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US Quarter Minting Process

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Information US Quarter Minting Process

Title :  US Quarter Minting Process
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Comments US Quarter Minting Process

Pappy Shores
Well what about the reading? Is that done when making the rim?
Comment from : Pappy Shores

must of been filmed in 2009 because American Samoa quarters were made in 209 and all of them were that design
Comment from : CaptinPlayz

And this is why I don't believe in a dam change shortage
Comment from : bond1j89

If a robber found this place
Comment from : Imagine

Comment from : HILLBILLY henry

Scott Maltby
The Kennedy killing Federal Reserve put shit in your coinage & stole the silver Who are they? Not who you think they arebr Who's 1st?
Comment from : Scott Maltby

ben gagliardo
no silver wasn't scarce it was expensive
Comment from : ben gagliardo

Jimi Perez
The people want the defective coins Let us have them
Comment from : Jimi Perez

Jaime Cooper
If you can make then why is their a shortage of coins 🪙
Comment from : Jaime Cooper

3:29 That moment when a machine makes more money per hour than you
Comment from : MillennialGaming

Firedragon W
Imagine having to change that hammer every single year the pain to undo everything stop the process and do that that must be a good paint job right there
Comment from : Firedragon W

Firedragon W
I honestly don’t want the prints on my quarters anymore I just want the clean smooth Quarter
Comment from : Firedragon W

White Coco 00
Here from IG waaab
Comment from : White Coco 00

big poodle
1:05 that thing is taking a pounding
Comment from : big poodle

Dylan Perkins
0:11 thats a low mintage coin right there
Comment from : Dylan Perkins

:55 seconds in “there was a silver shortage” LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL brbrSure it wasn’t simply the dollar price inflating and losing value versus silver price in the free market I dunno Maybe? Hahaha, yes, if only silver had fallen from the sky alleviate that pesky shortage! ffs smh
Comment from : BIGFLICKER

I found a quarter with each side heads
Comment from : northerniltree

Dean L
they cost one cent to make and that is all they will buy
Comment from : Dean L

Fredy Rodriguez
1:22 idk why but I just feel like taking at least 1 blank
Comment from : Fredy Rodriguez

big penny
Comment from : Larkinchance

Being paid money to make money
Comment from : Water

M- Nice
Trash copper Quaters
Comment from : M- Nice

Mark Johnson
They claim that we have a coin shortage because the US mint has to cut down on staff due to coronavirus All I see are a bunch of machines that make the coins Sounds like more lies to get us to a cashless society for The Great Reset
Comment from : Mark Johnson

Wes Lesley
i was the 1000th like
Comment from : Wes Lesley

Jan Vincent
They didn't stop using silver because it was becoming scares But sure, nice try
Comment from : Jan Vincent

The real money (Gold and silver) are in the hands of criminals (Royal families, Rothschilds, Rockefellers, bankers and other people we don’t hear about)
Comment from : xtechn9cianx

Do the workers get paid in quarters
Comment from : BordieBronze

amandas content
imagine robbing that place
Comment from : amandas content

Wait!!! So in 1964 and befor Those HUGE ASS Rolls of metal were SIIIILVER?!??!!!??? MOOOONEY
Comment from : Mr MOSFET

Big Score
The front of a coin (heads) is called the obverse, the back of a coin (tails) is called the reverse As a highly revered and medaled numismatist, I’m very upset with your terminology I must go lay on my fainting couch and have a scotch after hearing these words! 😂😂😂
Comment from : Big Score

I was today years old wen I found out the 200000 quarters=50k$
Comment from : AYO BUL

Cursed Lemon
This process must not be as accurate as they describe it, one time I found several identical Youtube comments that are sus as fuck
Comment from : Cursed Lemon

If Biden gets in office a quarter will be worth a dime Wait and see
Comment from : R S

In the words of our great Mr Spock Fascinating
Comment from : nsoncrantful

Perla Arellano
I dont care
Comment from : Perla Arellano

The Muskratian Empire
This makes cents
Comment from : The Muskratian Empire

Paddy Du
You said the blanks will do you nothing could fool a million vending machines with them
Comment from : Paddy Du

Thatguy There
Hmmm pretty sure they stopped making them silver because people were keeping them instead of spending them
Comment from : Thatguy There

Tray Wilson
Do people counterfit quarters
Comment from : Tray Wilson

Numismatica USA
Buen vídeo
Comment from : Numismatica USA

Numismatica USA
Comment from : Numismatica USA

AppInstaller iOS
$750,000 a day out of quarters
Comment from : AppInstaller iOS

America The Great
They don’t become money until they get to the bank How is that true?
Comment from : America The Great

rowbow 79
No I wanna see how water cuts through glass!!!
Comment from : rowbow 79

p3ntä games
I think these coins are made out of silver
Comment from : p3ntä games

11,000 dollars an hour That's more than some folks earn annually
Comment from : InfamousMedia

Yoshi Gaming
i learned nothing from this
Comment from : Yoshi Gaming

Dig the video Love the fake version of "Breathe" by Prodigy they used as background music LMAO
Comment from : mrmustard1975

It is copper-nickel (an alloy) plated copper to be precisebrAs someone commented: "gold and silver are real money" But these days cheating governments (including USA) hoard precious metals and circulate copper/brass, and even worse, zinc and iron And even nickel is money to some extent Copper-nickel, Copper, brass, bronze is (cheaper) money to some extent Zinc and iron (steel, stainless steel) coins are worthless literally That's how governments cheat people
Comment from : Zzyx

Isaac Dueck
Nickel plated copper is also called clad
Comment from : Isaac Dueck

This is NOT real Money Fiat coin currency with no Intrinsic value brReal money is coined from gold and silver
Comment from : R T

Youtube User
I wonder how many of these quarters in this video were spent
Comment from : Youtube User

emily dunn
Comment from : emily dunn

Baby Inuyasha
Those aren't "blanks" They're called planchets
Comment from : Baby Inuyasha

Sacagawea Coin
Mint Mark Issues and Errors always seem to turn up on coins "like the one on my Sacagawea" they are hard to explain but none the less they are real and always seem to turn up, regardless of when, where or how they are placed during the manufacturing process:) And they lend to new Mint Mark placements, procedures and programs:)
Comment from : Sacagawea Coin

Chris H
I wonder how much a genuine blank quarter would be worth I know that "imperfect mint money" is worth a lot of money sometimesbrbEg Misprinted bills/b
Comment from : Chris H

I'm going to do a quarter bath challenge
Comment from : SuburbStorms

Blind People Do Stuff
All of you saying it’s dull money That’s not what you’re saying when you’re making exact change to pay the delivery man or tipping
Comment from : Blind People Do Stuff

Gentel Mens channel
Wait so the bank gets the money for doing nothing so they can just pull it and give it to there account holders and customers This is called fake money as Robert Kiyosaki told
Comment from : Gentel Mens channel

Jesse Ling
This thing makes 270k per day just in quarters
Comment from : Jesse Ling

So fake money thats not worth a piss hole in the snow Even after their in a bank
Comment from : B LAM

so your saying its not worth anything till it gets to the bank??? what happens at the bank that makes them valuable like what if someone just so happened to steal one tote of these quarters would he still no have 50 thousand dollars? thats stupid
Comment from : NewbAtYoutube

All those 2009 quarters 😍😍😍
Comment from : eLem3nT

FreeWiFi 2KGames
4:00 If That Bag Breaks In The Middle Of the road
Comment from : FreeWiFi 2KGames

Jamey Collins
Old coins and currency is way nicer than our dull and tiresome money
Comment from : Jamey Collins

oh noes
What happens if your relative works at the US mint
Comment from : oh noes

Money Collector
so this is how they made it,
Comment from : Money Collector

Yellow Devil
Do they impress the ribbing on the edge of quarters while impressing the faces, or before?
Comment from : Yellow Devil

Carly Jo Walker
2018 or just me
Comment from : Carly Jo Walker

Caino the Concerned Citizen
Excellent! Thanks for sharing!
Comment from : Caino the Concerned Citizen

Stephen Clark
They started as slugs and they still are! Gold and silver are REAL money
Comment from : Stephen Clark

Cute Shibuya
But this is not worth a quarter
Comment from : Cute Shibuya

CoinMan 5000
Cool video
Comment from : CoinMan 5000

These are all Slugs! Real Money is 1964 and earlier!
Comment from : Tony915

Tammy Stastny
One of the workers I make a thousand dollars an hour
Comment from : Tammy Stastny

Stephen Perry
How is this not a DMCA violation of Discovery Communication's intellectual property? #reported
Comment from : Stephen Perry

Why Do They Mint More When They Have Millions Of Them In Circulation???
Comment from : ImpaledBerry

Lamar Chevelle
talking bout shaking yur money maker 😂
Comment from : Lamar Chevelle

The America the Beautiful quarters are a series of 25-cents quarters, issued by the United States Mint, starting in 2010 and scheduled to continue until at least 2021, but the series may be extended at the option of The Secretary of the Treasury, potentially extending the series to 2033, and after that, i wonder what new quarters will keep coming out
Comment from : Bugsbunny48

This is not a video on quarters it's a video on how we have no control of or even own our money and it's not money unless the government tells us it isyes master I shall now suck dick Silver becoming scares? Bullshit that's a load of crap it's good ole debasement pure and simple come on guys can't you see it like come on brah like you've seen the writing on the walls maayhhnn brauhhh, srsly brehhh cm'onh wtcha program witit
Comment from : cornman1123

The government stopped using silver because the Federal Reserve Bank is stealing the American wealth through inflation by lowering the value of our currency could not be accomplished with silver which is Constitutional money
Comment from : nitdiver5

Reboot toys Ellis 1979
Can someone give me the number to the human nine it states man thanks us mint
Comment from : Reboot toys Ellis 1979

Beth Coddington
Thanks for this video Very interesting!
Comment from : Beth Coddington

Beth Coddington
Thanks for this video Really interesting!
Comment from : Beth Coddington

Phantom - Streaming Is Awful But Ill Try
Just shut up ur learning about quarters! EDIT: I'm doing this for a project on 💰 for my 🏫 homework I hate people who complain about homework I like homework!
Comment from : Phantom - Streaming Is Awful But Ill Try

This process must not be as accurate as they make it seem considered one time I found a quarter from 2025
Comment from : Zappadow

"And they're still not worth a quarter" bBS/b Blank Planchets are worth 2-4$ but bonly/b if they leave the mint without the design on the quarter
Comment from : Northmeister

Hoàng Phi
It's Interesting!
Comment from : Hoàng Phi

Nick Skrable
Why were the edges not copper color
Comment from : Nick Skrable

wow awesome! :)
Comment from : ArtesVives

Jed Farley
real money lol
Comment from : Jed Farley

Manuel Fuentes
which quarts have a "D" mint
Comment from : Manuel Fuentes

Will Graves
I wonder how often they change the back design of the quarter?
Comment from : Will Graves

Its interesting Thanks
Comment from : shtryh1

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