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the lincoln-kennedy coincidences

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Title :  the lincoln-kennedy coincidences
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Comments the lincoln-kennedy coincidences

Aaron Reynoso
You left out the one that says: Lincoln’s secretary’s last name was Kennedy and Kennedy’s assistants last name was Lincoln
Comment from : Aaron Reynoso

One thing, John Wilkes Booth was not a Southerner
Comment from : HoldMyBlade

i think the next one will be shot in fordnitebrbrjojes aside, bad research, i think wikipedia says that JWB was from Maryland
Comment from : Gurke27

Lincoln's assassin shot him in a theatre and escaped to a warehouse, and Kennedy's assassin shot him in a warehouse and escaped to a theatrebrBoth were killed before being prosecuted
Comment from : Hatred

easy solution
Abrhaham Lincoln was born in 1809 🤦‍♂️
Comment from : easy solution

Imagine coming back to live just to get shot in the head again
Comment from : Skeleton

Azazael Maher
okay, and what does it have to do with minecraft
Comment from : Azazael Maher

Vhy is this so short
Comment from : THEBROS9807

This may sound crazy what I'm about to say, but kennedy was john wilkes booth reincarnated that's why there are many coincidences between them, and also why they both died the same way
Comment from : lordekamen

OG Snowyy 1
This gave me the goosebumps and chills but I knew this though 😳😳
Comment from : OG Snowyy 1

(this channel was deleted)
It's almost guaranteed that there would be this many coincidences with at least 2 of all the presidents, it's not that surprising Most of the coincidences aren't even that, I guess "rare" you could call it
Comment from : (this channel was deleted)

Holy crap his voice and mic changed over one year!
Comment from : W1TH3R1NG_YT

Comment from : Makkiebobo

Coincidence of the history 💀
Comment from : theReal1

the last emperor
History rep repeats itself history repeats itself history repeats itself hist-
Comment from : the last emperor

You forgot one, they both (and some other 2 guys as well) were the first ever to attempt to end the federal reserve banking system
Comment from : FellowWeeb69

Thatsnice You
Both killed by the government
Comment from : Thatsnice You

King Marvin’s Adventures
* *
Comment from : King Marvin’s Adventures

You’re not talking about the assassinations of presidents under Minecraft gameplay are you? Fml
Comment from : Raxn

Dino nerd
Maybe Kennedy has a past life as Lincoln🤔🧐
Comment from : Dino nerd

Jingga Sona
Imagine if it was just some guy fucked up the documentation of those two and rewrote it in a rush
Comment from : Jingga Sona

why cant I find an available username?
A week before Lincoln was shot, he was in Monroe, Maryland A week before Kennedy was shot, he was in Marilyn Monroe
Comment from : why cant I find an available username?

ie unspecified
Other life tiktokers: allow us to introduce ourselves
Comment from : ie unspecified

Bernardo KKKJ
both of them were humans, both of them had two eyes and one mouth Coincidence? i think not
Comment from : Bernardo KKKJ

Both chewed their food, was birthed by a women, both male - why we doing this
Comment from : Main

Brian J Stephan
Sometimes we should just take a break on the theories because this much thought process might make someone mentally unwell as I now have a headache
Comment from : Brian J Stephan

William Ulrey
Man this guy sounded so different a year ago
Comment from : William Ulrey

John wilke
Comment from : munky978

Another coincidence I saw between all 4 assasinated in office presidents is that all of their deahts are exactly 1 calendar week apart you could take a look into that
Comment from : Ethan

Nahhh bro is just copying lincoln
Comment from : Bassfishepic

plush luigi
JWB did admire the south but he was not southern himself
Comment from : plush luigi

Paul Bożewicz
Comment from : Paul Bożewicz

jolsen kang
When Lincoln Was AssassinatedbrAndrew Johnson Became PresidentbrbrWhen JFK Was Assassinated brLyndon B Johnson Became President
Comment from : jolsen kang

Snoopdogs Snoopy Brother Snoozer
They are the same person
Comment from : Snoopdogs Snoopy Brother Snoozer

I like how hes discussing JFK and Abraham Lincoln while having minecraft gameplay in the background
Comment from : BlizzardPixels

That is well sus
Comment from : Sonnyjimner

I they are said to have parallel lives
Comment from : SUHANI Sharma

Imagine dying in a car💀🥣
Comment from : Lameinals

Rhys Piece
john wilkes booth was a southern sympathiser but as from maryland a northern state
Comment from : Rhys Piece

Cool, but Lee Harvey Oswald didn't kill Kennedy 🧐
Comment from : Cyber_Rexe

Imagine President Lincoln it was like reborn into Kennedy and it all happened again or something like that Lol
Comment from : •Špįčę•

Crap my name has 7 letters and I was born in ‘08
Comment from : Panimal

Burnt Toast
Comment from : Burnt Toast

Proof that I learn more on YouTube than at school:
Comment from : ImTotallyNotLavender

Saira Imam
Bro 😶
Comment from : Saira Imam

Comment from : carrie

Lee Harvey Oswald them the names off of Gotham lol
Comment from : 2certi

Jeremiah Martin
Wow this vid just blew my mind, hence those are my 2 favorite presidents, I mean if I had to pick a fav, it would b between those 2!!!
Comment from : Jeremiah Martin

A lot? More like the whole life story of the 2 is if one asked the other, "hey, can I copy your lifestyle and add a twist on it?"
Comment from : CallMeRosee

Kennedy and Lincoln looking at this from their graves like “Is this a joke? 😅”
Comment from : Fox-Love666🤪🦊

꧁the wolf pack꧂
My name is Kennedy I am glad I saw this
Comment from : ꧁the wolf pack꧂

John Gramer
“Both were concerned with any quality” yeah maybe that’s because those two things were important back then
Comment from : John Gramer

John Gramer
Having a similar number of letters in a name isn’t a convincing coincidence, yes it’s a coincidence but a coincidence of what?
Comment from : John Gramer

hello I exist
What is the point here Sorry but are they trying to say they are the same person? What does it mean?
Comment from : hello I exist

Oh my gosh that's How do I describe it? Incredible? Yeah, I think that's the word
Comment from : _lucid

Honey-Rose’s EditsPlus
Comment from : Honey-Rose’s EditsPlus

Kokichi simp
Maybe Kennedy was the recreation of Lincoln
Comment from : Kokichi simp

Bacon Lord
Now we just need 2046 to come around
Comment from : Bacon Lord

Raider Ray
History always repeats itself
Comment from : Raider Ray

What the f- I'm confused
Comment from : r0x1el

This is just trippy

Also Lincoln’s assassin hid in a warehouse and Lincoln got assassinated in a theatre while Kennedy’s assassin assassinated him from a warehouse and hid in a old theatre
Comment from : Caroline

Why are you putting your theories over Minecraft parkour 😭
Comment from : Krafter

Mr Qi
Comment from : Mr Qi

Emperor Palpatine
Comment from : Emperor Palpatine

Đăng Huy Phạm Nguyễn
Shoot on Friday is like a 1/7 chancebrNot that impressive
Comment from : Đăng Huy Phạm Nguyễn

Ree carnation confirmed?
Comment from : The_Guy_Who_Asked

Hannah Loves Cats
Oh shi-
Comment from : Hannah Loves Cats

what the hell?
Comment from : Sakai03

Wow that’s crazy😲
Comment from : Mushroom

And how my dad likes to say, a month before Lincoln’s death he was in Monroe, Maryland, and a month before Kennedy’s death he was in Marilyn Monroe👍🏻
Comment from : Ranne

A sentient monkey
By many coincidences that aren’t directly responsible for the murder, I would say it would be more surprising if they didn’t had any similarities
Comment from : A sentient monkey

And they’re just that coincidences lol
Comment from : Asura

Praise the lord !
Comment from : Lando

DA MotoNeko
Okay so any president should be careful not to have these similarities
Comment from : DA MotoNeko

Davisito man
Comment from : Davisito man

High Definition
Lmao the letters, wtf are you on about ahaha
Comment from : High Definition

Ben Griffith
Drew’s bloodline
Comment from : Ben Griffith

A slice of whole wheat bread
Good Lord!!!!
Comment from : A slice of whole wheat bread

Comment from : Beantheviking

Living in the south and having southern pride I think it’s pretty offensive that he called us southerners
Comment from : Chase

Comment from : spookyPF

Comment from : Norideom

Poenix _urL
Wasn't Lee Harvey a commie from Russia?
Comment from : Poenix _urL

Emil Frederiksen
Kennedy was killed by the communist they didnt had simular deaths
Comment from : Emil Frederiksen

Lol Die
Im Lincoln's wifes great great great greatgreat nephew lol
Comment from : Lol Die

is that thing vsauce talked about if anyone watches him where with the amount of ppl to have existed something like this is mathematically likely
Comment from : kraytos

Danis Mulalic
Mc pakour as backround to this subject
Comment from : Danis Mulalic

Imagine if Kennedy was just Lincoln reincarnated
Comment from : GibusSpy

Magic Rabbit
My teacher talked about this, and each time he did the computer he was using would always freeze up and not want to work
Comment from : Magic Rabbit

You left out the fact that Lincoln wasn’t actually concerned with slavery, he just didn’t want the south to split from the us and needed more soldiers
Comment from : tori

Whats up with crazy ppl and counting? Like yeah having 15 letters or what not does change what now?
Comment from : Morpheus

There's no such thing as a coincidence But you already knew that, yet you still live life like you dread
Comment from : Simpforbangtan

solomon bopape
Comment from : solomon bopape

Thunder God
The big issue here is that there's a little detail left out Forensics determined the shot that killed Kennedy came from a building 2 blocks behind the motorcade, from the OPPOSITE side of the road from where the "assassin" was apprehended So how did Oswald take the shot, leave the building, sprint 2 blocks, cross the street, enter the warehouse, and climb to the 24th floor, past the security team, all in the one minute and fourteen seconds it took for federal agents to enter behind, and arrest him?
Comment from : Thunder God

Son son the goddess of confusion
Me after watching inside job
Comment from : Son son the goddess of confusion

What is this trying to prove that they’re the same person cause they’re not
Comment from : Natalina

Some of them are grasping at straws
Comment from : God

John Phantom
Left out Lincoln wanted to send the slaves back to Africa after the war but got shot in the head before he could put into action
Comment from : John Phantom

I would like to point out that There is no proof that Oswald was the killer as well as oswald not considered the killer and many other coincidences that shows that others could be guilty ps sorry if I bored y’all lol
Comment from : Hello

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