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HOW I MOVED OUT WITH NO JOB AND LITTLE MONEY | *no BS guide to leaving home*

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Information HOW I MOVED OUT WITH NO JOB AND LITTLE MONEY | *no BS guide to leaving home*

Title :  HOW I MOVED OUT WITH NO JOB AND LITTLE MONEY | *no BS guide to leaving home*
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Frames HOW I MOVED OUT WITH NO JOB AND LITTLE MONEY | *no BS guide to leaving home*

Description HOW I MOVED OUT WITH NO JOB AND LITTLE MONEY | *no BS guide to leaving home*

Comments HOW I MOVED OUT WITH NO JOB AND LITTLE MONEY | *no BS guide to leaving home*

Coming back to this video after I saw it 2 years ago…I’m all moved out 🎉I know it seems hard but don’t give up in your dreams! Anything is possible!
Comment from : Celeste4lyfe

Tareq Abu al samen
I want to leave but I need to move out to anther country and Im only 17 that's so much money I guess I have to Surrender for reality
Comment from : Tareq Abu al samen

Your story inspires me
Comment from : lina

Me and my mum want to leave our toxic family We are so dependent on them because we got ill and just recovered
Comment from : lina

A-Z Tamil movies
I want to move out from my house
Comment from : A-Z Tamil movies

the tree
Comment from : the tree

liela lee
I’m in this boat rn so I decided to get three jobs to speed up the process now all I need is to sell my unnecessary stuff,get a car and license and actually move out
Comment from : liela lee

ll l
I’m so sad Feel so hopeless This video was extremely helpful, the way she tells us we can do it 😢 I feel so alone but she gets me
Comment from : ll l

Just planning to leave my family in a week I’m finally 18 and I don’t have to deal with there toxicity anymore They are so mentally abusive Especially my dad
Comment from : Yallahestoobid

Comment from : Malcerta

Drevon Camacho
Gotta get a car first
Comment from : Drevon Camacho

I appreciate ur video but in Canada the rent is VERY expensive the cheapest is literally $1000 a month! There is no avaliable rentals close to my campus either and I need a place to stay before Christmas break any suggestions?
Comment from : nellie

Thank you for this video I know it’s old but I hope you see this I come from a really abusive household and I needed some guidance Thank you
Comment from : kingamer1234

I am 19 years old now I will be 20 in 2 months and I was supposed my plan was to move out at 18 after I graduated high school and get a job but I quit my job after seven months of working there for specific reasons and I left and sometimes I regret it but I feel like I made the right choice and ever since September of this year I have been struggling to find a job I don’t know why it’s so easy for some people to find one on their own but it’s wasn’t for me and I thought it would be I have just been bored at home trying to keep myself sane and not bored I am still looking for a job thought I would have one by now but I don’t and it frustrates me but I have to keep trying or maybe find a room like you said with one of my friends or by myself I honestly didn’t know you could do that I thought you could just rent or live in a apartment with a friend or something but you can live in a room in the website you mentioned which I will check out I hope by Thebes beginning of next year or sometime next year I will be out of the house because it’s a goal for me and I really want to leave
Comment from : Angel

Thank you so much I needed this lately things have been tough at home my parents are very hard to get along with it’s rare I get along with them my mom and dad always says I needed a job to get out of the house but this told me you don’t which means for once they were wrong and that makes me feel good because I feel they always want to be right and if they aren’t they get mad
Comment from : Angel

wow i was actually having anxiety attacks and i searched for a way to move out and i found you, thank you somuch and to say i actually have a job and 21 im gonna do it, thank you
Comment from : thekingjulyan

feline lover
What if I have two cats 😭😭😭 also they're fighting everytime 😭😭
Comment from : feline lover

Celeste Carrazco
You mean God right? The universe cants speak 😭 or hear
Comment from : Celeste Carrazco

Abigaildelapaz23 -
I wanna move so bad, my parents are so strict, my dad constantly throws stuff in my face about things a parent SHOULD do… Stress etc! I’m so scared tho because I tend to get tired of jobs I get so I just leave them😕 idk if I’d last tbh😕
Comment from : Abigaildelapaz23 -

Someone want to join from India?
Comment from : Sagar

For everyone who is looking to move out without a job or money trust me if you don’t want a 9-5 job get a job house sitting or walking people dogs or try couch surfing or better yet rent one room in your apartment so you make extra for rent or better Yet get a job as a drive away driver they pay you 25$ a hour to drive from one location to next
Comment from : WowSuchGaming2

King Purcival
I'm a little bit triggered by the opening of this video I've moved out plenty of times and no there's nothing wrong with my mindstate I was being abused and that was destroying me mentally Changing my mindset didn't take away my mother stealing from me and all of the other things she did to sabatoge me brbrI know you didn't mean it negitivley, it just got me very irrationally angry lol
Comment from : King Purcival

Nat Alie
I feel the need to let everyone know that a flat/house share does NOT automatically mean you don't have to pay extra for bills Yes, sometimes you can find flat/house shares advertised with the bills included, but MORE OFTEN THAN NOT, the price shown does NOT include bills In any case, the listing should tell you if bills are included, or you can call or email the agent/landlord to find out
Comment from : Nat Alie

Wait u can move out at 16 in the uk is that legal
Comment from : ITZmoon_lite

peinguin pamacs
I'm 17 living in a toxic/verbal abusive family I've decided to save up money after I watched your video and I'm hoping to move away as soon as I turn 18 I'm not sure how should I pay for school but I believe in myself my parents told me I'm lazy and I won't survive out there alone and that as soon as I step out from the door they won't welcome me back but to be honest fuck them I have always dreamed of moving away as soon as possible and never return or at least until they don't give me a worthy apology for the way they treated me your video is very helpful and I will keep you guys up for update when it's time for me to leave❤
Comment from : peinguin pamacs

Sadia Subah
This is so relatable to me I am still researching thoughhow to get out from here I want freedom
Comment from : Sadia Subah

16 with verbally abusive father and mother that victimizes herself and supports my dad so she can get every crumb of validation he give her, i want out it's so hard
Comment from : Random_Phobias_1

Jesus Samuel
Comment from : Jesus Samuel

Jesus Samuel
Comment from : Jesus Samuel

3 Kwan
watching this video n front of my toxic mother can't wait for the day I can update this comment and say I finally left
Comment from : 3 Kwan

Moving out and getting a job is not the difficult part for me it's actually moving out, getting a job and being a university/college student that make it difficult for me to move out If i want to be able to do these things i'm forced to give up on my hobbies (videography) and going to social events (partys, festivals, exhibitions)
Comment from : jomufilms

Godwins Amen
Don't wait to long to move out 😔 the longer you wait the more mentally damaged you becomeespecially if you have toxic parents
Comment from : Godwins Amen

Melli W
When living in a room, is the bathroom and like kitchen a shared type of thing ? I'm not really familiar with it where I live, so just wondering
Comment from : Melli W

Glimmer N glow
You wanna talk toxic let’s talk Somali moms they are really toxic
Comment from : Glimmer N glow

Sarah Kaminsky
I’m 14, my dad is kicking me and my mom out and she doesn’t have enough money to move out so hopefully this is helpful…
Comment from : Sarah Kaminsky

itsmealyssajaye 77
Girl I pay 625 a month for a 2 bed 1 bath all bills included :)
Comment from : itsmealyssajaye 77

Giraffe space trails gamer
I’m so tired of living at home I’m 25 just ready to move out also hopping I can finally see doctors lol I’m just ready for more independence
Comment from : Giraffe space trails gamer

Thunderous dragon
Especially when your area and family is toxic and downtrodden as shit Not good for your mental health being griped and having to fight 24/7 I'm a better person when I'm gone When I'm home I get all sad and feel my chest sink American mental health starts at home What we see as heaven is another person's hell
Comment from : Thunderous dragon

Somali Pirate
Comment from : Somali Pirate

Somali Pirate
f*ck i hate living with my familyits time to leave!
Comment from : Somali Pirate

hot topic cowboy
honestly I'm not doing bad at home I'm perfectly fine staying there I got it pretty good but my friend is in a very abusive household rn and wants to get an apartment with me I'm not opposed to the idea of doing it either I'm leaving to a new country for school in a few years so j could use the experience of living alone with family nearly before I go all on my own
Comment from : hot topic cowboy

I want to move out so badly My mental health is bad because my parents literally destroy my mental health daily I get treated horribly at home and screamed at consistently I needed this!!!
Comment from : angela

Sufia Akter
doesnt she looks like hasley!!🤧😭💜💜🌆🌃💞💞
Comment from : Sufia Akter

You're so inspiring❤️🥲 thank you for this video💞
Comment from : PisCean♓🌊

This makes me hopeful
Comment from : Nightcollapse

A Butterfly
And what about furniture, a bed, sheets all that
Comment from : A Butterfly

Girl god bless your heart ♥️ I love this video
Comment from : Jennifer_Reyes_94

Pandora Light
This video made me feel so much better ! It's been months of me trying to get out and having people just tell me " oh wait but you can't do this because", you answered all my fears I feel ready now
Comment from : Pandora Light

Hub Sun
Lol average person in my country earns usd 250 a month brGuess imma be homeless lmao
Comment from : Hub Sun

thank you so much!brbrconfidence is very important and rn I still don't have that
Comment from : rozu

Thank you so much Anila, this video has really helped me alot in ways you cant imagine Thank you once again for making this video
Comment from : FilmedbyNandi

Love Yourself
I love your energy so so much I’m glad that your negative experience didn’t turn you into a negative person May your positivity keep on opening more doors for you
Comment from : Love Yourself

Kayla Netanya
I’m currently being bullied by an aunt I live with and she’s using my grandmother (who has dementia) to take her side and get me out of the house I’m so heartbroken and I feel so stuck 🙁 They’ve packed my things, took their key and I have $0 I’m gonna grind with my business until I make it! I’m stepping out on faith because I have no choice 😫
Comment from : Kayla Netanya

Amaiya Kavachery
Can we have a house tour? I'm super curious on the amount of space
Comment from : Amaiya Kavachery

Amaiya Kavachery
Bless you
Comment from : Amaiya Kavachery

Amaiya Kavachery
Bless you for helping me
Comment from : Amaiya Kavachery

Amaiya Kavachery
Thank You so much for this video, it's perfect
Comment from : Amaiya Kavachery

Amaiya Kavachery
Thank You so much
Comment from : Amaiya Kavachery

Rare Hearts
I’ve been wanting to move out for a while, I’m 20, but being in college full time and buying my car with my saved up money doesn’t really leave me muchbrLuckily I’m going to earn my AA degree next year which means I’ll be able to work full time and earn more money so I feel confident and secure
Comment from : Rare Hearts

Snow Zel
I'm crying right now😭 thank you so much for this For the very first time, I felt I was never alone😭
Comment from : Snow Zel

Zara Gasai
I love you, thank you so much
Comment from : Zara Gasai

Fatima Albash
I have to move countries and I’m so scared and lost
Comment from : Fatima Albash

Jayda Kapri
You are so amazing! I live in the US (New Jersey) and I had enough money for 3 years of rent and STILL got declined because my income wasn’t high enough for them And it was a 1 bedroom apartment! I’m still working on moving out and I’m praying I get somewhere soon This is ridiculous
Comment from : Jayda Kapri

Didn’t even watch yet and I’m already rolling my eyes 🙄
Comment from : A B

Still yelling at abused people!!
Comment from : song8777

ꨄPancakesDayAndNightꨄ jzzjjzsjsksjsjsksk
you are helping me so much, i hope you have a great life man
Comment from : ꨄPancakesDayAndNightꨄ jzzjjzsjsksjsjsksk

Jess Shifman
Just got beat up by my dad and brother today Wanting to move out so bad Extremely depressed from all of this Growing up w emotionally abusive parents and physically abusive dad I’m motivated to move out and get out of this hell hole
Comment from : Jess Shifman

Thxx I needed this for when I turn 16 / 17 (it's a crime to run away in my state under the age of 18 but I dislike it here)
Comment from : ×{Honey-Apple-Gacha}×

I really want to leave even though I technically already “moved out” cuz I go to college 600+ miles away from home I want to cut all contact and start over, but I need someone to co-sign my loans for school so I’m rlly lost rn
Comment from : Sumaira

This gives me courage
Comment from : Putri

thank you so much ♥️
Comment from : anique

I got a lot from this video so thank youI understand I need money to even begin Im ready to leave But I need atleast 500 A bit of saving I don’t have a job either so hopefully I can get a job in a short amount of time
Comment from : Fairybug

Adore Hazel
Lol I moved out at 15 now I’m 19 first time home owner pregnant and living my life like it’s golden
Comment from : Adore Hazel

Grim Slaughter
I need help too, I'm recently 25 and still in my mom's household I stayed because of my mother's "Spiritual gift" she can hear GOD tell her doing stuff My OLDER and YOUNGER siblings have jobs but me, in a small town I have no music creating jobs near me, but this town got shit ton of churches Everywhere else, moved in approximately 1 year We've only lived her for more than 5 years What do I do?
Comment from : Grim Slaughter

Lan Luong
im so so lucky live free rent with my parents, im saving every $ that i make $17/hr into my bank, Now i able to my a car, i able to shop GUCCI watch, Shop for expensive clothes im a King! Love my life live FREE rent with my parents
Comment from : Lan Luong

the second i get old enough to get a job and like make money, i swear im gone
Comment from : skullflower

Spiff Banks
this is the day god spoke to me man, this is my sign to move out!
Comment from : Spiff Banks

Robert Castro
Can you do it at age 17?
Comment from : Robert Castro

My parents doubt me on the daily and it’s affect my breakthrough and growth yet I’m very grateful i have a roof over my head but there’s a line fear none
Comment from : NERALY ALY

meh mayelle
very happy for you & know you gotta be so proud continue doing what’s best for you you’re so brave bri can’t do this bc i can’t live alone i’m older so already have lived my life and ended up with 2 dogs ones a rescue from an abusive ex i’m 23 and disabled so i can’t live with someone else it’s not as common here so it’s usually problematic people who list rooms unfortunately this is in the US, and my specific city (state) other places where it’s more common, it’s different ofc
Comment from : meh mayelle

Peb B
I am so ready to leave my situation even though I might have to give up my pet cuz there are very few apartments that allow it where I live I just keep getting so worried about the financial aspect Thank you for your video
Comment from : Peb B

the moment i start saving up my parents will leech me for rent money though that's my problem 30 years old and no hope for me high school dropout no job experience no college time too sadly no friend as well too help me anti-social guy hear
Comment from : RoninStorm

I wish they had these “flats” In California That would be super awesome! I’ve never heard of anything like this Genius For people who can’t afford an apartment
Comment from : SoCalgirls

I'm not gonna lie I'm in a situation at da moment n I most definitely will keep this video in mind
Comment from : OTT CHARLES

Currently in the process of moving and cutting my narcissistic and abusive mother off for good I’m 21 and I finally chose my peace and mental health over family ☺️
Comment from : Blaqfemme

Melli W
This was really motivating, I tend to come back and rewatch it I would love to hear how it worked out with the job in 1 week 🙂
Comment from : Melli W

You don't need Spotify and Netflix, those are literally luxury when you're moving out
Comment from : Bloori

Nene Love
i’m currently on social assistance because of disabilities and working towards moving to another city (but in the outskirts) and contemplating getting a room i just have severe paranoia and anxiety and have no idea how finances and movving and stuff work
Comment from : Nene Love

Drowning in Yuqis deep voice
Girl i need you to become a motivational speaker 👏👏
Comment from : Drowning in Yuqis deep voice

Oh my god these comments section are filled with people like me😭😭😭brFamily issues on and mental health i can totally relate 😥😥
Comment from : splendid

Comment from : Thewildthornberrie

you are amazing thank you so much
Comment from : dahvyne

Anita Emmanuel
Anyone live in Canada 🇨🇦 ( Toronto ) that is willing to run away together - I'm 14/a girl/I'm from 🇳🇬 ( living in an abused family household ) and I don't think I can stay here any longer
Comment from : Anita Emmanuel

I promise i will never like this to my future child
Comment from : 💜purplebangthan💜

just thinking of it as just moving my stuff from one place to another it really helped
Comment from : MG O

Marylin Sonowal
I really wanna leave my home very badly I just can't tolerate my parents my family anymore I don't know if I gonna get a job Or not but I really wanna run away from this house I just hate living here
Comment from : Marylin Sonowal

My father was very toxic and he sometimes told me to get out of the house and be homeless i was told this from 7 year old me…
Comment from : •Kyota-Zhongli•

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