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Discover your unique LEARNING STYLE: Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic

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Information Discover your unique LEARNING STYLE: Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic

Title :  Discover your unique LEARNING STYLE: Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic
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Frames Discover your unique LEARNING STYLE: Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic

Description Discover your unique LEARNING STYLE: Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic

Comments Discover your unique LEARNING STYLE: Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic

charito de leon
Hi! I'm an English Teacher
Comment from : charito de leon

Pedro Figueiredo
Thanks a lot, Rebecca You are amazing (Azores Islands, 12Jul2022);
Comment from : Pedro Figueiredo

Wai Chow
Hi , Thank you so much I think I am a mix of everything, I am visual in watching but not reading I am an auditory when needed to be instructed (told), I am Kinesthetic because I couldn't sit still I think, I need reading skill, as this will help me to process / improve / increae my reading skill to "learn" and store them into long term memory In retrieving the learned information, I will generally, put those information in side my head as visual video and sound tracks So that I could write or type them I have to write my notes down, but not organised Do you have any suggestions? Thank you so much for the presentation It is clear and precise That's exactly what I need
Comment from : Wai Chow

flavio nezha
I'm a bit of everything 🤣
Comment from : flavio nezha

Cougar Mann
I'm way more of a ''Visual Learner'' than an ''Auditory Learner'' , but sometimes if l haven't understood a topic visialy l may need some level of auditory help just to make sure that l'm correct or not Or sometimes l'll try to learn it through doing stuff like a ''Kinestetic Learner''
Comment from : Cougar Mann

Tapi Oca
thank you very much for this Just found out today what type of a learner i am after all these years! Thank you
Comment from : Tapi Oca

j k
Comment from : j k

مشاهد Scenes
Thank you, great useful work
Comment from : مشاهد Scenes

saz a
love this from Malaysia 19/1/2021
Comment from : saz a

Nicole Gio
And what about if I am both,visual and auditory
Comment from : Nicole Gio

Ma'am plz show demonstration of how to implement these methods in the 11 ana12th Commerce
Comment from : MOSMI BHISE

Cosandra Odame
I've listened to you quite often and I've learned so much English just by listening to you
Comment from : Cosandra Odame

Cosandra Odame
You're such a smart teacher to realize there's different type of learning styles; I wish more would realize that
Comment from : Cosandra Odame

Eman Jab
Just found out I’m a Visual-Kinesthetic learner I take in information from reading, taking notes, and highlighting the important stuff to understand each and every concept about the subject This saves to my short-term memory If I don’t put anything I’ve reviewed to good use or don’t do anything with it at all It will pretty much fly over my head eventually and I’m gonna have to review it again If I’m taking action with the material I’ve reviewed by doing everything I’ve learned from constant hands-on experience, utilizing that knowledge for essays/questions, and repetition It gets saved to my long-term memory, helps me come up with new insights, and understand that everything I read isn’t 100 accuratebrbrThis goes to show certain things include cognitive biases that support their subjective criteria along with the facts Just because someone told you they didn’t like the tacos at a certain Mexican restaurant doesn’t mean you should stay away from it Try it yourself to see if YOU will like them You and that other person could have different taste buds/preferences Or maybe the person who told you ate them when the restaurant had a little “off” day
Comment from : Eman Jab

Weeb Potazo
Is it possible to be all three??? I really don't think I'm one in particular
Comment from : Weeb Potazo

yasmine yales hocine
I am a visual one, I like your method, it's really the best I had seen
Comment from : yasmine yales hocine

Jorge Andara
Thank so much teacher Rebecca I learn for three options kkkk
Comment from : Jorge Andara

I’m a kinesthetic and auditory learner More so kinesthetic
Comment from : Memenator

Ellina K
Pretty sure I’m about 40 visual, 30 auditory and 30 kinaesthetic because I prefer to see things to remember but I mostly learn things from hearing it from teacher but then again I love doing experiments and seeing models of things to really make myself understand scale and science :) thank you
Comment from : Ellina K

Anusha Neogi
wow learning English with you is an opportunity!!
Comment from : Anusha Neogi

Sima Moni
I am mixed up of visual and auditory,but kinesthetic memory also
Comment from : Sima Moni

Justin W
I understand these categories aren’t entirely able to encapsulate how someone learns but they usually are supposed to help guide someone in the right direction However, I don’t find myself being able to categorize the way I learn best in any of the three ways you described in this video I don’t know where I fit in I do fine in school right now but I don’t want to become frustrated when I go to college and have some crazy difficult exams so it would be nice for me to “learn” how to best learn (Not meant to be a paradox) brbrOkay so two questions: Are there are sub categories in these three categories and what do you think is lacking in this visual/auditory/kinesthetic set up
Comment from : Justin W

Good content and explaining
Comment from : S TIRUMANI KANNAN

Terraine Francois
I enjoyed this video Thanks for sharing
Comment from : Terraine Francois

Sneka SE
Best😇😇👍👍mam after viewing nearly 50-60videos, with ur single video, I cleared my life confusion, soon to shine Tq mam always remember you, when I reach some height sure I ll share with you!
Comment from : Sneka SE

Tata Leto
Thank you very much for your video! It definitely helped me to figure out what kinds of tasks I should prepare for me students
Comment from : Tata Leto

Anne De Silva
Thank you soo much I am lerning with you I think you are born to reach us💐💐💐💐💐💐💐
Comment from : Anne De Silva

Melissa Rivera
I think I’m all
Comment from : Melissa Rivera

Bang your Dream:Girls band party
im actually quite confused because there are things i do in the visual and auditory i like the things on both so what does that mean?
Comment from : Bang your Dream:Girls band party

Keyanna Lee
Are we not all three?
Comment from : Keyanna Lee

damn to bad for me I am an auditory learner and I have hearing problems
Comment from : tactic

For the second im in kinesthetic auditory and visualize
Comment from : murkeowri

Kinesthetic is really true
Comment from : murkeowri

i was supposed to watch this video before,,
Comment from : S4K FREE FIRE

Nelson Tragura
I'm a kinesthetic learner, but I have to learn auditorically and visually, there's no way getting around it if you want to survive in the real world But, I agree it would also e more better if there was someone who could guide to making us the best version of ourselves I feel learning from an auditory or a visual perspective can be deceiving, it doesn't feel natural and I feel like I am lying to myself, so I get bored so easily The best thing to master these three is to learn a musical instrument from a young age, what are your thought about it?
Comment from : Nelson Tragura

Benny Goodcat
"Learning" supposedly
Comment from : Benny Goodcat

Yolo Swaggins
I think I’m definitely visual & I like to make charts/diagrams, but I hate taking notes during lectures cuz I’m so focused on getting everything down in time that I can’t actively listen & take in any of the information
Comment from : Yolo Swaggins

Mohamad Ali Rahimi
I'm definitely kinesthrtic learner base on this fact
Comment from : Mohamad Ali Rahimi

I like both of them; visual and auditorybrI feel like auditory is for me
Comment from : MrPrime

Mayank Gangrade
Am I the only one who thinks that I belong to all the three groups ?
Comment from : Mayank Gangrade

Leonora Tesoro
Thank you Rebecca
Comment from : Leonora Tesoro

hormari naftaada
because i like doing any thing myself practical even when i was in school my first class of Introduction of computer science i was hands on practice of computer
Comment from : hormari naftaada

hormari naftaada
i'm a KENISTHETIC learner
Comment from : hormari naftaada

Lydia Bukachi
I think my learning styles are both Visual and Auditory, in that I acquire more information and learn to understand by hearing and reading too, I must take notes and memorize to remember Thank you, very detailed information
Comment from : Lydia Bukachi

Imane Elouafi
Can you give us some details about the types of learners such as intellegence learners,sensers,judjers,thinkers,persievers
Comment from : Imane Elouafi

Nagira Ai
I am visual and kinesthetic learner
Comment from : Nagira Ai

Michael Schrute
Thanks Mam
Comment from : Michael Schrute

Keep On Gaming
Your cajun
Comment from : Keep On Gaming

I sometimes switch one to another
Comment from : Fezonix

im definitely kinestheticive beat myself up until this point because I've always tried to learn things by visuals or audio and it just doesn't stick
Comment from : Araceli

Arturo Garcia
"Teachers are routinely told that in order to be effective educators, they must identify & cater to individual students' learning styles; it is estimated that around 90 of students believe that they have a specific learning style but research suggests that learning styles don't actually exist!" br Dr Tesia Marshik
Comment from : Arturo Garcia

geetanjali das
Thank you
Comment from : geetanjali das

Rachel Yordán
Just because you prefer or enjoy one method over another does not necessarily mean that it is the best way you learn For instance, an anxious person might learn better by participating, but might be hindered by their anxiety and won't realize that they are kinesthetic learners--they might think they are visual or auditory learners Sometimes it's also just a matter of preference
Comment from : Rachel Yordán

Thank you so much ♡♡
Comment from : FZD

Ritika Prasad
Your video was theee best😍but I guess I am all confused😣 I learn things only when I used to write them✏️ n afterwards I usually closes my eyes n repeat the whole thing again I usually study it all loud n assumes that I'm teaching somebodyn even I can't stay in studying for long as I need break after every topic whether it is long or shortI faced a lot of hard times in completing my syllabus n as a result not ended geting that good marks I wanted in my +2 so I really wanted to know about in which way should I studyas to take out best out of myselfpls replyI really wanna know😃
Comment from : Ritika Prasad

Karin mannesson
Learning styles aren't real
Comment from : Karin mannesson

Super Player
Noooo!im the hardest!Kinesthetic!!!Im so dead**
Comment from : Super Player

Rabbi Stinklemen
This made my pee pee feel weird
Comment from : Rabbi Stinklemen

Meet Chudasama
Can a man auditory and visual both?
Comment from : Meet Chudasama

ayo its yah boi
Comment from : nas

did u kno its fake
Comment from : Astolru

i believe these categories are not dividable they are as three whales on which Earth standsWhen one is learning he should write an object,to get heard ,to say and touch I think if somebody uses only one method it would be a certain limit to learn it may appear some obstacles which would be impossible to overcome without to unite both visual auditory and kinesthetic to the whole thing To me it is very difficult to answer which one i prefer I use all of said methods
Comment from : kiss0009

Lyn 000
What if I'm all that learner
Comment from : Lyn 000

Well doneThank you very much
Comment from : mohamedahmedgomaa

English language can learn very easily
Thank you so much! Videos uploaded by this channel helped me a lot 👌💙
Comment from : English language can learn very easily

Adriana Lopez
Im a kinesthetic learner and its sooooo hard to sit still in university for 1 hour and 20 mins I lose focus alot so i have to draw to keep my mind from wandering Its hard to be like this because people dont understand me Its very frustrating
Comment from : Adriana Lopez

Faduma Liban
Huh! now I'm sure that I"m visual learner
Comment from : Faduma Liban

charlyn kw
Imake the like button till 777 nice number dude
Comment from : charlyn kw

is it possible for someone to be both auditory and visual learners? because i think i have some characteristics of visual learners and some from auditory learners? in this case what it should be called? what is the learning styles for them?
Comment from : bananana

Yeshi Phuntsok
i m a kinesthetic learner
Comment from : Yeshi Phuntsok

arvie flores
Is there a term for someone who possess all of these learning styles?
Comment from : arvie flores

soula markou
Thank you Rebecca I love your lessons
Comment from : soula markou

Susanta Pallai
Comment from : Susanta Pallai

secret weapon
what if your learning styles you have each characteristics for all of them what does type of learner is that?
Comment from : secret weapon

katrin destajo
I like your teaching style ;)
Comment from : katrin destajo

Tanantara Wanderer
I am a visual one
Comment from : Tanantara Wanderer

Darwin Rondón Peñuela
You make English so much easierbrThank you brGreetings from Bogotá, Colombia
Comment from : Darwin Rondón Peñuela

Have any one are leaning English or Chinese and want to make a language partner? Come together !My Skape: Krifan Wu
Comment from : Lily

liza kubota
I'm definitely an auditory learner, this is exactly what I'm doing, thank you
Comment from : liza kubota

n f
Thank u , this is very useful
Comment from : n f

Sheida Sha
Is there anybody here who would like to practice English with me on Skype? I need a friend to make a conversation in English I would appreciate your help It is my Skype : sheidasha1
Comment from : Sheida Sha

Afsana Wassim
wwwfacebookcom/Blossom-English-Learning-1332631223478521/br I am running this page & providing a lot of materials to learn English easily and take preparation for the IELTS exam You are all welcome
Comment from : Afsana Wassim

Ezzadin Hausawi
thanks Rebbica for your nice way of explanation , now I can go ahead to my goal in more concise
Comment from : Ezzadin Hausawi

Good video as always!
Comment from : r9o2b0e2r1t7o

cyril berwans
u talk too fast !! thats not good way to teach
Comment from : cyril berwans

Sonali Mhaske
Hiiii 😊 Rebecca madam I really like your opinion
Comment from : Sonali Mhaske

Margo Fox
Comment from : Margo Fox

English Lessons
Great video and description!
Comment from : English Lessons

Mikhail Krysin
Every human on the Earth is visual learner! Dislike
Comment from : Mikhail Krysin

hellobri wanna ask about is it ok if i use ''who is me'' when i speak up? or i must obsolutly use '' who am i'' ? brplease help answer my question
Comment from : EasySekolahan

Алексей Марашов
Thanks for the video!brRebecca, why does the title of the video depend on the location? How did you do this? :)
Comment from : Алексей Марашов

Alex Almeida
hey everyone , wanna practice some English with me?
Comment from : Alex Almeida

luo yong
thanks you teacher !
Comment from : luo yong

Orlando Escalante
Thanks My marvelous teacher!!!
Comment from : Orlando Escalante

Rodrigo Holguín Palacios
Teacher I think I am an auditoru learner
Comment from : Rodrigo Holguín Palacios

Hi Rebecca, thx a bunch for this lesson
Comment from : Akros2009

Kate Kenya
Thanks a lot! Best videos and teacher
Comment from : Kate Kenya

Milena Camargo
I'm studying to be an English teacher and your tips are extremely useful for me!!! Thanks Rebecca
Comment from : Milena Camargo

Ibrahim Mohammed ali gedi
Iam a visual learner
Comment from : Ibrahim Mohammed ali gedi

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