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How to send money abroad with Wise

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Information How to send money abroad with Wise

Title :  How to send money abroad with Wise
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Frames How to send money abroad with Wise

Description How to send money abroad with Wise

Comments How to send money abroad with Wise

kumaravelu gounder
how is the money to be transferred to wise account Rest all is created, waiting for the fund to get transferred still i haven't transferred the said amount from my bank to your account, how should i proceed further
Comment from : kumaravelu gounder

King Wisdom
Thanks for the video They are asking me to add 30CAD Can I add From any card or it most be from my card?
Comment from : King Wisdom

yo ross
Wise scammed me 16000e and im not alone in this case !! Check bad feedback and 90 of positive feedback are fake
Comment from : yo ross

Abde Lkhalek
Wise has frozen my account and stole my 30000 Euros on it , I’ll report to UK Ombudsman , Don’t let @1stformations and @wise scam and steal your money #1stformations #wise #fraud #scam
Comment from : Abde Lkhalek

They ask for social security number? Why is that? Is that even safe? of course they say they will handle the information safely, but really? Earlier they were just using photos id to verify identity Now there is a change?
Comment from : trave764

flo team
What if we need to sand out of Europe
Comment from : flo team

Limiva Lesia
How can I transfer into a business account No option
Comment from : Limiva Lesia

Cest Magnifique
quero transferir da minha conta do Itaú para conta na Austrália tá cobrando R$800 pra transferir 10mil dólares 😱
Comment from : Cest Magnifique

David Elliott
I need to transfer from my USD account in the US to a USD account in Vietnam The Wise online app does not let me go from USD to USD Why not?
Comment from : David Elliott

güven gönüllü
I want to make international transfer but I cannot see my country's local currency I live in Kazakhstan What can I do?
Comment from : güven gönüllü

Why did my brother transfer money from Indonesia to Poland using Wise, and then it didn't arrive until it was more than 24 hours?? Please help me
Comment from : petualang

Maureen wambui
I really need help with setting up an account I'm in Kenya
Comment from : Maureen wambui

Preeya Hawley
I have problem how to reconnect my bank account I was able to add money from my US bank when it was Transferwise but when it sent to Wise I couldn't reconnect to the same US bank account I have try to read multiple articles in Wise website but unfortunately not successful I have to do monthly transfer the couple previous months was no problem but this month (August) when I chose ACH account that I has link the US bank account to Transferwise before wasn't work anymore Please help, my bank not even on the list to chose
Comment from : Preeya Hawley

Mary Grges
I had a problem brWhen I made my new account in transfer wise brIn order to use it they want me to send the money to them just to open the account so, I use one of the payment methods which is transfer wire they gave me the details which I'll give to my bank In the beneficiary name I didn't know that to write !? Should I write my new account name or write transferwise !?
Comment from : Mary Grges

Nestor Diaz
hello there, what is the maximum amount for a money transfer
Comment from : Nestor Diaz

Ana Regina Castro
Wise sent me an email saying my stepsister would receive $ 41300 I paid $ 41900 - dollars from USA to account dollars en Peru The problem is Her bank received ONLY $ 36800 Where is the difference of $ 4500?
Comment from : Ana Regina Castro

Joanne Fanner
Hi there - does this work from South Africa?
Comment from : Joanne Fanner

missing everything
transferwise is a black shop beware this company i brought a iphone 12 apple deducted my British pounds and later this company showed i owed them around 9000hkd(iphone's money),i was confused but i still paid 9000 HKD,this year i brought two mini homepods and apple deduct pounds and later my HKD account showed i owed them 1300HKD again,this time i wrote to cs,the guy sent me a bill which was show apple returned money to me,but i never recieve this money also in my app there is no record then sent money in my account,i asked him why,this guy just said you shall paid 1300 HKD immediately,i didnt pay then they canceled my account and i can't log in and can't get my rest of money in my account now,i wrote to them,but after 4 months they didnt reply any words to me,this company is a black shop beware of this company!
Comment from : missing everything

Shaheen Khan
I have to send money from India to China Do they also need to have need only there bank account details and how much times it will take to reach
Comment from : Shaheen Khan

Loveleen Kaur
Hi M sending money to Australia form india but for some verification reason it stopped I 2 times call you customer service but m getting no solution
Comment from : Loveleen Kaur

not really trying to send, I'm trying to receive in USD, however when I go get my bank account details from my USD balance, it says I need to verify my id, the problem is that it's only letting me use the option to verify if I deposit at least $20 USD on that balance but I can only get money there with the account details so I can get paid or something I'm looking all over the place on the website and the app, I just can't find a place for me to put in my id to get verified I would appreciate some info :)
Comment from : Tyge

abdullahanis abbasi
I want to send money from Pakistan 🇵🇰 to Australia 🇦🇺 and I have having a hard time doing so, can you or any of your technical support can help me out
Comment from : abdullahanis abbasi

Hey! I had a question regarding AdSense A YouTuber by the name Nux Taku had created his AdSense account in a different country than his regional while on vacation Is it possible to use wise to transfer that said money to his regional account? I know many YouTubers are having a similar problem given that YouTube AdSense has the creator name (username) and not the legal birth name of the individual making normal money transfer not viable Would this work for wise?
Comment from : PiratingSelfExpression

Chiree Amour Travels
Somewhere else I heard you not have to open an account with Wise to transfer, where is this video, please?
Comment from : Chiree Amour Travels

Can I send money to Mexico if I do not have an online bank account? direct debit? Is this not offered by most banks in the US?
Comment from : depewny

Carina Parry
Can you use it with Print on Demand services? And if so, how?
Comment from : Carina Parry

Shovon Shovon
I want to make a bank transfer to my university But I must show the receipt of the payment to the university If I make the payment with Wise, will I get a payment receipt?
Comment from : Shovon Shovon

Jarod ORla
how can I send my id online?
Comment from : Jarod ORla

Andrew Nansen
Hi I'm from American samoa and I just created a wise account but I want to send money buy I can't seem to find my country can you pls help me
Comment from : Andrew Nansen

Freelancer At Work Singapore
Comment from : Freelancer At Work Singapore

Elmer Arro
Ahh !! ?? Fuck, the TransferWise account can't be verified, I haven't been able to do it in 3 months ??????????brTransferWise is so "safe" for its users that it can't be used!
Comment from : Elmer Arro

George Carvalho
Brazilian for sure
Comment from : George Carvalho

Catherine Nadeau
Can I transfer money from my US bank account (business) to my personnel bank account in Canada with TransferWise?
Comment from : Catherine Nadeau

WISE token the best crypto project 100 safe and you can hold and earn interest up to 30
Comment from : Justin

Nate Schneider
My relative in Canada needs to send 10k US DOLLARS to my US Account, how many days would this take from start to finish, including ID verification
Comment from : Nate Schneider

Kenn Akomea
My Wise account has been deactivated after I tried to transfer money I understand Wise needs to verify my identity which is interesting because my passport passed the verification process to receive money and now you can't verify me when I need to send money abroad? I'm here because I can't reply to your email and I can't get into my account to upload documents I just need to know what's going on
Comment from : Kenn Akomea

I want to need your help so how i contect you ??? For this wise money
Comment from : SHIV SHARMA

Lily Asongfac
HibrI am in Cameroon and created a personal account on wise to receive money in EurobrbrHow do I get the money I received in my wise account
Comment from : Lily Asongfac

Lady Positive Brave Heart
It takes upto 7 days ? Holy Mollytoo slow
Comment from : Lady Positive Brave Heart

Uzair Qamar
Hi how are you I am new here I was made a one payment sent to pakistan And Russia with Master card But master card not supported why?
Comment from : Uzair Qamar

Carlos Cross
That's like a money game transferring but how can I hold the money in the end after all of this ?
Comment from : Carlos Cross

Bharat Aryal
How can i edite reciver detail there is some alphabet mistake in the name
Comment from : Bharat Aryal

قناة الروح القدس
Is the ID pictures needed before ordering & activating the card ??
Comment from : قناة الروح القدس

janet ohara
Too confusing By the time I want to send money to pay the fees took a chunk and now not enough to pay for item Then it said MORE fees using swift Unreal
Comment from : janet ohara

Saeed annie
What if we don’t know the address of the receiver?
Comment from : Saeed annie

Hey, i want to send my money to my family in Vietnam 🇻🇳 but I’m very scared to send my money and after that nothing happens Tell me if it’s secure or not Thanks you!
Comment from : Ichiro

manpreet singh
Could you tell me about how to delete old card detail from transfer wisebrI hv to same accountwhenevr i try to send money somewhere they showing both account
Comment from : manpreet singh

Traveling Kaspers World
When opening an account that will pay out in Euros Do you open an account in Euros and fund it with dollars? Or do you open the account in dollars, then transfer into Euros thanks
Comment from : Traveling Kaspers World

Rabia Sahar
Great 👌 Ma'am can you tell me how to send money with Merchantrade Money?
Comment from : Rabia Sahar

Kainat Wighio
I haven't experience with transferwise I just use Merchantrade Money and its fast and I cam easily send money through this
Comment from : Kainat Wighio

Alyssa De Guzman
Do I need to keep a balance/fund on Transferwise if I'll be scheduling payments?
Comment from : Alyssa De Guzman

Rens Mom
but how do I get my money from my account? there is no wallet function
Comment from : Rens Mom

El moudni sofian
After using transferwise for 1 year now they have closed my account for no reason and they are refusing to send me my funds leaving me and my family without money during a pandemic !
Comment from : El moudni sofian

Võ Trang
Dear! brI have sent money from Switzerland to Vietnam since 15122020 but till now 2512021 money still not come I try to call support team but nobody help, just same answer “wait” and “wait”
Comment from : Võ Trang

Bryan Martinez
Hi Stephanie, my name is Bryan I own an upholstery business in my hometown Boston, Massachusetts and I am married to a Colombian lady She lives in Colombia with my 15 year old son I usually wire them money support through Western Union by way of bank online but they take too much time to get the funds to Colombia I just want to know How secure is your wirewise system?
Comment from : Bryan Martinez

Hi good morning
Comment from : David

The Operating System World
I want to be an agent in Brazil
Comment from : The Operating System World

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