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Top 10 Difficult Languages to Learn

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Title :  Top 10 Difficult Languages to Learn
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Comments Top 10 Difficult Languages to Learn

"Only slavic language on this list is Russian"brbrbMagyarul nevet/b
Comment from : ringL

Eric Vucinic
As an Indonesian, for me all language with different alphabet br(like chinese, japanese, arabic, korean, thai, russian, etc) is difficult
Comment from : Eric Vucinic

4:52 lmfao the fact that its written incorrectly is so perfectbrbr1 It's not in Sanskrit it's literally English just written in Sanskritbr2 If you read it it sounds like: mukay ray-a-so-nublay choichays br😂👍
Comment from : Sandoichi

Beatričė Abariūtė
Russian is not so difficult at least for countries of former Soviet Union I speak Lithuanian, Russian, English and German German is the most difficult for me from my list
Comment from : Beatričė Abariūtė

No siis suomalaisena olen aika harvinainen Älä siis yöllä katso tätä im finnish
Comment from : MONSTER LITTLE

I'm greek and to be honest most of the time I speak english-
Comment from : bunny

I'm From hungarian!
Comment from : 愛子さん

As a Chinese, I am learning only one foreign language- english It's so hard to learn its grammar and pronunciation
Comment from : 甲白川

Crypto Jesus
my native language is hungarian but i also speak german,english and spanish fluently
Comment from : Crypto Jesus

casimir masqué
English is the worst for French people
Comment from : casimir masqué

Malayalam is most difficult language in india to learn because some Malayalam words are very long and in Malayalam also has more words like thesebrFor example, for more in Malayalam: kooduthal, adhikam, dhaaraalam, niravadhi, orupaadbrFor little in Malayalam: kurach, alppam, swalpam, itthiri
Comment from : Guy

TBH all these languages are the most difficult
Comment from : CAT

Malayalam is number of albhabets in india details has in google
Comment from : Guy

Jikla Bros
Chinese is easy 我说中国
Comment from : Jikla Bros

RSR, Train And Classical Music Fan
4:52 Brothat literally says "məkē rēəsonəblē choichēs" not "mēk rīsnəbl choisız" Yes👈 that is what it actually sounds like
Comment from : RSR, Train And Classical Music Fan

Ro45 Fan
At 4:50 it is not SanskritbrIt is english written in Devanagari script
Comment from : Ro45 Fan

Comment from : KaijuDestroyer

Umar Khalil
I speak 7 languages brUrdubrPashtobrPunjabibrTurkish can speak good like 50brFrenchbrEnglishbrPersian
Comment from : Umar Khalil

Reptile Club
안녕히세요 어띻거 지내세요
Comment from : Reptile Club

Reptile Club
Ich sprechen Deutsch, Englisch, und ich lerne Koreanisch
Comment from : Reptile Club

arvind thangavel
I'm sure many other commenters beat me to it - but Korean has manyyyy words similar to or same as Tamil
Comment from : arvind thangavel

Virtual Gaming
Try to speak malayalam🤕
Comment from : Virtual Gaming

Knowledge Man
I can speak Hindi and EnglishbrNow I am learning Russian,Arabic,Nepali and French
Comment from : Knowledge Man

Szymon Kryszewski
I have no idea why russian is so high on this list xd
Comment from : Szymon Kryszewski

Pablo Cifuentes
Most of these languages are on my to-learn list I love it how they say it's hard cause I can prove them wrong
Comment from : Pablo Cifuentes

and I am living in a country with more than 100 dialects
Comment from : hunter

Comment from : __________ch「_×10」

Malayalam albhabetsbr15 Vowels: അ, ആ, ഇ, ഈ, ഉ, ഊ, ഋ, എ, ഏ, ഐ, ഒ, ഓ, ഔ, അം, അഃ brbr36 Consonats: ക, ഖ, ഗ, ഘ, ങ, ച, ഛ, ജ, ഝ, ഞ, ട, ഠ, ഡ, ഢ, ണ, ത, ഥ, ദ, ധ, ന, പ, ഫ, ബ, ഫ, മ, യ, ര, ല, വ, ശ, ഷ, സ, ഹ, ള, ഴ, റbr5 special letters: ൻ, ർ, ൺ, ൽ, ൾ brbr49 Conjuct consonats: ക്ക, ങ്ക,ങ്ങ, ച്ച, ഞ്ച, ഞ്ഞ, ട്ട, ണ്ട, ണ്ണ, ത്ത, ന്ത, ന്ന, പ്പ, മ്പ, മ്മ, യ്യ, ല്ല, വ്വ, ശ്ശ, ക്ഷ, സ്സ, ള്ള, റ്റ, ന്റ, ക്ത, ന്ദ, ശ്ച, ഗ്ന, ഗ്മ, ന്മ, ഹ്മ, ബ്ബ, ന്ധ, ണ്ഡ, ഞ്ജ, ജ്ജ, ജ്ഞ, സ്ഥ, സ്റ്റ, ത്ന, ത്മ, ത്ഥ, ത്ഭ, ണ്മ, ന്ഥ, ഗ്ഗ ദ്ധ, ദ്ദ, ച്ഛbrbr20 symbols:ാ, ി, ീ, ു, ൂ, ൃ, െ, േ, ൊ, ോ, ൈ,ം,ഃ, ക്വ (kwa), ക്യ (kya), കൃ (kru) ക്ല (kla), ക്ര (kra), കൗ (kau), ക് (ku)
Comment from : Guy

In india has a language 'Malayalam' known as second toughest language in the world, because there are up to 5 words for same meenings and also has very long words Malayalam has most number of albhabets in india
Comment from : Guy

The most difficult language in the world is Arabic language is very powerfulbrNo one feels the difficulty of the language he has learned
Comment from : HTTP

Chinese is the easiest language for me I’m a Chinese singaporean and I grew up speaking mandarin at home My father was a Chinese teacher I literally lived and breathed Chinese—- watched lots of chinese programs & read lots of Chinese books I always topped my class in Chinese brbrEnglish is the medium of instruction in Singapore but I don’t use it at home I find it more challenging to learn than Chinese My parents didn’t emphasize the importance of English so they didn’t send me for tuition class until I was 11 (which is way past the critical period of learning a language) brbrI also seldom read English books in my childhood, so learning it well now is particularly difficult for me I have problem following plots when I read some English novels as an adult I need to reread some lines multiple times to get the meaning I also need subtitles when I watch English shows Sometimes I need to rewind parts of the show if the character speaks too quickly And i can’t retain much of the info afterwards even if I do understand what I am reading/watching at the time brbrI may be able to write perfectly in English because I get to edit what I write But speaking English fluently like a native speaker proves to be challenging I frequently pause to think of the right words to use I have to consciously think if I’ve accidentally used a past tense verb after the word ‘did’ etc I don’t have such a problem with my mother tongue
Comment from : ABC

Thunder beast
Malayalam in the background with 51 alphabets and lots of symbols
Comment from : Thunder beast

Hindi, Marathi, and Sanskrit all have the same script It is called Devanagari
Comment from : KoolAidDudeAwesome

The way the guy said sisään lol as a finn i was just laughing at how softly he said the s he said it like "szhiszhään" when it's supposed to be sharp it was funny tho
Comment from : 서현

Seeing Russian in the list alongside Arabic and Chinese is a bit too ridiculous to be serious First of all, this is not the most complex one among Slavic languages - you'd better put Polish in the list, one and only Polish has two nasal vowels (sounding like ong and eng) and notorious jungles of sibilants all over the place Second, Russian alphabet consisting of only 33 letters (like a half of which are obviously identical appearance-wise to the Greek alphabet's ones: beta/vita, gamma, delta, epsilon, ypsilon/upsilon, lambda, chi, phi, pi, rho) is by no means comparable to the Japanese or Arabic graphic systems! Third, Russian is an Indo-European language, unlike the rest they've mentioned in the list - it means, you have there words like sputnik: s(o)-put-nik = co-path-nik Or nosok = sock Or zemlya from Latin humus Or znat = to know (zna-t = to-know) You naturally can't have anything like that in the other languages they mention in the video So, it's a bit light-hearted and incompetent to include Russian in such list
Comment from : DnWn

Polish??? It’s the hardest language in Europe bro u suckbrPOLISH IS HARDER THAN RUSSIAN KEED
Comment from : Granny

Team Awesomeness
If you want to learn Japanese, watch anime or super sentai
Comment from : Team Awesomeness

Team Awesomeness
Finnish language has a funny 19-letter word spelled the same forwards and backwards
Comment from : Team Awesomeness

Team Awesomeness
“How's your Sanskrit?”br“I'm fluent in Google translate”
Comment from : Team Awesomeness

Team Awesomeness
To learn Icelandic, watch the lazytown plays with English subtitles
Comment from : Team Awesomeness

Team Awesomeness
To learn Korean, watch Korean cartoon flowering heart Or the Korean dub of miraculous Or mykoreandic
Comment from : Team Awesomeness

Team Awesomeness
If you want to learn Hungarian, just watch a Hungarian tv show or a Hungarian dub of one Or you could always use duolingo
Comment from : Team Awesomeness

Czech ??
Comment from : SURPRISINGSKODA skoda

I dont't agree Polish is more difficult than Russian
Comment from : Sendiru_

Furishia Ikhlef
Myself-English, Afrikaans German Husband speaks Arabic-Algerian dialect, French and English
Comment from : Furishia Ikhlef

Malayalam is most toughest language in india, also known as second difficult language in the world
Comment from : Guy

Chinese is actually the easiest for me tbh
Comment from : staryyyyy

Daniel N
How hard or easy a language is subjective and also depends on MANYYYYY factors I speak 4 languages including Russian which is known to have confusing grammar rules But that doesn't mean I speak any Indonesian which is said to have very simple grammar
Comment from : Daniel N

brando ovalle
que coño xd
Comment from : brando ovalle

India's toughest language is one and only malayalam 😌😌
Comment from : ℊℴ𝒷𝓁𝒾𝓃💜

Language that I can speak br1russian br2mongolianbr3Englishbr4 My language
Comment from : MMB

Reptile Club
It took me a day to learn to read the 한글 for Korean
Comment from : Reptile Club

Reptile Club
Comment from : Reptile Club

Balazs Jurinovics
I speak Hungarian
Comment from : Balazs Jurinovics

Ethan Bisenio
Wondering why Filipino isn't includedbr we have weird made up words and the grammar is exactly as orderly We also tend to cut words or abbreviate them to make it shorter or we either stretch the word to make it longerbrExample:brbEnglish/bbrThis is worrisomebrbrbShortened Filipino/bbrIto'y nakakabahalabrbrbLengthened/Streched Filipino/bbrIto ay nakakapagpabagabagbrbrWe also tend to use the same syllable to make different wordsbrEx:brbEnglish/bbrAre you going down?brYeah, I'm going downbrbrbFilipino/bbrBababa ka ba?brOo, babababrbrSome weird filipino made-up words for bonus:briLodi/i - Idol(yes, we flipped it)briSusmaryosep/i- the name of Jesus, Mary and Joseph smashed togetherbrbrWe also have so many dialects, that if we gather around but speak in our own dialects we won't be even begin to fathom what the others are sayingbrFor example, I live in the iBicol/i region of the Philippines, there are different dialects in the region alone brAs for me, I speak iBicol Rinconada/ibrbrLet's say,brbEnglish/bbrDid you eat?brbrbFilipino/bbriKumain ka na?/ibrbrbBicol Rinconada/bbrNagkaøn nayka?brbrbBicol Naga/bbrNagkákan ka na?brbrbCebuano/bbrNikaon ka?brbrEven the word rice,brEnglish- RicebrFilipino- KaninbrBicol Rinconada- KanønbrBicol Naga- MalutobrCebuano- Bugasbrbrso yeahhh Why isn't it included? 🤔🤔🤔🤔 VERY CONFUSED RN
Comment from : Ethan Bisenio

Try Tamil If You Wanna Learn Hardest & Oldest Language… It’s The Hardest Of All If You Wanna Respect And Learn It Properly… Maybe Speaking Is Much Easier Then Reading And Writing…
Comment from : ViralTube

quirky male beings be likebr"I'm fluent in American, Australian, Canadian and British"
Comment from : nekoneko

Danish should be a honorable mention The pronunciations can be difficult
Comment from : L K

Thr first brave advice
Comment from : AustinRamos71to2

Im flad I kept it a secret about the drawings lol
Comment from : AustinRamos71to2

* i am groot *
Comment from : i

Malayalam says a hai😂
Comment from : KARTHIK RAJEEV

Rakesh Pandey
Thank god, Vietnamese is not added in hardest languages
Comment from : Rakesh Pandey

Shouqqan A
I can speak in Arabic, Korean, Japanese, Turkish, English, I plan to learn the Russian language soon
Comment from : Shouqqan A

Why in the New video "top 20 most difficult language to learn", Cantonese is the No 1 But in this video is Chinese (Mandarin)??
Comment from : Sophia

Péter Fehértói
If you wasn't born hungarian, you Will never learn to speak this language very good, just average
Comment from : Péter Fehértói

Ray Bin Zay
😂😂😂and the end with Arabic song for nincy Agram
Comment from : Ray Bin Zay

Comment from : [RANA RENÉ]

Jackie Chow
i live in hong kong so i can speak taiwanese -manderin, manderin-chinese, cantonese and english and because i speak it since i was born i don't think it's difficult personally
Comment from : Jackie Chow

Jakob Larsson
Finnish should not be so high on the list, it's incredibly easy Literally all the previous languages before hand are more difficult Hungarian and Korean should be higher on the list Also i think there are better options for difficult languages that are more deserving than Finnish But then again it's Watchmojo so i should be used to this kind of incompetence
Comment from : Jakob Larsson

Correction: most easiest language for Vietnamese people
Comment from : bubs:3

I’m a Finn, so I speak Finnish fluently but it’s funny that even though I’m native Finnish speaker, I still struggling with this language sometimes😅
Comment from : Finn

Chris K
Euskara nahiko hizkuntza zaila da!brbrBasque is a pretty difficult language!
Comment from : Chris K

اا النهدي
my language is Arabic and it is difficult for me specifically of the grammar side
Comment from : اا النهدي

Max Almonte
Americans find everything difficult
Comment from : Max Almonte

Darth Vader
Im from Hungarian and yes the Hungary id really dificult to learn
Comment from : Darth Vader

No Cantonese is much harder than Mandarin
Comment from : Mirae

takwaa jlydy
we should admit that arabic is the hardest and the most beautiful language !!
Comment from : takwaa jlydy

Anabelle Frost
"Popculture would be exactly the same without the Hungarians"brbrb and I took offense to that xD/bbrSo here you go, some Hungarian inventions:brbrRubik's cube, ball point pen, dynamo, modern matches, holography, coaches (carriages), the Kodály method in singing, Neumann principles (about what a computer is and how it should work), transformer, telephone exchange, variable capacitor, electric motor, nuclear chain reaction (and sadly the atomic and hydrogen bomb too), vitamin C, and many morebrbrAnd I haven't mentioned bpeople/b yet, like the girl in your videos, a known model: Barbara Palvin, then of course Harry Houdini (Hungarian born name: Erik Weisz), Béla Lugosi (who played Dracula), Ignác Semmelweis (the guy who said that doctors and surgeons bhad to/b wash their hands before conducting a child birth, mortality rate of women dying to childbirth dropped bellow 1), and many other peoplebrbrWatchMojo, WatchMojo, you have disappointed me At least google 😋
Comment from : Anabelle Frost

masoud shuia
I believe that Arabic is harder than the Russian language
Comment from : masoud shuia

Armand Doci
Plus is an isolated language
Comment from : Armand Doci

Armand Doci
You forgot Albanian languagebrMy mother language is Albanian, Ispeak very well Greek and english, the basics in Italian and French, and now Istart to learn Dutch
Comment from : Armand Doci

TT Challenger
Currently studying Japanese and correct it is very hard to learn😂
Comment from : TT Challenger

Ashley Sunflowersss
I feel like Mandrain and Burmese are pretty hard for English speakers
Comment from : Ashley Sunflowersss

Shivansh Mishra
4:46 it is not written in sanskrit it the english sentence "make reasonalble choices" written in the devnagri script(script used to write sanskrit, hindi, marathi and many other indian languages) and in in devnagri spelling of that sentence is wrong 😂😂
Comment from : Shivansh Mishra

Bober Boberowski
Are you dumb or is this video a joke lol? How the hell do you think Russian can be any easier than other slavic languages like Serbian or Croatian not even considering that they have like 20 times less speakers so you probably won't find any help? I guess you also haven't heard that Dutch is Germanic language which means it has similar to English grammar, which makes it one of the easiest to learn I'm not even going to mention that you somehow put Sanskrit there which makes this entire thing make no sense because there are a ton of very hard languages that used regionally
Comment from : Bober Boberowski

Kanika hasija
Mandarin is no doubt very difficult, no doubt I mean in most cases you have to no idea how to write a new word but in grammar sense and overall I found Sanskrit is very difficult I have studied Sanskrit for four years and trust me I have to mug 80 of it and still couldn't understand a word about it Trust me I have learned both the above languages and both of them is difficult on its own For sanskrit, experts believe it takes quarter of a lifetime (approx 25 years) to learn its grammar and still people make mistake There is a reason why sanskrit is believed to be best for coding because only in eight sentence you can complete a whole book (there is a book called ashtadhayi its only of eight sentence) That is why many people still couldn't properly translate sanskrit texts
Comment from : Kanika hasija

Prasham Shah
Sanskrit is the mother of all indian languages and all other Indian languages are derived from it It is also very easy to learn if you are logically good
Comment from : Prasham Shah

Mercedes Benz
Hindi speakers could master most languages with correct and fluent pronunciation quicker than others brEven if it's the most difficult language, the MandarinebrI believe its because of many different sounds and letters in Devnagri scriptbrbrI have seen, when foreigners speak hindi, none of them could speak it correctly, but when Indians(especially hindi speakers) speak in any foreign language they speak it very accuratelybrbrThere's one more fact about HindibrNobody foreigner learns hindi because they wanna do job in India, they learn hindi because they want to, out of love
Comment from : Mercedes Benz

If only Chinese was that easy br 饿
Comment from : HumanCapybaras

Ajith Ajithss
Google admits that Malayalam is the second toughest language in the world This list sucks
Comment from : Ajith Ajithss

learn korean with me
For me hard language is sanskrit chinese , urdu , Korean , Japanese and Thai
Comment from : learn korean with me

Repcakk suerf
Polish > RussianbrThe fact that Russian has its own alphabet doesn't make it more difficult than polish
Comment from : Repcakk suerf

Aziz Mamunov
Yeah Russian is quite easier for native speaker😂😂😂
Comment from : Aziz Mamunov

Kyfen Lando
lol he literally wrote make reasonable choices in the sanskrit script
Comment from : Kyfen Lando

Mantas Melichauskas
In 5th place there had to be Thai🇹🇭 ไทย
Comment from : Mantas Melichauskas

Visconsio Videos
No other subjects fail students in Indonesia more than Mandarin subjects
Comment from : Visconsio Videos

Does anyone know how to speak Korean?br(한국어 할 수있는사람은 손들어보즈아아ㅏㅏ!!)
Comment from : 옹유

Every language needs a long time to master
Comment from : Anna

Comment from : richサムライ

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