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WANTED! Valuable Presidential Dollar Errors - You Can Be The Only One Looking For These!!

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Information WANTED! Valuable Presidential Dollar Errors - You Can Be The Only One Looking For These!!

Title :  WANTED! Valuable Presidential Dollar Errors - You Can Be The Only One Looking For These!!
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Frames WANTED! Valuable Presidential Dollar Errors - You Can Be The Only One Looking For These!!

Description WANTED! Valuable Presidential Dollar Errors - You Can Be The Only One Looking For These!!

Comments WANTED! Valuable Presidential Dollar Errors - You Can Be The Only One Looking For These!!

I have one George Washington one 2 Andrew Johnson ones and one John adams coin
Comment from : ThatLegoGamer

Rodrigo Sibal
I have one GEORGE WASHINGTON how much you can buy ?
Comment from : Rodrigo Sibal

Eliz May B Griffintwo
Can u recommend a coin microscope so that I can start looking at my coins?brI don't own a computer so it'll have to work on a Notebook or Android I'm thinking about buying a inexpensive LaptopbrThanks
Comment from : Eliz May B Griffintwo

Dat BoiWoods
I have a gorge Washington golden dollar coin with the lettering on the side that I got from school from the lunch lady after asking for my change and then realized it wasn’t a quarter when she gave it to me and looked at it and decided that I might have cam up on something 😁
Comment from : Dat BoiWoods

Kori Mcmasters
Me too lol
Comment from : Kori Mcmasters

Hanzo Escobar
I have that
Comment from : Hanzo Escobar

Genesis Mirano
I got 1 of that coin a George Washington 1 dollar gold coin
Comment from : Genesis Mirano

William Smith
I have the George Washington dollar coin
Comment from : William Smith

Luz P
Missing: In God We Trust on the Obverse brWhat is the value on those?
Comment from : Luz P

Pepe Galicia
Does anyone knows if theres a andrew johnson 1 dollar coin with the missing edge? Cause i have one, it only has the word plururs unum and the year but they are almost invisible, its fron 2011 from philadelphia but i dont know if its a mint error or if it was made by the time or someone intentionally did it
Comment from : Pepe Galicia

I've found a 2007 john Adams with letters and numbers doubled on the obverse Its in vgc I wonder what it's worth
Comment from : govbentley2011

Molly Niemi
I just bought 9 gold dollar coins this morning at a local gas station 5 are of president collection ALL 5 have LEGIBLE writing on edges From year 2007-2011
Comment from : Molly Niemi

Holly Berry
I found 5 missing edge lettering on James k Polk, Ulysses S Grant, Andrew Johnson, James Buchanan, Andrew Jackson Great condition too I bought from the Amish mart
Comment from : Holly Berry

David Rimer
I have a James Madison 2007 $1 coin with James Madison facing left rather than right, and has a full Staue Of Liberty on the back not just bust Cant find any information at all about this coin
Comment from : David Rimer

Jessica Ramirez
Why does some of the William Henry Harrison $1 coin 2009 D missing the stars I have one with stars and have another with no stars
Comment from : Jessica Ramirez

Cking Of Error$ & Varietie$ Brennan
I own one myself (Smooth edge, No Edge Lettering Rim) GW :)
Comment from : Cking Of Error$ & Varietie$ Brennan

Kombat Mortal
Holy crap I just checked mine!!!! I don’t have the lettering on the edge!!! I just came up on it and found it!!
Comment from : Kombat Mortal

But what's this missing lettering Andrew johnson I just found worth?!
Comment from : NationOfNamePending

I have one goerge Washington 1789-1797
Comment from : Mary

M Kicks
if I have two presidential dollar coins, of the same president, would and should the edge lettering be identically aligned? and if not, is it considered an error?
Comment from : M Kicks

Ok there's a laundry Mat right down the street from me that give's out dollar coin's to Is it more worth it to get $1 dollar coin or $1 dollar for $ 4 quarters?
Comment from : khon

Cyndis Green Oasis
I think I have one of these with no writing on the edge and you didn’t mention it it’s John Adams wondering what I should do it’s not in very good shape though
Comment from : Cyndis Green Oasis

blue unicorn
In Texas these are plentiful and used for toll roads
Comment from : blue unicorn

Scott Reed
I have tons of these, my father left them to me - I have over 3050 of them, all in uncirculated rolls They are beautiful
Comment from : Scott Reed

Ramdina Chawngthu
i have this Thomas Jefferson one dollar its date is 1801-1809 exactly the same in your video
Comment from : Ramdina Chawngthu

collectione coin
I have coin GEORGE washington end james madeson
Comment from : collectione coin

Kelsey Nickerson
So are they worth if they say 2007 on edge lettering and different on the front ?
Comment from : Kelsey Nickerson

Joseph Beamon
Two weeks ago from the credit union I picked up 4 rolls and one of them has the blank edge lettering on President James K Polk 11th US President 1845 - 1849 Also 3 '79 Susan B Anthony's (S, D, P) I can't forget the about the dozen plus 2000 P Sacagawea coins, with several 2000 D's I'm going back, Lol 😂🌵🏄🎨🤙😁🤗😉🇺🇸💰
Comment from : Joseph Beamon

Phillip Castro
I got a buchanan one from a vending machine
Comment from : Phillip Castro

Kenneth John Salve Ynzon
I also got sacagawa 2000 D
Comment from : Kenneth John Salve Ynzon

Kenneth John Salve Ynzon
I got a george washington 2007 D Im from philippines
Comment from : Kenneth John Salve Ynzon

Rogelio Diez
I found 1 George Washington error coin This coin doesnt have any lettering on the edge For those who are interested to buy my coin just send me a message I'm willing to send pictures for this particular coin if needed Thank you vety much
Comment from : Rogelio Diez

Red Ram TV
I have the James Buchanan
Comment from : Red Ram TV

Peter Surita
I have one
Comment from : Peter Surita

Melissa Brannam
We have about 200 of these sitting in my piggy bank rn
Comment from : Melissa Brannam

Louise Cruz
I have one
Comment from : Louise Cruz

Berserker 21
I have a gold one are they mainly silver?
Comment from : Berserker 21

Ksenia Popova
Thnk U💐
Comment from : Ksenia Popova

tung thang
i have one george washington coin where can i sell it
Comment from : tung thang

H0ward Prokopchuk
If I could get them I wouldI got some but they are all in bad shape from bank people brought in
Comment from : H0ward Prokopchuk

The bank only has two or three available now
Comment from : JEM

George Tucker
Great info
Comment from : George Tucker

Wayne Peterson
Comment from : Wayne Peterson

I have the Sunoco set of the presidents
Comment from : LUCY COSENTINO

Just got the g brush one and wife😁
Comment from : LUCY COSENTINO

Dr James Olack
@BlueRidgeSilverhoundI bought 40 rolls of the Washington dollars when they were available from the bank thinking that the first coin in the series may be worth something some day I had never heard about the missing edge lettering until today, Jan 2, 2021 Don't know if I should take them out of there rolls and search for missing lettering or just let them sitfor the kids to have down the roadWhat would you recommend? Thank you for your help
Comment from : Dr James Olack

Drew Hoilien
I have one of the coins with 3 equally spaced bumps along the edge I dont know anything about this error
Comment from : Drew Hoilien

Lasko Brandon
Is a Washington misaligned die rare
Comment from : Lasko Brandon

Great information My bank has a $1000 box I am thinking of getting I just need to know what to look for Thanks for the video
Comment from : ncprospectors

Bruce Terhune
Thanks for sharing your knowledge about this I discovered the missing edge lettering error accidentally while searching for values of satin finish presidential dollars on the PCGS price guide Thanks for educating us further I'm going to begin searching immediately!!
Comment from : Bruce Terhune

J Tyler
I just found the most wild james madison coin I'm a bank role today I can't even explain it It's wicked as hell looking How do I send you a pic you have to tell me what you think
Comment from : J Tyler

J Tyler
I have one missing the edge lettering
Comment from : J Tyler

Lisa Samuelson
i have a Millard Fillmore P dollar that is silver colored, is it real?
Comment from : Lisa Samuelson

Barbara nardini
Hi I have a Calvin Coolidge that the gold is so light it looks like silver, having said that it has a glass mirror type finish, you can see ur reflection on it it's a 2014 D and I got it with several same type finish on 2000p Sacagawea coins from my bank here in Florida are these valuable?
Comment from : Barbara nardini

VonDa in Wonderland
All right, you got me I subscribed ♥
Comment from : VonDa in Wonderland

Francisca Valerio
Good morning Sir Shawn I hve 2 of george washinton dollars hope I can sell this for some money thank you Sir have a nice day keep hunting🙏🙏🙏
Comment from : Francisca Valerio

robin traina
thanks for the coin news
Comment from : robin traina

Mohammed Mohsin Ali Khan
I got one coin 1968 quarter dollar no mint mark Another coin one dime 1978 no mint mark Tried my best but could not find I may be right or wrong Only experts can judge
Comment from : Mohammed Mohsin Ali Khan

Justin Giguere
It's a shame dollar coins are not more popular Coins are so much better than paper money
Comment from : Justin Giguere

Samuel Corallo
Does the error appear on the proof varieties?
Comment from : Samuel Corallo

Amel Linda
I have coin this have 5coin original
Comment from : Amel Linda

محمد راشد
i have one cent 1959 d 1960 d 1961d 1962d 1964d 1965d 1966d 1967 1968s 1970 d 1971s 197 2 1973d 1974d 1975b 1976d 1977d 1978d 1979d 1981b 1982d 1983d 1984d 1985d 1986d 1987d 1988d 1989d ??/ ihave five cents 1951d 1952 1964d 1974 1968s 1983b 1974 1970 1975d ??/ ihave one dime 1965 1966 1967 1970d 1975 1973 1978 1980b 1977 d 1971d ?? ihave 1cent 1940 canada 1cent 1976 canada 1cent canada 1952b 2002 1cent canada 1989 dolllar canada 1917 2017 one peny1986 ?/ gorg farthlnc 1918 ?/ c 20 italy 1922 R 15 CENTS CANDA 1974ELZABETH II D CRECINA ??50 CENTAVOS 2009 BRASIL
Comment from : محمد راشد

ddkrew 1
Wellbanks are closed hereso no rolls
Comment from : ddkrew 1

Fiat Destroyer
I found a Sac dollar with about 175 degrees rotation error
Comment from : Fiat Destroyer

Excellent lots of detailed info!! Thank you
Comment from : lisa

Michelle Mills
Hard to find P mint otherwise my collection would be complete
Comment from : Michelle Mills

Sheila L art
I have some that are Ultra Cameo, I buy some to check for missing lettering!
Comment from : Sheila L art

Michelle Mills
Had 25 no missi g edge lettering today found 😟
Comment from : Michelle Mills

Michelle Mills
I get them at any I trip!
Comment from : Michelle Mills

Super sweet video I've really been into this variety lately for some reasonMy girlfriend told me to pick up a box last week Eureka!!!'Frisco proofs!!!

Conrad Pons
I have went through many rolls of these, never found a missing edge lettered coin, I hope to find one some day, your right about finding them at a bank, they are easier to get than a clad Kennedy half dollar Good topic for discussions br👍
Comment from : Conrad Pons

Scott Holliday
I have found several of Them with reverse doubling, but never found one with missing edge lettering Great info my friend 👍
Comment from : Scott Holliday

Robert Edwards
I have a roll of p&d of each one of these unopened I had two rolls of each but I looked through one roll of each of them I have a shifted edge lettering Thomas Jefferson -P but that's about it right now
Comment from : Robert Edwards

Akira Young
I collect a bunch of presidential dollar coins ( a variety of them) My favorite was the one with the pipe dated 1621:)
Comment from : Akira Young

Finally I have a coin you mentioned! Well sort of Lol I have a John Quincy Adams, but the edge lettering is doubled, not missing On one of the words it's inverted or upside down (don't remember which haven't looked at in a while) I can't find hardly a thing about the JQA's, so if anyone knows much about those, I'd love to know I'm just going off of some of the others I've seen with doubled letters as far as what it might be worth brbrSide note I found a 2006 Nevada quarter yesterday that's good plated Actually in great condition Did the mint do that or is just damage? Are they of any real value over face?
Comment from : redchic

James Eubanks
I have a set in the pill that is sealed
Comment from : James Eubanks

I have a rare president coin George Washington never opened ?? Sence release date
Comment from : BIG 2

I got a proof I think with no lettering somewhere Can’t find it
Comment from : Landolakes

Gerry Funke
I have one of these with the print on the side up side down what is it worth?
Comment from : Gerry Funke

Angie Arroyo
Have several of the gold dollar coins Some presidentials and Sacagawea , which by the way, the designer of the obverse was Glenna Goodacre who passed away on April 13,2020 She was a sculptor who also designed the Vietnam Womens Memorial I didint know until Harry Connick, Jr mentioned it She
Comment from : Angie Arroyo

4nines Fine silver
Great research thanks for sharing👍
Comment from : 4nines Fine silver

Eli Foust
Got a rollearly out 2007
Comment from : Eli Foust

Went to my Bank a few months back to get a couple boxes of Quarters to search and one of the Tellers asked me if I wanted a roll of Presidential Dollars I was like sure! Then she asked me if I wanted the rest? I'm like how many 24 Rolls! All different Presidents except for 2 which are the same Now I'm in a quandary on whether to crack them open They're Mint rolls
Comment from : Mr51Caveman

I’m a Numistacker II
Hey Blueridge, question for you When did they change the obverse on these coins? Because you mentioned at the beginning of the video that, “In God We Trust” is part of the edge lettering And I noticed that the motto was on the obverse of the Grover Cleveland and Ronald Reagan coins
Comment from : I’m a Numistacker II

Numismatic of America Coin Collecting
I have one Washington no edge lettering dollar coin ungraded
Comment from : Numismatic of America Coin Collecting

Armando from the Vault
Thanks for sharing I check and ask at my local bank but have never found one without edge lettering I do have a roll of the George Washington that I bought when they first came out and have it stored in the Vault
Comment from : Armando from the Vault

Kelly Weger
The only ones ive seen are the 4 or 5 in my collection lolol
Comment from : Kelly Weger

Chad Lickinstein
I have several with missing edge
Comment from : Chad Lickinstein

Charles Barrett
Great video again Sean , looks like I'll have to put presidential dollars on my list I've been thinking for the last couple of weeks about getting into sack dollars Can't wait to get started
Comment from : Charles Barrett

K O R i G A N
I have coin album filled with this coins
Comment from : K O R i G A N

K O R i G A N
I remember when these coins came out
Comment from : K O R i G A N

Corey Merrill
Some of these are on my short list I collect them I dont have anything major yet, but I do get them on purpose from time to time
Comment from : Corey Merrill

Memory Rinehart
Have a fed roll in my car (Washington)was going to just sellbrI never find completely missing lettering whenever I look I don't like having to use a magnifier to see it either! Such a horrible idea
Comment from : Memory Rinehart

Comment from : Murf

Vinh Pham
Good morning everybody
Comment from : Vinh Pham

Orgullo Azteca
😊🍵 good afternoon Sr Blueridge, you are right , we don't look for dollar errors , hope you talk about the Abraham Lincoln dollar coin , thank you for the information
Comment from : Orgullo Azteca

Mike nhgoldprospector
I have not seen or found any If I did half dollar or dollar coin hunting I would put them in circulation provided no errors
Comment from : Mike nhgoldprospector

Tim Pace
😆 I just so happen to have a stack of these Well actually SEVERAL stacks Also, Franklin mint sold a TON of these in sealed 10 coin tubes
Comment from : Tim Pace

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