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How To Start A Blog And Make Money in 2021 (I Make Over $30,000mo Blogging!)

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Information How To Start A Blog And Make Money in 2021 (I Make Over $30,000mo Blogging!)

Title :  How To Start A Blog And Make Money in 2021 (I Make Over $30,000mo Blogging!)
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Frames How To Start A Blog And Make Money in 2021 (I Make Over $30,000mo Blogging!)

Description How To Start A Blog And Make Money in 2021 (I Make Over $30,000mo Blogging!)

Comments How To Start A Blog And Make Money in 2021 (I Make Over $30,000mo Blogging!)

Anastasia Blogger
Where did you get stuck? Ask me in the comments below! 🎁 FREE E-COURSE: HOW TO START A BLOG anastasiabloggercom/free-course-start-blog/ 📹 FREE PINTEREST MASTERCLASS: anastasiabloggercom/pinterest-masterclass 👩💻 PINTEREST SEO TRAFFIC SECRETS COURSE: anastasiabloggercom/pinterest-course-seo/ LEARN ABOUT BLOG MONETIZATION STRATEGIES youtube/SdWuaD0l2wQ *Disclosure: I am are an affiliate for Bluehost, which means that I will receive a commission if you sign up through my link But there is NO additional cost to you! Actually, Bluehost provided a special discount for my subscribers (limited time offer!) 🎁 START A WEBSITE FOR JUST $295/month through my affiliate link: wwwbluehostcom/track/anastasiablogger/
Comment from : Anastasia Blogger

Bret Harley
You also should buy misspelled domain names if they are common misspellings and just point it to the correctly spelled domain (buy both)
Comment from : Bret Harley

lily Hu
HiNice to meet you from youtubebrIt can be a good experience for people through your videos We are a company of Hongs group limited from China Would you like to review our product for a feebrWe are looking for videos with unboxing experiencebrLooking forward to your response
Comment from : lily Hu

Dynamic Divine Readings
Hi what naics code did use for your blogging business? I'm at a loss, blogger/ content creator isn't on the naics website😅 Thanks
Comment from : Dynamic Divine Readings

Anushka Saxena
Thank you for your valuable guidance I love your authenticity and genuineness your achievement motivates me I appreciate your superior offering to me I find you humble and modest not like people on youtube making a big fuss about how much money they earn through their blogs and youtube you are more of a giving person please don't change thankyou
Comment from : Anushka Saxena

Benefit Baadom
This is too awesome
Comment from : Benefit Baadom

Joey Jetzz
Very Informative! Excellent Video! Great Job, Tacha! We call women Tacha if their name is Anastacia or Anastasia! Great Job Anastasia!
Comment from : Joey Jetzz

Adelle Konrad
New subscriber!❤
Comment from : Adelle Konrad

Harinder Sahajpal
Every time I watch your videos, I fall in love with your voice
Comment from : Harinder Sahajpal

How you make 30k?brAffiliate marketing?brGoogle ads won't pay so much
Comment from : jw200

Hi ma'am, I'm struggling to find a niche for blogging can you please help Initially I thought of food recipe blog but its highly competitive and I searched many but couldn't find one please do help me with any ideas It would build my career please
Comment from : Abhishek

Eric Abraham
The quick grandfather dentsply promise because thomas habitually kiss pace a hissing dish eight, average carrot
Comment from : Eric Abraham

Brandon Thomas
Great info, subscribed👍
Comment from : Brandon Thomas

Yolanda Brown
I have a blog This was great info I’m working on growing my audience FB does not drive much traffic so I’m looking to shift platforms
Comment from : Yolanda Brown

denis mwirigi
Amazing, very informative
Comment from : denis mwirigi

Can we expect one sale commission of $100 for 1000 visitors/month on our blog? Less? What's your experience about this?

Veronika Pánková
I really want to start blogging, but i dont know how to find the theme and how to find it Can you tell me how to find it? Please
Comment from : Veronika Pánková

Michael Dorsey
Thanks for this, I am wanting to start a blog to build up an audience in hopes of promoting my future books!
Comment from : Michael Dorsey

hii ,i started writing my blog but still not sure to do it is worth it or notblog is on my lifestyle
Comment from : AAKRUTI VELANI

Just came across your video and this was a clear, informative, and motivational! New subbie! My favorite parts were when you said anyone can start a successful blog and that it’s not oversaturated! Also the info you gave about Adsense! So helpful! Thanks so much
Comment from : MizladyD

Kenny N
Powerful tips for beginners Thx for sharing I developed several productivity apps and needed to find established bloggers to help promote the apps Any idea where to find them?
Comment from : Kenny N

Dear AnastasiabrReally you have provided a very genuine and inspiring information Kindly guide us how to get rid of 9 to 5 job culture
Comment from : PathSmoother

Valentina Cardoso Rodriguez
I just started to get immerse in all of what is a blog , I did not have any idea of any of these steps to take I am struggling to know what content will be useful if I decided to creat e a log , I am a soccer player, psychologist, and I speak English and Spanish and I am from Colombia Some of my ideas relate to sports, dishes from Colombia and the different psychological disorders , do you think if I write about that it would be a profitable blog ? Thanks for your information it was really useful
Comment from : Valentina Cardoso Rodriguez

LAWANDA Slaughter
Anastasia, Google AdSense accepted my sport blog today, I'm so excited!!! You are an inspirational to me, and I hope my blog can be successful like yours one day But, I have a questions for you, now that I'm with Google AdSense, Can I apply for Affiliate program too? Do Google AdSense allow you to do that?
Comment from : LAWANDA Slaughter

Para hexavoctale
Thumbs up and suscription done !
Comment from : Para hexavoctale

Rassul KZ
Thanks much for your ideas and thoughts It's never too late to start rather than crying and doing nothing Will be waiting for your interview with Shakin Спасибо ещё раз!
Comment from : Rassul KZ

GOSH you are exactly what I needed today!! Thank you
Comment from : Pey

Arjun reddy
India PayPal problem 😌
Comment from : Arjun reddy

niloy ahamed
Comment from : niloy ahamed

niloy ahamed
Comment from : niloy ahamed

niloy ahamed
Comment from : niloy ahamed

niloy ahamed
Comment from : niloy ahamed

niloy ahamed
Comment from : niloy ahamed

Hi i'm Sam ,Can you use Pinterest ads for cryptocurrency,investing and business niches when start blogging
Comment from : RelaxDeep

frost death
I always wanted to start a blog and I will now
Comment from : frost death

Sas Debray
Well, not sure you Awere earning even 3000 dollars per month but certainly after posting this video you will be earning more thanks to newbie bloggers following you 🤣🤣🤣
Comment from : Sas Debray

Nikolas Polychr
Comment from : Nikolas Polychr

Good information
Comment from : O-Educate

Anthony Walker
Prove it, make your statements public
Comment from : Anthony Walker

sarr waatmala
Thank you for your valuable information I am really feeling motivated and grateful
Comment from : sarr waatmala

Trilla Chick Kelley90
The gorgeous card osmotically bump because porcupine concordantly obtain between a slippery zephyr thirsty, raspy var verbs = [aardvark
Comment from : Trilla Chick Kelley90

Jason Rivera
I really want to start a blog, but I literally have nothing of value to share that hasn't already been shared a billion times lol brbrI'm not an expert on anything to share any valuable information via a blog That's literally the only thing holding me back
Comment from : Jason Rivera

Kristina Shumadieva
Thank you for this video, Anastasia It is extremely helpful for new bloggers! <3
Comment from : Kristina Shumadieva

Nenad Popov
Comment from : Nenad Popov

fitness world
the thing that is stopping me to creat blog is lack of money
Comment from : fitness world

cid-carroll dania
Wow this is amazingggg my friend and i want to start blogging wow interesting tips Hope you can helpus❣
Comment from : cid-carroll dania

This was greatall your videos are THANKS
Comment from : ROTTER

Darren Perry
Спасибо, Настя! Пошла делать блог, наконец ( пишу с экрана мужа,есоичто😁)
Comment from : Darren Perry

All Things Investing And Finance
Congratulations on such a huge milestone! Financial Freedom at its best Loved the information
Comment from : All Things Investing And Finance

Amor Castro
Hello I'm beginner vlogbrThank you so much for sharing us ❤️
Comment from : Amor Castro

vinrod34 lamore
Fitness!! Which platform is best??
Comment from : vinrod34 lamore

Vimeo Pictures
I really really want to take ur course but I don't know if my niche is made for Pinterest! How can I check if pinterest will work for my niche?
Comment from : Vimeo Pictures

Pamali Dhar
Hi Ana This was a really helpful video I am blogging on the beauty niche for past 4 months with a in website with WordPress I have 40 articles so far and haven't monetized it yet sometimes, I lose hope but I really want to make it far Any advice please?
Comment from : Pamali Dhar

Nakaya Eminence
Thank u so much I am stuck I just need more traffic on Pinterest 🙏
Comment from : Nakaya Eminence

hey there
Hey Anastasia, I would like your advice I have about 30 printables that I can easily convert into blog posts How would you suggest I go about publishing them?brPs I will be joining the how to blog course now Thank you for your help
Comment from : hey there

Hafiz Sanaullah
V ery helpful! Thank you! ❤
Comment from : Hafiz Sanaullah

When to monetize a new blog?
Comment from : EnergyEngineersHub

darren blinkhorn
Excellent Ana i enjoyed your advice Im totally new though and not even on step 1 so im looking for guidance Can you show how i can start from basics, i use clickbank as my affiliate platform
Comment from : darren blinkhorn

sharndre Noble
Thank you for this information <3
Comment from : sharndre Noble

The Woodgineer
Nothing I didn’t know but presented in a really motivational way that has made me go jump on my underused blog to update it :) Thanks!
Comment from : The Woodgineer

ditdemo dem
You are really pretty
Comment from : ditdemo dem

Samar Bayee
Please help me to start this for earnings
Comment from : Samar Bayee

Emily Alberici
What are the two word press themes mentioned around 6 minutes in? I couldn’t quite understand and couldn’t read it Thank you for all the info!!
Comment from : Emily Alberici

{ CS Projects }
I really like your content brI am a web developer and tired to work for companybrI have a blog that I have built six months ago and and 10 blogs and only earned $60 brI dont know if i have to do a keyword research
Comment from : { CS Projects }

Megan Raj
I used blog as my domain name wasn't available in com Should I change it now?
Comment from : Megan Raj

Omar Alejandro
Hey Anastasia! Another great video Thanks! I follow you for a long time now and heard you speak about Shopify and Blogging of course, my question is if there is a way to improve the traffic for blog posts in Shopify Thanks!
Comment from : Omar Alejandro

Emily Rose
Very helpful! Thank you!
Comment from : Emily Rose

Fahim Ullah
Hello ana love from Pakistan nice info videobrBut I have some confusion between blogger vs wordpress I know both are website making platform in easy waybrBut confusion is that which is better you suggestedbrAnd please kindly make some videos on bloggerbrAnd also please some videos about amazon affiliate marketing
Comment from : Fahim Ullah

Raj Srini
V nice Thank you Ana
Comment from : Raj Srini

Anastasia! You legitimately just inspired me to finally take action! I just bought my domain after seeing this video, and I’m going to start a blog! I’ve already been thinking and planning this for over a year now and it’s time to finally just move forward!!! Thank you so much for all of these helpful tips!
Comment from : Serenify10

Ralph Nyadzi
Clear and concise Thanks so much for the info
Comment from : Ralph Nyadzi

Maria Ciutureanu
Thank you!
Comment from : Maria Ciutureanu

Mr Gas win
thank you for sharing really appreciate
Comment from : Mr Gas win

Alexis Bostantzoglou
Anastasia, do you still have a day job?
Comment from : Alexis Bostantzoglou

thank you for the informationamazing
Comment from : MMS CHANNEL

I am really having a financial crunch ,please help me to make money online fast Thank you sister
Comment from : gomeshubert

Author Felicia Nelson-Davis
but thanks for sharing this helps a lot
Comment from : Author Felicia Nelson-Davis

George Vamvakas
good morning anastasia i am here again for a question i have 20 pins created with 2k impressions 626 audience and only 20pin cliks my niche is the dog-training i think i must to change my profile to somethink else niche cuz my pins dont have a good number i mean the clicking and i wanna to add this my pins is created for a woman cuz in dempographic i saw the ladies inside the pinterest is aboun 75-80 if you can llok my profile to see what is going on profile name fangspot official have a nice day i have learn so much for you
Comment from : George Vamvakas

Kerens Daily
I need to work on my mindset seriously
Comment from : Kerens Daily

Hi Anastasia, I love your encouraging and upbeat attitude It is really very helpful to me I'm signing up to Bluehost using your link I hope to take your Pintrist course sometime in the near future
Comment from : toasterovens

Riyas Mh
Do you drive traffic from Google ?? Or only pinterest
Comment from : Riyas Mh

Naresh Somaiya
Comment from : Naresh Somaiya

thanks so much, your info is helpful I guess what's stopping me is what should my first couple of blog posts be about I'm paralyzed because I don't know how to begin
Comment from : Tat

Dahman Abi Roba
Is "higher-teck" a good name ?
Comment from : Dahman Abi Roba

React Weekly
Is Blogger effective in 2021?
Comment from : React Weekly

the Frugal Duo
Absolutely love this,video!! So helpful! Thanks, Ana!!
Comment from : the Frugal Duo

4D World
Hi brI reached to your channel by chance just a while ago, and I think you are the only one I watch her videos until the end brI work in print on demand, and I use Pinterest to get traffic to it, but I get tired of very limited number of visitors which is not really proportional to the size and energy of my own effort so my question to you as a Pinterest expert is: brDoes really Pinterest works to increase sales and bring in traffic? Do you have courses or videos in my field that I can benefit from? thank you very much
Comment from : 4D World

When I launched my blog, I applied to Google Adsense and did not get in Does this lessen my chances in the future for the other other advertising company when I reach the monthly threshold, such as ezoic, monumetric, (at 10000 monthly sessions) and later, mediavine (50 000 monthly sessions)? Thank you so much for your help and insightful videos!
Comment from : sandramiksawrites

Artist 51
you are pretty cute
Comment from : Artist 51

Don Khalid
Hello Anastasia i'd like to thank you for your informations, i am a beginner and i start my blog yesterday because of you i still need to improve it but its hard to do that by my self :(
Comment from : Don Khalid

This is the second of your videos I've watched Outstanding! I've just started my blog I have something of a following on Facebook making political commentary, so I started a blog to give myself greater freedom than I have on Facebook It was one of my followers who suggested that I should be getting paid for the entertainment value of my posts He told me I should start blogging for money I'd never considered it before last week I've since built the blog and I'm ready to start creating content But I'm stuck on how to shape my content into something sellable My blog is set up like a news blog because I'm basically just writing editorials But I really want my blog to mimic the kinds of things I posted on Facebook, which included human interest posts like my favorite recipes, music and movies I like, etc brbrOddly enough, I'm a graphic designer by trade I was in the process of building a tutorial website to teach Photoshop and other products, and I was doing it "the wrong way" according to you I was trying to build the entire site before going live Then my site broke I did a WordPress update and it broke my theme and plug-ins I was so depressed Then my friend suggested I build my blog, which is what I've been doing for the past week I had thought about using it to sell my services, but I thought that was probably stupid of me to mix my politics with my design services But I'm going to repair my tutorial site once I finish this If I can do that by incorporating the suggestions you're making here, I could potentially have two for-profit sites making money for me All of this is to say I'm so glad I found your channel! I had no idea that this could make the kind of money you're talking aboutbrbrLiked and subbed
Comment from : gmlaster

Hayder Ali
Hi, great video, do you have any advice for finding difficulty in writing blogs, I am good with raising topics to write about but it's very difficult to write them Thanks
Comment from : Hayder Ali

Jane Hoe
I'm binging your videos, they're amazing!
Comment from : Jane Hoe

Royal Empire Music
Hi Anastasia you're are great Thanks for this wonderful video
Comment from : Royal Empire Music

Marlin Duran
That is great thanks Ana 🤗
Comment from : Marlin Duran

Serpent Charmer
What hosting do you use to handle very high traffic?
Comment from : Serpent Charmer

Prabhaker Chary
Thank you nice post
Comment from : Prabhaker Chary

Selfish Mindset
Valuable Information, Thank you Ana :) If you are reading this, Don't give up Start Now Mindset is everything! Growth will come
Comment from : Selfish Mindset

Hadin Saleem
I'm Hadin From Sri Lanka and I'm waiting for your Pinterest course I have already reserved my seat for that session ☺️ brbrAnd I'm so happy to see your inspiration and you really take care of us By the way I'm hoping to start a food recipe blog and a diy blog with new year 2021 ☺️☺️brbrPlease bless me for my future 💓😊
Comment from : Hadin Saleem

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