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I tried to learn the violin in 24 hours...

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Information I tried to learn the violin in 24 hours...

Title :  I tried to learn the violin in 24 hours...
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Frames I tried to learn the violin in 24 hours...

Description I tried to learn the violin in 24 hours...

Comments I tried to learn the violin in 24 hours...

It's been a while since I've made videos like these, more over revisiting comment sections, but it just makes me so so so happy to see people coming in and watching and talking about your violin experiences, and the ling ling comments LMAO (she's shaking) brbrCan I just say that violins are soooo underrated so y'all are amazing for learning and being here!! brbrShoutout to TwoSetViolin cause I think that's where you guys are coming from (if not, watch them!!!)
Comment from : Chael

Awww you stopped just before the fun pizz part at the end I've been working on this piece for two months and still can't play it flawlessly, but I can say that the "hard part" is much easier if you use your fourth finger for that E
Comment from : Thingsyourollup

helios reed art
I audibly gasped when you said you put lotion on your calluses
Comment from : helios reed art

Bobby G
Are you Ghayy ?
Comment from : Bobby G

Harmony 23
What size is that violin , I’m a guitarist and got no clue about it
Comment from : Harmony 23

I remember, back in 2017, when I had joined violin classes I went farther than the old students One girl was trying to compete with me (she was an old studnet but I went far ahead of her) but then, next year I joined another teacher, and she would not teach me anything She would just tell me to practice and go away, or if she was there just crack jokes Wastage of money So I quit it, and joined music theory classes This was in end of 2018 It was okay, but she was a piano teacher I developed interest in learning keyboard, but it seemed difficult I started missing violin The next year, I had to stop music classes (Bcz I was 10th grade, and I had after classes everyday and didn't get time) brWhen I came in 11th grade, that is in 2020, covid struck I decided to learn guitar along with my sister Honestly, I didn't have that much interest And also, I found it the most difficult (We have that classical guitar with wider fretboard) So sometimes I try to learn by myself but I would stop No interest you see brNow, I'm in 12th grade, also again I have my board exams coming, but I decided to learn keyboard whenever I get time I have genuine interest in it And if I see now, it's only difficult in the beginning but when you practice, your subconscious mind starts playing the cords automatically We just need practice Nothing is difficult Rubiks cube taught me this! <3brbrBUT, the thing I regret is, I never understood that I was naturally good at violin Nevertheless, for now, piano has taken my heartbrbrWaitsorry for such a long comment Haha
Comment from : atutututu

5:07 literally me when i play a few good sounding notes on my violin He's so wholesome lol
Comment from : anonymous989

My mom was a violin teacher, I know every standard piece for beginners by hard, because I had to listen to it all day during my childhoodI still wonder, what love for teaching she must have had, because sometimes it must have been really hard Every other day she would come to my room during a lesson, sit down and say: "Guess, which piece it is" , because the student learned the piece so wrong at home :D

May I ask if the strings of violin is harder than or just the same from guitar?
Comment from : Leona

Vivian Nguyen
see im 12 years old and I've been playing the violin for 2 years now and trust me it is hard but somehow I manage to take first place in my class and go to an all-county orchestra competition
Comment from : Vivian Nguyen

Violet Flower
Your bow hold hold was incorrect, you intonation is bad, your left hand is slouching, your holding the violin with your hand, at least you bow arm is slightly good Oh well
Comment from : Violet Flower

When he tuned the violin I cringed because I was worried about the string coming out
Comment from : Fushi-chan

「 kate 」
if you think that’s hard, i DARE you to try bass
Comment from : 「 kate 」

「 kate 」
watching them tunethat was painful
Comment from : 「 kate 」

I expect to hear you practice 40 HOURS A DAY
Comment from : Darealaudri

The sound that Violin made while tuning made me hug my Violin and cry for it
Comment from : Im_A_Fan

You are fast learner really!
Comment from : FAiolinist

Ice Cream
Lol gj
Comment from : Ice Cream

jayden 038
Anyone here from twoset?
Comment from : jayden 038

TwoSet Playlists
Added to inofficial credits playlist for TwoSet's "This Guy learned to Play Violin in 24 HOURS?" wwwyoutubecom/playlist?list=PLQ7amm3tQ3eEqDkZyBUYLr23Qi3WpW0On
Comment from : TwoSet Playlists

Narcissus jacobian
You are so handsome
Comment from : Narcissus jacobian

Saphira Rose
Who's here after Ling ling?
Comment from : Saphira Rose

Pedro Medeiros
What is the song that he plays?
Comment from : Pedro Medeiros

Saloni Tyagi
Two set sent me heree
Comment from : Saloni Tyagi

Been looking at the comments Can't believe I haven't yet seen someone telling Chael to call Gavotte a piece and not a song :D (No lyrics!)
Comment from : oxoSLFoxo

Rebecca T
You and TwoSet Inspire me to try to learn music again 🥰
Comment from : Rebecca T

Rebecca T
Here because of TwoSet, staying cause I liked the genuine video
Comment from : Rebecca T

Dane Ancheta
Who else is here after twoset’s video? 🖐
Comment from : Dane Ancheta

I'm also here because I saw his video on Twoset and thought he was cute
Comment from : Zaglacat

arina naila
i'm here after watching twoset
Comment from : arina naila

Just got roasted on Twoset violin :) Congrats :)
Comment from : mravecsk1

Mariko Hulme
Came here from TwoSet Violin
Comment from : Mariko Hulme

Jijen Chaeli
I’m here after watching twoset violin to this💕
Comment from : Jijen Chaeli

Arianna Lalaine Simbahon
You've been noticed by two set violinbrbrSANAOL
Comment from : Arianna Lalaine Simbahon

John Delfin Abelado
After I've watched the newest episode of twoset, youtube gave me this Yeah it was youu
Comment from : John Delfin Abelado

I came from TwoSetViolin Who else did?
Comment from : Bedwardo

Here after 2set video?
Comment from : Adela TÎRNOVSCHI

John Sikes
Really impressivehow much does it help to play the guitar, as far as learning the violin? Do any guitar skills transfer, or is it pretty much of no help?
Comment from : John Sikes

Ramayana Roxas
I'm here because I saw his video on Twoset and thought he was cute
Comment from : Ramayana Roxas

Jun Mark
Comment from : Jun Mark

I know this is for fun but here’s a couple of tips:br•sit up straight at the edge of your chairbr•keep your violin up on your shoulderbr•feet flatbr•keep your fingers down firmly on the stings up on the neckbr•play with the bow in between the bridge and neck of the instrumentbr•and when practicing always wear the shoulder restbrbrThat’s it for now :)
Comment from : obywilbur

Giving yourself 24h straight to learn something, isn't the same as giving it a couple of hours here and there over days until you get to 24hrs of practice I wouldn't know how to explain this the simple way, but your brain processes in between If you give 2hrs a day for 12 days, it's 12 days of 2hrs a day practice, not 24hrs but much more than that from a neurologist point a view I mean, it's logical but
Comment from : A M

I hear the gavotte of the Suzuki book1 in the background in the beginning
Comment from : yaniiboi

It’s actually very impressive! Going straight to a average player pieces! Still need to fix your posture if you want to continue practicing
Comment from : zSolar

chael: such a complex peice of work br me: i can sightread that
Comment from : Batke

Harper Andrea
I love how our Ling Ling Cult is making comments about our Holy Ling Ling's quotes
Comment from : Harper Andrea

Seema Pradeep
I liked it very much
Comment from : Seema Pradeep

When he said 10,000 hours to play the violin I was like "I've spent 10,000 hours and 10,000 more " Sorry that wasn't that good 😁

San, dont forget the milk
Not gonna lie, you kiiiiiinda look like Taeyong from NCT 👀
Comment from : San, dont forget the milk

Conger Scott
Thanks a lot, im 57 years old and couldn't decide on learning to play violin or ukulele, violin looks too complicated for me so ukulele it is, good job 👍
Comment from : Conger Scott

Serene :3
U need 40 :)
Comment from : Serene :3

Erin Krasniqi
2:46 | Me when I played the guitar for the first time
Comment from : Erin Krasniqi

Ehryl Castro
You play better than Ben Shapiro
Comment from : Ehryl Castro

Dulce Reynoso
How much did that violin cost?
Comment from : Dulce Reynoso

Sarah S
my teacher would kill you if he saw that pinky and wrist
Comment from : Sarah S

Melody Moon
3:59brHim: they hurt so muchbrMe(as a violinist): blooks at fingers/b Yea, could have been worst
Comment from : Melody Moon

You only practiced 27 hours in a day? Ling Ling taught you better than that!
Comment from : Etaipo

Everyone here commenting about LingLing but I just want to say that you did really great for such short amount of time <3 You should go back to your violin :)))) Go and take violin lessons <33333
Comment from : dora

Palsang Lama
You gotta be joking
Comment from : Palsang Lama

Ronald Rosete
I don't see practicing 24 hours is much helpful It just leads you to overload your brain We need to take a break
Comment from : Ronald Rosete

Sama Jebrein
one thing, try to not have a straight pinky😌
Comment from : Sama Jebrein

Sama Jebrein
that was my reaction after i was able to play ode to joy😂😂
Comment from : Sama Jebrein

heythere :D
That really sounded good 👍🏻👏🏻
Comment from : heythere :D

Pedro Cruz
not 24 so sacrilegious mama says play 40 hours a day
Comment from : Pedro Cruz

Me: hmm nicebrMe after 2 seconds: b*sees pinky*/b brb*Ling ling left the video*/b
Comment from : ELIMINADO8 NATION

Josh Casillas
Never held a violin and just barely learning the ukulele to where i can play and almost sing at the same time I think im gonna try to do the violin Wish me luck
Comment from : Josh Casillas

If you had gotten a stand you would've learned much faster
Comment from : KAOTIC

Sootville Model Railroding
also your open e was sharp
Comment from : Sootville Model Railroding

Sootville Model Railroding
That bowhold tho
Comment from : Sootville Model Railroding

Sootville Model Railroding
Bruh I appreciate how you are trying to learn to play the violin, but in 24 Hours? No It takes at least 3-4 years to get good
Comment from : Sootville Model Railroding

I just wanna share If you are very focused on practice and is very interested you wont even notice any pain on your fingers That's what i felt
Comment from : Spaghetti!

Yehuda Marcello Cahyana Putra
Comment from : Yehuda Marcello Cahyana Putra

Here I am an hour in and I can't even play a note without hitting another string half the time Kill me
Comment from : legallyanarsonist

Cocoa bean
Lol his pinky in his bow hand
Comment from : Cocoa bean

" I Learned it for "quite a while, quite a few months" TwoSetters be like Make that 40 months a year smh
Comment from : Lad

You don’t get bad calluses with just 11 hours of practice you develop it over the years and having calluses is a good thing, it helps with having good vibrato and many other things No hate tho Just trying to help You have really good posture for only working on it for a day
Comment from : Varsha

Why do u clip the tuner to the scroll? Aren’t we supposed to clip it below the nut?
Comment from : Softia

Sarah Ramirez
hello orchestra kids i need help so whenever i practice my thumb on my right hand goes really stiff and when i bend it it makes a really loud crack EVERY time also the top left of my right palm feels really sore and i have to massage it is this normal? is there anything i can do?
Comment from : Sarah Ramirez

Mike Asuncion
Comment from : Mike Asuncion

oleksander ric
2:46 - 2:49 brWhen you doubtfully sit on a swing in the park and try this is how it soundsbrbrbrbrbrNot relatable?? brOk fine brI have experience
Comment from : oleksander ric

dsdasdf asdf
two set should see this
Comment from : dsdasdf asdf

Ana M
You need at least 40 hours a day
Comment from : Ana M

Emma The Artist
I’m am just guessing but does it help to play the ukulele for a violin?For me I think It does cause it has frets but I’m not sure if the frets are the same sides wellll BIG OOF
Comment from : Emma The Artist

Your better than my friend who quit after 3 years of the violin
Comment from : HarryWhittle2019

Chael did you buy a cheep violin the pegs should not sound like that my viola pegs do not sound like that
Comment from : Byehihello

Mike Asuncion
You mean rosin
Comment from : Mike Asuncion

Mike Asuncion
Pinky is to straight your pinky needs to be curved and your violin needs to be on the shoulder not on the chin
Comment from : Mike Asuncion

Vivi Yuniko
That is good 😎
Comment from : Vivi Yuniko

Omg you learned Suzuki method too?! I remember when I was taking my second book exam to graduate to 3, and you are so right it was, for Suzuki method violinist their best friend and foe
Comment from : DD MG

Sick Potato
You could just sing from the notes, lmao
Comment from : Sick Potato

Shane Alvor
I bought a violin but i didnt use it im so dumb sorry mom and dad for wasting you moneu
Comment from : Shane Alvor

this is actually very nice, just fix your bow hold, make sure to keep you bow off the blackboard, and widen/open up your fingering hand as in, don’t make it look like you are holding a platter, you’ll find it a lot more comfortable to reach the notes :) i hope you keep it up
Comment from : jisoa

Thi Thanh Phuong Nguyen
TwoSetViolin should watch this
Comment from : Thi Thanh Phuong Nguyen

Moonie s
bskips a lot of notes/b se didny notice🤫
Comment from : Moonie s

I am playing the Violin for a year nowHe is better than I ever was
Comment from : Atsu

All the times I've watched TwoSetViolin and I still dont know who Ling Ling is brbrALSO WTF I PLAY GUITAR WHY AM I HERE

Jayvee Aurea
I would have long converted that sheet music into tablature That's how lazy I am
Comment from : Jayvee Aurea

Um, your bow hold needs work The pink is supposed to be relaxed and not straight On the fingerboard, your wrist is bent so that it touches the violin In reality, the wrist should be straight, then it should be able to support your fingers (Later in the vid I saw that your wrist was straight, yay!!)brbrbrbrbrbr9 months later but tbh idc
Comment from : cupid

Anaxlle ୨୧
How did you do that NO WAYbr😭
Comment from : Anaxlle ୨୧

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