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Thrift Store Discoveries Worth Insane Amounts of Money

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Information Thrift Store Discoveries Worth Insane Amounts of Money

Title :  Thrift Store Discoveries Worth Insane Amounts of Money
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Frames Thrift Store Discoveries Worth Insane Amounts of Money

Description Thrift Store Discoveries Worth Insane Amounts of Money

Comments Thrift Store Discoveries Worth Insane Amounts of Money

Dandi Love
500 dollar amiri collection pants
Comment from : Dandi Love

The big deal
I was at a state sale with my dad, and my dad saw pac man key chain and he got it for me, so I put it on my backpack for about 1 year, and then I thought it might be valuable so I looked into it, and it dates back to 1981 and it sold for $8,000 dollars🙃
Comment from : The big deal

sarah shields
Last year, I was out thrifting and a framed print caught my eye It was bright colors and nicely framed I purchase it for $299 I knew that it was special and did some research Turns out that it was a signed print by the nun Pop artist Corita Kent I sold it on Ebay for approximately $1600 Happy to have made the profit And happy to get it to someone who will take good care of it :)
Comment from : sarah shields

Just a week ago I found a beanie baby worth 500$ at a thrift store for only 50 cents
Comment from : Magicy7

Samuel Schick
Grandfather helped a guy clean out his garage in the 1930's for $5 They got to the back of the garage and there was a complete queen size bed The guy was going to burn it but grandfather asked for it instead of the $5 My grandmother slept on the bed to the day she passed in the 1990's That bed is still in the family and was made before George Washington was born
Comment from : Samuel Schick

Brittany williams
Best thing I’ve found was some Lucille Ball drawings from a garage sale for $25 for two drawings and a plaque One of the drawing was from Gary Sadderup which he’s selling for about $125 it’s currently hanging in my parents living room
Comment from : Brittany williams

Margrit Piepes
Colorado springs Goodwill found a KPM ( old German Porcelain manufacturer or Koenigliche Porzellan Manufaktur) 3 bucks and change worth like 60 bucks It's a Keeper
Comment from : Margrit Piepes

When I saw the teapot, I immediately recognized the palm tree design of South Carolina, because I’m there right at this moment on vacation
Comment from : CatAtYAWN!

9:47 he made the best choice, cuz the price for the painting will grow from year to year and he will sell it for the biggest price if he wanted a money
Comment from : sandor139

Wyatt Arnold
My mom sold a 300 dollar package of diapers that was open and missing a few
Comment from : Wyatt Arnold

I found lacoste, lyle & scott and ralph lauren shirts for only 4 dollars each at a flea market
Comment from : Beefzy

Mickenzie Tucker
As someone who works at a Goodwill, I always watch out for things that seem out of the ordinary in any way
Comment from : Mickenzie Tucker

Allison Remi
Today 05192022 - just bought a bowl for 399 turned out its $199 value
Comment from : Allison Remi

In an attic storage area above an old garage, I found several 1948 Bowman baseball cards in perfect condition, inside an old wooden box I sold them privately for about $1,500 I also once bought a Richard Miller office chair worth about $750 for $20 at a garage sale
Comment from : alkh3myst

I once picked up a ceramic clown statue at a flea market for $5 My grandpa had a vast clown collection so I figured he would like it since it was in a similar style to other pieces he had Once I gave it to him, he realized it was genuine (I don’t recall the artist that made them) worth about $3-5k I was like wow 😳
Comment from : Silvenimoy

Gina Beans
I found 2006 baby alive soft face she is $600 and we found her for $5 at a thrift shop
Comment from : Gina Beans

UwU Case
4:51 POV: your me watching the video and seeing a price of a necklace around $300,000 The face I/You make : 😱 🤑 😱 🤑
Comment from : UwU Case

Lee Oriver
Send me any amount of money to my bank account and I will return you 4 times the amount back
Comment from : Lee Oriver

13:07 Ansel Adams is flipping the bird at El Capitan
Comment from : SunriseLAW

When I was 6 years old I bought ty Doll Then when I was 9 years I searched about this doll named Halo it was from 1998 and it s worth 20,000$
Comment from : JOHAN GEORGE

I like to watch
(10:44) I didn't know The Velvet Underground made a record called "The Grateful Dead"
Comment from : I like to watch

I like to watch
(6:22) How can there be a photograph of a furniture maker from the 1700s?
Comment from : I like to watch

When me and my friends went thrift shopping I found a Kate spade wallet for only $18 I didn’t know at the time what kate spade was but I still bought later learning that it cost $100-200
Comment from : Ky💜

Des iolle
I had a big argument ith my ex about how much shit I hoard later that day I saw a stash of Spiderman comics at an op shopMcFarlaine issues and mintI left them there with her words ringing in my earsI hate myself now
Comment from : Des iolle

Janelle Hopkins
You ate pronouncing the word "brooch" incorrectly
Comment from : Janelle Hopkins

Shayla Bisson-core
I found a porcelain doll dumpster diving that's worth $170
Comment from : Shayla Bisson-core

Frank Leonard
I purchased a large framed painting of just lines all different colours, I paid $1000 for it from a thrift store and needed money and sold it for $5000 to a Antique shop and the shop had it on display with no price! So someone came in and made them an offer and I’m just guessing But it was high over $50K because it paid for a buying trip to China and shipping everything back 😢! (It was signed and titled ) but couldn’t read the signature of the artist! I know longer sell them anything!
Comment from : Frank Leonard

Rj Pender
Imagine being the person selling the tea pot
Comment from : Rj Pender

Judy Melton
Why do these cartoon women have boobs growing out of their sides?
Comment from : Judy Melton

Deborah Miller
I bought a cute little painting/photo of a weeping willow at a book sale for ten cents The glass and frame were dirty and greasy I cleaned them up and brought them to an antique dealer He said it was worth about $150 That was forty years ago It was a Wallace Nutting
Comment from : Deborah Miller

Mike Green
I found a world series braves autograph base ball for 5$ at a thrift store noticed the names on the Ball and scooped it up
Comment from : Mike Green

Alan morgan
you don't pronounce it as brOOch It's pronounced Broach as in Float Kindly re-programme your voice emulator
Comment from : Alan morgan

The way he pronounces brooch
Comment from : Melloroom

Lauren Sweeny
I own a paining smuggled from Germany The signature has been painted over and another signature painted in I know the previous owner She alluded to the fact her family may have been a Nazi sympathizers I am looking for a way to have it looked at by a professional I live near Orlando , Florida Suggestions welcomed
Comment from : Lauren Sweeny

jack foster
once in 2021 on October I bout a Hot Wheels car for one Doller and the name of it was The Python and it is worth 45$
Comment from : jack foster

Raconte-moi Alice
I found an 18th century copy of Robinson Crusoe in Norwegian at a thrift store on the California coast I paid $3 for it The thing is, I have no idea how much it’s really worth
Comment from : Raconte-moi Alice

Elizabeth Elias
BROOCH is pronounced BR-O-CHbrbrSOTHEBY'S is pronounced SU-THU-BEES
Comment from : Elizabeth Elias

Laurie Ashley
Dude some of your pronunciations are embarrassing!
Comment from : Laurie Ashley

Roxanne Tomlin
Found a real nice 1960 4 crystal wine glass’s with wine carafe for 30$ the set was worth 700$$$
Comment from : Roxanne Tomlin

Jack Blevins
A few years back I went to my local comicbook shop and bought a; near mint, holographic, shadowless, base set zapdos for $12 When I got home and looked up the value of the card online the cheapest one was $120
Comment from : Jack Blevins

In 2017 I bought a chain the the thrift store thinking it was painted or fake but it looked real so u looked at it closely and umm the chain was worth over 10millon ok bye I love your vids!
Comment from : Naruto

Anja M
Thank God the jeweler was honest and didn’t just offer her 100£ for it…
Comment from : Anja M

Keren the wolf ninja gamer
Comment from : Keren the wolf ninja gamer

Sara D
Okay, ya say Brewch, but then say Sahthaby's?
Comment from : Sara D

Ruth Sawyer
The old adage that you need to strike when the iron is hot is so true I bought two purses made by the same designer a few yrs back and looked them up on Ebay They were hand tooled leather front and back and I paid 1000 for each bag When I took them up to the register to pay, I showed the shoppe owner what each bag's value wasEbay showed them for 49995 each Of course now, they are worth less then 50000 but I'm not sure how much lessbr She was quite amusing and asked if I had planned on buying both purses,i said of course She was not happy for herself but was happy for me because I shop at her store quite often I should have sold them right I bought them but they were too pretty to part with
Comment from : Ruth Sawyer

I found a Fornasetti Milano ash tray for a $150 It sold for over $80 A pair of Alligator Larry Mahan cowboy boots for $3 which sold for $220 Not a fortune but great
Comment from : drpt345

Sherri Wolf
I found a diamond tennis bracelet at a garage sale It was among the junk jewelry and had a price tag of $125 I opened the clasp to find 14k stamped inside
Comment from : Sherri Wolf

Patty K
Brooch is pronounced with a long "o" sound, like broke, dumb computer voice
Comment from : Patty K

$5 for a ugly nugget watch Jewler paid me$350 scrap gold It had been passed over by hundreds of shoppers I took a chance and it paid off Another time I saw a trophy with an American coin inside It was a Morgan silver dollar Face value was $1 i paid a 25¢ brbrAnother time I was at a yard sale and saw a silver coin it was labeled one troy ounce It was solid pure silver Bought it for $5 that day silver traded for$16 an ouncebrbrMost of the time I tell them what they are doing and they tell me later on they got way more than they were asking Like one yard sale lady was selling a necklace for around$40 I told her it was white gold and worth considerably more She got over $400 Comes around goes around so I try to be above board It comes back to you when you help people Sometimes I tell them they will say if that's what you think here's your chance to make a few extra bucks I'm like ok here twist my arm
Comment from : GEAUX FRUGAL

Xenia Solyanka
My dad loves antiques ,so one his friend told that she has a lot of junk to throw away ,so my dad found there a nice painting ,he carried home cleaned and checked now its in the bank cause it worth more than 100 000 $)For someone its a junk, for others its a treasure)
Comment from : Xenia Solyanka

Charlene Searles
I need to go to a goodwill soon
Comment from : Charlene Searles

Luigi Dantonio Music
It’s called a brooch
Comment from : Luigi Dantonio Music

Dee Wood
A friend volunteered at a thrift store Told her if she finds a black and brown purse let me know She bought and gave it to me It wasn't my style but thanked her for it I always go through the pockets etc jic theres something in it,apparently they didn't and neither did she Found a pen,a pad and a bank envelope with 80000 Because I didnt feel right keeping it,bc it mightve belonged to someone and I was honest,they only wanted 1/2 back It was a good Christmas that year
Comment from : Dee Wood

maia Stonebridge
Your pronunciation of brooch is so aggravating
Comment from : maia Stonebridge

I found some roal daltan plates and piggie bank
Comment from : riverwarrior

Rae Lily
🤦🏻‍♀️ Brooch is pronounced with a long o
Comment from : Rae Lily

As far as I am aware the most valuable thing I've gotten from a thrift store was a Ed Hardy shirt and purse for under $5
Comment from : TheChellybean85

Nat Wel
The pirates are fighting for one piece [jewellery worth $4 million] That will get you 1 40 carat ruby
Comment from : Nat Wel

I love them all but I really like the tea pot brwith the SC palmsbrSC🌴🌴🌴🌴Yaaay on the way home to visit for holidays
Comment from : lscummings

I paid $1 for a pair of earrings and a bracelet that were in a small plastic zip bag marked sterling at a yard sale The earrings were sterling, the bracelet was a 14k gold Michael Anthony piece Nice surprise!
Comment from : truthseeker

Brenda Noseworthy
Comment from : Brenda Noseworthy

SueEllen Naegle
I went to a neighbors garage sale His wife went to a home with dementia and he had to sell most everything & the house to pay her medical bills She had bought so much stuff he had no idea they had On the last day I went back & he gave me a bunch of unopened videos One set of 8-10 CD’s I never heard of I researched them on eBay and sold them there for almost $300 for the set! I was so surprised! I also watched all the seasons on Netflix, (the same videos) not a bad Australian drama
Comment from : SueEllen Naegle

Rochelle Esser
I’m a photographer who has always loved Ansel Adams’ photographic images, so the moment I saw the glass slides, I immediately thought, “Those look strikingly like Ansel Adams’ work!”… 💯 Nailed it! 😁
Comment from : Rochelle Esser

Suede Air Jordan's worth anything? 👌
Comment from : THE WORLD WeLivein

Sherry Faith
I did just buy a bottle of Christian Dior perfume still in box for $15 Came home looked up Amazon has it at $125
Comment from : Sherry Faith

Beautiful Light Ministry
Where do you go for value of antiques? I own a Jumk removal business and come across a lot of stuff
Comment from : Beautiful Light Ministry

Martha Clark
Where can sent some of my collection too to see if valuable
Comment from : Martha Clark

Martha Clark
I have a norman rockwell picture
Comment from : Martha Clark

Smartphone & Laptop Troubleshooting
Comment from : Smartphone & Laptop Troubleshooting

Why is a Grateful Dead record displayed when talking about The Velvet Underground’s debut album?
Comment from : freehahahafree

Cathy Strydom
May i add for humor Sketch lady got me smilibg every tine for her BIZARE WALKING WAY 🤭🤭
Comment from : Cathy Strydom

Grammy Bear
🐼 Big Bear Hugs from a 68 yr old grandma in Kirby, Texas, USA 🐼 ❤️ 🎀 ❤️ 🎀 ❤️
Comment from : Grammy Bear

Mine was a Madewell cashmere sweater for $9 and sold it for $65😁😁
Comment from : 0617kitty

the magic is in the possibility not to mention all the very useful value priced stuff that you find along the way never stop looking!!!!
Comment from : meme

Amber Loving
Love Ansel!!! 😍
Comment from : Amber Loving

numero uno amo
BROOCH?? Whats that lol 😆 😳
Comment from : numero uno amo

TDM More Than A Movement
Comments are even better than the video
Comment from : TDM More Than A Movement

Nifty Thrifty
Wow - lucky finds!!
Comment from : Nifty Thrifty

Alice Susan Harding
Hmmm this channel usually has good vids so dk what happened here
Comment from : Alice Susan Harding

Chris k
And did anyone else notice how he pronounce his broach and Sotheby's
Comment from : Chris k

Chris k
I'm not the brightest guy on the planet but why would they were talking about the Velvet Underground did they show a Grateful Dead album
Comment from : Chris k

Bryans O
I found a clear rock or stone many many years ago at a goodwill store in hawaii paid 99 cents and thinking its just a stone or some type of gemstone? So i had it in my desk drawer 10 years and i bought a diamond tester wondering if it is a diamond, so i tested it and beeps diamond!!! Too good to be true lol but it weighs 1950 oz or around 2700 carats! Could be worth millions??? i have it on my youtube short videotake a look tell me what you think????Comment please anyone?
Comment from : Bryans O

Ms Gemini
The way he says "broooooch"😩*shudder*
Comment from : Ms Gemini

The commentator mispronouncing so many words got really annoying really fast It's ridiculous how much this happens nowadays
Comment from : SAKAICHEWY

They would buy a tu#d that belonged to lassie !
Comment from : NICK S CARTER

I am grabbing my jacketand heading to the thrift store
Comment from : Ir333

Velvet Bear
So this person wasted $20 on an ugly overpriced tea pot that’s worth $800k, that some rich person might overpay for 20-30 years later if he’s lucky, good luck with that!!
Comment from : Velvet Bear

I picked up a dirty headboard and footboard for $40 that after cleaning had some spectacular figuring in the wood and was excellent quality Turns out its a endangered brazilian wood, worth around &3000
Comment from : darkktur

Queen eL
Comment from : Queen eL

Shree Computers
Please Like Page for scroll more itemsbrbr wwwfacebookcom/Unique-Collectible-Store-103868031276768/
Comment from : Shree Computers

Ivy Velasquez
I have a green pot with gold designs painted on the outside And what I was told is that it could be early 1900’s brIt has a mark underneath that may be Indian of origin But I could not afford an appraisal at the timebrI think it probably has some really good value to it
Comment from : Ivy Velasquez

Marsha Hanson
And I can’t sell my teapot on EBay
Comment from : Marsha Hanson

John Tucker
I have some 1913 US patent dishes T- set whatever Still can't find no one to appraise them I found a single plate for sale For $20 I have 10 of them Plus a whole basket full level take cups saucers I'm about to the point it is busting them all Cause I'm not going to give them away for little to nothing I'd rather just bust them and leave him in the past
Comment from : John Tucker

Michelle Maistry
I often purchase unusual "nik naks" from our local SPCA's thrift store I wonder who in South Africa can evaluate my items to see if they're worth or worthless
Comment from : Michelle Maistry

Harper Welch
Wow That was fun! Great show and great stories "Nice job", to the producer!
Comment from : Harper Welch

aric raymond
I found a pair of $600 Oakley snowboard goggles with a go pro I was working at a thrift store warehouse They even said I could have cause it was about to go into a landfill They had no idea what they had
Comment from : aric raymond

In 2011, when I was 19 and broke, I went with my friend to a thrift shop in Brooklyn, NY I picked up these black leather boots for less than $20 When I looked Inside of them there was a jewelry box with a gold chain I took it to the diamond district and they gave me $1400 cash for it With that money I packed my bags and moved to Boston, MA and got a job I have been here since then
Comment from : KARMA

Jason Wesolowski
I once bought a ALF doll from salvation army for 50$ USD , Then sold it on Ebay for 6700$USD nice profit
Comment from : Jason Wesolowski

Michael Ayliffe
Was ansel adams DABBING 😂😂
Comment from : Michael Ayliffe

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