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Currency Exchange Rates - How To Convert Currency

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Information Currency Exchange Rates - How To Convert Currency

Title :  Currency Exchange Rates - How To Convert Currency
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Description Currency Exchange Rates - How To Convert Currency

Comments Currency Exchange Rates - How To Convert Currency

debasish raj behera
gr8thank you🙏❤️🎉🎊
Comment from : debasish raj behera

Pratik Satam
Very simple , Very clear and easy to understand
Comment from : Pratik Satam

mr count
thank you soooooooo much
Comment from : mr count

Amaar Khan
Bro Luke just obtained the cheat code to obtain more moneybrbrJust covert it to another currency then when the rate rises correctly just reconvert it 🙃
Comment from : Amaar Khan

aijaz awan
I can't explain the love I have for this video
Comment from : aijaz awan

Enrolled Agent
This is backwards It should be 1 Canadian dollar = 131 usd (It cost 1 CAD cost 131 USD )
Comment from : Enrolled Agent

betty august
Clear, simple and easy to understand Thank you so much for the tutorial!
Comment from : betty august

Evil Dead
So it’s best to exchange when euro is higher than dollar to get more in euros?
Comment from : Evil Dead

Kanu Priya Grewal
Thank you, Teacher 🙏
Comment from : Kanu Priya Grewal

Vincent Bakar Leonard
Thanks to Africa billionaire on YouTube that introduce me anticipated endowment plans that make me so rich, you can do it anywhere in the world
Comment from : Vincent Bakar Leonard

long hikau
Comment from : long hikau

Skinny Dev
Thanku, wish i had a teacher like this in my school time )
Comment from : Skinny Dev

Twinkle Aggarwal
Thank you for making it so easy :))))))
Comment from : Twinkle Aggarwal

Tan Thien Nguyen
Beweise ich es !
Comment from : Tan Thien Nguyen

Tan Thien Nguyen
Schauen Sie es danach bitte wie Architekture gebaut haben ?
Comment from : Tan Thien Nguyen

Tan Thien Nguyen
Wieso müssen Sie Verwerfen spielen ?
Comment from : Tan Thien Nguyen

Tan Thien Nguyen
Business mit Sicherheit oder Risiko ?
Comment from : Tan Thien Nguyen

Tan Thien Nguyen
South müssen Arm & Arbeit ohne Zukunft gibt ?
Comment from : Tan Thien Nguyen

Tan Thien Nguyen
Muster an jedes Muster gibt ! Was gibt es in Amerika ? North + South nicht Beherrsch können ?brWas gibt es in Vietnam ? Teilen Sie 3 +4 + 5 damit Sie einfach kontroller oder gegen Einandern & fertig machen ?
Comment from : Tan Thien Nguyen

Tan Thien Nguyen
Ich bringe Arbeit ohne jemanden Verwerfen !
Comment from : Tan Thien Nguyen

Thanks very clear and understandable, helps me study for my exam
Comment from : Mario

Yu zhan

Comment from : Yu zhan

Raze YT
Thanks helped me so much
Comment from : Raze YT

Joe Son
Meth - Math genius Pablo Escobar got PHD 9n this ?
Comment from : Joe Son

doll Ed
Comment from : BR D

severian tarba
Comment from : severian tarba

Comment from : YIHUA CAO

good video!
Comment from : Frank

Becca Archibald
Wow, so easy to understand! I wish my finance teacher explained things like this
Comment from : Becca Archibald

Do you have USDT? I'll exchange it with you in RMB
Comment from : 飞机xintanghui叫夜鹰东方

Odunayo Oselayo
bI must say that knowing you is my greatest achievement in life, i receive my profit $10,000 successful, all thanks to Mrs Linda may God keep on blessing you/b
Comment from : Odunayo Oselayo

Hazem Zedan
Thanks really helpful so, we can conclude that when we are converting from a currency to another ( from A to B) and the Exchange rate is set up in the same direction ( from Currency A to Currency B) then we multiply the amount by the exchange rate to convert it from Currency A to Currency B brHowever, if the Exchange rate is set up in the opposite direction ( from Currency B to Currency A) then we divide the amount by the exchange rate to convert it from Currency A to Currency B?
Comment from : Hazem Zedan

anyone know how to convert money currency but w/o using calculator? Please, I need to know
Comment from : Yui

Markus Garcia
if your exchange rate when converting USD to EUR is for example usd/eur instead of eur/usd your results vary in a couple of decimal places But I thought what when you wanted to purchase USD you should use the quote where USD is the base, ie you therefore have to use USD/EUR
Comment from : Markus Garcia

edem benhardt Norglo
this video simplifies my exchange rate problem Thanks for the good job
Comment from : edem benhardt Norglo

Ahmed Elhusseini
Thank you 🙏
Comment from : Ahmed Elhusseini

Palden Tsering
Anybody say why 1 example has to multilply and 2 example to be divided ?
Comment from : Palden Tsering

Rimsha Shahid
Tremendous way really informative and helpful in learning
Comment from : Rimsha Shahid

Aliyah Himzon
I wish u were my prof
Comment from : Aliyah Himzon

Priyanka kumari Sharma
Amazing Just awesome The way you explain it's very easy to understand Thank you for all that effort ☺☺
Comment from : Priyanka kumari Sharma

EngA:yaasiin yousuf
Comment from : EngA:yaasiin yousuf

Hashia Amora
I don't know why I have to learn this shit I can just google it if I have to convert shit
Comment from : Hashia Amora

Thanks for this! I was trying to help my 8 year old son with a similar problem, but I couldn't remember how to set up the equation Thanks for the refresher!
Comment from : Amber

Layla Witrah
thank you so much
Comment from : Layla Witrah

Hasara Fernando
helped me alot!! thank you!!
Comment from : Hasara Fernando

tebello julia
Dude, you're the best
Comment from : tebello julia

Alon Horesh
Great stuff, Thank you, the only video I found that explains this material in a way that I can finally understand, Thanks
Comment from : Alon Horesh

The teachers in school just makes everything more complicated than it needs to be
Comment from : Icebrry

Marquette Turner
I really appreciate this video! I have been trying to answer two questions from my homework assignment After searching my textbook with no luck I resulted in YT This video is a lifesaver! Thanks for your knowledge :)
Comment from : Marquette Turner

Jasnoor singh
Maths ASMR 😌
Comment from : Jasnoor singh

Thank you so much! This is so helpful!
Comment from : DianaBanana

Thank you very much you have made conversion much easier now
Comment from : Beatha

How 22,900? Try to use calcutor I doubt
Comment from : saber

Waleed Tariq
Problem solved
Comment from : Waleed Tariq

Ali Asadullah
In most European countries, a comma is used to separate the integral part of a number from the decimal part This means, for example, that three hundred euros and ten cents is written as 300,10—with a comma as a decimal markerbrOn the other hand, in the US—as well as in other English-speaking countries including Australia, New Zealand, and the UK—the same amount is written as 30010, using a decimal point
Comment from : Ali Asadullah

JM Koh
Thank you for the video 👍
Comment from : JM Koh

Harman Basra
Who would of thought this guy would be helpful for UCAT?
Comment from : Harman Basra

The Dodo
Mr Barry Silbert is the best, recommending him to all beginners who wants to recover losses like I did
Comment from : The Dodo

Pat kelly
Awesome video not sure if I got the right answer but can you do one with Vietnam Dong VND Zimbabwe ZWD and Iraq Dinar
Comment from : Pat kelly

Camouflage Jumpsuit
THANK YOU! Thanks for explaining, and showing, 5 different currency rate exchange scenarios This will be very helpful on my Caliper assessment I am subbing to check out your other videos I've long wished for access to learning, and refreshing higher math skills
Comment from : Camouflage Jumpsuit

Rhoduska L-Cious
Thank you very much
Comment from : Rhoduska L-Cious

Khadija Amari
Omg I don’t know why I was struggling with fx rate You saved my life Thank you so much !!!
Comment from : Khadija Amari

Ava Kate
God loves us so much he only gave his only Son for us, he loved us no matter how much we sinned, he did not leave us or forsake us, he is waiting for us to return to him, he even gave us of hope to return to him, so let's not waste our time in the world, let's not live in worldly things that are only temporary, Jesus is eternal he is not lost but the things in the world will just disappear that you can't take that when you died, so my friend go back to Jesus, accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior, repent of all your sins, Jesus will accept you no matter how sinful you are God is great Amen
Comment from : Ava Kate

Ava Kate
Do not love the world or the things in the world, if anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in HimbrDon't use the name of God in vainbrIf we love Jesus we will obey His commandsbrBe doers of the word not just hearersbrYou shall love the Lord your God, with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength and mindbrLove your neighbors as your self
Comment from : Ava Kate

Nabaraj Baral
If US $ 1 = NPR 11212 and GBP £1 = 14352, convert $60 into pound
Comment from : Nabaraj Baral

Javier Gonzalez
Euros=€ brPounds=£
Comment from : Javier Gonzalez

Maybongwe Bhebhe
this is so long haha but helpful
Comment from : Maybongwe Bhebhe

Mr Math Cambodia
Very good exam, I like this Video
Comment from : Mr Math Cambodia

Thx man I have a maths test Tom and I didn’t understand this because my teacher always complicate stuff but it’s really strait forward
Comment from : DaGoat

Samanntha Swεεtnεss
this video is messy Your writing, the fractions, everything
Comment from : Samanntha Swεεtnεss

Samanntha Swεεtnεss
you made that way more difficult than it had to be
Comment from : Samanntha Swεεtnεss

Ugh koko
Thanks sooooo much
Comment from : Ugh koko

ruby k
I learnt currency change from your video and after reading comments im going to subscribe you Thanks for explaining
Comment from : ruby k

ayesha ghulam
Thank you for Making this video it was really Helpful for me 😊 I understood the concept now
Comment from : ayesha ghulam

Jason Milton
I've seen this before
Comment from : Jason Milton

Orelebanye Mothobi
Comment from : Orelebanye Mothobi

Malak Ossama
can you please make a video on map scales i really need it
Comment from : Malak Ossama

the gentleboys
i searched up how to convert money to online money to buy games and this is what i got
Comment from : the gentleboys

Jose Santiago
Thanks for being late into life and not helping me through school and my cpa tests
Comment from : Jose Santiago

Intikhab Akram
Quite nice a fractional method
Comment from : Intikhab Akram

TeKeya Krystal
ou , I need to get good at this math maybe if I watch this video 58 more times , I can
Comment from : TeKeya Krystal

Comment from : ChilledSamuri

abdullahjemis art
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Comment from : abdullahjemis art

I cannot begin to thank you enough I never place comments but I have to make an exception for you Your videos are so helpful and you are able to explain everything so well, way better than any teacher I have ever had And then I haven’t even mentioned the wide range of topics you have covered over the years I have been coming back to your videos for years, whether it was for Chemistry or Maths in high school, or now for Economics and Calculus at university Thank you for having my back all those years when I was sure I couldn’t do something but then I watched a video of yours and everything became simple You may think I’m exaggerating, but you have no idea what kind of impact that has on students So yeah, thank you and I hope you’re doing well
Comment from : SP500

Miss Engineer
ok i am struggling as to know when you times and divide, say i am going travelling around the world, I am going from England to China, to Portugal, to America, to Hong Kong, to Iceland from each country I have to exchange my money before flying, how do I know if I need to times or divide?? I literally cannot find the answer in any video, unless in each country I times by the next and if I back on myself I divide?brWhat if the country I am in is 1 and the country I am going to is 095 (less then 1) how do I know if I should times or divide?
Comment from : Miss Engineer

Comment from : Adouka

random things from my device
You helped me bro, so I didn't skip ads HAHAHA
Comment from : random things from my device

Yh Chong
Thanks for sharing the rule of thumb to avoid conversion mistakes :)
Comment from : Yh Chong

Flippers Lippers
Why is it written in a fraction form? I'm sorry I'm just confuse
Comment from : Flippers Lippers

Comment from : Showaibo

I was just in my online matches class and I didn't rstanr it so I'm here thanks for explaining I understood I will need practice
Comment from : itsfade

neeta manandhar
Thank u so much It really helped me
Comment from : neeta manandhar

Georgie O connor
This man is my saviour
Comment from : Georgie O connor

Harry Thomas
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Comment from : Harry Thomas

Todd Alquist
This is such a simple concept that has confused me for the longest time haha, Thanks!
Comment from : Todd Alquist

ed zmuda
Why does this have to be so long?? To convert currency a to currency b, you divide the amount by currency a’s exchange rate To convert currency b to currency a, you multiply by currency a’s exchange rate Badda boom badda bing!
Comment from : ed zmuda

Erm i needed help with my homework with something like this but I can't use a calculator :(
Comment from : Sami

Russell Cheliotis
In the last 2 weeks, I have made over $18,000 with just $1200 investment, it’s actually my first online trade investment and I’m amazed and glad, all thanks for to Mr Marco on IG Dm @tradefx_with_tulio
Comment from : Russell Cheliotis

kashish gupta
I am so pleasedbrA big thanks
Comment from : kashish gupta

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