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The Silver Everyone Should Own: The Royal Mint Britannia

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Information The Silver Everyone Should Own: The Royal Mint Britannia

Title :  The Silver Everyone Should Own: The Royal Mint Britannia
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Frames The Silver Everyone Should Own: The Royal Mint Britannia

Description The Silver Everyone Should Own: The Royal Mint Britannia

Comments The Silver Everyone Should Own: The Royal Mint Britannia

Daniel Harris
I just got a 25 tube of 1oz 2021 Britannia’s Royal Mint wanted £650 inc VAT, but I got them for £588 from Atkinson Bullion
Comment from : Daniel Harris

Charles Reid
Started stacking silver last December So far I have 10 2nd hand which arrived in a royal mint tube hope to fill it by end of year
Comment from : Charles Reid

Devil in the Detailers
Had my first bit of silver come today a 1oz Britannia Its beautiful
Comment from : Devil in the Detailers

Diving Deep
those coins are massively devalued, never touch your coins bro
Comment from : Diving Deep

Nice one mate I love Britannia’s too
Comment from : BitcoinistLife

£14 oz sounds great right about now!
Comment from : Wilde_FPV

God that was boring!
Comment from : P B

Vijay Sharma
Ive just discovered your channel Some reallt good informative videos Which capsules do you use to encapsulate your britannias?
Comment from : Vijay Sharma

Ethan Failes
I just pulled the trigger on 4 just yesterday, is buying the same every month a good idea mabye more of less?
Comment from : Ethan Failes

I know silver is silver however I just received 10 of the 2021 Normally I put everything in tubes , they came in a tube half full then packed with peanuts I was so impressed with the design and security features I put all 10 in capsules Will definitely order more in the future
Comment from : D S

Jasmine David
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Comment from : Jasmine David

Me Lester
2020 and 2017 are very similar, pretty much identical
Comment from : Me Lester

Zac malek Malek
Hi mate i am 17 in uk i saved 500£, how where to buy them at spot price or good price as so many online companies charging lots
Comment from : Zac malek Malek

Lunnex Film
I wish i could have one of those I cant find it here in the philippines
Comment from : Lunnex Film

looking at getting my first 1 oz silver Britannia coin from the Royal Mint website soon
Comment from : MetalMatt2510

Derek Dymond
Hoping to join the silver gang Got my first 2 x 1oz coins arrived today
Comment from : Derek Dymond

Angel Dominguez
Compaired to maples and eagles Britannias are gorgeous And they are less expensive
Comment from : Angel Dominguez

James Duffy
Where is best to buy Britania from just now in Scotland m8
Comment from : James Duffy

Baron Sprout
Dude I’m new goldsilverbe would you recommend?brI want to get ‘a coin’ to test it but why not just ask someone who knows 🤷🏻‍♂️ I wanna jump in and buy 2 or 3 tubes of Britannia’s 😁
Comment from : Baron Sprout

I'm in Texas and just started britiana binges and buying britianas for the next 6 months, it's one hell of a fine coin, especially from 2018 up, over here I can buy them for about $21, about same as ASE, ML, ect from what i see on these coins is "it's going 2b next to impossible to counterfeit", if it's tried it'll be immediately recognized to even the beginner's of the silver life anyway, this is all I have to say 🇺🇸
Comment from : SILVER WISKERS

Comment from : W KB

I'd like to be able to start stacking The Britannia coins are beautiful
Comment from : VW GTI

Just pre ordered eight, 2020 britannias
Comment from : HEY its ALEX

New viewer Interested to catch up with your vids!
Comment from : LAFTA

Gorilla HD
Good video Congrats on picking up some really nice coinsbrbrbrScott
Comment from : Gorilla HD

Ryan Stucke
Britannias are beautiful
Comment from : Ryan Stucke

Imhotep &Taharqa ́s Music
Ok its beautiful and all that Can you use them in crisis other than in the UK?brWill it be accepted in Europe? All of Europe? Will the ASE be more useable in Europe as well? Great Video 😉
Comment from : Imhotep &Taharqa ́s Music

Silver shiner
Meant the 2017 design rather
Comment from : Silver shiner

Silver shiner
I like the 2019 it's even better
Comment from : Silver shiner

Silver shiner
Great looking coin There absolutely gorgeous to look at A level or 2 above the American issued rounds Seems as if the silver quality might, and say say this with caution and uncertainty, actually be of a better quality then ours here in the state's Or perhaps it may just be the actual finish on the coin
Comment from : Silver shiner

Pawel Jekd
Silver is Silver :D
Comment from : Pawel Jekd

Sara Winters
I just got a tube of 2019 Britannia's and one 'Year of the Dog' coin
Comment from : Sara Winters

Abdur Rahman
too much Queen
Comment from : Abdur Rahman

Jamuna Pradhan
Comment from : Jamuna Pradhan

James Kinnear
Where do you buy them from to get them at £14
Comment from : James Kinnear

Break From The Herd
US Dealers only pay me $100 under spot for these
Comment from : Break From The Herd

Eddies Little Stack
66th Like! Referred here from Matt @ silver fortunebrThe Britannias are very nice and very shinny coins
Comment from : Eddies Little Stack

Ag 999
Great Coins!
Comment from : Ag 999

Womble Stacker
Not from royal mint and pay tax
Comment from : Womble Stacker

metalic miner
2013 are beautiful, mirrored background on both sides and the first 999 fine I was lucky to buy an unsealed tube of 20 Second hand too I highly recommend sorcing yourself a few
Comment from : metalic miner

Beautiful coins!
Comment from : Lukrem

9 Channel
snuppit/fxXvbtbrbrThese are my collections😉
Comment from : 9 Channel

Luis Monzon
You did not explain why Britannia, on you video and your British so your view is bias American Eagles here in America the west is the best!
Comment from : Luis Monzon

Robbie Robson
Pre-2013 Britannias are actually 958 silver, (Britannia grade,) not 925 They still contain one whole troy ounce of pure silver, nonetheless
Comment from : Robbie Robson

Luis Monzon
You mean, in the UK
Comment from : Luis Monzon

If bullion I guess you can handle it But, in a few years numismatic value may not develop because of the handling You can get tarnish and you shouldn't clean a coin with numismatic value
Comment from : MFB

harryzero 156
I have to agree with the header, especially britannias if you are UK resident If you have stuff that you've not used for months the chances are that you don't needed it Declutter, sell your stuff and get some silver denominated in your particular currency
Comment from : harryzero 156

I collect from here in the statesDaft that they can be cheaper here then in the ukmaybe the reason I became an ex patlol
Comment from : BusyBeeCompany

Daniel Morrow
It pains me to see a capsule seal broken, but I guess its all part of the goal Nice progress so far this year you're well on your way to smashing those goals Also, that radial design, freakin love it! 😍
Comment from : Daniel Morrow

gold maple
If you are getting the 2003 Silver Britannia, get the proof version rather than the BU version It's way cooler Also get the 2001 Silver Britannia if you can
Comment from : gold maple

gold maple
Hey Stacker Noob UK you should get Silver Brittanias before 2012 All Brittanias before 2012 have different designs unlike those after 2012 which have the same generic design They are 925 silver instead of 999 silver 2013 was the first year the Britannias were 999 silver The most valuable year is 2001 because that's the lowest mintage in BU The most beautiful design (my opinion) was 2003 and the ugliest design was 2011 The Silver Brittanias with the oriental border is also a great design You should get that !
Comment from : gold maple

I'm almost to the whole collection, got 15 different early brits
Comment from : BusyBeeCompany

Undefined Silver
Enjoyed the video Stacker Noob UK! Thanks for sharing! Keep up the good work! Check out my channel Subbed! US
Comment from : Undefined Silver

Liam McGoldrick
as more of a numismatist than stacker it pains me when people take coins out of a capsule and puts them in a roll but it's not up to me what you do to your coins but be careful every knick and scratch and pressure mark is scrutinized
Comment from : Liam McGoldrick

Lukas Rayzor
Heya dude! Fellow British silver noob here too, though seeing that you have a couple years under your belt compared to me you’re the silver sensei lol! Just took the dive and bought 150 britainias from europeanmint, should come out about £1480 each just playing the nervous waiting game now til they arrive XD Happy Stacking 👍
Comment from : Lukas Rayzor

Outdoor uk guerilla growing
Hello ive recently decided I want to start stacking Thing is I really don't know who to buy from Can any help me, would be much appreciated I understand buying from Europe makes it cheaper in coins but does this also include bars of silver? Lastly is European mint any good?
Comment from : Outdoor uk guerilla growing

Britannias are easily the best looking 'standard' bullion coin Love the privy ones with the smooth edges and the orientals as well
Comment from : J BULLIONAIRE

BigRed Bullion
Nice pickups
Comment from : BigRed Bullion

Awesome deal on those Britannias
Comment from : 4NinesBeast

Flipping Coins
What a bargain, lovely coins 👍
Comment from : Flipping Coins

Grant Tnarg
Hi Stacker Noob, I'm able to pick up some 2013 Brits for a decent price, should I get them or go for newer brits ? Thanks
Comment from : Grant Tnarg

lord richy
Britannias are my absolute favourite if all the silver coins out there, excellent choice man keep the quality content rolling :)
Comment from : lord richy

Womble Stacker
LV the 2017
Comment from : Womble Stacker

Womble Stacker
£1400 wow I'm on silver forum let me know when any good deals come up love brittannia coins
Comment from : Womble Stacker

Womble Stacker
Make them tax free in UK and I will get lots
Comment from : Womble Stacker

Alexander R De Voogt
Very nice pickups my friend Thanks for the show
Comment from : Alexander R De Voogt

Timothy Whittington
As a former colonist I stack ASE's The Britannias are my second favorite design, much more than others I have some, so damn good looking
Comment from : Timothy Whittington

paul potato
i got the same ones
Comment from : paul potato

👍👍👍 Great start to the the bud, More than 50 there!! #TheSilverForum
Comment from : jonrms

British MGTOW
The Royal mint are making some great coins at the moment, especially the Brittanias and Queens Beast silver bullion brAttractive and good value for money!
Comment from : British MGTOW

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