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Why NOW is the Time to Stack Silver and Gold HARD!

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Information Why NOW is the Time to Stack Silver and Gold HARD!

Title :  Why NOW is the Time to Stack Silver and Gold HARD!
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Frames Why NOW is the Time to Stack Silver and Gold HARD!

Description Why NOW is the Time to Stack Silver and Gold HARD!

Comments Why NOW is the Time to Stack Silver and Gold HARD!

Jonathan Winchell
I prefer transistory inflation than inflation growing expotentially so I can buy a 1oz coin without having to pay $180000 hopefully sooner than later and also not to pay a heavy premium
Comment from : Jonathan Winchell

Patrick Murphy
3:24 I believe this to be incorrect as in the next year 1934 silver was illegal to own, too Of course silver coins still circulated freely and you could still own silver jewelry, watch cases, flatware, tea sets, and the like Just not in bar form
Comment from : Patrick Murphy

Stryker Enterprises LLC
Clown shoes are located in aisle 4 on the left
Comment from : Stryker Enterprises LLC

OMSCoinYouTube channel
Sar my name is Mohammed Ismail crumb Chennai video very very fine tell me tell me video tell me Q you tell me video thank you thank you madam thank you thank you very very thank you small English small English sorry sorry very very sorry small English
Comment from : OMSCoinYouTube channel

OMSCoinYouTube channel
Some money
Comment from : OMSCoinYouTube channel

OMSCoinYouTube channel
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Comment from : OMSCoinYouTube channel

OMSCoinYouTube channel
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Comment from : OMSCoinYouTube channel

OMSCoinYouTube channel
Hello sir good morning my name is Mohammed Ismail
Comment from : OMSCoinYouTube channel

OMSCoinYouTube channel
Saravana Kammanahalli Sare a Mohammed Ismail Tamil Nadu Madrasi
Comment from : OMSCoinYouTube channel

The time to stack hard was 2016 when the spot price was way lower and premiums were non existent
Comment from : TOKER TALK

Francisco Rodriguez
Comment from : Francisco Rodriguez

Evan Swinford
Why would any one sell their gold to FDR??? That order was not legal Warming to to put the Japanese Americans in camps
Comment from : Evan Swinford

Love my premiums
Comment from : Horse_Milk33

Faheem Miah
Its not really the time to stack gold at this time Its time to sell When the price goes down then it will be the time to stack
Comment from : Faheem Miah

4:36 your only reason to stack PM now is that's your personal opinion? brbrYou want to know the scary truth about your fascination with gold? It doesn't really appreciate all that much when you consider the inflation and buying power from both era you're comparing with $20 per oz in 1920s where a house is around $4000 at a world population of 2 billion? That gold was just as expensive as today? brThat is still not including the premiums and spreads of gold The lowest at 1oz coin is around 4 and 1/4 oz at 15 That means you lose between 4 to 15 immediately after you buy them Then you're gonna say its a long term game but you know what? You're better off investing in a FD or stock market or even crypto than in gold As much as you hate fiat you're gonna have to convert your gold into fiat anyway Unless you think carrying gold coins and bullions around everywhere is a good ideabrbrAlso, did you know how many illegal and undocumented gold and gold mine is brought into the market every year? You'd be surprised! Talk about govt printing fiat unnecessarily, gold is been doing the same Meanwhile more gold mine is being discovered every year and wait until people learn how to mine gold in the ocean, you know where 70 of the earth is covered with Or did you know there are 20 million ton ($1000 trillion equivalent) suspended in the seawater itself? Or the fact that there are roughly $700 quintillion worth of gold in just one asteroid (Psyche 16) where NASA is planning to make contact with on next year August 2022? brbrbrThe scary truth is that br1 Gold is no longer scarce as we thought it was br2 US govt has been manipulating its prices to protect her interest so the only way gold will appreciate is when USD is depreciating which means it might double to $3000 per oz but everything else will cost twice as expensive as wellbr3 As long as cryptocurrency exists it will continue to eat more into golds price and keep it from appreciating And as we know cryptocurrency is here to stay Many authors have talked about this except this Youtuber
Comment from : Niash

Diana McGinnis
The US needs to end its experiment with [unconstitutional] fiat currency and base-metallic slug-tokens and return to using constitutional "Money" [ie, "gold and silver Coin"], as described in my novella "WHAT WORLD IS THIS? A Tale of Hope for a World Mired in Debt and Delusion" -- Diana McGinnis
Comment from : Diana McGinnis

Not till they stop ripping us off on the premiums
Comment from : WillowTM

D Love
Stack gold hard under $1600
Comment from : D Love

I've been stacking for about 18months How much silver should I stack? I'm guessing I'm around 3lbs or so of silver alone I have small amounts of other metals
Comment from : Rob

Patrick Adams
"I don't know, but I do know that I PERSONALLY have lost faith in the US dollar" So the only reason you have to "Stack Hard" right now is your PERSONAL OPINION I noticed that you said absolutely nothing about the fact that other countries around the work are still flocking to and buying the US DOLLAR I have been a stacker for the last 50+ years, and I've heard the same story for decades Nothing has changed except time
Comment from : Patrick Adams

QuestionI understand it's not wise to store your wealth is USD however, I assume we stackers should all still have some sum of cash for emergencies What do you recommend we keep on hand for cash emergencies? 2k? 10k?
Comment from : $tackoholic

jbc cullen
federal reserve notes are NOT United States Notes aka "dollar"brbrthe privately owned federal reserve system is a private banking cabalbrbrbrwatch "Money Masters" documentary
Comment from : jbc cullen

Semi Numismatic Guy
Buying gold and silver is good , gold is better than silver( take the average price of each every 1,2, 5 10,20 year period since 1975 I have using USD and GBP and you will find out which is better most often ) Never go all in on precious metals , and diversifying into mining shares maybe help but be aware it isn't real diversification You Always need to have some dollars as when needed gold could be on a huge dip
Comment from : Semi Numismatic Guy

Anuuj Gupta
Ha ha aha Siver squeezers getting squeezed, soon $15 coming It's a big scam, retailers being lured to buy silver After GameStop and AMC people started believing in fancy story tales Those who missed AMC and GameStop will put all their money in silver, and these sharks will squeeze retailers(instead of Silver)
Comment from : Anuuj Gupta

Mark Nordgård
🤣😅😆😅🤣😅😆😅🤣wait for the crash who is here now, gold down 2 silver down 4 so far today
Comment from : Mark Nordgård

Dax Monster
Another stacking channel who sold out to a miner great thunder gold Are you a stacking channel or are a for profit channel? I'm here for stacking not a sellout "OXY CLEAN" sales pitch
Comment from : Dax Monster

Please only buy what you can reasonable afford Diversify in other investments Silver could easily go back under $20
Comment from : Dark_Winter

Blue Collar Bullion Baller
Eric Sprott is the Stan Lee of mining companies his gets a piece of everythingNot saying the company is good or bad just making a observationThanks for your video
Comment from : Blue Collar Bullion Baller

They stole the Gold and Silver and they will do it again because they can yes they will pay you worthless Dollars then they will de-value the Dollar they pay you like they did in 33 do not store in banks or Gold vaults because you will not be able to hide it from them safety deposit box yes ok no insurance on it but unless you tell your house hold insurance company it will not be covered
Comment from : DENIS

JrodAg or my kid 906
I broke a prime rule and borrowed a little bit of cash from my boss to buy 🥈 with Only $150 for 5 ozt that she can deduct from my next paycheck I too felt it was time to stack hard(er) so the easily repayable, low risk debt was worth it to up my stack I should have just asked for my season bonus up front and bought 15-20 more ozt but I'll bank on spot price hopefully not skyrocketing between now and OctoberbrEdit: I'm only 15 ozt shy of a kg and have a goal of stacking a minimum of 34ozt by the time I'm 34 Got my 👀 on a roll of 50 constitutional dimes, if my math is right that would be about 35 ozt which would put me right at my goal!
Comment from : JrodAg or my kid 906

Alex Sloan
The average inflation rate from 1935 to 1970 was 302 The average inflation rate from 1975 to 2020 was 355 Not to mention you’d have to be stupid to keep you money in dollars instead of assets like stocks and real estate Inflation isn’t that big of a deal
Comment from : Alex Sloan

Maurice ORay II
There's nothing normal about inflation There's no logical reason why we should be comfortable with our currency losing value
Comment from : Maurice ORay II

Chai Charin
Stacking like a maniac right now Deals are crazy good right now and private sellers are dumping as well Bullion Exhanges has 20 roll of the type 2 ASE for $65716 with free shipping and you can use a credit card on Ebay That is $3286 a coin plus the free US Mint Tube I was at my LCS 4 weeks ago and they were charging $41 for the new 2021 ASE Type2 Spot was only $1 more than it is today so the premiums are way down right now Buy Buy Buy You will be super happy when silver goes up to $30 later this year Last time I was able to get 20 roll of ASE for that cheap was back in December
Comment from : Chai Charin

des goulding
Another Top Video mate
Comment from : des goulding

Coin Hound
Excellent discussion and information !!!
Comment from : Coin Hound

Michael H
What is your opinion on space mining and how in the long term it may impact the silver/gold market? I am a new stacker and the thought just crossed my mind
Comment from : Michael H

Technically the buying power of the dollar has been going down for a long time The reason was that the dollar was over inflated Before WWII a lot of European countries transferred their gold to the US for safekeeping due to a potential war with Germany So the US government backed up the dollar to all that foreign gold So in the 50s France decided to get their gold back Next thing all the other countries want their gold back So all those countries who pegged their currency to the dollar but the dollar was pegged to nothing So it was decided to let the dollar float in the open market and so did all the other currency This is the way it should be in a capitalist system Let the market decide the value and not an artificial support
Comment from : Norm

Is this spegtaculars brother or something?
Comment from : DripsOnAnalogs

al Zollinger
low inflation is transitory higher rates will eat up debt, so what?
Comment from : al Zollinger

John The Bullay
Very logical and informative post I appreciate the short history and the logical progression you presented You're a great source to learn from about PM's Thanks SD for the post!
Comment from : John The Bullay

Christopher Thiess
Precious Metals Combats Inflation
Comment from : Christopher Thiess

Will Mart
No a party prooper but should we also include fair compensation for mining ecological impact and miner workers
Comment from : Will Mart

Raleigh Native
If you bought $10,000 of gold in 1942 today you have $400,000 If you bought $10,000 worth of a variety of US stocks in 1942 today you have $51,000,000
Comment from : Raleigh Native

Silver and Gold
Hello👋 , my name is Artem, I live in Russia! I have a similar situation with gold , I didn't take a lot of it I created a channel on YouTube , I am engaged in investing and collecting In Russia, few people can afford to buy 1 ounce of gold ( Yes! We finally have a gold coin 31,1) basic size 1/4 oz ! The price of silver and gold coins is much higher, as private sellers inflate prices!
Comment from : Silver and Gold

The Vigilante
The problem is the US isn’t a Nation…
Comment from : The Vigilante

Skol Man
Have you done a video on sales tax and how it can affect premiums? I live in MN and while I would love to begin investing in more coins, there is a sales tax on coins but not on bars/rounds Curious what your take is on those states like mine and if rounds/bars are the better way to go for now
Comment from : Skol Man

Kris Anderson
deflation is not good for metal
Comment from : Kris Anderson

Jo Hoffman
Do you stack any platinum or palladium?
Comment from : Jo Hoffman

You should do a video about JP Morgan having 600 million ounces of silver
Comment from : E

Marco Rubio
I invested 30k in gold back in 2021 but here in 2078 gold and money have become obsolete mere stones and tree bark
Comment from : Marco Rubio

I found the long disclaimer (pitch) in the middle of the video troubling More troubling though was the lack of discussion about asset diversification as a hedge against inflation That is, asset class diversification, ***outside of just precious metals***, as a means of recapturing some value loss by the declining value of the US dollar I wouldn't say that stacking gold and silver is a necessarily wrong-headed way protecting oneself in hedging against inflation; but touting it, in absence of a sentence or two about asset class diversification, is a bit troubling for one not only to hedge against inflation, but build wealth over the long term Just my opinion
Comment from : PVGS500slow

Silver Ripples
Gold and SilverIt does a body GOOD
Comment from : Silver Ripples

Buy durable goods too, anything you know you will need
Comment from : Thorlin

I just got into stacking a couple months ago I’ve really enjoyed your videos! Thank you! brbrAlso, I have a lot of money in the stock market, I’m assuming that when I receive a dividend payout, the payout is in USD, so while my investments are increasing in value, the payout is less…does that make sense?
Comment from : woolengrappler

Ganapati Hegde
Can you also do a video on Silver mining companies which are worth investing? Of course I will do my own due diligence Nice vlog! Always interesting to watch
Comment from : Ganapati Hegde

C San
The dollar has lost well over 90 of it 1913 value This is the end game Global fractional reserve fiat ponzi scheme monetary system is on life support They will pull the plug when their surveillance digital currencies are ready They herded everyone like sheep onto phones and the internet That was step one Now that everyone us addicted, step two is complete control - surveillance currency through a wallet controlled by the central banks Brainwashed masses followed along like lemmings
Comment from : C San

thousandaire radio
I just picked up some more gold to hedge my bitcoin I got an awesome deal on a 1/2 eagle Silver premiums are nuts right now
Comment from : thousandaire radio

Why is the US Debt Clock Gold and Silver values dropping with all this immense monetized debt dumping????
Comment from : DetroitLove4U

Awsome video!! 87 trillion that should freak everyone out!! Gold and silver is your ultimate protection!!
Comment from : OREGON STACKER

ev tile
You are all a bunch of suckers Silver will never pass $30
Comment from : ev tile

The Silver Referee
Great information
Comment from : The Silver Referee

Don't forget, gold was 15 weeks wages per ounce in 1933today it is a 19 weeks wages per ounce Gold and silver are not wealth builders, they are inflation hedges Like SD said, it is the fact the dollars buying power is going down
Comment from : Dave

and what if the government outlaw gold and silver? They convinced the sheep to wear face diapers and take experimental Gene therapy
Comment from : Dave

Keyser Soze
Now is the time to stackor just wait until the spot goes lower LOL!
Comment from : Keyser Soze

Tree3 Climber
Inflation is the New Normal And they Control it, Not us
Comment from : Tree3 Climber

Omar Elias
Gold!!! Buy before December!!
Comment from : Omar Elias

Same blabla again
Comment from : lime

Going from Bitcoin to 1oz silver rounds There is a lot of parallels between the two
Comment from : Matto-san

Stack, stack, stack Apparently the Fed Chair does not own a dictionary?
Comment from : CaptVic59

Renaissance Man
a loaf of bread was also 9 cents in 1935 golds value of hasnt gone up the value of the dollar has gone down bra loaf of bread averages $9 today a factor of 100x gold hast gone up to $3500 brwant to invest in something? buy a 6month supply of long term storage food with a 15 year shelf life because when SHTF you aint gonna be able to eat that PM and no bank or dealer will be open besides a federal bank is only obligated to pay you BY LAW in dollars what is printed on that coin $50 for the gold eagle/ buffalo and $1 for the silver eagles
Comment from : Renaissance Man

Adam Adams
Good stuff SD👍
Comment from : Adam Adams

Quaalude Charlie
I'll be 54 on the 8th , Gold was 35 when I was 5 Great Education , I hope the Youth Hear this Keep Stacking :) QC
Comment from : Quaalude Charlie

Have you noticed more and more people in the pm community are buying more generic rounds over government coins? I’m guessing because of the higher spot price and premiums? Your thoughts on this and how are you buying in these new times ? Thanks
Comment from : Eli

I'll stick with the varnished beaten up silver My LCS is selling them for 3 dollars underspot 😎🤙 Aloha folks
Comment from : 88amona

Michael Kuhl
The BIG questionwhere and how does one STORE that silver?
Comment from : Michael Kuhl

Been stacking for 2 years, don’t usually sell but needed some extra money a couple weeks ago, I had hard time selling And LCS offered 80 of spot I didn’t sell Any tips on how to sell when it’s time and not get ripped off?
Comment from : 11NPG

Ghost Tape No 9
Who the hell can tell someone what harmless metal they can own?? That’s absolutely ridiculous
Comment from : Ghost Tape No 9

Double Bee
Great vid
Comment from : Double Bee

I try to get at least 15-20 Oz of silver and at least 1/4 if I can 1/2 Oz of gold per week but not in silver or gold rounds or bars gold in actual coins and silver in either constitutional or silver proofs
Comment from : coopite

Good content I am going to keep stacking thanks
Comment from : lilrockfromga

Silver is going back down to $12 Nothing is harder than USDs
Comment from : Copernicus

Banks offering certificates of deposit at 1 interest when inflation is 6 LOL
Comment from : TheSimba86

Stephen Plamondon
This and it will cost a lot more to mine metals Due to gas prices and worker’s salary inflations
Comment from : Stephen Plamondon

Nathan Jiang
who else is in the "just watching cool vids about gold and siver" category? lol
Comment from : Nathan Jiang

S&W Collector
Stacking silver at this point in time is an absolute waste of good fiat paper You will never recoup any of the ridiculous premiums Obviously ASE’s being the worst Save your money you’re spending on silver and buy Gold Right now it is the only smart play in PM
Comment from : S&W Collector

Kalola Wahine
I can’t afford gold 😔
Comment from : Kalola Wahine

Kalola Wahine
Completed a Monster, 1/2 way into my next…brIt’s hard to stay the coarse when the intrinsic remains “low”, but it’s all going to matter sooner then later…
Comment from : Kalola Wahine

Studying monetary history really has been an eye opener Couldn't be happier stacking silver & gold
Comment from : BaddaBingBaddaBoom

"Temporary" 1:39mmm wonder what new word they're using nowadays 🤔
Comment from : EroticOnion23

asd lol
What percent of your savings do you recommend storing in gold and silver Bullion?
Comment from : asd lol

Guys, what do u think about potential interest rates increase and gold price?
Comment from : LinkFlap

Explained to the wife that transitory inflation is a one way trip vs a round trip which brings you back to your starting point You also don't know the final destination , but I guarantee it's not going to be to your liking Hold on, it's going to be a bumpy ride
Comment from : D S

Comment from : K C T

John Mills
Great Gold & Silver Luv the Liberty Mint rounds
Comment from : John Mills

Karl Stenbeck
Transitory means "not permanent" so there is no specified time frame here the Fed basically is saying that inflation is real but it wont last for an eternity it means nothing since there are very few things in life that are truly permanent
Comment from : Karl Stenbeck

Scott j
so if silver goes to 200 a oz the only place we can sell it to is a coin shop right I'm new to stacking
Comment from : Scott j

I think I have that liberty round in half ounce
Comment from : MetalsGear

Karl Stenbeck
anyone hearing about copper shortages? anyone jumping on that?
Comment from : Karl Stenbeck

American SuperTramp
Uuuuhhh the price of EVERYTHING in up since 1971 Making your feature point of sale mute Houses in Brooklyn could be bought for $37,000 Farmland in the midwest was below $175 an acrebrbrSooo it time to stack that too?
Comment from : American SuperTramp

These video titles are getting so old 😒
Comment from : JOkE R BIDEN

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