by anyone who studies a foreign language! Knowledge is power! And knowledge of foreign languages is your power multiplied by many times! Success to all in self-development!
Comment from : Matilda Wolfram

It''s really important to be calm when you're learning a language
Comment from : midori

Saadia sabouri
For me when you love something and you find yourself entertaining by learning something is the key to success.... like me I love English and I enjoy listening and talking to it ..the result I can speak English now better than before But French is the second language in my country I learned in the school at primary i don't like it and I found a difficulty to learn it and I don't want to learn it. I think the love and the passion can make you learn whatever you want
Comment from : Saadia sabouri

Comment from : TheYaze.G

Comment from : Tohir

Lila Svarupa dd
Just I want needed to hear.
Comment from : Lila Svarupa dd

Khánh Vũ
this is the best language video I have ever seen
Comment from : Khánh Vũ

Angel Morocho
Wwowowo Any Time I see this videos.. Thanks for sharing...
I am trying to learn English, but I still don't speak this lenguage. I HOPE SOME DAY WILL BE ABLE TO UNDERSTAND EVERYTHING. This video have changed my life and the wey to undestand a new lenguage.
Now I keep practicing English until will be able to understand native speakers.

Comment from : Angel Morocho

Amazing! I think, don't be scare to push ma friend !!!
Comment from : Silvio

Aaradhya negi
This video is really effective for me. Nowadays I'm trying to learn english. Thank a lot...
Comment from : Aaradhya negi

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