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Mario Land 2 - Game Boy - Full Playthrough No Commentary

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Information Mario Land 2 - Game Boy - Full Playthrough No Commentary

Title :  Mario Land 2 - Game Boy - Full Playthrough No Commentary
Lasting :   1.12.14
Date of publication :  
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Frames Mario Land 2 - Game Boy - Full Playthrough No Commentary

Description Mario Land 2 - Game Boy - Full Playthrough No Commentary

Comments Mario Land 2 - Game Boy - Full Playthrough No Commentary

I’m only 17 and one of my dream consoles is a game boy color (red or blue) they are so cool and all you need is a couple of games and a couple packs of AAs 😂 although I wish the original game boy colors had backlights
Comment from : ElitemarineUSMC01

Matthew P
Omg loooove
Comment from : Matthew P

sunni bae
Ah my cousin and I would fight over who got to play this game next when we were like 10 yrs old So nostalgic😢
Comment from : sunni bae

diego ivan ontiveros
hey no leer en comentario
Comment from : diego ivan ontiveros

Verdino Dz
اتذكر اني لعبتها لما كان عمري 4سنوات😢
Comment from : Verdino Dz

Noel Rivera
i wish i can turn back time
Comment from : Noel Rivera

Patricia Medel
Un juego para recordar con nostalgia y es volver a ser niños y ser felices
Comment from : Patricia Medel

That invincibility star music 😆🤣
Comment from : M P

Best Mario game ever
Comment from : Rik

Channel Horror
Probably been 25+ years since I played this religiously on my blue OG game boy, maybe I was 7? 8?brAnd the exact notes of the music come back to me in an instant when first watching this playthrough
Comment from : Channel Horror

Bua que recuerdos
Comment from : SeRgIO cAmArOnErO

karima hout
Is super
Comment from : karima hout

the last round in the wario castle is very great challenge <33
Comment from : dddman

i just watch 1h of nostalgie ty
Comment from : •SALBUTRIM•

This game is now 30 years old And I remember getting it on Game Boy the year it debuted when I was only 5 Oh the great memories I had and still have
Comment from : Watson87Unknown

Lu**s R
15:04 20:04
Comment from : Lu**s R

Lu**s R
Comment from : Lu**s R

Sandra Natole
This music Pure bliss and nostalgia Remembering calling my friend on the house phone to bike over with his extra controller to play this I had the snes adapter and it KICKED ASS!
Comment from : Sandra Natole

I remember that music at 13:56 is it part of other mario games?
Comment from : lairlair2

i never beat this as a kid but remembered how far i was able to get in the castle (never got to the final boss) i made it to around 1:06:45 before dying… 😐 didn’t know i was that close
Comment from : Corey

I'm digging that color palette!! It's rather soothing
Comment from : Wolfdragon92584

Jimmy Kyuss
uh gosh i remember how I really hated the Soundtrack of that game as a child
Comment from : Jimmy Kyuss

Too bad my games got stolen i always suspected one person but because that person is a hoarder it was too difficult to find it
Comment from : M&MS W

15 years later, i can still remember the sound in my head ahhh the feels <3
Comment from : RHYSS OQUENDO

Random Nintendo Gamer
Comment from : Random Nintendo Gamer

The nostalgia, I totally forgot about this one!
Comment from : Robin

Flynn Scythe
This is one of my childhood and favorite Mario's games besides super Mario nes and subrSuper Mario 64
Comment from : Flynn Scythe

Club Wisdom 8
This was the first ever game i bought on Japanese as a kid Lucky it had no story 🙂
Comment from : Club Wisdom 8

How did you get the blue color? I always thought there would be only black and white?
Comment from : DesireGamer

Courtress Butter
You’re hot Mrs Star Maze !
Comment from : Courtress Butter

Brandon Earl
Comment from : Brandon Earl

Dr Pulps Theater of Horror
Pumpkin Zone was definitely my favorite level in the game 🎃
Comment from : Dr Pulps Theater of Horror

Rex Thrasher
In 1992 I was 10 I spent all my time watching Ice hockey (Finland was finally starting to win medals in international tournaments around that time), trading stickers and cards, listening to Megadeth and Dream Theater and… playing videogames like Supermarioland 2 all summer No politics, no romantic relationships, no tax forms Just enjoying the summer
Comment from : Rex Thrasher

Hakim Djouhri
zegt ui
Comment from : Hakim Djouhri

Deval Lee
Take me back please 😫
Comment from : Deval Lee

Adam Bradley
Hah, I didn't think there was space for a 4th character on the coin counter :)brThis is like a 100 run, bravo! I haven't seen this since I played it, really reminds me of playing this at school with an old friend who tragically died in his early 20s
Comment from : Adam Bradley

Jaden Padin
This is the first game boy game i played
Comment from : Jaden Padin

Oh man this takes me back☺
Comment from : VegaPunk

Gameboy Hub
Hello man, can I use bits of your video for a video I'm making about Nintendo prototypes? I just need a few seconds of the gameplay while I'm talking I will give you credit in the video description!
Comment from : Gameboy Hub

I used to love this game! I've only ever been able to finish it once The floating heads right before the end is where I mostly stranded
Comment from : yamilisa

my first open world game
Comment from : mrktrb

Flaco Trz
The farthest I’ve ever gotten was to the first level of space zone
Comment from : Flaco Trz

David Gutierrez
Uno de mis favoritos de la game boy No recuerdo las veces que me lo pasé… gracias por recordármelo 😍
Comment from : David Gutierrez

Lexi Kaiser
I played this game boy when I was growing up and it was my favorite to play
Comment from : Lexi Kaiser

aneury taveras
My childhood 😭
Comment from : aneury taveras

Juan Gabriel
Why does thus particular music in this part make me giggle? Someone explain please if they do that too so I don't feel weird 😆 that little triple screech in the underground theme makes me giggle
Comment from : Juan Gabriel

Doug Clement
Shigeru Miyamoto has provided the entertainment for the last 30 years of my life
Comment from : Doug Clement

Comment from : VaguelyInteresting

Josh J
My sister is current stuck on this right now hahahahaha
Comment from : Josh J

I had this game, too I love it! 😍
Comment from : Grünhaar

Helena Richards 💖
01:07:25 was terrifiying!
Comment from : Helena Richards 💖

Helena Richards 💖
Oh my God I'm a girl and I loved this game Can't believe I waited so long to look this up
Comment from : Helena Richards 💖

Laura MacCallum
Finally been reminiscing for years all about this gem
Comment from : Laura MacCallum

Watch when the fnf comments come talking about Golden land
Comment from : Pówerpoint

Best game ever
Comment from : Mahdi

Why that blue hue?
Comment from : ikagura

two big shots
this is sooo nostalgic i remember old times
Comment from : two big shots

G Walter
This was the Best Game on Gameboy And One i managed to Finish Wish was Rare in my CasebrbrThis, Tennis, Turtles, Tetris, F1, Super Mario 1 were my most liked GB Games
Comment from : G Walter

🐴Sonrisa de cristal🐴
Comment from : 🐴Sonrisa de cristal🐴

Coding in Flow
Damn I almost forgot about this game I played it a lot as a child on my Gameboy
Comment from : Coding in Flow

javier martinez
I was playing this game but I couldn't finish the last mission it's too hard 😡 currently mad
Comment from : javier martinez

Steve Winfree
Wow the music takes me back to riding in the back of my parents car and playing this constantly
Comment from : Steve Winfree

Is this on easy settings I can't remember the bosses being so easy
Comment from : The-Blue-Barron🐘

veronica croskey
I played thisbrBut I don't remember beating Wario 😕
Comment from : veronica croskey

Alan Castillo
I used to play this game on GameBoy SP, totally awesome!!
Comment from : Alan Castillo

the space level and lego levels are what always stuck with me
Comment from : Marco

Danny Felix / NUFC
14 Jan 2008
Comment from : Danny Felix / NUFC

this game makes mario look like donald trump :
Comment from : LP&K YT

Jesus…I’m 32 and this game brings back so many memories lol I liked how every stage was just the same song but different variations 🤣
Comment from : GSXS1000

brian umphreyville
The first video game I ever had One year we went to North Carolina to see cousins and had Christmas with them got this game links awakening and I think Pokémon yellow played it all the way home to New York
Comment from : brian umphreyville

Conorlodeon archive
it shouldint be smooth its criminal
Comment from : Conorlodeon archive

jan (capturing improvs & pieces)
What a step up from the first one which I also love Gonna buy this one off ebay, I have to have it again
Comment from : jan (capturing improvs & pieces)

I never managed to throw Wario out of the castle ,not even in "Easy Mode"
Comment from : barbapapa9741

Nira Moura
Quem fez os inimigos ficarem azuis e laranjas
Comment from : Nira Moura

I remember i had this game on my nintendo gameboy some 28 years ago (i'm 38 now) It (the last wario castle stage) was super hard because there was no save option available :) Good to see this game again!
Comment from : B M

Kamil Bak
Genialna gra 👏
Comment from : Kamil Bak

1:31 OMG sounds like an 90's phone start-up
Comment from : P-Headmations

Nathanael Wassmann
You left out the secret exit and secret stage in the tree zone!
Comment from : Nathanael Wassmann

soly blade
recuerdo a mi hermano willian y marvin los vere un dia en el cielo
Comment from : soly blade

Edward Outlaw Jr
Brings me back to my middle school days I used to play this game with my sisters and two cousins
Comment from : Edward Outlaw Jr

Kim Jones
I played this once and even had a clear game boy but one day i lost it and couldn't find it again Sad day :(
Comment from : Kim Jones

Benjamín Trejo
This game take me back to my childhood The best age of my life
Comment from : Benjamín Trejo

Koval Lane
Oh Childhood where have you gone?
Comment from : Koval Lane

My ChildhoodI Loved This Game !
Comment from : Yaarsandhu

Ty Hairston
Such good memories miss the old gameboys
Comment from : Ty Hairston

Jose Luis Vargas G
Heyyyyy buuuuu the original was for first gameboy the big one, in black and white, you can't play without light 😂😂😂 I never know this version with color exists 😨😨😨
Comment from : Jose Luis Vargas G

Ben Donovan
35:34 This zone is my favorite
Comment from : Ben Donovan

Clayton Bridges
so I think I played on this on the original gameboy and then maybe the SP?
Comment from : Clayton Bridges

Tom Richnafsky
Music is the closest thing we have to a time machine I can honestly shut my eyes and remember what it felt like to play this as an eight year old kid
Comment from : Tom Richnafsky

David Mowbray
After 30 years I just realised you can jump higher if you hold up while jumping
Comment from : David Mowbray

how do you get the graphics to look so good?
Comment from : dukdukMOOSE

🌸 𝒫𝑒𝒶𝒸𝒽𝓀𝒾𝓃𝒹 🌸
omg ♥
Comment from : 🌸 𝒫𝑒𝒶𝒸𝒽𝓀𝒾𝓃𝒹 🌸

Nirvana One
Omg Mario 1 and 2 on the original Game BoybrBest games full stopbrNo nostalgia 😎
Comment from : Nirvana One

Brother Talks About Mental Health
Great game Me and my sister played this for hours
Comment from : Brother Talks About Mental Health

Maestro Stefano Petrini
one of the best 10 games ever created
Comment from : Maestro Stefano Petrini

I remember vaguely when my game boy would die, the level would still barely be visible lol
Comment from : Joseph

Lourdine Michel
Man this is like half super Mario land two
Comment from : Lourdine Michel

Lourdine Michel
It’s me Wario I am your master Mario is your enemy Wario his cast an evil spell over the Mario land don’t let Mario get all six Golden coin don’t let Mario get your palace let me get to the palace don’t follow the evil Wario spell in super Mario land 26 Golden coin
Comment from : Lourdine Michel

Mario Bader
I'm just 15 y/o and i plyed it
Comment from : Mario Bader

At 10 I played thousands of hours and could never beat the final boss Always felt like a loser about it but watching it now nearly 30 years later I distinctly remember creating personas and backstories in my head for the npc's and bosses and revisiting lands I'd finished just for the music It didn't matter if I beat it, I milked the game for all it was worth Nice to see the final end sequence though
Comment from : Sally

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