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How Can you Tell if A Gold Sovereign Is Real - Beginners Guide

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Information How Can you Tell if A Gold Sovereign Is Real - Beginners Guide

Title :  How Can you Tell if A Gold Sovereign Is Real - Beginners Guide
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Frames How Can you Tell if A Gold Sovereign Is Real - Beginners Guide

Description How Can you Tell if A Gold Sovereign Is Real - Beginners Guide

Comments How Can you Tell if A Gold Sovereign Is Real - Beginners Guide

Be great if everyone got along
In the pic, I would say dull gold on left is real and shiny on right is fake How did I do? I personally would never ever never buy gold on eBay An investment that big should be bought from a coin shop or an online dealer like SD Bullion, Apmex or JM Bullion There are many others but those are just a few examples You want to be sure what your buying is real and with eBay your basically playing Russian roulette 50/50 chance it will be fake Always go with a reputable company or store, not eBay!
Comment from : Be great if everyone got along

Hi, I have a 3gram miniature with no grooved edges,non dated,non-magnetic Victoria sovereign coin Is it a fake?
Comment from : kittys

Robin Bennett
I thought the fake one just looked wrong, too proofy ( looked new) and mushy design unlike a (special) proof coin should
Comment from : Robin Bennett

john naumowicz
Fake coins are like fake people?
Comment from : john naumowicz

Boarbot 78
798 to be precise That is fairly important
Comment from : Boarbot 78

Farhat Ali
Comment from : Farhat Ali

Pittwater Mowing
Thanks for this info Great clear precise
Comment from : Pittwater Mowing

Waldemar Wagner
O use to live in south Wales brGreetings from Polish Preppersbr youtube/pzT4R6Vv2k8
Comment from : Waldemar Wagner

Elisabeth Keane
I have a tiny tiny gold I think it’s a soverine I found in an old jewellery box in a broken ring Can you appraise it Looks like a turbon on the head Side
Comment from : Elisabeth Keane

andy bell
Thanks very much, great video, really helpful
Comment from : andy bell

Lickorish Allsorts
There are now high quality fakes on the market that are made from a tungsten (wolfram) blank with a gold coating 50 or 60 microns thick Tungsten is not magnetic and is so close to the same density as 24c gold as to make it very difficult to identify a weight difference In the case of krugerands and sovereigns (both made fromm 22c gold) the weight, diameter and thickness can be matched perfectly and they will also pass an acid test Now a cheap gold "gold" fake sovereign can be bought on Alibaba for less than a pound but are fairly easy to identify These tungsten coins are significantly more expensive, north of £100 each and for the moment seem to be mostly one ounce coins
Comment from : Lickorish Allsorts

Franco del Rio
super vid! Thx from 🇩🇪👈👈👈
Comment from : Franco del Rio

Mr Open Road Media
Very good video
Comment from : Mr Open Road Media

I want to tell you that I have such a gold coin of 1911 Please tell me if I can make some money from it Thank you
Comment from : الجوكر

George Tanay
Gold doesn't get a patina from being exposed to oxygen This guy is full of shit
Comment from : George Tanay

I always weigh and measure first Great video, regards to the valleys
Comment from : Static

Moises Alcaraz
Yo tengo una 1909
Comment from : Moises Alcaraz

Sestrel Bethesda
Seen a few on Fb market place, mounted in rings This of course makes things difficult as how to weigh the coin separately 🤔
Comment from : Sestrel Bethesda

Thank you!
Comment from : LeonBeenHuman

thanks for this! I just bought my first off eBay, I knew about magnets and I have scales, their photo has it on some scales and it's the correct weight, but I would check anyway, because it could have been a different coin haha They had a good chunk of good reviews and 100 positive feedback, so I'm not too worried
Comment from : Solachesis

Leon c
Got a full sovereign coin ring 1903 and half a sovereign coin not exact on date and a beautiful small figure gold statue pendant of saint George
Comment from : Leon c

Too much babble blah, blah, blah
Comment from : Jim

Shaun Corless
How to tell easy those on eBay are fake 🤔 only buy from reputable dealer,s 👍you can tell that's a fake 200 yds away in a fog
Comment from : Shaun Corless

Vasile Mocanu
Non spit inglich spit romani
Comment from : Vasile Mocanu

Jinsha Jb
Hello sir, if we are having a gold sovereign what should we do nextIf we exchange it what will we get
Comment from : Jinsha Jb

Starting to think about buying some sovereigns on Ebay, rather than the other online dealers Hopefully I'll be able to avoid getting caught out, thanks for the video!
Comment from : Innes

Don Jove
Hello sir I'm from India I got few of these coins similar to which you are showing in video with Victoria DG 1911 tiny in size could you please make me understand how does this make value for me?
Comment from : Don Jove

Younis Wani
Hlo sir price coin and send me number
Comment from : Younis Wani

Vasile Mocanu
Oneda super
Comment from : Vasile Mocanu

Leeanne Rose
Thank you, very helpful ;)
Comment from : Leeanne Rose

Marcus Herts
Don’t put the magnet in a pocket near your mobile phone!😳
Comment from : Marcus Herts

David Keith
Thank you for sharing Walter
Comment from : David Keith

Raymond John
Thanks for the informative video
Comment from : Raymond John

Yoyo Yo
U can get under c sovereigns 18 c I just recently tested one of my sovereigns at a jewellers and tested 18 c , 788 weighted Sovereigns should be 798 but it was dated 1909 with what looked like a lot of wear so the 1 under seemed fair for the date and condition being very worn , but it was 18 c
Comment from : Yoyo Yo

Great video man I'm from newport, where abouts is your shop mate? like to come down and see the stuff you have for sale
Comment from : IDALOW

K Shak
Will the 9k acid also work on 14k jewelry?
Comment from : K Shak

Nathan Lane
If you compare the counterfeit 1911 sovereign to a genuine 1911 proof, you should be able to see how genuinely mushy the fake is The details on a real one in that condition are sharp
Comment from : Nathan Lane

Sangram Singh
I have 1885 to 1906 10 gold coins
Comment from : Sangram Singh

I bought a 1879 half sovereign from a dealership Looks good, has the correct markings, the weight is correct The problem is, it has George V on itShouldn't it be Victoria?
Comment from : Kosakken

eye flix
Comment from : eye flix

eye flix
I wanna talk to u
Comment from : eye flix

Aidome Autos
Thank you very much the information of fake gold detection with magnet I am very grateful
Comment from : Aidome Autos

Philip Fletcher
A genuine sovereign should weigh 7988 grams and the diameter should be 2205 mm The thickness should be 152 mm
Comment from : Philip Fletcher

Specific Gravity test is simple and accurate if you have decent scales , also flick them with your thumb nail and they have a specific "ring", best to do over your bed just in case
Comment from : geoffg46

I have this one youtube/Nf2hwH1cQZk
Comment from : LEZAN46

james woolley
Nice video,easy to follow,no waffle
Comment from : james woolley

Constantin Valdor
would you acid a 2022 Britainia?
Comment from : Constantin Valdor

Aidome Autos
and will the genuine gold coin stick to the magnet or not pls?
Comment from : Aidome Autos

Aidome Autos
hi so based on your video, which of those two coins was fake gold? the dark 80 or the new one weighing 5,2? please
Comment from : Aidome Autos

Sriman Archarya Jayesh Bhagwanji Chitroda
My father Bhagwanji Mepa Chitroda and his father Bhagwan Mepa Ji Chitroda came to the UK on a ancient mission where he found and traced a Hando a Indian pot, it was full of Sovereign coins from my ancient Empire in Britain And he gave it to his fraternal English Scottish Welsh and Irish people all where contemporary working class contemporary people Many of the coins where made into sovereign rings pendants bracelets etc They should be held on to as each coin was given to a ancient family connected to an ancient Kingdom in Britain before the 9th century This was known as operation Hando and in India it was known as Wando 🤴🏽🕉🔺➕
Comment from : Sriman Archarya Jayesh Bhagwanji Chitroda

Vegan Illuminati
So glad I found this vid I was on the electronic Bay and someone was selling 2 sovereigns from a "house clearance"Same date as well I was watching but got busy and they sold for 26 quid I felt sick thinking I missed out on a good deal brThe coins being sold looked all shiny and thick just like the fake you display I feel happy now and thank you
Comment from : Vegan Illuminati

Islam Reda Mohamed
I have l gold 1918
Comment from : Islam Reda Mohamed

darren brown
comes cross brilliantly nice guy best wished
Comment from : darren brown

Mark Wright
Great video thanks!
Comment from : Mark Wright

Sinan çamlıca
Bende bu paradan var satmak istiyorum nekadar eder
Comment from : Sinan çamlıca

APO ni Ening
Very interesting, i have one of that coin too 1911, once i brought it the pawnshop to test it if its real or not, and yes it real 22k gold ❤️
Comment from : APO ni Ening

Parshurama Ps
Please contact me
Comment from : Parshurama Ps

Parshurama Ps
Hi sir your contact number please
Comment from : Parshurama Ps

The colour of the fake looks like fine gold not 22 carat Also what about the sound they make if you clank them, must be very different
Comment from : Lee

mohamed itsenplitz
In stead of fooling around with acid, buy a catalog Then you would know 1911 is the only for George V proofs, and that it has a plain edge
Comment from : mohamed itsenplitz

hunting treasure
i would know the deference they didnt make proof coins in 1911 to 1932 for
Comment from : hunting treasure

Kelly Lewton
Brilliant thanks
Comment from : Kelly Lewton

Amit Kumar
I have 1 gold coin 1909 old
Comment from : Amit Kumar

Nima Tshering
How to sell the old coins at pgs gold and coins
Comment from : Nima Tshering

Green frog gaming
Top job sir loved the vid i have just got into this scene I have my first sov from internet bullion post the modern 2021 sov is very copper in colour I’m not kean on this would like other peoples views on this thankyou xx
Comment from : Green frog gaming

Tony Mason
Iv just been weighing my full sovereign one is weighing 81 grams the rest weigh 8 grams or just under, is it ok ?
Comment from : Tony Mason

what about real sovereign fakes, from real gold? not this 5 dollars copy , the child can tell you that it cheap copy
Comment from : Aviator

Θανασης Κωνσταντινου
Good jobbrThe horse and the horseman was on steroids on fake one
Comment from : Θανασης Κωνσταντινου

Tim Askew
Gold absolutely DOES NOT react to oxygen
Comment from : Tim Askew

Thanks, Good tip about using 9ct acid and it is none destructive on 22 ct sovereigns
Comment from : GR

do you think that buying Sovereigns from a company like Apmex, its probably a safe bet that they tested it?
Comment from : SuperJV4x

Gunnar Gundersen
Great video
Comment from : Gunnar Gundersen

Stan Karelsen
Nice to know, Walter, all tough I will not find a sovereign that easy here in Holland Maybe at any of my future holidays to England, who knows But first we have to fight Covid so we can travel save to the UK again
Comment from : Stan Karelsen

Sarah B
Thanks Walter, really interesting😊👍
Comment from : Sarah B

Excellent video, I have a gold sovereign which is genuine, bought by my godmother as a christening present for me in 1965 I just checked with the magnet test, and whew it's non magnetic
Comment from : Shuggymac

Thanks for the helpful video
Comment from : Sarah

David Vallieres
Fantastic info!
Comment from : David Vallieres

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