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Making a Silver Coin into a Wedding Ring (Tool Giveaway Too!)

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Information Making a Silver Coin into a Wedding Ring (Tool Giveaway Too!)

Title :  Making a Silver Coin into a Wedding Ring (Tool Giveaway Too!)
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Frames Making a Silver Coin into a Wedding Ring (Tool Giveaway Too!)

Description Making a Silver Coin into a Wedding Ring (Tool Giveaway Too!)

Comments Making a Silver Coin into a Wedding Ring (Tool Giveaway Too!)

Peter Spearman
Does your 17/25 deg Pepe br ring plate have a discount code ?
Comment from : Peter Spearman

Raymond Forbes
Hi ring King man i like what you don' man would like to have some of that tool s i am from 🇯🇲 Jamaica see address Petersfield westmoreland jwi
Comment from : Raymond Forbes

Jesse Nazel
What do I have to do to get a master deluxe kit??? Please let me know very interested in learning!!!
Comment from : Jesse Nazel

Lorna Hayes
Comment from : Lorna Hayes

Friggin sweet! I was looking for an idea for a ring for my girlfriend from a coin from her late fathers collection, just perfect! Thank you
Comment from : joebugarski

Dimitri Gostol
Very very good
Comment from : Dimitri Gostol

Awesome sauce my friend
Comment from : docpalo2011

Cody Dockerty
Could you please leave a link to where you got the basket mounting in the description?
Comment from : Cody Dockerty

Joab Petersen
Hi from Denmark Can u make one with diamond ? the silver coin from HCAndersen , hvile ago u make spiner rind to me and u got one HCAndersen coin from me , i will send more if u can
Comment from : Joab Petersen

amazing !!
Comment from : 임동하TV

Khal Frank is a tool
What chemicals are in the pickle pot?
Comment from : Khal Frank is a tool

Jamie Li
Absolutely amazing wish i can make something like that!! 😍 just two years too late 😭
Comment from : Jamie Li

Magdy Abd almalak _ مجدي عبد الملاك
You are amazing art i ever saw in my life
Comment from : Magdy Abd almalak _ مجدي عبد الملاك

Noemi D
Awesome job making the ring I bet everybody that sees this video wants to have their hands on that beautiful set of tool 😁👍
Comment from : Noemi D

light Crimson
-Nicely done , and ur videos are like a nice bottle of wine everytime that pass they gets better and better
Comment from : light Crimson

Noah Downey
Congrats! you hit 200K!
Comment from : Noah Downey

Timothy Rochette
I started making coin rings because I wanted to propose to my now fiancé with a ring that I made and I didn’t have enough money to go purchase all of the expensive equipment so I watched your video on making coin rings from stuff bought at Harbor freight and that’s how I made a ring to propose with In doing that I discovered a passion for coin ring making and that’s largely thanks to you because of your videos thank you!
Comment from : Timothy Rochette

Southeastern Native Jewelry
That tool set would be awesome and make things so much easier, just using mallet, ring mandrel Great videos can’t wait for more!! I make some videos of my work but stopped because computer decided it wanted to die on me :(
Comment from : Southeastern Native Jewelry

Austin DeSpain
Did you ever give the tools away? I want to learn to make a ring for my wife for our 5th anniversary
Comment from : Austin DeSpain

amazing! you turned a coin that bore the inscription "liberty", into a wedding ring!

Carlo Luna
Nicei love it
Comment from : Carlo Luna

Smail Badaoui
Comment from : Smail Badaoui

Iain Craig
Very nice buthow do you do that without owning $10,000’s worth of jewellery making tools???
Comment from : Iain Craig

george westphal
Great work brI love this stuff
Comment from : george westphal

Picto Gram
you ship your old tools at 200000 subscribers ? so there are available currently put my name jnto the pot
Comment from : Picto Gram

A tool set would be really cool
Comment from : Chubaca520

K _
Now I ihave/i to watch Key and Peele's Dubstep episode again For the millionth time 🕴️
Comment from : K _

bayou coin and jewelry
I am new into the practice of making coin jewelry and I really look up to the channel for inspiration thank you for all that you do
Comment from : bayou coin and jewelry

James Edwards
Is the 200K subs GAW still open? I love your videos, they've taught me so much and have inspired me to get into it
Comment from : James Edwards

Tienkie Nel
Any winner yet? I am from SA and would love to have the correct tools for coin rings!!! Love your videos and keep up the good work!!! Stay safe and be Blessed!!!
Comment from : Tienkie Nel

Rey Aclag
Always watching you’re video here in the Philippines what a great ring you made👏👏👏👏👏
Comment from : Rey Aclag

Rey Aclag
I was always amaze you’re crafts wow 👍👏👏👏👏👏
Comment from : Rey Aclag

Ron Mollison
This is absolutely the best thing I have seen about making coin rings, I am going to try it! Great job!!! It would make getting a master’s coin ring set a dream come true
Comment from : Ron Mollison

Paul French
Of all the videos I've watched on making rings this is the best I have seen
Comment from : Paul French

Ash Barber
Hope I'm not too late for the tool giveaway!
Comment from : Ash Barber

Tara Pitchford
Enter me please! I'm loving the give away! This would definitely add to my ring making experience! This ring was very very pretty!! Always a pleasure to watch your videos Gets me in the mode every time!
Comment from : Tara Pitchford

Ted Yaeger
I'm at the 'gathering all the tools' stage Can't wait to get started!
Comment from : Ted Yaeger

Kimball Black
Is there a way for me to still be entered into the giveaway without having social media?
Comment from : Kimball Black

Georgine Cruz- Dreamin-diy- creation
Very pretty ring 😊
Comment from : Georgine Cruz- Dreamin-diy- creation

Edy Eduard
this look like a beautiful craft to master!
Comment from : Edy Eduard

Love the video new subscriber here
Comment from : SunriseRiverFarms

Brooke E Bartol - Associate Broker
I am addicted to watching your videos! Working my way up to actually making the rings! Sure could use the master set! I also watch Jason’s videos! Y’all are wonderful! So talented!
Comment from : Brooke E Bartol - Associate Broker

Tracy Bowling
I also watch Bobby White here on YouTube He does something a bit different to bend the prongs IF I remember correctly It may be easier his way if you wanna take a peek If not, just thought I'd mention it
Comment from : Tracy Bowling

GRK 5522
Comment from : GRK 5522

Aquamarine is my birth stone!! 😍
Comment from : lumberjackjo

Creative wood worker
You make it look so easy! I would love to learn such a skill set Awesome!
Comment from : Creative wood worker

Luke Wallace
These video's are incredible and inspirational! I have never in my life considered considered the intersection of jewlery/coins I find it fascinatingbrUsing your old tools would be well appreciated and an honor!
Comment from : Luke Wallace

kitty sumner
I want to do this soooo bad!
Comment from : kitty sumner

Hello good videos did you sell de kit for make rings??
Comment from : Guazzon

Cláudio Neumann
Fantastic Friend, would you have any old tools, like a jasons works starter kit, that you no longer use to sell me to Brazil? I would like to start make coin ring, hugs
Comment from : Cláudio Neumann

Im actually planning to make this ring for my woman! The stones gonna be from our trip to crater of diamonds state park in Arkansas This kit would really help make that possible! Im planning to propose to her june of 2020 Please consider me for the giveaway!!!
Comment from : Matt

قناة الخلايله يوتيوب
My brother, how much does this project cost in dollars? I am only talking about equipment
Comment from : قناة الخلايله يوتيوب

قناة الخلايله يوتيوب
You are an artist with all that the word means brI would like to do a workshop in the UAE, can you help me?
Comment from : قناة الخلايله يوتيوب

Sunil Karki
Hell faaking yeaass!!! love to spent time watching such videosbr lots of love brother m/
Comment from : Sunil Karki

Joe Brandibas
Where do you get the blank gem setting? I have been searching and not having much luck finding a place that sells just the setting Everyone always has blank rings or earrings, but not just the setting part Maybe I am using the wrong term to describe it
Comment from : Joe Brandibas

Very cool, you do great work 🤗
Comment from : BRIAN THORNTON

Linux PC Installs
On several occasions now, I've heard various people say in their videos, that there are issues when it comes to annealing a 1964 Kennedys, but no one ever says/explains exactly what those issues are So as there clearly wasn't an issue in this video, I'm asking, what issues do they have when you anneal them?
Comment from : Linux PC Installs

Road Rashs Redline Resto Rods
Unfortunately, I don't do Fakebook or istascam Guess I'll have to keep on poor boying it
Comment from : Road Rashs Redline Resto Rods

Jason Krohn
That’s cool
Comment from : Jason Krohn

Riekert Botha
Great channel! Amazing how I can be in South Africa and have you as a tutor :) Appreciate!
Comment from : Riekert Botha

Bryan Withawhy
So cool! Would love to win
Comment from : Bryan Withawhy

kihei rc
As usual Jason fantastic such a beautiful ring I’m gonna try to make something like that work a half dollar for my daughter take care buddy
Comment from : kihei rc

Grigore Paerali
Buna ziua por sa dau comanda de un inel sau doua si cit costa, la ce pret la vinzisunt foarte frumoase
Comment from : Grigore Paerali

Danny Schwab
Wow I've seen these made even got friend that makes coin rings Ide live to do also I'm disabed so I'm stuck in bed most days and that gets so tiring so man to be able to win stuff like that to make coin rings omg that would be a blessing really But I no my chances so it's ok I hope the winner fills the blessing And loved this vidoe will deff watch more Thanks for sharing your beautiful ring you made and for giving God bless
Comment from : Danny Schwab

Patrick Patterson
Is it my turn to win yet You are an awesome inspiration to a lot of people Myself included, keep up the good work!
Comment from : Patrick Patterson

Michael Robinson
I love all the jewelry you make It's all so unique and has a story behind it from it's previous life
Comment from : Michael Robinson

Joe Balint
youtube/v0D4cMVlbt8 continuation of my 1st attempt at a coin Didn’t take enough care with the initial center hole Using the arbor press and 17 deg dies, I was able to get it down to about size 3-1/2 But somewhere along the line, I think I sheared off the “United States” coin inscription (The inner “in God we trust” also seems to be gone) Most likely when I mushroomed it using the 6-ton press at my daughters’ school’s makerspace I’m gonna need to look through your vids for more tips and also the ingredients in your pickle pot probably should’ve wrapped it in Teflon tape before attempting to reduce the size Pretty fun none-the-less!
Comment from : Joe Balint

Mason Cushman
Liked, shared, and subscribed! Awesome how to thanks!
Comment from : Mason Cushman

Ryan Moore
What kind of polish do you use? I am refering to the one you used with a dremel at the end
Comment from : Ryan Moore

Ryan Moore
Thank you so much for showing us how all of this is done, I have actually started making coin rings since beginning to watch your videos about a month ago My tools are simple so far, so winning this toolset would mean a lot! @changeyoucanwear
Comment from : Ryan Moore

Joe Balint
Good Stuff! Thanks for making this video Very inspiring! Working on a ring for my daughter from a Nickel she found (1st attempt at a ring coin!) Slowly accumulating parts Arbor press just came in (I was surprised I didn't have one, since it's one of the first things I recommend when working with HS robots teams) Anyway, thanks again
Comment from : Joe Balint

Monica Estle
Share on facebook!
Comment from : Monica Estle

Vans World
That’s awesome I shared it on my Facebook
Comment from : Vans World

Jacob Light
Such a cool ring stile
Comment from : Jacob Light

Jacob Light
Amazing ring
Comment from : Jacob Light

Yndiao Fernandes
E magnífico seu trabalho parabéns meu amigo Brasil
Comment from : Yndiao Fernandes

martin webb
Love to win your master kit Martin from the uk
Comment from : martin webb

Nickel & Dime Coin Hunter
Beutiful ring
Comment from : Nickel & Dime Coin Hunter

Nickel & Dime Coin Hunter
Thats Amazing
Comment from : Nickel & Dime Coin Hunter

Love your work I sure could use the tools to advance my dream Wish me luck:-) Peace
Comment from : HoboRailroad

Arne R Kristensen
I enjoy watching it,nicely done,it`s beautiful
Comment from : Arne R Kristensen

M Sd
Only channel I subscribe to
Comment from : M Sd

Tiny Small
I'm from portland, or, new sub I subbed on the first video i saw of yoursthen i saw this one and I'd just been saying how much i need tools for thisim disabled and have lots of time on my hands But no $$$ Like0$i barely eat But man could i make a good living with those tools And literally have no chance to ever even attempt to buy them My kids and i would have changed lives Anyway sorry!!! Not trying to be a bummer I just wanted you to know that your work and channel are so awesome! Much love and respect from Portland Oregon! I shared all over!
Comment from : Tiny Small

Tim Stafford
Just learned about money rings when I stumbled across one of your videos yesterday Since then I've watched most of your videos and you've inspired me I love the art and craft of what you do and I want to learn as much as I can about making jewelry because of you Thank you
Comment from : Tim Stafford

Matt Cobb
Recently found your videos and it inspired me to be more creative My daughters love the rings I've made so far A masterwork set would really kick the creativity into high gear Thank you for the great videos
Comment from : Matt Cobb

JC ODell Greystoke Forge
Like, subscribe, and share Done, done, and done
Comment from : JC ODell Greystoke Forge

Dee O’Neal
Need to get this to 200k so he can pick a winner;))
Comment from : Dee O’Neal

RedRoad Runner
Dude, you rock You make it look so easy Love your and Jason's videos keep them coming Thanks
Comment from : RedRoad Runner

eTube Education
Wow , I loved it
Comment from : eTube Education

awesome work I just found the channel yesterday and have been binge watching it
Comment from : fondyin

Jovahs Angel
Oh, wow Very Nice!😎🤙
Comment from : Jovahs Angel

Marjun Narvasa
wow wowwhat a nice workbeautifulang elegant love it's design🤩🤩🤩
Comment from : Marjun Narvasa

Chris Roosendaal
Comment from : Chris Roosendaal

Didn’t they used to call you pickle pot? Hahaha
Comment from : YorticusTV

Well,maybe because of you, i started to make coin rings to :)
Comment from : qwerty

Steve T
Boy you sure make it look easy! True master, love your channel!
Comment from : Steve T

Prabhat Basumatary
Love lot watching your fantastic work!
Comment from : Prabhat Basumatary

dario mario
Comment from : dario mario

Peter Furnival
Finger crossed I win 😋
Comment from : Peter Furnival

Walter B
Nice work I’ve been wearing one of your Franklin half rings for about 4-5 years now Still have it on at this moment
Comment from : Walter B

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