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Title :  Self Efficacy
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Basem Khourma
Thank you very much Miss B for helping to understand motivation
Comment from : Basem Khourma

I find it strange that SE is defined at the end of this video, but without mention of confidence and competence, but rather an "attitude towards (a) specific task in a particular context"
Comment from : xxrichelle33xx

sri leka
Superb explanation useful
Comment from : sri leka

Arman Coleman
Interesting to hear this My childhood was mostly destroyed from adhd and how much I was despised by my adult teachers as a child No recess, no field trips, no sports Being told I’d be homeless when I grew up Life of course could be worse though Despite all that I’ve been successful through my ability to repair just about anything mechanical I would like to reach my full potential but… I’ll finish this laterbrRead more
Comment from : Arman Coleman

Nandini Dash
You manage everything except managing yourself Take charge right now & see the outcome wwwyoutubecom/watch?v=7ABSR55FBZk
Comment from : Nandini Dash

Sarah Morgan
I am very excited about how I got rid of my HSV 2 with the help of Dr Odion's herbal remedies youtubecom/channel/UCLJPudFNpftjjnmFkkPGt7g
Comment from : Sarah Morgan

Sofia Miau
I love this tutorial Clear and to the point 👍
Comment from : Sofia Miau

Villads Claes
Grundlæggende skal man bare tro på hinanden og give hinanden en masse succesoplevelser!
Comment from : Villads Claes

Bertha Garcia
Comment from : Bertha Garcia

Matseleng Thaba
Super clear!thank you
Comment from : Matseleng Thaba

Anežka Tošovská
Great introduction to the topic, thank you
Comment from : Anežka Tošovská

Pam Newhouse
How would I get permission to place this in a powerpoint presentation?
Comment from : Pam Newhouse

John Cahill
Is BELIEF IN self efficacy self efficacy? I understand that belief can be efficacious, but can BELIEF in something be that SOMETHING? If I believe in something, the BELIEF and the SOMETHING are obviously not the same thing There is belief, and there is the object of belief; they are not one and the same, yet, it seems common for teachers of "self efficacy", "group efficacy" and conflate (ie, confuse) belief in efficacy with efficacy itself This makes belief a placebo (which has efficacy too, of course) But efficacy is actual effectiveness, not (merely and not only) the belief in it! This conflation actually supports many faith based practices where belief is efficacious regardless of the various objects of belief For example, belief in god is known to be efficacious regardless of the reality (or otherwise) of god Such notions are widely treated as suspicious When it comes to a history of accomplishments we have establish efficacy and belief is probably strengthened, but "efficacy" refers to actual effectiveness, which is to be distinguished from belief in the capacity of the self, the group, the collective Despite the presenter's note (that "self efficacy is different to self esteem") I would put the general conflation of "belief" with "efficacy" in the same boat as Jordan Peterson's view of self esteem : wwwyoutubecom/watch?v=9f3qyNNtpQk  brbrHowever, this presenter makes a very significant comment which intends to distinguish self efficacy from self esteem : brbr06:32 br"Self efficacy is sometimes confused with other terms such as self esteem or self-concept The difference is that those terms deal with the general feelings about topics and SELF EFFICACY IS ABOUT AN ATTITUDE TOWARD A SPECIFIC TASK IN A PARTICULAR CONTEXT The keyword is SPECIFIC; a person's self-concept might be "I'm pretty good at math," but a person's self-efficacy is about [the belief in] their ability for a SPECIFIC  task"brbrI bracketed the words "belief in" because I am saying belief is not efficacy, it is efficacious Nevertheless, I like the fact that the presenter associates "self efficacy" with "a specific task" This is particularly important when "group efficacy" or "collective efficacy" are being discussed However, I think the confusion of language which equates "belief [in efficacy]" with with actual ability, effectiveness, capacity leads many to assume that "self efficacy" is simply "self belief" or "self esteem" The efficacy of belief is not denied, but self efficacy, group efficacy and collective efficacy must refer to actual capacity, ability, effectiveness which is, of course, enhanced by belief but the belief is not the efficacy!brbr“There's a distinction between efficacy and esteem EFFICACY IS ABOUT HOW GOOD YOU ARE AT SOMETHING … but self-esteem is a feeling of worth and so … If you have very high esteem but not much efficacy, you're the empty suit, you're the person who talks a good game in Texas… If you have high efficacy and low esteem you feel like an impostor”
Comment from : John Cahill

marina zappi
Thanks you, very easy to understand also for me!brBrava!
Comment from : marina zappi

Pinoy ICT Lovers
thank you very much for clarifying this theory God bless!
Comment from : Pinoy ICT Lovers

Gabriela Blandy
Super clear! Thanks Raina Loved the presentation Gabriela x
Comment from : Gabriela Blandy

Thank you so much This was fabulous
Comment from : coldasice7x

Light Music
Is there any difference between self efficacy and self confident??
Comment from : Light Music

Really useful video, thank you!
Comment from : Sofi

Mahmudunnabi Rain
Thanks a lot for making it easy and short
Comment from : Mahmudunnabi Rain

Urban Sky
Loved it, thank you
Comment from : Urban Sky

Nandita Nandi
Nice presentation 😊
Comment from : Nandita Nandi

Robert Fong
I surely did enjoy this presentation Well done! Thank you!
Comment from : Robert Fong

Hong Johnson
You explained so well! Thank you!
Comment from : Hong Johnson

So useful thank you
Comment from : mohfine11

Anishka Mishra
amazing explanation!! thank you so much!!!
Comment from : Anishka Mishra

Kartik Barad
Comment from : Kartik Barad

thank you
Comment from : 檀晓骏

Lloyd Vincent Culanibang
Thank you😙
Comment from : Lloyd Vincent Culanibang

I wish I could sit down with Bandura right about now I need a pep talk The man is still alive and kicking! :)
Comment from : ladykws

Warlock of Momoland
I was unable to understand how does self efficacy influence/affects personality and why Bandura introduced this concept Now I know thanks 🙏🏼
Comment from : Warlock of Momoland

Comment from : Sam

I want to ask you something are gender affecting self efficacy?
Comment from : Irmathings

true but also just the reward system of the persons brain has to do with the unmotivating behaviour
Comment from : steef4000000

great video!
Comment from : heyheyjune

Adrian Emanuel
Beautiful lesson, thank you
Comment from : Adrian Emanuel

Fraidoon Warasta
Thank you!
Comment from : Fraidoon Warasta

Could you add your references or can I find them anywhere? I need to reference your work but using youtube is 'not formal' enough
Comment from : ChloeJaneW1997

Camila Araújo Braga
Thats a really good video! But it could have a correct subtitle so we could translate to portuguese There are few videos about it in portuguese e not everybody understands english Thank you!
Comment from : Camila Araújo Braga

Constanze Assenmacher
Thanks so much for this nice explanation
Comment from : Constanze Assenmacher

Thanks! This was very helpful
Comment from : ada

Yessenia P
This is so helpful
Comment from : Yessenia P

robinson houyoux
Thanks for the clear explanation !
Comment from : robinson houyoux

alex dead
thank you for the vidéo
Comment from : alex dead

Mauricio Aldana
Nice explanation, Raina My students will greatly appreciate your video Thanks for sharing!
Comment from : Mauricio Aldana

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