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5 Best Language Learning Apps 2020

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Information 5 Best Language Learning Apps 2020

Title :  5 Best Language Learning Apps 2020
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Comments 5 Best Language Learning Apps 2020

What's up guys It's my annual top 5 language learning apps video! Hope it helps you!br💥 Pimsluer Free Trial Lesson mentioned in video: rebrandly/pimsleur-free-trialbr br📘 My E-Book Fluency Made Easy: fluencymadeeasycom (Currently 50 off now, but prices go back up soon)brbrbrAs always let me know what kind of video you'd like me to do next! SAYONARA
Comment from : Ikenna

Muanya Konfi
Dalu ikenna
Comment from : Muanya Konfi

Mango is free with some local libraries!!
Comment from : loveline

I did use Mango before and though I didn’t really like the format for the language I was learning it did have this thing at the time where it has some sort of discount with some libraries so if you have a library card for a library that pays for Mango you can use it for free This was a while ago though so I’m not sure if they still do that
Comment from : BB B

Newport Solar
Great video! I’ve heard you mention a few times an app you are developing brbrIs that out yet? brWhere can we get info?brbrThanks 🙏 brbrPS: I currently use:br* For Persian/FarsibrPimsleur (my core)brMondlybrRosetta Stonebrbrbr* For Spanish, French, Japanese, and Mandarin:brBusuubrMondlybrDuolingo brBeelinguapp brbr*Persian/Farsi isn’t available in many apps I bought the whole course for life with Pimsleur I’d like to use Pimsleur for other languages, but it is expensive… so maybe laterbrbrIf they offered a lifetime plan for ALL languages, I’d buy it in a heartbeat brbrRosetta Stone offers lifetime for all languages for only $179, but it is pretty awful for Farsi Almost unusablebrbrI’m looking forward to trying Language Transfer and your app when it is availablebrbrPS: I’m also really enjoying Beelinguapp for Spanish
Comment from : Newport Solar

Anthony Perez
Mango is partnered with a lot of libraries So check your local or university library to see if they offer it I got a membership for free with my library card
Comment from : Anthony Perez

Pro tip: most public libraries offer free membership to the Mango app Also a lot of libraries have the pimsleur audios to check out for free
Comment from : SHAINE WARREN

Toleen ’
Language transfer made by genius! That app is the top
Comment from : Toleen ’

Just recently found Mango Languages and I was soooo impressed on how quickly it got me into Greek, ie actually learning and iusing/i the language! Very pedagogic Coming from Duolingo, it is a new world completely (and I wasted so much time on Duolingo, and gotten basically nowhere towards practical use) Already downloaded Language Transfer now and will definitely check it out Seeing that you recommend Mango Languages is a great boost for my motivation and a good affirmation that I have found a good choice too Thanks man!
Comment from : Luggruff

I love Clozemaster and use it daily for German But I started with Duolingo four years ago, which has been a really rocky ride, with constant disruptive changes to the curriculum But the Owl has s cleaned up his act, and the newest iteration is actually really good And still free It's a shame the forums and annotations to lessons are gone, but new users won't miss what they never had The value of Closemaster premium is a robust forum, where questions are actually answered
Comment from : newwhitecrow

Hello :)
I love Language transfer Great he has done this for free
Comment from : Hello :)

-black cherry
ClozemasterbrLingvistbrPimsleurbrTandembrLanguage transferbrMango
Comment from : -black cherry

MosaLingua is a good language learning app I advice you to use itbrIt’s all good but it only has like 8 languages
Comment from : Sisjnwjwk

Acquire Arabic BY LISTENING
Comment from : Acquire Arabic BY LISTENING

Hillary Bennett
My library gives everyone free mango subscriptions I like it a lot!
Comment from : Hillary Bennett

Max Traxler
What’s your app going to be called?
Comment from : Max Traxler

Cmond Ya
Thank you !
Comment from : Cmond Ya

استغفر الله
There is also another nice languages app called [wordbit] but they're not United which means every language have its own app, and there is another problem in wordbit apps and its the appearing of the app on the lock screen and there is no permanent option for not appearing on the lock screen
Comment from : استغفر الله

استغفر الله
0:04 brDulinguo is nice but the bad thing is the hearts that I can't learn without and I must wait if I lost them all
Comment from : استغفر الله

Master Sully
I got a duolingo add on this
Comment from : Master Sully

I have question in spanish, ppl use the word por que ? and Porque and i have no idea how to recognize the words bcs The one word mean WHY ? and the Other means because and idk what word is the right one Like when someone says por que I just don't know if he says why or because soo please people who speaks spanish help me xdd
Comment from : Minny_Mouse

Brat Girl Rules
My daughter has POTS, it has changed her life and made it very difficult to be employed Prayers🙏
Comment from : Brat Girl Rules

Mayari Bae
Want to knownabout your thoughts on drops Its just giving word translations and basic sentences
Comment from : Mayari Bae

p00p Slayr
If you complete all the lessons on pimsleur and then discontinue your subscription can you still review the lessons?
Comment from : p00p Slayr

A shoutout for Mango here too I've found so far that it's quite well rounded I quite like that it lets you compare your voice against a native speaker, I find it helps you become more familiar with hearing the sounds and speaking them I found I didn't like apps that would test your speech using voice recognition, because they'd either be too forgiving or they could be not forgiving enough and not guide you enough to get it right brbrAlthough Mango has a monthly cost, they have done a campaign of trying to get people to learn endangered languages and they've put together a few courses dedicated to a few, which are free I thought this was something cool And as somebody trying to learn an endangered language it was neat to actually find an app that supports the language I wanted to learn, Tuvan, and it's a pretty decent app too brbrAnd it's general selection is big too and may be a good place to look for less common languages But its free languages are: Chaldean Aramaic, Cherokee, Dzongkha, Shakespearean English, Ancient Greek, Hawaiian, Irish, Pirate Potawatomi, Scottish Gaelic, Shanghainese, Tuvan and Yiddish brbrI've just signed up to Closemaster for learning Vietnamese, I have learned all the structures I need to learn & have started practicing conversations, so it feels like it might be a good complimentary app for the level I've just got to, so I I will see how that goes
Comment from : Sae

Sudem Zorlu
The languages i can speak are german,english,turkish and swiss-german I am interested in learning french,spanish,russian and arabic This video will really help me! Thank you
Comment from : Sudem Zorlu

☆Furamona☆「FwkZPoulet」 ⋋(•⌔•)⋌
i learned english with google translate
Comment from : ☆Furamona☆「FwkZPoulet」 ⋋(•⌔•)⋌

lotus flower
I dont care duolingo best
Comment from : lotus flower

I miss this u bro
Comment from : AveragePancake3

OptRead shorts
youtube/zT71vnCEwRI my video
Comment from : OptRead shorts

Rey Rey Rodriguez
Great Video!
Comment from : Rey Rey Rodriguez

kpop international bts lilly
Its not free 😒 im only 16 how can i pay that much my mommy only give me pocket money one time in a month 😢 mercy
Comment from : kpop international bts lilly

Michael Cherokee
Thanks for the pointers, Ill look into them
Comment from : Michael Cherokee

I'm sorry to hear that you suffer from POTS It really can make life a struggle
Comment from : Buster

Trying language transfer
Comment from : claudianowakowski

finally new apps that actually help brall the other youtubers’ recommendations are similar and not much of a help 😹
Comment from : Dhiii

Comment from : HmuB

User Channel
I really really want to learn a new language, but I'm not sure with my English because English is not my first language
Comment from : User Channel

Comment from : strwbry

does anyone know the name of this guys app? and if its been released yet?
Comment from : mae

Bruh pimsleur is fine but I need to pay to do lesson 2:/
Comment from : shapedheart

All i want is same aged friends that can speak english so well so i can practise with them but after i used almost every language exchange app it's really hard for me
Comment from : mañana

Zaeno Ladiona
Just when the apps were about to be introduced, a Duolingo ad popped up
Comment from : Zaeno Ladiona

urgh i really liked the idea of Tandem, I tried other language swapping sites in the past but as you've said, dudes get weird on them and I hated it Esp since I was 16 at the time and had 40yo men contacting me But Tandem is forcing users to have clear photos of their face, and I value my privacy and internet safety a bit too much to be forced to upload a photo of myself I think it's unnecessary to do that sigh
Comment from : poketronex

Jamir Tolosa
i want learned all languages
Comment from : Jamir Tolosa

RobinB (Its All About Healing Podcast)
Comment from : RobinB (Its All About Healing Podcast)

The bird sings, but the Creator waits for you to rejoice for Him
Comment from : JustAMessnger

Jane Lasso
Thanks for these useful tips!
Comment from : Jane Lasso

Isra Saeed
I have been using Duolingo for about 2 years and what I have found is that its a very good technique of teaching a language, but it doesn't keep you engaged and motivated to learn every day I was looking for another option and I will definitely use these recommendations Thank you! I just found your channel a few hours ago and now I'm binge-watching all Your videos I have visited your website and I was very interested in switching to that except I really really wish it was free! Your videos are amazing! :) Once again Thank you! BTW You have another subscriber! :)
Comment from : Isra Saeed

Epsty x Chou
I used duolingo and its already 24 days streak and its actually a good app, im learning Spanish rn
Comment from : Epsty x Chou

Samuel Roberto
Jesus está Voltando
Comment from : Samuel Roberto

Autodidactic Seaturtle
Comment from : Autodidactic Seaturtle

Please edit your voice echo
Comment from : fahim

Dastan Rama
Diolingo is by far the best app Don’t have to put a lot of pressure here
Comment from : Dastan Rama

Abdul Rahman Abdul Ghani
Comment from : Abdul Rahman Abdul Ghani

Oliver Stryker
Oh also, the competitive aspect of duolingo is a huge motivator for someone like myself Learning languages is about self growth and adding variety to ones cultural understanding, but its still fun to be able to see how each other are doing So adding some kind of competitive challenges on your new app I could see as a huge motivator for some
Comment from : Oliver Stryker

Oliver Stryker
Just commenting to add my 02 cents Pretty popular vid, but can always get more recognition
Comment from : Oliver Stryker

Some libraries provide access to Mango for free Check your library's website The Los Angeles Public Library for sure has it
Comment from : Future_Revolutions

Mau Efi
As a persian 18-year-old Guy im learning Czech, Polish, Hungarian,Hebrew,Latin, so i think as a beginner using many apps helps IT helped me brAno to je ono br😁
Comment from : Mau Efi

Malaya Cates
Omg I have POTS disease to!!!brNever met someone who has one like me lol
Comment from : Malaya Cates

Matilda Wolfram
The most important thing in life is knowledge of foreign languages! Thanks to foreign languages you can realize all your dreams and realize your grandiose ambitions! I would like to recommend all the practices of Yuriy Ivantsiv ''Polyglot Notes Practical tips for learning foreign language" This book will be an indispensable helper, a handbook for every person who studies a foreign language! This book contains invaluable tips, questions and answers, and solutions to problems faced by anyone who studies a foreign language! Knowledge is power! And knowledge of foreign languages is your power multiplied by many times! Success to all in self-development!
Comment from : Matilda Wolfram

Menwa Alblooshi
10 year old Arab here who wants to learn Japanese!
Comment from : Menwa Alblooshi

Shane Vendrell
I use duolingo, and I have no complaints Plus It’s great for my daughter brbrBut, I just checked out Knowledge Transfer, and these lessons are VERY helpful Wow Gracias por este vídeo ;)
Comment from : Shane Vendrell

Matteo Lupo
The Arabic feature od language transfer is not MSA so its only a spoken dialect not on books not on media etc
Comment from : Matteo Lupo

Ar Sx
If I am not mistaken many city libraries provide Mango language subscription for free Anyone can confirm if their town/city is one of them?
Comment from : Ar Sx

i started using language transfer only about an hour ago and i can already understand and pronounce words and form short sentences
Comment from : Cretter

Fun fact:Mango is free at participating libraries Their site has a list,just use your library card
Comment from : J L

Elsa Astrid
Very useful Love you!
Comment from : Elsa Astrid

He mentioned pronunciation when talking about Pimsleur and I wanted to give my 2 cents on why understanding proper pronunciation is very important Your ears are your most valuable tool for learning a language and most importantly understanding the natives correctly If you can hear the breaks in words, if you can hear the subtle differences in the letter sounds then you will be so much more likely to understand the true meaning of what they are saying and communicate effectively If you can hear the differences your mouth will quickly imitate it without much effort But even if you can't roll your r's, find a native that can't and listen to how they pronounce their r's, don't give up on your accent just because you don't have the gene that lets you roll your r's! Also natives will respect your opinion more and feel more confident in talking to you and treating you like an adult rather than a child that doesn't know what's going on
Comment from : Kewtie

Ali Husham
I am learning czech very rare language 😭
Comment from : Ali Husham

Cɪᴇʟ Pʜᴀɴᴛᴏᴍʜɪᴠᴇ7
quiero aprender inglés, me pasan tips?
Comment from : Cɪᴇʟ Pʜᴀɴᴛᴏᴍʜɪᴠᴇ7

ChIcKeN SlAyEr
I got Pimsleur and loved the first lesson, until I realised that to use the rest of the lesson your need to pay £18/m to learn… fuck that
Comment from : ChIcKeN SlAyEr

Comment from : APURVA KUMAR DANI

I literally got a ad for a language learning app while watching this 😭😂
Comment from : random_b-tch

Bangtan Army
Most of my family know English but grew up speaking/hearing Spanish My grandpa just got married (remarried) and his wife only speaks Spanish Now for us no Spanish speakers it's going to be extra hard for us to understand or talk to her So we are trying to learn Spanish It's weird we never learnt it by having so much family that speaks it but our parents and grandparents didn't speak a lot of Spanish around us Yeahstruggles
Comment from : Bangtan Army

Pretty Fxce
I use duo lingo lmao
Comment from : Pretty Fxce

Cloud Duster
Thanks for the video I’ve just restarted my journey to learn Japanese Wish me luck!
Comment from : Cloud Duster

What about Bussu?
Comment from : smiles4u

ليش اني شسويت
I speak Arabic fluently And I want to learn English So you can practice Arabic with me and practice English with you If you are serious about it go to about in my
Comment from : ليش اني شسويت

Sherlock Homeless
Hey man 'hence' can be used instead of 'why', so 'hence why' sounded pretty weird
Comment from : Sherlock Homeless

House Of Al Bey
What's your app?
Comment from : House Of Al Bey

Bharat Singh
Duoling is bad bcoz some other language there is no how to pronounce
Comment from : Bharat Singh

Savage The Average
So for Pimsleur, I want to learn Spanish But it looks like There’s three options English to Spanish And two other forms of Spanish if you would Could anyone help? Or any recommendation
Comment from : Savage The Average

I hate duolingo
Comment from : Anneleis_123

Comment from : Anneleis_123

Thank you I forgot the name of the first one I now I found it
Comment from : Cam UOR

Hanif Hamza
Excellent as usual Ikenna
Comment from : Hanif Hamza

Tbh I'm surprised Anki is not here
Comment from : Ziel

Wendy Garcia
Thank You So Much For Taking Time To Help Others Like Me Who Only Speak English, I For One, Are Only Trying To Find The Meaning Of A Song Which Is Of Course, In Another Language, Maybe You Can Help AO Music Irie Bra Medley Winged Suit Flyers Video 😊😊
Comment from : Wendy Garcia

bored guy
Comment from : bored guy

Ben Bir
Turkish turkish
Comment from : Ben Bir

Courts YT
Comment from : Courts YT

"May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit" "Yes, my soul, find rest in God; my hope comes from him Truly he is my rock and my salvation; he is my fortress, I will not be shaken"
Comment from : Idk

Alisa Maria Angels And Demons
I wish there was a learning language app for people like me with dyslexia
Comment from : Alisa Maria Angels And Demons

Kat Rapunzel
Tandem was not useful for me :/ everyone was like: "Idk your language yet and you don't know mine, let's just talk english all the time" which was kinda not the point of why I installed it
Comment from : Kat Rapunzel

Grace Clarke
“kick ass and take names” i understood that reference
Comment from : Grace Clarke

andrea fabietti
didn't know alireza quitted chess
Comment from : andrea fabietti

Larry King
what about babel?
Comment from : Larry King

ririno go
Parla italiano e ti seguo
Comment from : ririno go

22s in and im already smiling, this is fun
Comment from : pilluche

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