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SAVE $1000 for Christmas (6 Money Saving Tips)

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Information SAVE $1000 for Christmas (6 Money Saving Tips)

Title :  SAVE $1000 for Christmas (6 Money Saving Tips)
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Frames SAVE $1000 for Christmas (6 Money Saving Tips)

Description SAVE $1000 for Christmas (6 Money Saving Tips)

Comments SAVE $1000 for Christmas (6 Money Saving Tips)

Texas Royalty
First timer definitely sticking around thanks for the tips
Comment from : Texas Royalty

I’m Starting to save 100s each month till Christmas this year
Comment from : Mari7

Panda and Cookie
Why are you not a math teacher I think you would do amazing!🤩🤩🤩
Comment from : Panda and Cookie

I subscribed Dana 🙏🏿
Comment from : JD

Thank you this helped me a lot to budget I want this Christmas to be one of best even with this Covid situation going on I just want to bring laughter and cheer to family I’m already saving now
Comment from : JD

Merry Christmas Dana! You've been my debt snowball inspiration this year! Planning to start saving $40 per pay period starting in Jan (Heard Target does an awesome toy clearance in Jan & July so I'm planning to hit those up)
Comment from : thetiner

Maryam Al-Mahdi
Love ur channel 💕
Comment from : Maryam Al-Mahdi

Danny Zen
$$$$$$$$$$$ Great video! I'm the Founder/CEO/Chairman of clean utility & energy efficiency company, Florida Energy & Sun (FES) Please enjoy a FREE copy of my "10 Energy & $$$-Saving Tips" guide at: tinyurlcom/10EnergySavingTips (for a longer, "88-Point Energy Efficiency Checklist," (a $10,000 value) click-onbr tinyurlcom/LowerMyKWH $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
Comment from : Danny Zen

Georgette Teekel
I've learned alot from watching your videos We are a family of 4 Thank you,and God bless!
Comment from : Georgette Teekel

Well Behaved Wallet
This is fantastic! Thank you for sharing So simple and yet SO HELPFUL!!! I'm hoping to start up a series on my channel around an "Organized Christmas" You are so inspiring! xWBW
Comment from : Well Behaved Wallet

Christmas is FINIALLY all bought and wrapped already I'm five months late this year I'm usually done by the end of May No credit cards involved either I do the lists as well I also put what I bought for who I also add how it's getting delivered (FEDEX, UPS, USPS, ETC), the date it's getting delivered and the last four of the tracking number That way I can keep track of it on my calendar For our daughter's first grade teachershe was AMAZING For her end of the year gift we gave her a $100 gift card to Erin Cordin (sp)for a planner of her choosing We do smaller gifts for teacher appreciation and Christmas
Comment from : Mysticsoul

Jessie Dame
I'm giving this a try because I'm still paying for Christmas debt from last year just so my kids would have nice gifts This year we will have family staying with us so the extra expense of having to entertain is already starting to stress me
Comment from : Jessie Dame

timeless tarot
Great tips however they dont work for everyone
Comment from : timeless tarot

Sandee Strunk
So happy the world has YOU! I am nearly 70 and wish I had had you 35 years ago! But anyway, in those extra 35 years, I do something now I didn't hear mentioned(maybe I missed it) Michael's has $4 Grab Bags/Boxes or Mystery Bags several times a year This could be regional Usually you see them happening after a seasonal event like after the bigger general holidays such as Easter, July 4, Pumpkin/Harvest season and Christmas/ New Years You can talk to the employees or call the store to see when they think the next one will be Anyway, that said, once my gal pal bought 2 bags - true it is potluck in them - but she does this several times a year and ALWAYS gets enough good gifts for not just Christmas, but birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, graduations, hospital visits and misc For example one time from just 2 bags she got 6 LARGE sconces with candle holders that could be used indoors or out Plus kids books, fidget twirlers, on and on Sometimes there are unusable items so she donates those But the sconces were priced at $30 each retail x 6 = $180 that she paid $8 forso they wound up costing pennies each and made a great wedding gift Other stores have these things - but Michael's surpasses the others for the quality and what you get Still I use the other stores too and still can get gifts for cheap My Christmas budget is $250 and we have 5 kids, 11 grand kids and one great so I need to be REALLY creative on a retirement budget So when I put away monthly funds for gifting, I often dip into that savings all year round to capture these deals; and for the extra groceries needed for baking/freezing and put up jams from my garden harvests
Comment from : Sandee Strunk

Good reminder and advice! You could also plan to purchase $90 worth of gifts a week up until Christmas :) to spread out the shopping into smaller manageable chunks
Comment from : sarasuperid

Cats in Hats
Great video, I don't save money monthly but shop all year I start with a list just after Christmas and add to it items the littles may mention You can find some great buys just after Christmas for outside presents for friends etc As I find items on sale that are on my list I pick them up I do major gift once a month for grown children and grands One year my granddaughter had bought her first home and needed linens and towels I hit the white sales during the year and doubled what I could buy her with what I had decided in her fund amount Now I am down to just a few things I need to pick up that they wanted and have started buying for holiday meals I also set aside a small amount of money for holiday activities like lighting events, plays and meals out with friends
Comment from : Cats in Hats

Call me cheap or frugal but saving for Xmas isn’t difficult What would be difficult is spending $1000 on one holiday That’s nuts
Comment from : Arielann

The Cringy Krew
if it were up to me I would skip Christmas and go on a vacation but I have kids and they want gifts
Comment from : The Cringy Krew

The Cringy Krew
1000 that is double what we dobrno gift is over $25brkids get $10 gifts all from the 2nd hand store
Comment from : The Cringy Krew

Megan Goggans
Thanks for a reminder of Xmas and going back to the basics
Comment from : Megan Goggans

Stephanie Miller
My solution is go to salvation army Angel Tree bc I don't have any $$ for gifts and won't for a few years
Comment from : Stephanie Miller

I love your channel, but this is too muchCan you or anyone tell me why christmas is so much about buying gifts? Thank God both me and my husband did not grow up with Christmas being all about spending money on gifts for everyone Maybe because we are not from USA (is it a cultural thing in USA?) We also HATE that a holiday, especially a religeous one is about spending money money money, gifts gifts gifts and big time consumerism One of our new members in the family (sister in law) introduced buying presents for christmas Well, my husband and I refuse and now some people are confused We don't care, we never grew up with it and we will not start it Thank goodness no one thinks that it is about us being poor or something since we both are engineers and have very good paying jobs It's not about us not being able to afford it, we are not use it and we in general we hate spending money on (for us) useless things But it is sad that our beloved holiday Christmas now has become a discussion in the family and putting pressure on people about BUYING stufffffffrediculous!
Comment from : ijszje

Maybe one expense you can cut out is a food category that's bad for your health, like coffee, or in my case, red meat?
Comment from : thebestwillow

My Christmas prep needs to start earlier than usual this year, as I'm spending most of November your side of the pond, and because I'm finally officially working towards veganism! Mind you, I started gift shopping in may, because I found a bunch of beautiful things that various people I love will like Are you familiar with Rachel Hollis' last 90 days challenge, Dana?
Comment from : thebestwillow

Tracey Costa
Great tips, Thankyou I never thought on cutting back on something but realising my grocery shop is beyond what it should be so that's what I'm going to be cutting back on to save the extra money Love your channel!
Comment from : Tracey Costa

The only way Christmas can ever really be a surprise, is if it doesn't happen because the world has ended and we've all been raptured by then!
Comment from : thebestwillow

C Cervantes
Love this video!brI use an app called Santa’s Bag to keep track of presents I start Christmas shopping right after the holidays and stock up on discounted items It’s a free app with a real time countdown and allows you to keep track of gifts and how much is spent For an extra fee, there’s more bells and whistles but using the free version works great for me!
Comment from : C Cervantes

Harri G
My husband and I only give gifts to immediate family and we keep it to modest spending We don’t give each other gifts-if we want/need anything we get it as long as we can afford it Christmas is more for children and we’re really not bothered about it
Comment from : Harri G

Angela Pennington
What do you use for sinking funds? I don't see opening up a bunch of savings accounts Could I do envelopes with cash? I save my change all year for Christmas but I don't think it's enough Great tips 😀😁
Comment from : Angela Pennington

Princess kaitlin Hazelwood
We get paid every other week So we get 26 pay checks a year But we base our budget based on two paychecks a month So we get two extra pay checks a year We use one for Christmas and one for our summer vacation brOn the same note, how much do you spend on teacher gifts We give the main teacher $25 and the specialty teachers a $5 gift card But some of my colleagues think $5 is too low and we should spend $10 What do you guys think? I don’t even think most people give to specialty teachers brAlso does your budget include Sunday school teachers, coaches, dance teachers etc? After awhile I feel brIke we are giving all these random people gifts People we hardly know or care about
Comment from : Princess kaitlin Hazelwood

Peggy Ghirardello
I try shop year round pic p gifts good quality gifts ogle jcp cle a rance coupons we save change a ll year to helps to we also have birthdays other events between now xmas have five grand kids six adults hubby both mom's it ads up but we manage last ople years had all presents separated wrapped ahead time lot less stressful
Comment from : Peggy Ghirardello

Melissa Richard
I start my Christmas saving in September I do my shopping during the month of September, October and November I always do my shopping based on my electric bill savings We don't need to use heat or air conditioning during that time and all the extra money is for Christmas We have very hot summers and cold winter's
Comment from : Melissa Richard

Ada Blackjack
Debt-Free Dana
Comment from : Ada Blackjack

Granite Moss
We put aside a set amount each month, and we have all year Except the last month or two, hubby hasn't had OT or work for his side business Things are tight, but we're not exactly flush at the moment either But the financial aspect of the holidays are of no concern Between what we've saved earlier this year, and the gifts I've already purchased, we are in fine shape, no worries Hubby's company gives 1 week's pay as a bonus roughly a week before Xmas A lot of his coworkers rely on it to purchase their gifts, but we do save/pay down the mortgage with it Perhaps this year I'll sock some away towards next year, because it's so great to have this set already!
Comment from : Granite Moss

October: $3500 tax payment;brNovember: Teen's bday $100, if we're lucky; $15,000 tax paymentbrDecember: My bday $25; Our Anniversary $50; xmas $300 per teen (x3); sobrMy bday can be $0; Our Anniversary can be a bottle of wine; and xmas is for kids lol
Comment from : Chris

This is our second Christmas with a Christmas fund and it’s such a game changer!!!! We have four kids and getting the shopping done early to enjoy the holidays with my kids is the absolute best thing about it! No more stress or last minute desperation ahhh 11 weeks away! I love Christmas 🎄 can’t wait!
Comment from : TwoRiversFarmhouse

MK Lonestar Handcrafted
I budget a year aheadwhat does that mean? Christmas is already done for this year, as I started buying at the sales the day AFTER Christmas and then throughout the year What has been put aside for Christmas will be money spent in 2019 starting the day after Christmas I only buy sale and clearance for my husband and my family (we no longer have children in the home) For his coworkers and close friends, I make gift baskets of homemade goodies When we had foster children, I would also make their teachers these gift baskets We had our foster children for 3 Christmases, so I bought for them throughout the year (2 items per month, one per child and ONLY a sale/clearance item) They got a "want", "need" (clothing), and a book, along with other tinier items for stockings Then there were the few gifts from Santa, which usually was the "big" gift that they really wanted and just knew we would never get (ex: scooter)
Comment from : MK Lonestar Handcrafted

Brad Finn
Never thought of cutting something out for a month or two to help free up some money Great tip! Thanks so much for the video My daughters first christmas I CANT WAIT!!
Comment from : Brad Finn

Lisa Seo
You are inspiring! Thanks for encouraging me in my journey to financial freedom I am just starting out and am at around $40000 in credit card debt and student loans Thanks for being so honest and real, I always feel hopeful after watching your videos!
Comment from : Lisa Seo

Anne Hoyle
I do the envelope system and have Christmas and birthdays in one It's surprising how fast the money grows!
Comment from : Anne Hoyle

Our Slow Simple Life
Money has been really tight the last few years so I stopped buying gifts For the first year it was hard with the pressure of commercialism but after that it's been easy I just tell people I don't buy gifts and move on We give gifts to people that don't even need any I'm adopting so that's where all my money goes Once my daughter is home I will buy her one reasonably priced gift and then donate money to causes that are important to me throughout the year I'm a teacher and can honestly say I'd rather not get a gift I use to keep every single gift but in the end got rid of almost all of them There are only so many mugs and knickknacks one person can use lol
Comment from : Our Slow Simple Life

Laura Hanson
Aw, your kids’ teachers must love you and your thoughtful gifts!
Comment from : Laura Hanson

Leah Stanger
We organize Christmas saving early too, I've got a spreadsheet each year with notes 😊 We also budget for extra food and events We'd rather cut back in the months before so we've got the money ready, then risk overspending and worrying about money at Christmas timebrLove your videos by the way!
Comment from : Leah Stanger

Cayce Groves
We do Christmas club through bank and they deposit it in October it is great I use it for presents and gas etc for traveling thanks for the reminders
Comment from : Cayce Groves

Scott Dow
Happy Holidays to you as well!
Comment from : Scott Dow

Awesome tip re putting notes re a person's likes in a spreadsheet!😃
Comment from : mishtopia

Zelda Van Tonder
I just love your channel! You are so positive and inspiring! God bless
Comment from : Zelda Van Tonder

Estrella Perez
Good ideas! Not too late to save for gifts!
Comment from : Estrella Perez

Renn Sea
My company gives bank gift cards to employees as their Christmas gift These are given around Thanksgiving, so we have time to shop without panicking
Comment from : Renn Sea

Kate Kaden
I haven't even watched yet, but as soon as I saw your title, I got REALLY excited! Okay, now I'm going to watch! xo
Comment from : Kate Kaden

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