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Would YOU Choose a Ten Oz RCM Bar or American Silver Eagles?

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Information Would YOU Choose a Ten Oz RCM Bar or American Silver Eagles?

Title :  Would YOU Choose a Ten Oz RCM Bar or American Silver Eagles?
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Frames Would YOU Choose a Ten Oz RCM Bar or American Silver Eagles?

Description Would YOU Choose a Ten Oz RCM Bar or American Silver Eagles?

Comments Would YOU Choose a Ten Oz RCM Bar or American Silver Eagles?

Silver Heist
Ten Ounce Silver Bars | Britannia vs Royal Canadian Mintbr youtube/8-VGLqm2st4brbr—-brHow New Fractional Gold Eagles are Different from 1 Oz Designs (Type 2)br youtube/DVQsuYsUtGA
Comment from : Silver Heist

Metric Deep
This is a vid presenting the comments we can read below in any silver channel vid
Comment from : Metric Deep

Just picked up two bars for $253 each they’re still a good buy
Comment from : Abid

Definitely the Royal Canadianl mint bar
Comment from : Darrell

Mark Winters
Great video! I am working on a monster box of 10 oz Royal Canadian Mint silver bars 42 in the monster box so far, 8 to go But they usually go fast at Silver Gold Bull in Canada
Comment from : Mark Winters

The General
Just picked one up for $280 today My first big silver purchase and couldn’t be happier I hate the cheap mint packaging so I ordered a capsule for it
Comment from : The General

Chae Chong
None of the above =Germania Mint Silver Bars is the NEXT GEN product = AWESOME packaging and way better cost in overall investment considering higher premiums and buying the extra plastic to case the akwardly shaped 10 oz of the useless RCM's cast
Comment from : Chae Chong

I found an rcm bar today ay my lcsgot for 265I could not believe the price
Comment from : Blacky

René Michel
one ounce x10
Comment from : René Michel

Patriot csa
The bar I would keep
Comment from : Patriot csa

RCM Bars rock Picked up 10 recently
Comment from : LR

Son of Spam
Crazy how the spot and premiums have dropped since early August One comment you read: (these 10oz were selling for $400) oh man it is crazy when you compare it to the 2019 spot and premiums brThe current (Oct2021) environment feels like it is "After the Goldrush", however the modern day Goldrush was called a "silver squeeze" and it was indeed much to do about nothing brI think we all learned some valuable lessons this yearsilver newbs and vets alike brGood video
Comment from : Son of Spam

Costa Karras
Right now any silver is good silver However for profit buy bars
Comment from : Costa Karras

The coins are always better if the weight is the same for several reasons, first of all recognisability and fungibilitybrBesides, larger denominations are a pain to store kilogram coins can't fit anywhere, and tend to just roll out if one is not careful
Comment from : rphb

Michael Masztal
Good poll I'd add that statistically the percentage of people preferring the bars is higher If you had made the choice between RCM bars and ASE then the percentage of people preferring the bard would have been 75+
Comment from : Michael Masztal

the joshman
well the silver eagles are more easily divided and better to look at and made in 'murica
Comment from : the joshman

Ken Kaufman
At the end of the day, you are buying silver ASE and Candian bars have extreme premiums I would want generic silver rounds You will never recover these high premiums
Comment from : Ken Kaufman

Puddin Tame
same price for both? Eagles all day long
Comment from : Puddin Tame

Republi Cuban
BARS!! ANYDAY!! 10 oz Have a lower premium!! DEMAND PHYSICAL SILVER NOW 🥈!!
Comment from : Republi Cuban

David Davis
My plan at this time is to have 10-30 oz’s a month I have my junk phases and bullion phases Usually in my bullion I’m like I need 10 maples, Britannia’s or PhilharmonicsbrBut then I’m like later just get the bars And move back to junk cause it’s cheaper for volume Then save and hit the bullion in 2-3 months again
Comment from : David Davis

R Smith
when it comes time to sell doesn't it cost more to validate the authenticity of the bar vs the ase's?
Comment from : R Smith

Eliza Williams
Eagles for sure! If that was a cast bar the choice would be much harder
Comment from : Eliza Williams

Steady Stacking
RCM for sure While one might get more back selling the ASE’s I’m in it for the longer haul and love 10 oz bars
Comment from : Steady Stacking

I stack RCM and Sunshine 10 oz bars as my base ASEs' not in my game plan due to premiums Always wanted a 10 oz Britannia, however they are hard to find and expensive on the secondary market Haven't made any silver purchases this year, then JM Bullion showed the Britannia 10 oz bar available Despite increasing my silver cost average I decided to purchase
Comment from : D S

Go for coins Easier to check for counterfeits Easier to barter with in a wtshts-event
Comment from : Bantallas

Bob Olson
Both It's a tie for me So both
Comment from : Bob Olson

J Tyler
I'd rather purchase Morgans instead of the royal bars or eagles
Comment from : J Tyler

+ 1 for RCM's - especially when they're on sale! First Rule of Stacking Club - get as much Silver as you can for the least amount of money
Comment from : Ready-Adhesiveness40

Linda Gray
Here in the UK we must pay 20 tax on buying silver 🤨 An AE here costs $51 A 10oz bar $473 including the damn tax!!! 👹
Comment from : Linda Gray

Ken Kaufman
Bigger bars are better 1 Kg or 100 oz bars please
Comment from : Ken Kaufman

Mac Clark
Seriously makes no difference at all in the days to come Checked my inventory Sunday 8/15/21 after 45 years of stacking 1052 lbs of Silver in various 100/ 10/ 1 oz denominations Silver is Silver at elevated prices 999 fine Silver is just as it says
Comment from : Mac Clark

patrick 16
Where do you get those plastic bags for the RCM bar? Do they come that way from online dealers?
Comment from : patrick 16

boot leg
Whatever I can get closest to spot I haven't bought eagles for a year because of the insane premiums I tend to stick with generic rounds and constitutional these days Its hard for me to justify paying insane premiums knowing you'll only get 1-2 dollars over spot for eagles if you do sell
Comment from : boot leg

I wish I could find one of those 10oz Britannia bars for a decent price I started stacking too late
Comment from : elhazelrah

Victor Maslo
10 oz RCM bar EVERY DAY!
Comment from : Victor Maslo

Florida Stacker
I finally pulled the trigger on my 2nd RCM barjust 2 years after my first haha Looking forward to its arrival They are really nice bars and at $270 much better than the $310+ for 10 Eagles IMO
Comment from : Florida Stacker

Silver Chimp
Nice choice
Comment from : Silver Chimp

Cash and Coins
After calling several LCS’s there is only one to buy You know what I mean Thank you sir Excellent video!
Comment from : Cash and Coins

Plane Fun
Also, I was trying to finish off a ASE monster box since last SeptemberI have picked them up from my LCS (secondary market ones) at a range of +$350 from last Sep, and he gradually worked his way up to +$7 over spot (He has been there since early July)brbrI just finished the monster box off at the end of last monthI have no plans to buy more ASE's until the premiums get back to $3-$350 per coin
Comment from : Plane Fun

Plane Fun
If they are prize's in an online game, then ASE's all the waythey will carry more value when you go to sell thembrbrIf I were buying them, the 10oz bar (but a stacker bar only - I just like that style from Scottsdale Mint)
Comment from : Plane Fun

D Frank
Are those Canadian prices?
Comment from : D Frank

The best and most part of your video : 5:14- 5:39
Comment from : ampiciline

Gunnar Gundersen
The ASE's I don't like the type 2'a bit they are 1oz which is easier to sell I'm not taking a hacksaw to a silver bar to chop off roughly 1 Troy at a time
Comment from : Gunnar Gundersen

R Werner
Comment from : R Werner

R Werner
I just received 5 10 0z bars, 2 1/4oz gold eagles and 1 1/2 oz Gold eagle Now ordered more at the lower price
Comment from : R Werner

human V1
Bars! Always appreciate your analysis You helped me choose the right Libertads :) Thank you!
Comment from : human V1

Cory Williams
I buy RCM 10 ounce bars and Sunshine mint 10 oz bars, they're the two have the most of I just got an RCM bar for $272
Comment from : Cory Williams

I bought both, 5 RCM bars and 2 tubes of Eagles
Comment from : jkpioneer

maged reda
Hi I have a question for you here in Eu we have alot of alternative for eagles the fact is I don't buy eagles at all maples are way better and cheaper even harmonica is cheaper so the question is why a 10 once bar cost here more than 10 once harmonica ? I still don't understand why??? Any advice?
Comment from : maged reda

214'th, I'D TAKE THE BAR! 😎👍
Comment from : VOODOO SKRATCH

Silver Liner
I meant to respond a couple of day ago but have been busy I have been really into a certain bar lately and just can't get enough of them It's St Helena 250 gram bar It's a beautiful bar and they also make a 10 oz version of the same bar Thanks for the video Heist
Comment from : Silver Liner

Stacy Nodge
Buy the bar and pick up an Eagle for free
Comment from : Stacy Nodge

Stacy Nodge
In Canada, premiums are approaching 50 on SE's! RCM bars for me thanks!
Comment from : Stacy Nodge

john winchester
Bought more bars today!
Comment from : john winchester

Matt Johnson
Just scooped up another RCM bar for $293 I just can't pay the premiums on these Eagles The RCM bars are just stunning
Comment from : Matt Johnson

thomas aitken
10 oz eagles - I am ,after all ,American got a bucket of em
Comment from : thomas aitken

I bought a Kilo bar from Germania Mint from Monument Metals, the best bang for the buck that I could see at the time when I placed my order
Comment from : Mr1MOA

DjAce Silver70
10 eagles for me
Comment from : DjAce Silver70

Gold Maple
I would buy the 10oz RCM bar Several reasons for my choice 1 I'm Canadian, so I am bias I favor Canadian products over any other products 2 The 10 oz bar is cheaper than 10 1 oz American Silver Eagles 3 It takes up less space and you can sell it easily 4 It's not any silver bar It's made by RCM, a Government of Canada product
Comment from : Gold Maple

It depends on what I already had If I was only starting to stack, it's worth the extra premium to buy the Eagles for the liquidity Plus the Eagles are smaller and better for barterability But if I owned some Eagles already, then I would buy the RCM bar to build up the ounces
Comment from : fazdoll

Northern Coins
I'm in the same mind set, 10 X coins or 1 X bar or a 10oz coin, I change my mind everytime I think of buy one of these, stay safe my friend
Comment from : Northern Coins

William Tell
RCM bar only because I don't have one in my wifes collection
Comment from : William Tell

Luís Paiva
10oz RCM bar
Comment from : Luís Paiva

Justin Sartain
So this weekend I made two purchases a 1905 french franc (gold) on friday Then silver had a flash crash and I got 9 generic rounds on Sunday Great Video
Comment from : Justin Sartain

Silver Surfer
Great video 👍👌👍!!!
Comment from : Silver Surfer

Hue Mann
Definitely the 10oz bars
Comment from : Hue Mann

I’d have to lean toward the RCM 10 ozer
Comment from : Eli

The 10 Oz RCM bars are great I only have one But, would like to have more Great comparison numbers you shared!
Comment from : SalivateMetal

P Sort
Just bought a few 10 oz RCM for 28500 Damn firesale!!
Comment from : P Sort

Comment from : akhladi2

paul gordon
Went to the local coin show today and got 40brtype II silver eagles for $1240 , $ 31 per coin I'm OK with that , they had been way up there
Comment from : paul gordon

I prefer the bars anyway, so it’s a no brainer for me
Comment from : stratcaptain66

Lately the premiums on silver are dropping which is very visible on bulk purchases or bigger bars If you look around 100oz RCM bars are under $2 over spot With lower spot prices that represents good opportunities to stock upbrOn another what I like about bars v coins that you don’t have to worry about milk spots , scratches etc which often takes a lot off premiums when it comes to selling (just last month witnessed the same price being offered for milk spotted Krugerrands and 2020 Philharmonics as for 100 oz Asahi bar)
Comment from : DaddyDab1

Bob Wojcikowski
I love the RCM bars
Comment from : Bob Wojcikowski

Allen Iverson
If same price cost than the eagles But the bars are always cheaper so bars cause cheaper but I like to own both I like Scottsdale stackers the best but just ordered my first rcm 10 oz for 283
Comment from : Allen Iverson

metal stacking
Maybe you can buy both Bulk of silver imo should be generic I try to keep my generic at 80-90 of my stack So if I ever want to liquidate I can retain all imo my cool silver coins maple Libertad ase etc my generic bars rounds purchases are decided by what is on sale over brand of mint
Comment from : metal stacking

Love your video brTO the point !!!brThis why i am stacking MOSTLY 10oz bars HARD !!! And i prefer premium :)
Comment from : SilverGameOfThrone

Ehren Krause
I bought a mint seald type 2 ASEs Been a loooong time since I've bought any eagles
Comment from : Ehren Krause

I always bought 10 ounce bars because of the lower premiums at least it used to be that way back when I could get online silver without paying 925 sales tax I definitely miss those days
Comment from : SilverTurtle65

Strange Universe
I prefer to split between bars and rounds/coins; the movement of each will be slightly different when exchanging in the future
Comment from : Strange Universe

I buy whatever is cheaper In this case the bar Actually have one coming in the mail on Monday
Comment from : The177Hunter

silver stallion
Yep I started stacking back in early 2019 and I was getting ase's for 19-20$ out the door at my lcs! I'm so glad I started stacking before the metals went up! 🤜✌🇮🇹🐎
Comment from : silver stallion

silver stallion
10oz bar because it will cost me less to buy
Comment from : silver stallion

Silver Bean Counter
Yeah, not surprised by that survey Eagles are just so dang expensive!
Comment from : Silver Bean Counter

The Silver Sliver
Thanks for sharing
Comment from : The Silver Sliver

Expat Stacker
10 egales!
Comment from : Expat Stacker

William McLaughlin
Bar all the way
Comment from : William McLaughlin

andrew booth
if you sell only sell too upgrade silver heists seek rarity and eye appeal over quantity brother and i have a feeling you will unlock that ransom your looking for yes its very very expensive but it can also make you very very very rich ill continue buying from the companies that blacklisted me if they got good deals they wont ever know its me buying from them either i got coin friends all accross the usa who dont mind placing orders for me yes its more difficult snatching their precious metals in bulk but it can still be done
Comment from : andrew booth

LOVE The bar :)
Comment from : B

Karlos M
10 oz rcm bar or some Maples
Comment from : Karlos M

Benny Duran
Comment from : Benny Duran

Aloha Stacker
Great shout out for PPP! He is close to 1K so let's help get him there!
Comment from : Aloha Stacker

Aloha Stacker
Great choice as I think either would been good I do not have any RCM bars But I sure do like stacking eagles tough choices in the end I am sure we will all be getting many of both 🤣
Comment from : Aloha Stacker

Paul Richards
Neither! The type 2 has come down now brThe only 10oz I have done during this higher price point are Queen's Beast, or Valiant stuff that can usually resell well RCM is always in the generic bin I haven't gotten much generic this year Gold or low mintage silver or Constitutional is what I was doing
Comment from : Paul Richards

andrew booth
pulling off real silver heists
Comment from : andrew booth

andrew booth
150k in less than 6 months here
Comment from : andrew booth

andrew booth
im just a coin trader who stood up too apmex sdbullion liberty coin and great collections llc you will not treat me like im a bitch in this game !!!!my grandpa made my ass numismatically rich as fuck and i pull off the real silver heists!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!buying it in bulk without them knowing its me !!!!!!!!you cant stop me unless you put a fucking bullet in my fucking head i got too many connections and coin underlings who know im not a fucking joke im snatching the finest knowns!!!!!!gems !!!!!!!!!!im after your coins that are worth more than fucking GOLD and yes the only way too stop me is too kill me by putting a fucking bullet in my head!!!!!!!!!!!!ill forever take sdbullion apmex liberty coin great collections llc metal with out them even knowing!!!!!!! ITS ME !!!!!!!!!
Comment from : andrew booth

Pistol Packing Pilot
Thank you for the shoutout Heist A 10 oz Britannia bar for $173? BIN BIN BIN!!!! Hell, I’ll buy every one you got at that price! Lol The gold type 2 fractionals don’t have the missing reed on the edge either Cool video Heist
Comment from : Pistol Packing Pilot

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