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How Harry Potter Movies Technically Lost Money

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Information How Harry Potter Movies Technically Lost Money

Title :  How Harry Potter Movies Technically Lost Money
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Description How Harry Potter Movies Technically Lost Money

Comments How Harry Potter Movies Technically Lost Money

just something
Comment from : just something

0:49 afammpnt
Comment from : B

Anne ONymous
If it took in more than it cost to produce, then it didn't lose money, "techinally" or not
Comment from : Anne ONymous

Paul Kurilecz
This is why many actors now go for a percentage of the gross
Comment from : Paul Kurilecz

Pol Sokseyha ប៉ុលសុខសីហា
10 dollars is enough to buy a good breakfast lunch and dinner where I am
Comment from : Pol Sokseyha ប៉ុលសុខសីហា

Aegon the Conqueror
thats some expensive banana wtf
Comment from : Aegon the Conqueror

OK, I get that Hollywood Accounting is a thing brBut if everyone KNOWS it's a thing, and Hollywood knows that everyone knows, then why are they still doing it? Like, why not just remove the stipulation of net profits in the contract and change it to something else?
Comment from : ZRovas117

Normal gameplay
10$ for a banana?
Comment from : Normal gameplay

and this is why i pirate everything i watch
Comment from : wrije

tony lee
When he said, “So, if Dashlane pays me 100 dollars …” Captions said Brilliant instead of Dashlane Lmao…
Comment from : tony lee

Can’t actors sue to ge their hands on the actual costs if they feel they have been inflated?
Comment from : Jim1992a

Abby Sweat
The $10 banana joke was choice
Comment from : Abby Sweat

Paul McElligott
The most creative people in Hollywood are the accountants
Comment from : Paul McElligott

My favorite part was “Don’t worry no accountants are watching this video” -Me, an accountant
Comment from : Awall

Thomas Paine
Big media and Hollywood are absolutely evil
Comment from : Thomas Paine

Robert Fischer
Yeahhhhhh where are all the lawsuits? That is straight up tax fraud Think all the shell companies involved in the Bernie Maddoff, well he Madoff without paying taxes and apparently that same loophole is used to steal money from all the actorsbrbrIsn't there an actors guild with lawyers and stuff?
Comment from : Robert Fischer

Robert Fischer
So they committed corporate tax fraud? And everyone was just ok with it?
Comment from : Robert Fischer

John Merson
I am just shocked that bananas cost that much
Comment from : John Merson

what kind of bananas are you buying? 10 dollars for 1 banana is a fraud 😆
Comment from : Zaxel

Real Tijuana
"Profits are what fall out of the producer's pockets on the way to the bank" a Hollywood accountant told me back in the early 1980s
Comment from : Real Tijuana

Foofy Foofer
What is the point of this channel All the facts are jokes There’s very little information in these padded to the brim with lame one liners At 4:00 he tells you how much the movie made That’s it
Comment from : Foofy Foofer

Texas Wunderkind
If the actors lost money, then they need to fire their agents At a minimum, their contract should stipulate they be paid something like $10 million or 1 of the profits, whichever is higher That way they get phat ducats even if the studio tries to stiff them Also, they should sue if there is even a suggestion of malfeasance on the part of the studio to hide profits
Comment from : Texas Wunderkind

David Renton
ironically Sir Alex Guinness, Obi Wan , received around 25 of a New hope royalties and did get paid, earning apparently $95 million, with his estate still pulling in money from it
Comment from : David Renton

Everyone saying its technically legal and no one talking about how scummy it is even if it is legal smh
Comment from : Gloop

Well jk Rowling did lose her magic so it makes sense as to why the movies are losing money
Comment from : IHaveASockOfButterAndImKindaAfraidToUseIt

Nathan Dawson
This is why group accounting is a thing
Comment from : Nathan Dawson

Derek W
1:21 "It's one banana, Michael What could it cost, $10?"
Comment from : Derek W

Sucks to live in a capitalistic 3rd world country, huhbrIn the developed western world you'd have laws against price gauging b*laughing in european*/b
Comment from : Lexor888

Algot Kristoffersson
Why is this legal
Comment from : Algot Kristoffersson

Lee Xu
Hai means sea in chinese
Comment from : Lee Xu

Lazy Wall Street News
This is how corporate America also avoids paying taxes They'll create a holding company in a country with no corporate tax and then pay them all their profits in he US to show $0 profit in the US and no have to pay anything in the outside entity This is nothing new lol
Comment from : Lazy Wall Street News

Got this recommended after I watched a Harry Potter movie
Comment from : TheBaconPowerIsGood

Martin Charles Pitt-Bradley
So much for arm’s length
Comment from : Martin Charles Pitt-Bradley

Phat Phan
Who on Earth takes net profits nowadays? brFamous actors receive a tiny portion on ticket sales like 1 cent for every movie ticket sold
Comment from : Phat Phan

I know they have never gotten a dime from me lol I refuse to watch any of the teen crap like Harry Potter, or the sparkly vampire crap lol
Comment from : Redvines69

Minimalist SG
The strangest thing about this story, it that the actors still wants the net profit clause in their contract despite knowing this loophole 🤭
Comment from : Minimalist SG

Fozzy Bear
Man of Steel (2013) lost a ton of money, despite taking $668 million at the box office Most of it was paydays for people who weren't even involved in the movie, but were owed for salaries and gross points on previous Superman movies that never got made $70 million was shared between Tim Burton, Nic Cage, and Jon Peters
Comment from : Fozzy Bear

Wait what banana cost 10$
Comment from : thestonercltu

Ron Peacock
Just shows what I've always know a good accountant can make a $100M profit into a $100M loss very easy on balance sheets Gotta love the LLC games that can be playedI seem to remember Enron got taken down by playing the corporate games similar to this So it has to be done carefully or you run afoul of the government and that's why you don't look at profits of Phoenix INC but the actual film Lawyers know how to play the games too
Comment from : Ron Peacock

This is cool and all, but can we get a video about bricks?
Comment from : Poltyrgyst

Phillip McQuighan
I'm seeing this 2yrs later bc of the Epstein joke thx algorithm
Comment from : Phillip McQuighan

Vid Žajdela
Omg $10 banana thats absurd in my coutry is like €1
Comment from : Vid Žajdela

How is this legal?
Comment from : dellairam

Kellen Liame
Stupid Harry Potter video… I ought to skip throu-hey accounting! Some actual content!
Comment from : Kellen Liame

Oh yea a single point of failure is always more secure when that single point of failure is on someone elses computer
Comment from : Berelore

Oh god the producers by mel brooks wasn’t a comedy but a documentary
Comment from : W

Michael Kirchner
At what point does this become money laundering, could this be argued as an attempt to evade taxes
Comment from : Michael Kirchner

That's so lame, everyoner scammers
Comment from : TS_Mind_Swept

ExDee Wobblum
I'm going to guess it's tax evasion, now let's watch it;brEdit: Yup, it's evasion
Comment from : ExDee Wobblum

Larry C
It really depends on what someone's contract says If your contracts says a percent of the gross, it doesn't matter If it is a percent of the profits, they all lose money
Comment from : Larry C

Colin Burke
Class action lawsuit time
Comment from : Colin Burke

Marino Šimić
Isn't this illegal? It can be seen that they are pulling numbers are out of their assbrIe Company A: I spent 220M to distribute the filmbrGovernment: Show me how you spent those 220MbrCompany A: Well I spent them all on other companies I own for exorbitant prices, which then sent the money back to me
Comment from : Marino Šimić

I didn't watch the video but I assume it's because of the common practice of making net profits below zero by the movie industry which is only a technicality while it actually was profitable
Comment from : Fox

The most creative minds in Hollywood work in accounting

Andrew OHara
Question: by now it seems like everyone's heard of Hollywood accounting, and knows not to take a percentage of the profit So why does Hollywood keep doing it? Is there still a significant amount of people who don't know? Or are there other reasons, like tax avoidance?
Comment from : Andrew OHara

Doesn't WB have to pay taxes on the income they made off Phoenix Inc anyways?
Comment from : JatnaRD

Sean B
$10? You’re getting ripped off on bananas
Comment from : Sean B

Jim McKinney
This video takes awhile to get to the point
Comment from : Jim McKinney

jiyoun park
The old folks look like my grandparents
Comment from : jiyoun park

good riddance brharry potter sucks
Comment from : notorious360

claton blade
i paid for my girlfriend to see that movie like 5 times how in the world did they loose money
Comment from : claton blade

James Hoffman
So its illegal like prostitution unless your making a movie Everybody whip your cameras out it makes everything legal
Comment from : James Hoffman

Freakazoid taught me this 25 years ago On gross, not on net!!!
Comment from : Kazy

I thought bananas cost $116
Comment from : Horizontalvertigo

Nobody called nobody
Accountant watching the vid
Comment from : Nobody called nobody

How is that not illegal? I mean it literally has been created to deceive people, it has no other purpose
Comment from : M3h3ndr3

Na Man
if studios can get away with this, why don't they do this for more blockbusters?
Comment from : Na Man

Bach Again
Is the thumbnail an oversimplified reference?
Comment from : Bach Again

Lord Illuminati
10$ for a banana!?
Comment from : Lord Illuminati

I refuse to believe that they lost money and this isn't just Warner Bros cheating on their taxes
Comment from : FatherTime89

Tiddy Fard
''It's more about accounting goodbye everyone''brMe an accountant: a mere mortal dares challenge me?!
Comment from : Tiddy Fard

So could I theoretically make a movie, it does well, I don’t pay my money to the company, and get fired, but now I have 200 million dollars
Comment from : enviyon

Umm shouldn't this be illegal?
Comment from : adtc

The video should be titled: How Harry Potter Movies “Lost” Money
Comment from : SCS

timm smiithgm
The ONLY way any of these movies could have lost money, is if a quarter fell-out of someone's pocket
Comment from : timm smiithgm

Lachlan Kyle
Bruh Epstein was murdered
Comment from : Lachlan Kyle

Katican Arts
a 10$ banana sounds like the most bougee banana ever
Comment from : Katican Arts

So how do actors make their money now?brbrAlso, this is Guns Akimbo slander and I will not stand for it It was a good movie
Comment from : supershinigami1

So then can you negotiate the terms of the contract to be “ 1 of the total expenses related to advertising”?
Comment from : romain244

The Book Was Better
If you have ever wondered how companies offshore profits it is through this practice called transfer pricing This is what Facebook is in court for They are basically licensing their brand to Facebook Ireland You want revenues to be sourced in a low tax environment and expenses to be sourced in a high tax local So this means FB California records an expense and FB Dublin records a revenue This is perfectly legal and actually does have a sound accounting and business basis but where companies go wrong is when they make the agreements too generous with terms that no company in the free market would ever agree to if it was an arms length transaction The Harry Potter movies are doing this not to avoid taxes but rather to avoid paying profit participants But the practice can be used for a variety of purposesbrbrThe smart celebs know not to ask for a share of the profits but a share of the revenues Of course since studios are releasing movies directly to streaming, celebs are not making money on their cut of the gross deals This is what Scarlett Johansson is suing over She's the most prominent one but lots of them are suing over this Not sure I have much sympathy for Radcliff since his agent should have told him up front about Hollywood accounting Of course if he dropped out of the movies, there's a good chance they could have replaced him with another actor and the franchise would have been just fine If he had demanded a percent of the gross they probably would have told him no thanks
Comment from : The Book Was Better

Are bananas really this expensive overseas???
Comment from : WhiterockFTP

Aero The Epic
This isn’t new information but I can’t believe this is even allowed to happen Legitimate corporate fraud robbing these actors out of money that they’re entitled to All the influence these actors hold and they haven’t rallied together to confront this shady behavior?? I guess it’s on them then 🤷‍♂️
Comment from : Aero The Epic

Duck Mcduck
“This video is really about Accounting”brbrMe, An Accountant: Happiness Noise
Comment from : Duck Mcduck

If anyone asked me I'd tell them I want to be paid up front and want a percentage of merch sales lol not merch profits but the actual sales
Comment from : L J

Alan Fernandez
What I got is always negotiable on gross revenue
Comment from : Alan Fernandez

raymond chiwade
How big are the bananas from your place Costing $10 each means they should be as big a car seat
Comment from : raymond chiwade

Andrew Maina
Comment from : Andrew Maina

Deborah Black Video Editing
I wish every fledgling filmmaker would watch this video They're always getting scr*wed-over in distribution deals This is the exact same thing that AMC did to Robert Kirkman and Frank Darabond with The Walking Dead, cheating them both out of millions of dollars (We all know how poorly The Walking Dead ratings were during those first few years!) Boy do I hope they win their lawsuits
Comment from : Deborah Black Video Editing

Expensive banana
Comment from : VO-Motion

eric dawson
Income Statement* (not Balance Sheet)
Comment from : eric dawson

Jeff Choo
TLDR for accountants; related party management fees/transfer pricing
Comment from : Jeff Choo

Wow Davey
Goodbye everyone😂😂😂
Comment from : Wow Davey

Anturangga Tantra
If I'm not wrong, RDJ asked for cut from GROSS profit no? That's what ScarJo did too, but Disney knew ScarJo has exhausted her value so they non-chalantly throw the movie to D+ Disney is smart
Comment from : Anturangga Tantra

Anirudh Krishnan
if you were cut out of the films once, why cant you see through the nonsense and get it back the next time, how long till they make a fool off of you
Comment from : Anirudh Krishnan

Hufflepuff Baseball
Pretty funny how you mentioned Return of the Jedi specifically
Comment from : Hufflepuff Baseball

This seems hella illegal
Comment from : ThePrufessa

Uhh where tf are you buying one banana for $10
Comment from : zar

EPCG2 Gaming
L o g i s t i c s
Comment from : EPCG2 Gaming

Keith Ng
Comes here for Harry Porter news brLeave with accounting lesson learnt
Comment from : Keith Ng

I hope you're enjoying that banana
Comment from : Minionslayer

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