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How much did I make at the laundromat in August? My Laundromat business

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Information How much did I make at the laundromat in August? My Laundromat business

Title :  How much did I make at the laundromat in August? My Laundromat business
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Frames How much did I make at the laundromat in August? My Laundromat business

Description How much did I make at the laundromat in August? My Laundromat business

Comments How much did I make at the laundromat in August? My Laundromat business

Mina Nguyen
How come mortgage is so low?
Comment from : Mina Nguyen

Can you keep a gun in your business property?
Comment from : 6mmbrrrts

Ezekiel Valdez
Love it!
Comment from : Ezekiel Valdez

How can you pay so little for water at a laundromat? I mean
Comment from : frame

Bill Johnson
That was really helpful to know the cash flow and the expenses! How can you increase the cash flow in what seems to be a static environment? Advertising? Coupons? I have always found advertising to really work in my service business but it is sometimes very expensive Groupon worked wonders but required lots of sacrifice on the front end
Comment from : Bill Johnson

Roxy Browning
If you didn't double your utility and your rent then you would have more than $400 left over I didn't get what you're saying
Comment from : Roxy Browning

Roxy Browning
yes you did make more than 400 because you double your utility so what about the utility that you double where is that money coming from
Comment from : Roxy Browning

Roxy Browning
Yes it did because you double the rent and the utility in that month so that money that you double the next month you should take it back from the month you're not paying light and rent
Comment from : Roxy Browning

This is extremely interesting, notwithstanding the junkie
Comment from : Sonfinessse

Enjoyed the video It was great Also: that’s a dude?
Comment from : Braindoner101

Damone Johnson
Hey its Shoenice well gotdog i knew he was playing dumb the entire time
Comment from : Damone Johnson

Evgeniy M
not much
Comment from : Evgeniy M

Laundromat Millionaire
Interesting perspective on the industry Very happy for your success and I do think videos with real numbers are helpful brThat being said, my passion is to show people another side of the industry where people aren't making thousands, we're making millions Keep on keeping on my friend ✈️
Comment from : Laundromat Millionaire

when the hood drops
How much debt are you in?
Comment from : when the hood drops

Laset livingstin
Great vid frm an important angleQuestions: How long have you owned the laundromat? Is it located in a small or large town, busy or not so busy area? Last for now, Have you increased your amount since this vid & reached your goal yet? Thanks
Comment from : Laset livingstin

Do you think it would be worth automating your machines to stop the break ins?
Comment from : communitysolutionspro1

Your interest is $401😑
Comment from : Proveaux

Nick Farrow
Add a car washer to the side of your laundromat Could I get a copy of your spreadsheet for cash flow? It would be really helpful thank you
Comment from : Nick Farrow

Brian Stewart
Comment from : Brian Stewart

Richelle TV For You
MORE NUMBERS!!! Distinguish yourself! All the other videos say the same thing And what is the source of rental income?
Comment from : Richelle TV For You

B Charles
Some people think that running a business is easy and you make all this money, but when you crunch the numbers there are expenses! It is alot of work and dedication Especially in the beginning when you start the business when you have to put in the time and effort in to it to make it a success Something that most people out there do not want to do because it is too hard But once the business gets going and its on cruise control such as a laundromat or a online business perhaps, you can than relax and enjoy the fruits Great video
Comment from : B Charles

This is the good content that makes the other videos make sense It gives a more complete picture Thanks!
Comment from : HBradley

What if someone pours cement into one of the machines?
Comment from : DirtCheapMeals

Cat Williams
Accounting by itself is boring But business accounting that shows real business numbers for something as unique as a laundromat is fascinating!! I mean seriously, who buys laundromats? I've never ever known anyone who owned one (and I'm 60!) I love this channel
Comment from : Cat Williams

May the Schwarz be with you
The addict looks like a woman
Comment from : May the Schwarz be with you

nino herrera
Thank you for this contentthanks for showing the numbers Hope you do more Good luck!
Comment from : nino herrera

Jake Thomas
I'm new here My family has considered opening a laundromat I love this kind of video Have you done a breakdown of the investment, like the vending machines and the laundry machines?
Comment from : Jake Thomas

Michael M
Is managing the laundry mat all you do? Or do you have a 9-5 as well? I’m just wondering since it’s something you just started pretty recently
Comment from : Michael M

Derek Joyner
I like this video I think this is needed more than the homeless or thieves
Comment from : Derek Joyner

David McCormack
Brandon, great video How many washers / dryers are in there?
Comment from : David McCormack

how many people live in the town where your mat is? and is there any competition?
Comment from : wagil90

Coley Emory
What would motivate someone to sell a laundromat? It seems like a good business to have with little to no labor costs
Comment from : Coley Emory

chad Thomas
It may have not been dramatic as your heroin attics in the trailer park, but the video is entertaining, relative to those who are interested in investing, and informative Just because it’s not dramatic, that doesn’t mean that it’s not useless Congratulations on your recent rise in views
Comment from : chad Thomas

Young Grizzly
Im looking to buy one in the future so thank you very much for this sir
Comment from : Young Grizzly

Neuro mance
If you are going to claim 500 as rent from the laundromat, you also need to list it as an expense in the laundromat section, or else its basically just made up income I'm no accountant but looks to me more like your august income was -6603$
Comment from : Neuro mance

Wow that's boat load man I would find what the hell is using all that and try to make it more modern so that would be less
Comment from : VR AND SOLAR TECK

Wow 300 in just gas
Comment from : VR AND SOLAR TECK

The Ropes of Renovation
I thought it was very informative!
Comment from : The Ropes of Renovation

Mark Harrison
Profit and loss are interesting on a business
Comment from : Mark Harrison

i have 4k cams hooked to wifi n my phone u should be able to
Comment from : orientwolfe

Tasha Hargrove
Been considering trying to do this because we need one in my hometown Can I pm you anyway to discuss things? I need help
Comment from : Tasha Hargrove

Alex Kasper
I would clean the laundromat myself to save on costs
Comment from : Alex Kasper

Great content! I suggest invest in LED lighting, make sure to offer Wi-Fi for free, and like someone mentioned below add more vending and some arcade Keep it up! Sub'd
Comment from : rollover36

Scott Uptain
Not a TRUE P&L of the laundromat You have included your rental property income
Comment from : Scott Uptain

Ernest Rhoades
This is very important for folks to see how a business operates thank you
Comment from : Ernest Rhoades

You know how hair salons nowadays sell hair cuts 10 and the rest is from products 90 So their shops is set up like a boutique brbrYou should do that with the laundrymat, 50 machines and the rest vending mashines and arcades Tear down that wall between the office and the laundryroom and make it into an arcade You'll make a boat load
Comment from : MindGem

Evan Jones
Keep it growing man! Gaining a lot of information from your vids
Comment from : Evan Jones

William Romano
Thank you for opening your books on YouTube I've been looking for content like this for a long time and really appreciate your openness!
Comment from : William Romano

Kevin Miller
What about property taxes?
Comment from : Kevin Miller

Rays Tales
What software did you use to show your computer screen?
Comment from : Rays Tales

Creative Space
If you clean it yourself you'll hit that 2k faster lol Honestly though if you are making that back room bending room you should put a TV and seats or couch People buy more stuff when they are comfortableaka think about a movie theater Anyways just my 2 cents Like the videos!
Comment from : Creative Space

Michael Rasmussen
I saw the thumbnail and thought this was a Shoenice video, lol
Comment from : Michael Rasmussen

Stephen Orona
I would like own a laundry mat
Comment from : Stephen Orona

do you own the unit?
Comment from : telman

I don’t know if it was answered but did you buy an existing laundromat or build it from the ground up? Did you get a loan? Was that the mortgage portion of your expenses?
Comment from : MrDudeDudester

This isn't boring! Or, at least to me it isn't These are the the juicy details that separate the real from the bullshit
Comment from : sirshammalot

Well if you had a dozen locations you could make some decent money
Comment from : DelbertStinkfester

Your principal and interest are reversed I think
Comment from : flatblackstrat

the guy breaking your coin pusher machine looks like a girl
Comment from : 威武

Next do video on youtube income !!
Comment from : 威武

Hamfists Man
400 bucks Honestly I'd like to set something like that up and have my kid run it The mortgage for something like that here would be like 2k here though
Comment from : Hamfists Man

You got it easy We run over 600 hire cars and you think your spread sheet is crazy lol People assume that what you take in is profit, I WISH! If you end up with 10-20 then your doing good What you need to do is look at your surroundings, and what type of people use the place then spend a few days there asking them what they would like to see there Also, look at what your competition is doing, how they operate and what they offer which is different to what you offer The vending machines are a good source of income but you have to keep filling them That takes time and the more machines you have you more time you must spend there I like your approach to what you are doing, but remember this, walk before you run It's an old saying and what i'm saying is this, build the business before you look to open another business Some people in business get blinded by what money they make and expand their business before it's ready to expand Build on a sound base and you won't go wrong I'll keep watching your videos and i have now subbed Good luck
Comment from : dannyboyspain1

Charles Clemmer
I'm constantly surrounded by businesses, but have little to no idea about their inner workings or true profit margins This type of real world content is fascinating and I think really valuable to help us understand how our economic system functions Thank you for these videos
Comment from : Charles Clemmer

You look scarily similar to Mike o'malley
Comment from : Bee

Like the details, good stuff
Comment from : Robadobdob

Earn, Not Make Only the printing press and coin stamper make money Everyone else earns money
Comment from : MET-TECH

so 1500 per month profit? for going twice a week to empty and do basic refilling? i meanthats a cozy secondary job without a boss
Comment from : Mallrick

Yvelisse Restituyo
I like yours videos
Comment from : Yvelisse Restituyo

Diamond Hands
Do you provide a laundry service where you charge per pound for the clothes and wash it yourself? I feel like the profit margin would be way higher on those sales compared to those doing it themselves
Comment from : Diamond Hands

Forrest Brown
Enjoy seeing your classic Peavey gear as well Closet guitar players unite!
Comment from : Forrest Brown

Handsomely Hung
It's good to see that shoenice used his YouTube money for a greater good
Comment from : Handsomely Hung

Chandler Eidson
I like this!! Thank you for taking the time to film and post this video
Comment from : Chandler Eidson

Lewis Ma
Great video! Did you mention how much you picked up the business/apartments for?
Comment from : Lewis Ma

Ethan Marlow
I really appreciate these types of videos I do all types of investing research This is the missing key that's hard for me to find
Comment from : Ethan Marlow

jordan lavalife
prepaid expense is an axxount you shouls ADD
Comment from : jordan lavalife

Dunno why Youtube felt I needed to know about how some laundromat in Ohio operates but Suddenly i feel emotionally invested in this
Comment from : Jarynn

jayna reynolds
With the price of silver going back up, I'm sure you're always on the lookout for those 90 silver quarters Just curioushow many silver quarters are you finding now-a-days?
Comment from : jayna reynolds

No idea how you got into my YouTube feed but I am highly interested! Thanks for showing us the inside of running a laundromat
Comment from : Djmatrix2310

Eric Everson
Brandon, do you do your own Federal income taxes or do you have an accountant? Thanks for the great video & info
Comment from : Eric Everson

RckTrn theAsianguy
what does it mean rent income in a laundromat business ? Anyone can help me out ?
Comment from : RckTrn theAsianguy

Peter E
Are you cash or accrual basis? If accrual, move that second insurance and utility payment off to the balance sheet
Comment from : Peter E

David Bailey
Seems like a lot of work, personal investment and risk for very little reward Am I missing something?
Comment from : David Bailey

This could be an idea to help lower the long term cost of electric, and that could be possibly looking into getting a few solar panels
Comment from : FalconBeatbox

Ryan Sorensen
I really enjoy these types of videos (finance based) I’d love to learn more about the rental software you mentioned
Comment from : Ryan Sorensen

@investment joy Where is your rent income coming from??
Comment from : holyarmageddon19

LMFAO people are taking this seriously hahahaha
Comment from : holyarmageddon19

Erica Vilanova
hi, just an idea, maybe you can get 1 lr 2 more change machines so you can be more relaxed with that
Comment from : Erica Vilanova

brian burke
I see that Bugera trirec back there :) great choice!
Comment from : brian burke

Some questions Are there any other laundromats nearby? If so how do they compare with what you're offering? brFor a while I had to work out of town and I was put up in an apartment without laundry facilities After checking a few places I settled on one that wasn't the closest or the cheapest because the ones closest looked run down and old The one I went to had comfortable chairs, free, WiFi, charging for phones and a machine coffee maker which wasn't too terrible
Comment from : tihzho

How do you think that you will be able to increase revenue by $2K per month?
Comment from : rickrayn

Its ok to live on just to bad things breaks all the time
Comment from : tsfcancerman

MysteryUnknown 11
Get a alarm if someone pushes on the coin pusher it goes off and doesn’t give the coins out
Comment from : MysteryUnknown 11

Aswell as mount sensors and cameras so you can look into business when you hear sensor or camera react
Comment from : tsfcancerman

Every time you count quarters you should check for old silver coins think before 63
Comment from : tsfcancerman

Love the genuine contentkeep it coming
Comment from : 419friedtoast

The fact you double paid still shows that the laundry mat is making around 1500 a month had you not paid a month in advance Your honestly alot closer to that goal of 2000 then you think Seriously interesting videos I subscribed, love to see more!
Comment from : trumpeter811

Comment from : Dave CARDOZO

Very useful Thanks!
Comment from : davevario

anonymous ubiquitous
Its probably not worth getting the prints off those cans in the moble where they stole carpet??
Comment from : anonymous ubiquitous

Unicorn Goodies
$1400/month profit for all that work? Definitely not worth doing imo for all that work and hassle Nickel and dime business and you have to deal with lowlifes pissing in your laundromat and doing drugs and constantly trying to break in to machines Nah thx Next
Comment from : Unicorn Goodies

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