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Information MY EX OWES ME $920!

Title :  MY EX OWES ME $920!
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Frames MY EX OWES ME $920!

Description MY EX OWES ME $920!

Comments MY EX OWES ME $920!

Jaime Almanza
My owes me $5,000 lmao
Comment from : Jaime Almanza

Rob_ Scott3
The fkkknnn you get for the fkkknnn you got
Comment from : Rob_ Scott3

He is owing me over 100000 pounds
Comment from : EverythingNarcAbuse

Yolandi Cook
Hahahhaha! Now I’m hoping my ex gets married, because that would be hilarious to do Just steal all his presents 😂
Comment from : Yolandi Cook

Shkodra Loce
Me too
Comment from : Shkodra Loce

Madame Versiera
Well I'm Italian too and I gave 450 pounds to a bastard, but maybe I could sue him because I have the proof I gave him money But I don't know if it's worth going through that to get just 450but from that point I understood that people can take advantage of others very easily using affection
Comment from : Madame Versiera

My ex owe me 72$ but after we broke up i never got the chance to talk to her Im scared to ask for it should i just let go?
Comment from : MonysaurusRex

My ex owes me $500, agreed to pay, and then decided to ghost I'm pissed, and I learned my lesson
Comment from : Christina

the kaasmaster
your hair looks like a lion
Comment from : the kaasmaster

I lived with 2 brothers and I paid from the wifi 250 $ and never got it back :(
Comment from : TheSAUD2011

When you said you were italian, just for a second I thought you were called Mike Calzone
Comment from : madi32

Josh R
Broo lmaooo this dude reminds me of one of my best mates off xbox live sounds and talk exactly like him haha and this is the exact advice he would give
Comment from : Josh R

camille sinclair
you are so petty i love it mike lamoooo
Comment from : camille sinclair

Danielle Perry
One of my exes (still friends to this day) lent me a grand and when I went to pay him back he said "Don't worry about it" brMy brother lent me a few hundred dollars and he wanted it back asap Crazy how different people respond about the green pieces of paper that happen to run our liveshuh?
Comment from : Danielle Perry

Nicolas Villafañe
i can't stop watching this video and i don't know why
Comment from : Nicolas Villafañe

A month late seeing this, but came to your channel from Sourcefed Loved all the A League of Their Own comments lol! (My fave movie) so thanks for those brbrBut anywaysso my ex (we were together at the time) loaned me $3,300 last year to help me with a down payment on my homewe ended up breaking up shortly after and I've paid him back half so fardidn't ghost him I'm doing what I gave him my word I'd do Why is this so rare in people?
Comment from : SmilinginFear

Anna Southhill
Sunday :|
Comment from : Anna Southhill

Earth Nation Ceramics
he got me at 2 toasters
Comment from : Earth Nation Ceramics

Ella N
The only thing I learned from this video is you’re paying way too much for toasters
Comment from : Ella N

Dreaded AlGhul
It was Thursday and he didn't say it Does that mean its Noday?
Comment from : Dreaded AlGhul

Mata Hari
Mike Falzone, U R all kinds of awesome Never stop
Comment from : Mata Hari

I wish I lived in LA just to come to one of your shows You always make me laugh at the most common things!
Comment from : Grace

Christopher Walke
that's not an ex; that's known as "someone you're taking to court"
Comment from : Christopher Walke

Andrews Theories
My ex owes me my sanity and 2 years
Comment from : Andrews Theories

Comment from : Jack

oh my god! i am totally going to say no talking til you pay up that's brilliant my mother in law is gonna get it
Comment from : T E P P I

Charlotte Campbell
You're the best at advices
Comment from : Charlotte Campbell

Matt Green
Dear Mr Mike Youtube Guy, I am 31 and I am going bald I tried to mitigate this problem by growing a beard but my beard has all the grey hairs and also I can't get passed the itching stage If you weren't a man with luxurious all the hairs, what would you do? bcrosses arms in anticipation/b
Comment from : Matt Green

bro are u wrestling fred? if so I didn't notice until now
Comment from : SabortoothDonkey

Dr Squatch
Where do we send in questions?
Comment from : Dr Squatch

Chelsea Dawn
My ex owed me like that exact same amount But I try to tell people: don't loan things you can't afford to lose I think part of me knew I would never see that money again despite him insisting he would pay me back (and then making up a bunch of excuses after we broke up) But whatever, it's gone You learn to let it go
Comment from : Chelsea Dawn

Robin Gardner
Oh my God yes!
Comment from : Robin Gardner

Jacob Rhoades
best line - "you can be somebody's friend or somebody's bank, and I'm not friends with anybody at the bank"
Comment from : Jacob Rhoades

Sir, you are funny
Comment from : Petrulitar

Dom Lang
Comment from : Dom Lang

Juho Kanniainen
I lend money because it's really no different than treating your friend to a lunch or such, and he promises to do the same to you next time Keep the money you've lent and the relationship separate entities Make sure you keep the respect and voice your feelings about the loan If you're anxious about getting the money back, say it out loud! React and communicate Figure things out Make a payment plan that eases your stress and one that your friend can handle without needing to get a loan to pay you back Once this becomes a habit, you'll be lending with each other and making all kinds of business and money related deals based on the trust you've built over years of dealing with each other It really is about comfort zones and finding the fit that suits you the best Get lending! It can enhance your relationships and bring you new kind of security in people you care about the most :)
Comment from : Juho Kanniainen

Danielle Thomas
This was hilarious Mike! I will always remember this!
Comment from : Danielle Thomas

I got set up and robbed my bag with $600 worth of stuff in it
Comment from : TheIVJames

Emily Henderson
I'm fallin to pieeeeeeeces
Comment from : Emily Henderson

"thats not where matresses go" same tho
Comment from : Jayelleku

Allara B
You're the best hahah Your style of comedy just really gets me
Comment from : Allara B

Love you!
Comment from : strato023

m zehroni
mike's out here saving lives yall never let anyone borrow money ever
Comment from : m zehroni

Stephanie Quilityis_notaword
That is some fancy toasters
Comment from : Stephanie Quilityis_notaword

Aly James
HAHA MIKE those suggestions! I love it :') Your advice is A1!
Comment from : Aly James

mike whats your email that people send these to?
Comment from : 5hoo

Danny M
Good day mike, to answer your question today is Thursday, brI wanted to ask, could i borrow $299 + tax? (Tax is 825 in TX btw) brthanks let me know
Comment from : Danny M

Malibu Dolphin
great ideas !brplease Mike get rid of white spot light in background its awful
Comment from : Malibu Dolphin

Ben Aaron
small claims court yeah
Comment from : Ben Aaron

Kyo Hughes
Love you Mike
Comment from : Kyo Hughes

I'd be plotting revenge so hard man I'm thinking murder
Comment from : keltainen

it's Thursday you utter swine
Comment from : MyNamesChai

Clayton Kennedy
You keep me from dying Thank you!
Comment from : Clayton Kennedy

Cornelius Weburr
mike, you look like you sleep exactly as much as i do
Comment from : Cornelius Weburr

Whenever I hear a story about people being owed money I think of the scenes from Better off Dead with the paper round kid on his bike showing up everywhere screaming "I want my 2 dollars" ahh classic 80s movie if you haven't seen it! ;)
Comment from : CookingwithKarma

"You can either be someone's friend or someone's bank And I'm not friend's with anyone at the bank"
Comment from : blandbrothers

Brianna Lomax
Everytime I hear the word "etcetera" I think of Split
Comment from : Brianna Lomax

break her legs
Comment from : JanjayTrollface

lol i got a vank ad before that
Comment from : peterDcontact

I'm watching this video on my ex's laptop
Comment from : muahahavill

some lessons are expensive brim not sure truer words have ever been spoken, brhowever, i have said that and often normally immediately after watching someone learn such a lesson brmark it down as a monetary loss, an intelligence gain, and let it go
Comment from : OopzyDayzy

Matthew Hedges
920 dollar youtube video woooo
Comment from : Matthew Hedges

Beck Cetera
Definition of a relationship of any type: give and take Don't loan money to people you have a relationship with without a contract, or, see that money as the equivalent of the value of what the borrower has added to the relationship and call it even
Comment from : Beck Cetera

Ashley Wood
Falzone is my favorite dang boy if ya'ever heard about it
Comment from : Ashley Wood

Jess Enright
Legit watching this while I'm scroll through IG and simultaneously like the post God you're good Mike Falzone
Comment from : Jess Enright

Craig Hoffman
Comment from : Craig Hoffman

You're pretty funny Got me out of a bad mood I was in Thanx!
Comment from : akfunnyguy

"That's a uh uh" cracked me up 😂
Comment from : Christeen

My friends ex owes her grandma 2,500 for bailing him out of jail 😂 dysfunctional people, my dude
Comment from : Christeen

Rebecca Briggs
I like the shoes
Comment from : Rebecca Briggs

Pisces Rain
How much do you think a toaster cost ? 😂😂😂 , love you man !
Comment from : Pisces Rain

Nyree Feijoo
Pretty sure the people that dislike this video owe their exes money
Comment from : Nyree Feijoo

how much are toasters in America cause if you buy 6 toasters and it adds up to $920 clearly something is wrong cause no toaster should be $153 my toaster was €5 from argos and I've had it 5 years so America sort out your proplems
Comment from : Rachel

Nicolas Villafañe
I loved this video
Comment from : Nicolas Villafañe

Kirsten Reddoch
why did you have to put shoes on to film this? ha
Comment from : Kirsten Reddoch

I love this man hahaha
Comment from : Wilfred

Ovals Rawesome
"Thats an UH UH" New favorite quote
Comment from : Ovals Rawesome

you make me laugh real good
Comment from : Laux1918

Rocky Journeys
"So unless you pay me in full, that's a uh-uh" Perfect way to end that phrase
Comment from : Rocky Journeys

Austin Carrel
6 toasters for $920? What kind of toasters do you use, Mike?
Comment from : Austin Carrel

I never lend people money What my wife and I do is give money Know that that shit will never bee seen again Know that you're giving away not lending
Comment from : Pookielove1123

My ex owes me about $750 and keeps saying she's gonna pay me back, although I guarantee that she's just gonna fuck off and not pay me back No idea what my course of action is gonna be, but I'll figure it out
Comment from : TheOtherJackBlack

levi mata
You're the bestest human person I know
Comment from : levi mata

You're amazing!
Comment from : Lachronic

my ex just threatened his one friend who used it for drugs He started paying him back
Comment from : jupiternox

Brandon Thomas
Can u fly to VA to do a comedy set for my High School?
Comment from : Brandon Thomas

I never lend people money I igive/i people money, and then if that person insists on paying me back, that's cool, but I make it clear that I don't lend If I need that money, I don't give it away So, yeah, don't give people money you can't afford to give, and never lend people your own money unless you're an investor and know how that works (with paperworklots and lots of paperwork, and lawyers - always plural)
Comment from : Jaimes

She can pay you in head
Comment from : ReviewDykeUSA

Mike you almost had a lel running joke by just sticking to 940 smh
Comment from : Turtle_Tower

Cecilia O
I think maybe Judge Judy has someone buy groceries on her behalf
Comment from : Cecilia O

juju miner
i'm going to have to remember 1:45 - 2:00 in the future because that was pure gold!
Comment from : juju miner

im a delivery boy
why do you wear shoes inside
Comment from : im a delivery boy

Thereasa Ford
I love your videos so much Mike We need more!
Comment from : Thereasa Ford

J Estrada
Mike! I would love to buy a Dynamic Banter shirt but the website says there are no large shirts left What can I do besides going for the one size up?
Comment from : J Estrada

Leah Anne
"Have them clean your apartment Forever", so you mean like, marriage?
Comment from : Leah Anne

Danielle Saints
A toaster-based economy is my ideal economy
Comment from : Danielle Saints

tc 802
captain caaaaaave man!
Comment from : tc 802

kat Grovesteen
those are expensive toasters
Comment from : kat Grovesteen

Stephen T
What a great video Nice
Comment from : Stephen T

Meg P
excellent advice as usual now i want to loan money that i'll never get back so i can steal wedding toasters
Comment from : Meg P

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