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How Much is One John Wick GOLD COIN Worth?

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Information How Much is One John Wick GOLD COIN Worth?

Title :  How Much is One John Wick GOLD COIN Worth?
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Frames How Much is One John Wick GOLD COIN Worth?

Description How Much is One John Wick GOLD COIN Worth?

Comments How Much is One John Wick GOLD COIN Worth?

the narrator speaks like sho afhser holl sha golfd are voth shjohn huwick vhla vhla vhla
Comment from : Jam

sir auron
Would u like some gold in raid shadow legends?
Comment from : sir auron

Anthony Pomp
Comment from : Anthony Pomp

Zona Bot602
Imo the gold coin is more of a VIP pass
Comment from : Zona Bot602

Zona Bot602
I wis with you till the end How would the gold coins be worth less depending on who is holding them If they are all the same the are the same value no matter who is holding them
Comment from : Zona Bot602

I wonder what the inflation rate is in the John Wick universe Someone was arguing that the amounts for the bounties were too cheap Then someone else responded and said that we have no idea what their inflation rate is, so if inflation is lower, $1 million in their world could be $2 or $3 million in our world Add in the fact that the coins are treated almost like baseball cards where the cards featuring the most respected players fetch the highest value, (like Hank Aaron's rookie card) this currency makes sense And if Assassins act dishonorably their currency is not as valuable (like Barry Bonds rookie card) brbrHonestly this system makes a lot of sense and is similar to tokens, sky miles, and other credits that are used as their own form of currency and have their own rules, values, and regulations
Comment from : Extremeredfox

Elite Empire
Well maybe he knew the cab driver was another assasin and the coin was given to make sure he got to his place of origin safe and protected We did see that there were lots of assasins harboring different types of lifestyles in the movies, even homeless ones so who's to say they can be cabbies
Comment from : Elite Empire

Gene Haas
thank you for mentioning how much a real assassination costs
Comment from : Gene Haas

Wow Great information and fun facts Love the gold education too
Comment from : Eli

james cottrell
I guess there is no "change" involved
Comment from : james cottrell

😶 1:20-1:23 They enforce the Safe Haven rules as well brbrJohn Wick coins 😁
Comment from : ZzZzoom6

Michael Vega
Comment from : Michael Vega

juan carlos
How about the “ Adjudicator” she uses a golden / black coin ??????
Comment from : juan carlos

The Narrow Path Of Truth
Alan - well done
Comment from : The Narrow Path Of Truth

Khairulmuzzamir Mat Kassim
Nope everyone saying one coin , one service Nope It’s what the intention the giver want to give It’s the giver thinks whatever or how many they want to give, it’s the intention & sincerity of the giver
Comment from : Khairulmuzzamir Mat Kassim

Brandon Hardaker
The coins value is for one service
Comment from : Brandon Hardaker

Tbj Tbj
1500$ per body disposed Is extremely cheap It cost more to dispose of a dead horse brAnd thats not breaking any laws
Comment from : Tbj Tbj

He gave one coin per dead body clean up at his house not a dozen
Comment from : nukeluloosh

ITC Limited
If you are not in the financial market space right now, you are making a huge mistake I understand that it could be due to ignorance, but if you want to make your money work for you, prevent inflation from eroding your savings, build generational wealth, and cultivate good habits and financial knowledge, you must be in the market
Comment from : ITC Limited

it cost 10,000 USD
Comment from : Morty

Ed Aguirre
Hey k w I have your coin ohhh
Comment from : Ed Aguirre

Dushyant Ramanuj
what is the use of this lecture?
Comment from : Dushyant Ramanuj

Maria Elenice
Thanks our videos keanu is my sweet 🤩😘💋🍀💚❤
Comment from : Maria Elenice

ARIIS Corkins
The "social contract" you spoke has nothing to do with the gold coins He was talking about the "markers", not the gold coins
Comment from : ARIIS Corkins

Unknown But loves Food
TLDR: He don't know, maybe $1500 worth of gold ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Comment from : Unknown But loves Food

Valencia Carrim
Stranger, that he didn't use a coin to kill someone with yet That would have been a stunning scene
Comment from : Valencia Carrim

Valencia Carrim
😂😂if think more than a Bitcoin
Comment from : Valencia Carrim

Bernie Poncik
An assassin Challenge coin Suitable for redemption when services are rendered
Comment from : Bernie Poncik

Wasn't the first time Wick used a gold coin was when he had the assassins bodies cleaned out of his house, by Luther? I guess the Gramercy Riffs let him live, on the beach
Comment from : frankpinmtl

assfluence indeed
Comment from : Melting_Pot

Jakob Klug
is this secretly sponsored by the continental hotel group ?
Comment from : Jakob Klug

Comeback Failed
8:30 "Massive Assfluence"
Comment from : Comeback Failed

Dedi Prakosa
I believed its closer to: favor for a favor, but you change it to coin so you could use that favor to be used on others party which not limited to 1 person only John wick pay 1 coin to a beggar in subway to save him ,but that beggar could pay other to do him a favor not necessarily asking john wick to pay the previous favor to him The only direct favor you must pay and cant be substituted its "the marker" that santino used
Comment from : Dedi Prakosa

Oil Rich
John pays car repair with coin too
Comment from : Oil Rich

Johan Tan
It worth $AU 20 on ebay
Comment from : Johan Tan

discnman Doe
Nothing it's a fucking movie
Comment from : discnman Doe

James Fraizer
How Much is One John Wick GOLD COIN Worth? To Be HONEST! What It Stood For! MY ANSWER It Is Worth NOTHING! 💯Percent!
Comment from : James Fraizer

John Howard
Show Me the money ( er, coin ) up close and personal both sides ( please )
Comment from : John Howard

Gul Fraz  Majeed
Roman general Benedict
Comment from : Gul Fraz Majeed

Gul Fraz  Majeed
Are you aware of the tower that was burnt down in London it was named after Benedict the Pope As you are aware Augustus is also Roman Catholicism Benjamin Clarke is also Roman
Comment from : Gul Fraz Majeed

Gul Fraz  Majeed
Great that you mentioned the 1933 golden eagle coin 🪙
Comment from : Gul Fraz Majeed

Gul Fraz  Majeed
New York Chrysler building is that a Catholicism building or New York Empire building the great depression Cold war started and continuing from the 1st World cold war Continuously in the 3rd World War Gulag Slave Agreed States of America Continue to noble h*** hotel Constantinople Warmonger dogs
Comment from : Gul Fraz Majeed

Gul Fraz  Majeed
What surprises me is the type of dog's they have used in the film In reality you would think they would use the Japanese war dog that could beat a lion You're a big hound Dogs
Comment from : Gul Fraz Majeed

Gul Fraz  Majeed
High table treason of Coliseum freedom fighters Of Roman Lies and lions Captured Warriors seeking Alexander the Great and the army of issues of Isuzus Buddha Babar law makers Jesus Mustafa Muhhabbat Din Sallah meaning peace at the higher table of Jesus Yusaf Asus Allied Hill Saa laam Din
Comment from : Gul Fraz Majeed

Gul Fraz  Majeed
British empire penny contract of slaves Who got the gold and who got the penny contract of the British empire
Comment from : Gul Fraz Majeed

Gul Fraz  Majeed
The high table committed perjury in every way deceitful dishonesty deception never for feeling fulfilling a penny contract of bent solicitors and soliciting penance unforgivable penance
Comment from : Gul Fraz Majeed

Gul Fraz  Majeed
Horace among thieves or as you said honour among thieves prostitute and horse among thieves moorish and morons of roman’s moron’s who committed perjury warmongers
Comment from : Gul Fraz Majeed

Gul Fraz  Majeed
The contest of assassinations of Constantinople Gold coins were thrown in the streets for bribery
Comment from : Gul Fraz Majeed

Gul Fraz  Majeed
In for a penny in for a pound contract look it up penny contract of assassinations in of the Empire of the British penny’s of Gothic of Roman Contest of assassination Constantinople
Comment from : Gul Fraz Majeed

Gul Fraz  Majeed
I prefer the 1933 golden eagle coin and the 1933 British pennies the high table inflated penny contract Then there is the 1943 brass Abraham Lincoln one penny or one wheat cent’s all about assassination of John wicks booth penny contract of Shakespeare’s play whose family British Booths members got paid hundred pound regarding the assassination in a theatre in a booth in America regarding slavery of the Chinese or a leash on a dog like Hong Kong
Comment from : Gul Fraz Majeed

RobertAlexander Dumas
I think one coins is Worth 1 million
Comment from : RobertAlexander Dumas

Really the only thing inconsistent with the coins is that a drink at the bar costs a coin
Comment from : JayBarryWally

Loopgod Johansen
This video was him repeating the same thing again and again It is obvious you didn’t watch the films and only wanted money from this
Comment from : Loopgod Johansen

Assfluence thanks for that I laughed out loud
Comment from : gu1016

Anthony Richards
Favors add up
Comment from : Anthony Richards

Michael Hayes
I have some of the sliver bars
Comment from : Michael Hayes

paul josan
I think John Wick has a special privilege at the continental hotel The coin that he gave is just a tip It is possible he will received that kind of treatment because he is one of the most famous assassin Staying at that hotel is free
Comment from : paul josan

Spartan 626
Coin = favor
Comment from : Spartan 626

Joey Tomato
This is just stupid Because it's all a guess, about a complete made up movie With made up coins We don't even know that the coins are gold or if all the coins are the same brbrJust stupid More "Let's make a video for views"
Comment from : Joey Tomato

Sean Tomlinson
This video is wrong A gold coin has no set value; rather, it has a maximum value It is issued by the monetary institution division of the high table, which is a real multinational registered company To put out a hit, you pay the table in cash and the table places coins on deposit for the assassin which can be withdrawn in cash or coins, or left on deposit The table; having known the $ figure from start will hold funds in escrow until the job is completed, refund in case of failure, or broker sone discount for incomplete work, all judgements final The table will invoice clients for security or construction or demolition or whatever, thereby laundering said money for the assassin (the table prepares work invoices on his behalf)brWhen you spend a coin at a bar or wherever, they submit an invoice (along with the coins) to the table for whatever figure they like (they can do this at the continental too), if it seems excessive for service required, the table may negotiate or revoke their coin acceptance privilege If deemed fraudulent the table will "disappear" said vendor
Comment from : Sean Tomlinson

Kim Harris
I don’t know how much it’s worth but I will like to have one
Comment from : Kim Harris

Arsim Murtezi
I think I watched many Movies! I did not count them but once in Facebook, the movies that I watched were Facebook like suggestions, I remembered which I watched and there were many!
Comment from : Arsim Murtezi

William B
that would be really nice
Comment from : William B

William B
I am sure there are some of this
Comment from : William B

Rich Thatsel
They are worth 1 task, one product, one favor within the high table economy The coins under the concrete numbered in the hundredsWick is an assassin and would probably be equivalent to death incarnate on that basis
Comment from : Rich Thatsel

Kevin McDonald
It is a coin of a particular realm that is is gold is coincidental, except that gold is likely used to infer that the intrinsic value is not base I have a feeling that it is the logo on the coin that decides its worth
Comment from : Kevin McDonald

"Massive assfluence haha"

I would like to know if people do know about the assassin world Because we never saw people take pictures of the crazy world
Comment from : LeagueOfFox

Phally Vin
I normally ask Siri when it comes to hiding a body 😂
Comment from : Phally Vin

you don’t have to make the video 10+ minutes to say we don’t know☠️
Comment from : Sarment

No the 1st time you see him used the coins is when he calls the cleaners
Comment from : clevelandthomas56

Anthony Crescenzo
Comment from : Anthony Crescenzo

william shearer
It's a movie
Comment from : william shearer

Chloe Hennessey
One gold coin is one service No matter how big or small brWhen we see only a mere portion of the coins amassed by Wick we begin to understand just how much he has done
Comment from : Chloe Hennessey

sandra Ferrington
I don’t even get payed for dreams are music so it’s time to surrender and get on with what time I have left But I do love ur movies wish I could have wrote the chapter 4 but it only makes you richer and me poorer
Comment from : sandra Ferrington

Bri 001
Then why did he pay the map keeper in part 2 a stack of coins ?!
Comment from : Bri 001

"massive assfluence" well played, sir
Comment from : Aware

Kim K's "massive assfluence"? lol
Comment from : BrunnanG

Proof of Flow
How Much Coin? brbrbrAsk John Wick
Comment from : Proof of Flow

Joseph Jones Jr
For the dolphins broski!!!!!
Comment from : Joseph Jones Jr

Randy Watson
This is the first time I've seen you Allen This was way more enjoyable than I expected! Good stuff
Comment from : Randy Watson

Peter Chiu
A favor
Comment from : Peter Chiu

Peter Brown
CDCs could end up the same don't play societies game and your money is worth nothing! Ha ha ha
Comment from : Peter Brown

If it’s a 1oz probably £2000 because of the premium
Comment from : Mangopotato

Essentially, the more reputable a person is the bigger discount they recieve They aren't actually playing more than anyone else, it means the person should feel honored to be paid at all by someone worth more It's a sign of respect that the strong won't bully the weak in a world of kill or be killed It's like an apex predator giving another predator food instead of killing it for getting to close It's societal cohension
Comment from : Zach

David Torres
Assfluence! Brilliant
Comment from : David Torres

Logan Bretz
The thing with the coins is that it depends of the fame of the assassin so Johns coins are worth more than a new assassins coins worth
Comment from : Logan Bretz

Christopher Gomez
Cab fare so not much
Comment from : Christopher Gomez

Mjölnir Productions
Massive assfluence… nice👌
Comment from : Mjölnir Productions

Saurabh Kumar
Comment from : Saurabh Kumar

Kovacs Kovacs
I'm sure that cash gets used for everything else, like for vending machines and taxi ridesbrThe underground assassin network is huge, but the aboveground, regular world is much larger
Comment from : Kovacs Kovacs

Steve Libby
12 bodies, 12 coins It is the cost of most anything and you do not get any change
Comment from : Steve Libby

Her massive ass-fluence
Comment from : Snuffem

Mingo Dingo
What is dolphin UN-safe Tuna?
Comment from : Mingo Dingo

I get it though, it's not the coin's value, like any currency the value is perceived not actual, a coin being a service, I'd imagine being able to talk directly to the equivalent of the pope while completely safe surrounded by professional killers AND access to likely the very best of drinks and meals to be worth anything, had dantino spent a coin for the VIP room he likely would be alivebrbrAn old saying I like, you can't buy a man's life with a pebble
Comment from : Sherudons

Kim K's "Assfluence" is bigger This Lol!
Comment from : ssj2gohan48

With every like on this video, we can get this guy a shirt that actually covers his chest
Comment from : Bmac

History Bear
This was a cool breakdown However, I believe something you said went over most viewers' heads, but, it had me rolling That point was when you mentioned Kim's "big assfluence"🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Comment from : History Bear

Ben Burk
In 3 the athunticator(or how where you spell what she was) she had a different going it was black and gold
Comment from : Ben Burk

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