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The Lord of the Rings (film series) All Cast: Then and Now ★ 2020

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Information The Lord of the Rings (film series) All Cast: Then and Now ★ 2020

Title :  The Lord of the Rings (film series) All Cast: Then and Now ★ 2020
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Frames The Lord of the Rings (film series) All Cast: Then and Now ★ 2020

Description The Lord of the Rings (film series) All Cast: Then and Now ★ 2020

Comments The Lord of the Rings (film series) All Cast: Then and Now ★ 2020

Richard Koek
Comment from : Richard Koek

Dang, Andy Serkis aged well! 3:40
Comment from : Marius

Modigazzi The Browns
Bilbo was eleventy one years old That's 111
Comment from : Modigazzi The Browns

Sauron aged pretty OK I would say
Comment from : PSYKING-Ultimate

epic musical stories
Started the video off with a lie bilbo was not 99 he was 111 it says it in the movie and books
Comment from : epic musical stories

Looks like Samwise Gamgee ate Frodo Baggins
Comment from : demand15

Orlando and Andy are alive still… and Christopher died in 2015…
Comment from : Imaginator

Comment from : Kalia

simon may
What's with the strange photo, Liv Tyler looks nothing like that
Comment from : simon may

꧁ 𝕐𝕒𝕟𝕚𝕝𝕖𝕚𝕟 𝔾𝕒𝕞𝕖 ꧂
Orlando is still alive
Comment from : ꧁ 𝕐𝕒𝕟𝕚𝕝𝕖𝕚𝕟 𝔾𝕒𝕞𝕖 ꧂

Can someone else do this with some proper research, knowledge and without the terrible fucking music
Comment from : Maaden_Swe

Meredith Diskin
Orlando Bloom is still alive
Comment from : Meredith Diskin

the average issue of National Enquirer is more accurate
Comment from : Matthew

Its been so long????
Comment from : fvjbfzjb

Dajan SiNeoni
Whoever made the subtitles clearly earned a honorable mention among the worst possible translation efforts
Comment from : Dajan SiNeoni

Mikael Kallio
The text is some gibberish
Comment from : Mikael Kallio

muzak way too loud
Comment from : Isaac

아라곤 여전히 잘생겼넹 ㅋ
Comment from : Adonis

Cate Blanchett looks way better today, than she did in Lotr brShe has aged like a fine wine <3
Comment from : Omegaseven

Lawrence Rustem
Orlando Bloom and Andy Serkis aren't dead numbnuts!
Comment from : Lawrence Rustem

Ken Burton
This would have been a lot more meaningful if you'd shown the actors without their makeup
Comment from : Ken Burton

No Name
I love you movie the lord of the rings
Comment from : No Name

Yakshemash! How are you Borat!?
Comment from : lightningonoceans

Rob Waters
The narrator is terrible
Comment from : Rob Waters

Con Ken
Hate they got old
Comment from : Con Ken

I love that they got Borat to narrate!
Comment from : Kenito

my uncle worked with John Noble 11:11 said he was a really nice guy
Comment from : monSTAR

not only did Christopher Lee pass on but you were 5 years off how did you do that?
Comment from : monSTAR

Jay Heart
Ian Holm died in June 2020
Comment from : Jay Heart

Leigh West
Deceptive photo at front - that ain't Liv Tyler
Comment from : Leigh West

10,000 videos with 0 subscribers
Best thumbnail on youtube
Comment from : 10,000 videos with 0 subscribers

philmore crack
You found the worst possible pictures you could
Comment from : philmore crack

Andy Sarkis DID NOTbrDIE!!!
Comment from : TangoBLAST!

Boromir or seaN bean was a great voice actor, not every knows or remembers thst he played martin in The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion! One of my favourite games ever
Comment from : EnsighT2Games

Patriotic Gunner
I'm sure every family in New Zealand had someone that played a role in the Trilogy
Comment from : Patriotic Gunner

Soy un simple Hombre
This video is fucking funnmyyy hahaha😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Comment from : Soy un simple Hombre

Max Bonaffini
Orlando bloom dead ?
Comment from : Max Bonaffini

this is so stupid dude you did zero research, Andy Serkis and Orlando bloom are alive did you even google?
Comment from : Nate

Bilbo and Sauron RIP
Comment from : Coywolfie

Alejandro Salamanca
Comment from : Alejandro Salamanca

horribly edited couldn't even do the research
Comment from : ClassicLogic

Rather awful presentation
Comment from : Damien

Morris Jensen
Pointless crap!
Comment from : Morris Jensen

Tamas Kalman
humans tends to worn out over time
Comment from : Tamas Kalman

Agnes Chryst
Last I checked Orlando Bloom wasn't dead And your math is off on SEVERAL of these Disappointing
Comment from : Agnes Chryst

Josh F
Lord of the onion rings
Comment from : Josh F

Andy serkis isn't dead
Comment from : Otzchieem

jon w
1113 he commited suicidebrno he didn'tbrbranother guy of the same name did but that was in 2015
Comment from : jon w

Zoo Renard
2:08 wtfff Orlando Bloom is still alive you banana leaf
Comment from : Zoo Renard

Thomas Crooks
Not nice comparing then and now, at less we're someone, dozen matter people look like not fun
Comment from : Thomas Crooks

Viggo still looks like a king 🤴 😍
Comment from : Sunnylucy

Just 4 Da Laughters
Women have a tons of makeup, men don’t… so it’s not a fair comparison
Comment from : Just 4 Da Laughters

DC Publishing
I can't understand your Southern accent
Comment from : DC Publishing

אריאל גולני
so cool man
Comment from : אריאל גולני

Leigh  Silvester
Porks party I'm dying 🤣
Comment from : Leigh Silvester

BoReD AnEsThEsIoLoGiSt
Bilbo was 111 years old when he gave Frodo the ring not 99
Comment from : BoReD AnEsThEsIoLoGiSt

JjCj *94
OMG dear lord please don't turn eyes into ages to ages 😭
Comment from : JjCj *94

Алёна Чекушина
Как перестать смеяться над субтитрами?))))
Comment from : Алёна Чекушина

Antonet Behr
I'm legit just here for the comments
Comment from : Antonet Behr

Ultimate Powa
iHe committed suicide/ibrIf you believe all these people in Hollywood actually killed themselves Im sorry
Comment from : Ultimate Powa

Gut Instinct
A totally pointless video on the internetWho would of guessed lol
Comment from : Gut Instinct

Kees de Jong
What a crappy voice/accent
Comment from : Kees de Jong

toby moore
Wait Andy Serkis died that doesn’t seem right
Comment from : toby moore

bro how the fuck can you say orlando bloom has passed?
Comment from : AD892

The Girl Next Door
Can hardly understand the narrator especially with the loud music 😑
Comment from : The Girl Next Door

I like the lord of the riiiengs!
Comment from : Heartless

Why do they think Billy Boyde is Tommy Flanagan? 😂
Comment from : WhiskeyHunter23

How dare you make fun of our angel asshole
Comment from : toosoon

Ross Lumbus
They kept Orlando Bloom's death quiet
Comment from : Ross Lumbus

Sean Bean turned into the Mouth of Sauron lmao
Comment from : RetroSimon

MC rocksy
Liv Tyler used to be a dime piece
Comment from : MC rocksy

Stephen Mullen
Tommy Flanagan 😂
Comment from : Stephen Mullen

Jay Almeida
Nice tombnail my friend! Very schnicky!
Comment from : Jay Almeida

Blaine, The unhinged
Is it just me who's having trouble to understand wtf he saying? lol
Comment from : Blaine, The unhinged

Matthew Leno
Orlando bloom ain’t dead
Comment from : Matthew Leno

Hahahahha amazing thumbnail 😂
Comment from : LH

Angelo Delpin
Orlando Bloom is alive, wtf
Comment from : Angelo Delpin

Root Races
Orlando bloom died?
Comment from : Root Races

The Jamo
Pippin was portrayed by billy boyd not tommy flanagan
Comment from : The Jamo

Bugie بوگی
People told u b4 about Ornaldo Bloom I think you don't carewhy u doing this ??? U r loony I didn't like it
Comment from : Bugie بوگی

Bugie بوگی
Why you wrote Ornaldo Bloom died in 2020 ??? Pleas change it (asap)
Comment from : Bugie بوگی

Shane Felkel
Some of these that are said to have "died" are very much alive Another "Richard Dawson hoax"
Comment from : Shane Felkel

Alexander Jandebeur
Horrible cringe
Comment from : Alexander Jandebeur

Fire Frenzy
Cate Blanchett hasn't aged a day!
Comment from : Fire Frenzy

Liam Peel
Loved the energy of the thumbnail
Comment from : Liam Peel

Ali Ahmad
wait why am on tears 🌇💔
Comment from : Ali Ahmad

Jeff Hess
Is liv Tyler that juicy now?
Comment from : Jeff Hess

Mage Myst
@2:08 dude Orlando Bloomingonion is still alive, Miranda otto, liv tyler & cate blanchett have barely aged
Comment from : Mage Myst

Minato Uzumaki
Why is it that only brown skin actors only appeared as orks and the rest only white folks🤔
Comment from : Minato Uzumaki

Jacoby Foy
Uhhhh that’s not Tommy Flanagan that’s billy Boyd
Comment from : Jacoby Foy

Thumbnail 🤣🤣🤣 liberty
Comment from : Khaos969

Sand Seeker
Cate Blanchett, great actress
Comment from : Sand Seeker

Robbie Hagner
I wish I could understand you…
Comment from : Robbie Hagner

many nonsens!!!
Comment from : derisor59

Andy serkis isnt dead!? Also Pippin was played by Billy boyd not Tom flannigan!?
Comment from : Exogenesiszz

Musafir Dunia
Time goes by so fast Everyone who is young will surely grow old and eventually die Life after death is forever and depends on the good deeds we do while living in the world
Comment from : Musafir Dunia

TJ cards and games
Music kinda drowned u out but great video just hard too hear you
Comment from : TJ cards and games

Orlando Bloom is not dead either!!! WTF!
Comment from : Scyfox

Buca Games
This is good but the music is louder than your voice and it's very annoying
Comment from : Buca Games

Jason Ng
2:08 Excuse me? What the fxxk? HE IS STILL ALIVE, and he is my idol too
Comment from : Jason Ng

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