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Information BEWARE FAKE SILVER COINS - Easy Test

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Description BEWARE FAKE SILVER COINS - Easy Test


bob lindstrom
Awesome day to watch the boss!
Comment from : bob lindstrom

Mark Molinari
That's really too bad about having to be concerned about buying fake silver & gold On the other hand, if you buy shares of Microsoft, Apple, Home Depot, or Chevron, you won't have to worry about that and the value of the shares will up up in value appreciably plus, on a quarterly basis, you'll get paid cash dividends
Comment from : Mark Molinari

Great realisation of explaining how easy it is to use these magnets and why it should be mandatory for all bullion buyers With se protection for the coin of course
Comment from : dleetr

Dennis Geroux
The problem is if your buying on line and it’s fake then your stuck with it because they will say you switched it and it’s not the one they sent you So it looks like you have to have it in hand to test it
Comment from : Dennis Geroux

Helen Bishop
Does this scratch the coin?
Comment from : Helen Bishop

Paul D
Such a helpful video Thanks for posting!
Comment from : Paul D

Chris Miller
Great video 🙏
Comment from : Chris Miller

John-john Torrijos
Where do you buy the magnet
Comment from : John-john Torrijos

George Humphrey
I know a guy that had been in an accident back about 2000 He was laid up at home for months Ebay was just becoming popular My friend would buy up old Morgan dollars and Pieces of Eight I was visiting him when he won the bid on a Piece of Eight that he paid $40 bucks for He told me was trying to buy every Piece of Eight that came up for bids By the time he was healed up he had a bunch of MD and P of E I wonder if he bought any phony's back 22 years ago I sure hope not! I'm going to tell him to watch this video Well done and thank you I am United States Army Ret
Comment from : George Humphrey

I have seen this explained before but not to the point where I felt like it was a good test - But you did! Now I see what you mean by sticky surface! As someone that buys coin lots at auction - you never know what your getting! 👍
Comment from : Dougster

Uriel Jauregui
Is this the same concept with Gold? Or is it’s magnetic properties different than silver? Thanks
Comment from : Uriel Jauregui

Comment from : LASZLO POPOVICS

Aaron Yang
So the fake coin is sticky to magnet?? You did not explain behavior of real silver coin contact with magnetic
Comment from : Aaron Yang

joe street
Just wanted to say thanks for the videodidnt know you could do thisi have some magnets out of hard drives that were free that are neodymium that I can use to check
Comment from : joe street

Kayne Fryday
You said the lunar horse coin is Canadian , it has Australia stamped on it
Comment from : Kayne Fryday

saint of chelsea thomas carlyle
how will fake vs real silver eagle look after a few years? will the fake lose its brilliance?
Comment from : saint of chelsea thomas carlyle

The "magnetic" force that the Neodynium magnet does on silver is not magnetism It is actually anti gravity I think it will work on gold and copper as well They are in the same column of the periodic table of elements
Comment from : TimBrown5000

pro teach
hi so they are supposed to slide and if they do not slide then they are fakes right ??
Comment from : pro teach

Daniel LeClare
Coin is from Australia not Canada it even says so on the front Close but not correct Nice steel fake
Comment from : Daniel LeClare

silver revlis
love it!!
Comment from : silver revlis

K vdp
Very good But how do I know if my magnet is real neodymium?
Comment from : K vdp

David Ho
Good info
Comment from : David Ho

Barry Piper
This happens with base metals too, especially copper
Comment from : Barry Piper

ok, that's scary : /
Comment from : spg77777

Shasty Smax
So if I can stick a refrigerator magnet to the coins, they are fakes? Right?
Comment from : Shasty Smax

Jbii Skeptic
Why not just weigh the coin???? I've read about a hundred comments and only one guy alluded to doing that Am I missing something? If your 1oz Silver Eagle isn't weighing in at 1oz or your Morgan Dollar isn't weighing 267gm they're a fakebrbrCopper density is miles away from silver, so are steel, tin, brass, zinc or whatever other cheap metal someone might try to substituteEither the coin will be way thicker than normal (pretty easy to spot) or weigh a whole lot less than it should Lead is way more dense than silver and the coin would have to be really thin to have correct weight, again easy to spotbrbrOr are people actually creating some kind of lead alloys with a similar density to silver? I find it difficult to believe that happens a lotbrbrPrecise digital scales are probably cheaper than rare earth magnets at this point ($7 on Ebay)brbrI'm a numismatic novice so don't scorch me too bad if I'm missing something here
Comment from : Jbii Skeptic

JESUS YESHUA EL ELYON elshadai Adon Ori haaretz
Thank you👍👍👍😃🤔 God bless
Comment from : JESUS YESHUA EL ELYON elshadai Adon Ori haaretz

Those fakes have been done by the same people who do the real ones too It's the banks who also make those fake gold bars brbrRegarding this paramagnetic property of silver, there are also copper and lead which are also paramagnetic, so lets take a look at their stats:brbrimagnetic susceptibility/i (source: enwikipediaorg/wiki/Diamagnetism)br- Copper's is -1 (Xm * 10^(-5))br- Silver's is -26 (Xm * 10^(-5))br- Lead's is -18 (Xm * 10^(-5))brbridensity/ibr- Copper's is 896 g/cm³br- Silver's is 1049 g/cm³br- Lead's is 1134 g/cm³brbrFrom this data it could be reasoned that lead is actually a better choice when counterfeiting silver coins because it has nearly similar magnetic susceptibility and density with silver I doubt that you can tell a fake from a real one by using this method if the fake one is made from lead I would love you to prove me wrong though by doing an experiment with a copper and lead bars You could try how the magnet acts when sliding on their surface and compare it to how it slides on the silver coin brbrOne more test you could do is by measuring the density of the coin You could sink them in some super narrow water bottle and look how much the water level rises from the coin This tells you their volume Then you could weigh them with some accurate diamond scale and from these stats you could calculate the density of the coin, and if it matches the density of silver, then it is a real one
Comment from : T12J7

The uncirculated Morgan was also a fake
Comment from : TheHoneyBadger

A McLamb
Awesome video!! Thank you
Comment from : A McLamb

Leeroy Pana
to tell if it is silver, just download a "sound frequency spectrum" APP to listen to the sound of knocking, the staying sound should be around 4200 Hz for a 267 gram silver coin
Comment from : Leeroy Pana

Igor Ignatyev
Magnet + Copper = acts same way!
Comment from : Igor Ignatyev

Frank Roper
Lots of crooks on Ebay!
Comment from : Frank Roper

Guerreros Digitales
If my coins are smaller than the magnet, would it work if I place the magnet in an angle and I make the coins slide down on it?
Comment from : Guerreros Digitales

Freyfrey Marcelo
What are the fake? The three that you moved?
Comment from : Freyfrey Marcelo

Brilliant test Just tried it on a large silver spoon The magnet does not stick to the silver but only has a slight attraction while it is moving over the silver Thank you!
Comment from : S C

geoffrey wren
This is good Even dealers often do not know this One caveat Copper too will produce a slow magnet So a silver coated copper round would not fail this test It would be thicker though
Comment from : geoffrey wren

Sean Murphy
Very good video! You were very clear and the little quiz was helpful to teach Thank you for sharing! 🙏
Comment from : Sean Murphy

Tiger Lilly
magnetic slide+ ping + density :)
Comment from : Tiger Lilly

normal man
Buy from 1st world countries
Comment from : normal man

Michael Howell
Ton of fake bars out there too! 👁👁🇺🇸
Comment from : Michael Howell

Thank you! new to silver, bought 5 coins that looked to glossy/ bright / sharp compared to the rest so was a bit scared i got scammed, but now, with this video, I could test them myself, turns out they probably are legit!brthank you for the great explanation!
Comment from : xoscha1983

B&N Ferguson
Damn straight
Comment from : B&N Ferguson

bobo sosa sosa
Comment from : bobo sosa sosa

JY Sportscard Guy
Comment from : JY Sportscard Guy

Czujny 4x
can you write magnes mass, diameter and thickness?
Comment from : Czujny 4x

The Ancient City Continental
Very interesting I thought 999 silver was not magnetic whatsoever Can you explain why there is some attraction with the neo magnet? What’s going on here?
Comment from : The Ancient City Continental

Warning: some coin dealers are selling fake coin testers I don't know this, but the thought crossed my mind
Comment from : tubeonline629

Garry Thompson
The " so called" proof silver eagle is clearly fake as the obverse and reverse both point in the same direction!!
Comment from : Garry Thompson

Josh Yahs our El
How would I test 12 gauge silver rods I got two but the acid won't sit it just drips down and the magnet test is not quite working right prtobably cause it is not flat
Comment from : Josh Yahs our El

michael koncal
China is making millions of fake coins I have been told?
Comment from : michael koncal

Léon Kame
Hair remover cream 👍brI discovered silver is the only metal of the sevens that i tested who reacts really strongly in contact with the cream 😂🤣 I would prefer discover an other universe, but that is good if it can help you brPut hair remover cream on silver, more it s pure, more it reacts strongly 👍
Comment from : Léon Kame

S Roman
So if it slides off slowly, its real silver?
Comment from : S Roman

Hard drive SOB magnets are "BOSS" , these fuckers will pick up a 18 wheeler full of silver if given the chance
Comment from : EivinSukoi

Jakes World
@4:06 hahaha Yep No need
Comment from : Jakes World

Now what you should do: Test a 999 round, test a 30 drachma 835, test a 720 Mexican whatever, test a 1974-77 Canadian 50 dollar, test a 40 clad Kennedy The magnet test gets flaky @ 50 and under
Comment from : pneumatic00

Dodoi Coh
Is it n35 neodymium 🧲? Or n52 would work better on this coin test?
Comment from : Dodoi Coh

Hotrod Rebel
About what size and thickness is your magnet?
Comment from : Hotrod Rebel

Handling proof coins without a glove is making me cringe
Comment from : Wolfbjorn

George Robinson
I brought a Morgan in to be certified and the guy was suspicious of it under a scope and it turned out to be a silver fake! We did a test and the silver is real and he had written some books on the subject and showed me a certified Morgan in the Plastic that was graded 69 and he scoped it and showed it at an event that is fake as well He told me a story about in the 20's and 30's the mob would melt down stolen silver and make these coins and circulate them So there are some Morgans out there in collections from that era that are fake and almost a century old Mine is an 1879 cc in about a 62 grade and I carry it in my pocket and show people all the time
Comment from : George Robinson

I like silver, I love gold
Comment from : W KB

Useful Video I subscribed you Remember subscribe My channel thanks I collect old coins around the World
Comment from : SEE THE WORLD

Nice test! Thanks for sharing!
Comment from : JoãoLP

Comment from : macmike2

Marley & Teee
This was awesome, thank you!
Comment from : Marley & Teee

Tennessee Wendy
Love thevideo,nits sad when we can't even collect coins without worrying about fakes It's just sad, thieves need to be locked up
Comment from : Tennessee Wendy

Mike Strong
Thx , know i now ! Cool
Comment from : Mike Strong

dennis jamieson
Exceptional information Thanks
Comment from : dennis jamieson

The Great British Coin Hunt
helpful, thanks for sharing
Comment from : The Great British Coin Hunt

SJs Mixed Adventures
Fantastic looking channel! Nice to meet you
Comment from : SJs Mixed Adventures

Lee H
I ended up with 10 fake 1921 peace dollars, I had to go through the ice test, passed, the magnet test passed, measurement, passed, the ring test was iffy, and the fail was weight, should have been 265 give or take, they were 235 and 228 grams So since I was fairly sure due to weight being so far off the average I scratched the hell out of one on the eagle side, and 6 hard scrapes later, copper I am only out 4 dollars a piece, but unless you are making some cheap jewelry these are not worth a damn But if I had not been persistent I would have fallen for it, and the sellers first auction I bid on did not indicate these were reproductions or copies, since I emailed them they have posted them as "handmade" I would not have even wasted my effort to fart at these if they had been marked as such Old saying too good to be true rang true here too
Comment from : Lee H

Hey, how's that magnet type spelled? It's it neodenium?????
Comment from : Toddly

Wow! That's aWeSoMe bro!brThank you for sharing thatbrI just now subscribed and hit the bell🔔🔨 😁
Comment from : Toddly

Todd Davis
Thanks for making this video I’m going to get one of those magnets
Comment from : Todd Davis

Ramon Juan
Hello Silverready Cool just sub you and great info on how to tell the difference Now I have more coin knowledge thank to you thanks 👍🏽🌵
Comment from : Ramon Juan

Historic Coins Hub
love this video greetings from india'
Comment from : Historic Coins Hub

Gary K
Excellent suggestion
Comment from : Gary K

XRP Dynamite🎆
Comment from : XRP Dynamite🎆

Brandon Berry
Excellent video!! I’ve been look for the last 3 hours for a off the grid way to test silver without acids this n the water density test is a very good option!! I’m hitting up amazon for a 🧲 rite now!!
Comment from : Brandon Berry

Does this work on gold coins as well?
Comment from : FreakyScaryChannel

Sum Dood
Does this also work with Sterling or non-999 coins?
Comment from : Sum Dood

Young Stacker Cash
This is awesome
Comment from : Young Stacker Cash

متحف العملات / pound museum
اشتركو بقناتي متحف العملات
Comment from : متحف العملات / pound museum

Jason Au Colorado
That is a cool trick thanks for showing me that
Comment from : Jason Au Colorado

Trey Caldwell
I don't get it The last was too magnetic therefore fake, but then he says "I'm sure they make a non-magnetic one"? What does that mean? Why would they do that? The magnet test would exposed the fake coin either way
Comment from : Trey Caldwell

Patriot Coin Rings
You have me freaked out on how many silver fakes I may have bought now and last week I just bought a half dozen of those year of the horse ones as well Oh I'm looking for a magnet right now - thanks for the tip!
Comment from : Patriot Coin Rings

L1v3 Fr33
Thank you very much! I am just starting to educate myself with this stuff
Comment from : L1v3 Fr33

Go to the bottom line man, people do not want to hear a novel This video could have been 3 min
Comment from : holulu777

Section 8 Consulting
lol magnet test I be sure to sell you all my fools gold
Comment from : Section 8 Consulting

Where are these fake coins coming from?
Comment from : Osckarre

Ocean Marx
Canadian lunar horse?????
Comment from : Ocean Marx

I thought all Canadian coins were magnetic Nickles, dimes, quarters, and loonies are
Comment from : anasmrright

AG chillin bears
I always check with magnet, lol, subbed
Comment from : AG chillin bears

i could tell your canadian coin was fake because it had Australia stamped on it lol
Comment from : dosmundos

Fake gold and silver will always be a thing These are skills you must have I just made my first stacking video and would appreciate some feedback? Thanks!
Comment from : USMC_Combat_Vet

Thanks for the info on spotting fakes I just made my first stacking video and would appreciate some feedback? Thanks everyone
Comment from : USMC_Combat_Vet

JoJo/Clem Kadilihopper
I have a lot of rounds including a lot of pre 1933 Morgan's, is there other tests to validate authenticity?
Comment from : JoJo/Clem Kadilihopper

stop smoking & your brain can be more organized & moisturize your hands as you can't even pick up a coin - get with it!
Comment from : RING JANDO

Timothy Loyd
Thanks everything helps
Comment from : Timothy Loyd

A good and reliable test:  br1 Equipment needed - an iPhone, etc with a musical frequency tuner app (ie Cleartune, etc); and, THICK ceramic or marble, etc tile about 12 X 12"  br2 Simply drop the coin onto the Tile and observe the 'note' (frequency) that the dropped coin makes when it bounces onto the tile, 'read' the the note's bfrequency/b on the iPhone br3 Standardize/calibrate: obtain a certified US mint 'Walking Liberty' 999 1 oz coin Drop and note the FREQUENCY on the 'meter' of the app Use that frequency as your 'standard' for 999 purity, etc  br3a Do the same sequence with pre-1963 9 purity 'junk silver', etc (different frequency response for each 'size' coin dime, quarter, half dollar, etc )brbrIf you're good at 'perfect pitch' (many musicians are) simply remember the calibration 'note'
Comment from : RichH

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