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How I buy laundromats for $0 (Full Process Explained)

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Information How I buy laundromats for $0 (Full Process Explained)

Title :  How I buy laundromats for $0 (Full Process Explained)
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Frames How I buy laundromats for $0 (Full Process Explained)

Description How I buy laundromats for $0 (Full Process Explained)

Comments How I buy laundromats for $0 (Full Process Explained)

Investment Joy
Hey guys! I edited this on my phone in like 5 minutes, I wasn't able to add text to the video but added the income/expenses for the REAL ESTATE in the comments section!
Comment from : Investment Joy

Gry Phyn
It's smart if you don't mind having investors Frankly I'd rather own the business outright and not have to worry
Comment from : Gry Phyn

JB Organizing LLC
Information start 3:04
Comment from : JB Organizing LLC

Motivational, thanks for sharing your story
Comment from : Smokie

im 2 mins in and i already like you im excited to learn from you
Comment from : Maneca

Haus By Kraus Real Estate Group
You are awesome! Thank you forbrTaking the time to share this with everyone
Comment from : Haus By Kraus Real Estate Group

Garrett Healy
Love this guy haha
Comment from : Garrett Healy

Chelsea M
I just started following you on tik tok and then came across this video researching how to start my own laundry business!
Comment from : Chelsea M

Tony Rose
Typical business loan is 5 yrs with no interest on 70k a monthly payment is $1166 How are you only paying the former owner $500 a month with interest?
Comment from : Tony Rose

Frank Ricard
I am actually looking for investors at the moment
Comment from : Frank Ricard

Fernando Jimenez
Nice! 👍🏼
Comment from : Fernando Jimenez

Of course u knew someone They always know someone Its not about what u know its about who u know!
Comment from : Preemie45

Becky Allen
Thank you Brandon May have questions for you soon
Comment from : Becky Allen

KingKem _
So what’s the actual process
Comment from : KingKem _

Maarten De Wulf
How do you find investors?
Comment from : Maarten De Wulf

The Conscious movement
You also could use no interest credit cards if you don’t want to keep paying the investor
Comment from : The Conscious movement

Yup- 206
Hey bro get it right YOUR A RICH HILLBILLY AND EMBRACE IT 🤟🤟🤟🤟
Comment from : Yup- 206

Michael Batista
Do you work with Danny Deangelo on your acquisitions?
Comment from : Michael Batista

Dale Carrington
Wow!! Thanks Brandon!
Comment from : Dale Carrington

The nicest laundromat in my town just listed and after following you for a little over a year I'm drafting a business plan It's a long shot and a BIG bite but 🤞 thanks for the continued inspiration
Comment from : UnfreeRadical

Adam Nonnenmacher
How did you get to 140 rental with 25k? Is it the same idea by having equity investors and giving them a preferred return and then you take a percentage of the cash flow?
Comment from : Adam Nonnenmacher

The apartments above are a real key part that was kinda glossed over That makes the laundromat an afterthought It could be anything on that first floor A laundromat, deli etcowning that building is what's key
Comment from : Romanellochw

8:00 to clear up any confusion do you officially own the building or you in a sense managing the building for the investor ?
Comment from : ElixirJD

Amin Mahendra
Sir your Laundrament address please
Comment from : Amin Mahendra

Comment from : Advait

Gary Downes
Are you shutting the laundramat down for this video?
Comment from : Gary Downes

william mayes
How? = "I Have Connections"
Comment from : william mayes

Bill Johnson
Wow! Great ideas!
Comment from : Bill Johnson

Kilo W
very informative keep on doing the work
Comment from : Kilo W

cshans07 x
Love your message that any of us can do it Thanks for taking your time to spread the word!
Comment from : cshans07 x

So, the most important question i have is WHERE did you meet these wealthy investors?
Comment from : geddon436

Rian Ahmad
Any tips of real estate in pakistan
Comment from : Rian Ahmad

Tim First
Here at 37 and know anything at anytime is possible - so appreciate your story!
Comment from : Tim First

Zepherius Collins
Rich people have other people working for them so their hours are divided up much more For example: if Joe, Susan, and Guy are working for you then your 24 hours for that day just got doubled You still have to pay Joe, Susan, and Guy for their hours however you keep what you want from it and pay yourself first As long as your paying them a menial wage you can get away with it You don't want to pay them too little or they will make you less money You don't want to pay them too much because you'll go broke So you try to meet them in the middle But there is one thing that you come with that these people aren't equipped with, experience making money Your experience can fix their economics
Comment from : Zepherius Collins

Jamal Nasir
Just a word of advicedont say you dont watch TV to viewers on youtube wasting their time watching your videos from which you are generating income
Comment from : Jamal Nasir

Bobby Johnson
dude you're just talking STAY ON TOPIC! 5 Mins of just wasted video
Comment from : Bobby Johnson

Thank you
Comment from : BIGGUYMUSIC78

Krystal Frangos
Do you typically contract with balloon date specified??
Comment from : Krystal Frangos

Jereme Olson
the c9 coin counter where can I find one
Comment from : Jereme Olson

Laundromat Millionaire
Good for you for seeking to teach and inspire others to great things! We need more people like us in the world Keep going ✈️
Comment from : Laundromat Millionaire

Sharon Podorski
We own and know laundry community and they no where make that kind of cash You are giving big hope but it cost big money to be comfortable
Comment from : Sharon Podorski

Robbie Cruz
Your a master of using other people’s money
Comment from : Robbie Cruz

Bill Shartner
Skip to 3:14 for the info The first 3 minutes is this guy humble bragging
Comment from : Bill Shartner

I wonder how he's doing during the pandemic
Comment from : jflores85

ziggy C
How do you find investors ?
Comment from : ziggy C

Rico Conti
Alot of people dont understand seller financing they think everything has to go through a bank
Comment from : Rico Conti

In your mind set, if I get a loan with no money down then whatever I buy is free
Comment from : TheSoloAsylum

So, you didn't buy a laudromat Someone else did
Comment from : TheSoloAsylum

tina harbor
Where can I find investors
Comment from : tina harbor

Hustle Nation
Love it man !!!
Comment from : Hustle Nation

Andy Modell
Do you structure your partnerships in the form of syndications or something else?
Comment from : Andy Modell

Jojo Googles
Idk hp laptop and worth over a million dollars is a bit odd Very impressive!
Comment from : Jojo Googles

Hafsa Quadri
my first impression of you was that I assumed about how much you enjoy in over exaggerating The more I watch, the more I understand how you like to flow your boat
Comment from : Hafsa Quadri

Net worth is misleading since you pay notes If you dont own it free and clear it isn't yours
Comment from : MakingMovesMajor

Gary Westwood
Do your numbers still apply, post pandemic?
Comment from : Gary Westwood

Frank Critelli
Did u gave to put up a personal guarantee or put up collateral to secure investor
Comment from : Frank Critelli

John Rotten
Lol, this guy is such a liar If he has millions in the bank he would not be investing in shitty laundromats and junkie trailer parks Lower your ego a notch Brandon You are not the smartest man in the room
Comment from : John Rotten

Robert Laird
Brandon, will you help me with the understanding that I need to acquire my first investment property I'm debt free including my home that I'm presently rebuilding since it was rotted and about ready to fall over when I purchased it I'm a carpenter and am building it with my own hands and with no hired help I also have a bit of savings to work with I have a pretty solid plan but I'm not sure if my calculations are correct and need that little extra help in understanding to be successful Please let me know if that's available and the best way to reach you Thank you!
Comment from : Robert Laird

Love your story man Keep doing what you do
Comment from : xxfivesixduece

Sander S
You’re such a positive man I think you’re inspiring a lot of people man Keep up the good work!
Comment from : Sander S

Rich Lake
I'm interested in networking, I'm in Chicago, and this Laundromat business for sale just came to me,in February with Real estate, Researching products and Asset Base Lending, Thanks
Comment from : Rich Lake

I have some questions can I email you
Comment from : playjazz87

Blue MtnLake
How much is your average net monthly income from your laundromats?
Comment from : Blue MtnLake

So your after all payments to investors and mortgages, you have a 44000 dollar positive cashflow? Like every month you can go buy a new car without getting forclosed on?
Comment from : Howie

Dubbed up
Naw seem experienced in life and smart
Comment from : Dubbed up

Building Wealth With Q
Shout out to any young or old people that striving to being an investor or entrepreneur and striving from the bottom Also keep watching Investment Joy he literally dropping money on us And don’t forget FAITH, CONSISTENCY,HARDWORK AND SMARTWORK
Comment from : Building Wealth With Q

How much are the monthly Expenses? the Electric, Water, Sewer, Etc Etc?

One day you'll be the rich guy with too much money and not enough time
Comment from : TheDrexxus

Irene A
Would love a video that explains how you got started with that initial 25K Real estate agent tips and knowledge would be good too
Comment from : Irene A

one creation
How can I do what you did ? I'm interested ??
Comment from : one creation

Teresa Bridges
Brandon thanks for the video I like what you said we all didn’t grow up rich whatever your laundromat brings in month in money in your pocket keep doing your business and inspiring people to follow their dreams
Comment from : Teresa Bridges

Star Light
Very humble!
Comment from : Star Light

Sven 30
New old school/Youtube
Comment from : Sven 30

These days it is a privilege to NOT have attended college
Comment from : Steve

James Thomas
I like to knowwhere do you find these investors to propose your plan to?
Comment from : James Thomas

DC Appliance Repair
Awesome Brother! I really enjoyed your intro! Man we must be half brothers lol!brGreat info to share! Who needs notes? Haha! Knowledge is key!
Comment from : DC Appliance Repair

Ian Krueger
Great video
Comment from : Ian Krueger

James Muncy
Nice to see Ohio entrepreneurs on here keep it going
Comment from : James Muncy

Charles Johnson
I might be moving to your neck of the woods If I do, we should talk business
Comment from : Charles Johnson

Andy Patterson
I would love to own laundry mat or 2 of them
Comment from : Andy Patterson

You didn't get it for free Complete lie You just spent money from another "job"/investment which was your apartments You spend that money That is money you now cannot spend on something else In no definition have you gotten this for free Like wtf
Comment from : SuperJirachi

Seivr On
very cool
Comment from : Seivr On

Eric Freeze 19
I want to go to your laundromat and do Landry because the one and only laundromat in my town get torn down And my laundry machine is a stupid HE machine that doesn't use enough water and blah, blah,
Comment from : Eric Freeze 19

Im cthu at this guy! Facts are that millionaires dont look like millionaires Hr is true to that statement, but what he lacks in appearance, he makes up in common sense & a savvy business mind Thnx bruh, i really am inspired I was starting to think that he was lying about the $0 that he bought the place for, but he actually DIDN'T spend any of HIS money Which in turn, he gets to make money for free just by getting the property & for someone else & managing the numbers I truly am tickled by how simple he made this out to be I am truly inspired
Comment from : fasteighty

That is fantastic Is this basically a lease option? How did you go about raising the value of the property from 130 to the 250k cash out refinance?
Comment from : d333pmind

The Happy Leper
Brandon, I consider you one of The Three Wise Men of YT
Comment from : The Happy Leper

I didn’t start till I was 32 12 years later I have $100m in RE with $200k/month in cash flow brbrIt can happen
Comment from : codycast

aaron pasillas
How do you find those people who has a lot of money but no time?
Comment from : aaron pasillas

HereIsWisdom 1318
I’d say you got it for “free”! No up-front payment (basically)! Good God!
Comment from : HereIsWisdom 1318

HereIsWisdom 1318
R laundry mats considered real estate?
Comment from : HereIsWisdom 1318

Zeta Zhan
How come most of your appliances are out of order? Why don't you fix them?
Comment from : Zeta Zhan

Hope E Wan Kenobi
i found your channel about 2 weeks ago via my two-year-old smashing the links of random videos and we are both hooked he would rather watch one of the “ohio unboxing” or coin collecting videos over any cartoon and i must say i couldn’t be happier Thank you for providing us with hours of cuddles, coins and inspiration
Comment from : Hope E Wan Kenobi

Vaporwave Vocap
"It's free real estate"
Comment from : Vaporwave Vocap

Daryl Ritchie
Show your real estate license liar
Comment from : Daryl Ritchie

John Polhemus
Great Video !
Comment from : John Polhemus

Ruben & Christy Lopez
Thanks for great insightwith true genuine effortsbrGod Bless youin Christ Jesus Name ✝
Comment from : Ruben & Christy Lopez

Silver Phoenix
You should pay attention to some of the poor single mothers who frequent your laundromats They're you're biggest customers I want you to bless 1 or more of them with a free washer and dryer
Comment from : Silver Phoenix

Javier Anguiano
Thanks wise guy
Comment from : Javier Anguiano

Just started watching your content Thank you for your videos You are an inspiration Hopefully one day when I need some advice on property I can ask you Keep up the great work
Comment from : 2-ers

Eagle Grip
Right The one thing money CAN'T buy is Poverty But the one thing thatbrCAN indeed buy poverty isCREDIT!
Comment from : Eagle Grip

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