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My Silver Coin has "COPY" Stamped on it! Is it Fake?

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Information My Silver Coin has "COPY" Stamped on it! Is it Fake?

Title :  My Silver Coin has "COPY" Stamped on it! Is it Fake?
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Frames My Silver Coin has "COPY" Stamped on it! Is it Fake?

Description My Silver Coin has "COPY" Stamped on it! Is it Fake?

Comments My Silver Coin has "COPY" Stamped on it! Is it Fake?

Freedom Fighter
I got a gold buffaloe coin 2017 with the word copy on it Coin dealer did not take it out of case Told me it was worth a dollar
Comment from : Freedom Fighter

American Eagle Horder
Comment from : American Eagle Horder

Indy500 Tabasco
most people are simply ignorant and ever stupid
Comment from : Indy500 Tabasco

Stephen Bernhard
I was lucky today, I went to buy silver generic rounds the coin dealer said he had bullion marked copy and it was harder to sell, he gave to me at spot He put them on a tester and scale, everything was right Obama made bullion dealers using similar coins to government minted coins stamp copy on them These coins are real 999 fine silver I bought 10 rounds 3 had the copy mark Getting them at spot I felt was a bonus
Comment from : Stephen Bernhard

Lip stick
I'm good It's Silver Bullion
Comment from : Lip stick

Reputable minters will indicate their brand logo and silver contained(9999, etc on the coin/round)
Comment from : truffleturkey7

MO Silver
I would rather have a barely readable, heavily circulated real coin than a reproduction one that says "Copy" on it Or, a plain Generic
Comment from : MO Silver

Andrew Tafoya
Hi I had a question I have a buffalo $50 coin 99 gold and it says copy on it was a little lost because I bought it from a dealer that had but in liberty coin with it and I got this coin with it and I said copy on it been a little confused if it’s real or Nah would like to talk to you more about this since you know a lot about coins I have copy
Comment from : Andrew Tafoya

The Other Jimmy
This video is not proof that these rounds are 999 silver It just states one “sellers” opinion Test with a Sigma to be sure
Comment from : The Other Jimmy

Luz C
A question I found a coin whit the back say copy -# aa162 what this mind ?
Comment from : Luz C

I have many ob these copy coins
Comment from : DARTH RAIDER

Stacy Mize
I have seen (and obtained) coins marked "copy" that absolutely ARE Fake, they are not real silver, etc There should be marking these real silver coins with something different from the totally fake coins!
Comment from : Stacy Mize

I have 2 - 50c coins, dated 1824 and 1835 w/ "copy" stamped on them Also a $1 - 1882 w/ "copy" stamped They all look like "copy" was hand stamped I just thought they were replicas
Comment from : swmovan

I bought a bunch of eagle copies and brought them home when I noticed the word copy My first thought was I got ripped off, so I ping tested them and they sounded dead compared to an original ASE At that point I weighed them and they were about02 over At this point I was convinced they were fake so I called the guy I bought them from and he said to bring them back for a refund In the meantime I did a specific gravity test and they all tested good, so I hsd to call the guy and apologize to him I still have them and I learned to do a specific gravity test, it's easy and cheap, I also learned that not all silver rounds sound the same when you ping them Great video thanks
Comment from : skytrooper506

Southern Northern
So I guess lesson is why not buy "copy" stamped coins I mean still silver and discount May not look as cool as the others but for the price you get more and then still your coins will go up in price do to a fact of getting them for great deal
Comment from : Southern Northern

Robert Chow
hello ranmatendo, i got a $50 buffalo gold coin with a small "copy" stamped i also got some other commemorating buffalo gold coins with a large "copy" on it i know these are gold plated does it mean the one with a smaller "copy" word is not a genuine Gold coin?
Comment from : Robert Chow

Desert oasis studios
Comment from : Desert oasis studios

Margaret Max- *Community*
I just got 2021 Liberty Head copybrI’m trying to find what it is
Comment from : Margaret Max- *Community*

lucky chucky
Get a magnet magnetized it's a phony certain weight that has to be then give it an acid test I used to be a professional magician I have several coins dollar coins it sure look real but I know they're not or magnetized good luck and I know mine are phonies but boy they sure look real
Comment from : lucky chucky

James Brown
Thank you for showing this video brMe an others were about to send them back
Comment from : James Brown

So what did the Precious Metal Verifier say? Is it real SILVER OR NOT?
Comment from : Smithsnmoz

The Copy coins still contains REAL SILVER
Comment from : Smithsnmoz

They are most likely meaning that these are not original coins, certain US coins are extremely valuable, much more so than silver So it seems to me that it isn't the silver being called fake but maybe representation of a coin if its claiming to be an original coin?
Comment from : MrsDar

Mark Falzarano
Silver is not 🧲
Comment from : Mark Falzarano

Mark Falzarano
Fake as hell
Comment from : Mark Falzarano

Mark Falzarano
The shit is magnetic
Comment from : Mark Falzarano

Fernando Agostinho
Stamp copy means is not realbrI have a couple gold coins stamped copy including 1933 20 dollars double eagle
Comment from : Fernando Agostinho

Alex Shtajner
Chinese counterfeit,all of them
Comment from : Alex Shtajner

James Brown
Only thing that matters is a coins SILVER CONTENT
Comment from : James Brown

Roger Martin
All that guy had to do was google "Copy stamped on silver coins means" and he would find lots of support for what your saying I swear people are just willfully ignorant
Comment from : Roger Martin

Keith Estes
You are absolutely correct COPY doesn't denote the coin is fake nor that it is clad or Plated It denotes that it is a copy of another previously used coin design
Comment from : Keith Estes

I bought a silver dollar COPY tube and it had one real one You can tell the difference But yes its silver just like the Panda coins and Mickey Mouse coins
Comment from : GG4GB

Frank Edgar
Thx for the video I have a Buffalo and Morgan Copy coin, but nowhere does it say there is silver in the coin It does not sound right when I drop it on the table Thoughts? I can take it to my LCS too Thanks -Frank
Comment from : Frank Edgar

K9 Dogs
They are all Fake Look at AliExpress They sell this "Coins" for 2-3 Dollar
Comment from : K9 Dogs

I have a question I have a 1895 E pluribus unum coin and it’s a copy of the Morgan dollar do you think it may be real ? The color on it looks gold and sliver
Comment from : alienOG420z

the ping test should be 3800 hrts, the liberty dollar coins should weigh 3120 grms the 20 varies ,also when holding rightside up and flip it front ways the back should be right side up as well
Comment from : KC LEACH

when you hold the coin right side up and rotate it sideways the back should be upside down ! those are fake
Comment from : KC LEACH

Chris Rees
If a round is stamped 999 Fine Silver, then it is 999 Fine Silver
Comment from : Chris Rees

Chris Rees
The word "copy" just means the "design" was copied It doesn't mean anything else
Comment from : Chris Rees

Amy Stancombe
I just purchased a 1893 Morgan silver round for $25 I read the reviews afterwards and someone said it wasn't real But it looks real to me
Comment from : Amy Stancombe

How rare is a S morgan 1883 copy?
Comment from : silverglove2012

Max Selleck
This was extremely informational because I'm trying to sell a few as well and people are telling me that they're fake! I will be using your video to show others
Comment from : Max Selleck

So the 2001 Indian Head Buffalo proof silver rounds that have a copy number on them that I just bought are legit? I was thinking the same way as you are That they are just copies of the minted nickels
Comment from : papaschuette

Arian Duran
COPY means , copy on the design of areal 🇺🇸 US mint private mints got the green light to copy a coin on silver gold copper of any design but has to state it a copy with real precious metal Dumb arsss people JM Bullion , SD , APMEX & more sell COPY design silver gold coins
Comment from : Arian Duran

Arian Duran
LOL 😆 i had a local coin shop saying i had a fake COPY 1/4 pound silver Eagle when i showed him i showed him he had COPY 1oz and 1/2oz Eagles on display for sale LOL they been in business since 1970's & they din't know about Obama giving green light on US mint copy rights 👍
Comment from : Arian Duran

Michael Muncher
I was gave 8 rounds today 4 are 1 oz silver 4 are not u can weight themI also was gave 2 s Washington dc quarters that are 999 and the weight is correct on them so they're Silver 100
Comment from : Michael Muncher

Abu Muthana
i have liberty 1795 coin have the word copy on it
Comment from : Abu Muthana

Hey I'm so glad you put this up As I purchased some so I needed to know if they are real 999 silver This vid completely answers the question 😊
Comment from : MrPsychoHolmes

ernie garza
Wow I think the guy going to regret for giving a away his copy coins their probably worth more or a lot of money wow when u hit the coins with another coin it as a high pitch ring that last a little longer then the others coin that's how u know u got the real coin or make the queen in the air and then you can hear the ring of the coin a regular coin doesn't ring like a high pitch ring to it
Comment from : ernie garza

We Already Won
Thank you I recently procured coins stamped copy and wasn't sure what to think of the Morgans I acquired What are they made of are they still silver? Are they weighing over or under what Morgans or these other rounds are Some people like copies and actually collect counterfeits of numismatic coins
Comment from : We Already Won

Martin nottsperfectcoins
Yes it is fake and its legal
Comment from : Martin nottsperfectcoins

LOL, I have a piece of eight with "copy" on the side, and yes its not 300 years old (its a new made one), its a copy, but its still one ounce pure 999 fine silver tho
Comment from : NorthSpider

Joseph Purdy
It would be nice to see mints taking the lead of sunshine mint Those all have etchings which can be verified by holding a card over the silver round It would be even better to see mints not using vintage designs for thier rounds That way weight, purity and, makers mark can be shown without much dispute
Comment from : Joseph Purdy

Jordan Bailey
I have a gold bufflo coin that says copy under the chin is it real thank you
Comment from : Jordan Bailey

Anthony Moya
These are bullion rounds made to resemble coins, they are not coins brThey are stamped copy and should also have a stamped 999 silver on the edges, with out thebr 999 they are not 100 silver The fake bullion rounds weigh less the an ounce
Comment from : Anthony Moya

I stack many 1 ounce silver rounds Was doing this since I was a kid From this "COPY" experience I also ran into, I'm very anal on how I choose my silver I don't just look at the purity of the silver, I look at how believable the presentation is, and how easy can I sell it back for While most rounds I buy don't have the word "COPY" stamped on them, I did get a buffalo round once with that word on it After I tested it by weight, dimensions, sliding magnet, and xray, I realized it was still a legitimate ounce of silver - it was real However, I was curious about how hard that ounce would be to sell I took the "COPY" round out of the safe, along with an identical-looking buffalo without the stamped word The one without the stamped word was sold 20 minutes after I pulled it out of my safe The legit-but-stamped "COPY" buffalo took several weeks to find someone who believed it was real **So, what I was getting to: Just because something is real and authentic, does not mean it's a good investment Because what good is a real hundred dollar bill when nobody wants to accept it? So stamping "COPY" on legitimate 999+ silver is 999+ idiocracy
Comment from : TheJRomans

jerry saylor
There's a ton of 999 silver that's not authentic government issued coins like Morgan's or silver eagles silver content don't make the coin real
Comment from : jerry saylor

Hes right, just because it says copy, does not necessarily mean it is not 999 Silver However, definitely say away from ANYTHING that says "copy"
Comment from : JustForFun77077

Track pack GT
Where do u get the one on the far right that has the same design as the gold double eagle? I so so want one of them but cannot find one Oh and I know there real 999 solid silver even though they say copy it says copy because it's a copy of the Gold Eagle but it's in solid silver anyway where do you get them?
Comment from : Track pack GT

Billy Bob
Genuine silver rounds that have "copy" stamped on it means it has a similar design to a government minted coin You are correct! Some people without this knowledge will get the wrong idea from this stamping Sorry you had to go through this
Comment from : Billy Bob

Jeremy Babbs
It's a replica of vintage currency
Comment from : Jeremy Babbs

Randseed Bin
That's what happens when people argue over the meaning of a word before they actually define it
Comment from : Randseed Bin

Million Hair
You should It be making public videos Sorry, dude, it’s not for everyone Cheers!
Comment from : Million Hair

9 25
I agree with you, and Hi Ho silver! I have a small stack of those buffalo rounds! I bought them from my LCS! I usually don't like to buy the rounds that say copy, but sometimes they are such a good deal that I can't pass them up
Comment from : 9 25

i have a few generic buffalos , they don't say copy, is this something they have to do now?
Comment from : George

Scott Free
These people are idiots The ping test is garbage because silver can ring like a bell or ring like a pillow depending on the geometry of the round and the manner in which it was minted Acid test, XRF, specific gravity, and neodymium magnets are the only way to go I have similar rounds to those and they are legit silver Some are a bit heavier than normal I've only ever come across a single legit fake, and it was silver-plated brass It "failed" the ping test because it rang at a VERY different tone, the specific gravity came in 3 grams off instead of the 02-03 typical due to inaccuracies, and the dealer I bought it from replaced it with a legit one
Comment from : Scott Free

I also believe they are what they say they are, the problem is not all company's are following that guide line None of the rounds I bought from silvercom has copy stamped on them, so this will keep coming up until everyone stamps them or no one stamps them
Comment from : Anomie

Copy sometimes means fake, or replica same saying in some since I would hope not for that would freaking suck!!!’
Comment from : TTT

Robert Montgomery
What r they worth
Comment from : Robert Montgomery

Gnarly Silver
Some mints fear legal action and jail because of "Liberty Dollar" creator Bernard von NotHaus Stamping "copy" on rounds is simply to CYA
Comment from : Gnarly Silver

Daniel B McNeill
I agree with you
Comment from : Daniel B McNeill

Mostly Outdoors
I believe they are all real but think it is completely unnecessary to stamp it
Comment from : Mostly Outdoors

chris finley
Ranmantendos 200 subscribers giveaway
Comment from : chris finley

ranmatendo's 200 sub giveaway!
Comment from : SilverViking999

Adam Levine
Ranmantendos 200 sub giveaway
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James Vaugh
ranmatendo's 200 sub giveaway
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Simon Li
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Comment from : Simon Li

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Bobby P
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John Walker
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Comment from : John Walker

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Comment from : JohnRaa

Golden Balls
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Comment from : Golden Balls

Colorado Adventures
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Comment from : Colorado Adventures

Tony Frangella
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Comment from : Tony Frangella

5280 Adventures
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Nick Legege
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Comment from : Nick Legege

Mud Brother
ranmatendo's 200 sub giveaway
Comment from : Mud Brother

Argentum Spartus
I have some silver rounds with copy on them also!
Comment from : Argentum Spartus

DOC Silver Stacker
I want that engraved round lol I am going to start pouring my own silver and us the word COPY as my stamp lol!!!
Comment from : DOC Silver Stacker

ikeo net1
The ones from china say copy so it's a double whammy Better to avoid them if you can and get generics as generics Otherwise you get annoying buyers
Comment from : ikeo net1

Most private mints choose not to stamp copy on their rounds However, a private mint called Westminster Mint stamps "copy" on their rounds Westminster Mint's rounds are genuine 999 silver I guess Westminster Mint chose to stamp "copy" on their rounds as a precaution against getting charged by the Feds Considering that rounds and medals lack a denomination, I think stamping "copy" is unnecessary The "copy" stamp will make rounds harder to sell because it confuses people An example being that idiot that harassed you I guess that troll doesn't know how to research things on the internet
Comment from : MrMonkeySwag96

Golden Banjo
Those people are tripping, those are real silver generics
Comment from : Golden Banjo

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