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Easiest Way to Become a MASTER of the Fret Board

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Title :  Easiest Way to Become a MASTER of the Fret Board
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Comments Easiest Way to Become a MASTER of the Fret Board

Abe Froman
I like this studio background better than the backdrop
Comment from : Abe Froman

Linda Ralphs
Holy Moly, Marty!!!! I've never had anyone make the circle of fifths so understandable Thanks for sharing your teacher with us
Comment from : Linda Ralphs

What’s up Marty, used to watch your videos when I was a teen just starting out Love that you’re still making awesome videos 👍🏻 keep it up brotha
Comment from : Buck

Andy H
Food for thought--thanks!
Comment from : Andy H

Comment from : Joe

Christian Seabrooks
So happy this popped up on my feed SUPER insightful/helpful video, thankbryou!
Comment from : Christian Seabrooks

Oakky wooder
Thank you!!!
Comment from : Oakky wooder

Ja Hoff
Great lesson but could use graphic overlays to visualise better!!!
Comment from : Ja Hoff

Therese walters
Trying to like but it won't let me 😢
Comment from : Therese walters

The circle of trust
Comment from : Rocker

Awesome stuff!
Comment from : congapilon

I cant believe this is how I finally understood the concept lol stars aligned I guess but very cool lesson regardless!
Comment from : Olyxes

Android Ski
This was truly an epiphany moment Thank you
Comment from : Android Ski

Thanks for keeping me going Marty Your lessons have been great for me
Comment from : Ragtop89

Lynn Harney
I too want your teachers link not below like you said
Comment from : Lynn Harney

Joseph Muiruri
Helo I like the way u teach iv bn learning from ua tutorials But ua red guitar sounds great can I get the exact type and possibly a used one?
Comment from : Joseph Muiruri

Where's the link to your guitar teacher?
Comment from : TheUltimateGC

Leonard Parker
Sorry Makes no sense to me or how to use Probably my fault
Comment from : Leonard Parker

Thank you Marty and for your Master a Master for a Master ❤❤❤ been following you on IG
Comment from : Ayame

Michael Price
Marty from the beginning you have and remain my go to for expert teaching with a cheerful personality Thanks for all you do I'm getting in late in the game, 61yrs off age but my goal is hitting the stage somewhere with my cousin who's a professional bass player
Comment from : Michael Price

Michael Price
Comment from : Michael Price

Spaghetti lol
Comment from : Spaghetti lol

Kidd Billinger
Thank you!!!!!!
Comment from : Kidd Billinger

dak green
The best lesson I ever experienced about the circle of 5ths Thank you
Comment from : dak green

Melina Yeamon
Where is the teachers @?
Comment from : Melina Yeamon

Ray Kodiak
A bit too fast, but I will just play and pause and repeat each section before I am ready to go to next; I like the quote about keeping what you find
Comment from : Ray Kodiak

Austin Meyer
i really like chicken marsala
Comment from : Austin Meyer

Bob Winterfeld
Yep, it’s going to help a LOT
Comment from : Bob Winterfeld

Wow! I actually understood that and the actual application playing Hey Joe! So cool
Comment from : RockFour1

Tyrone Northcutt
OMG moment Thank you
Comment from : Tyrone Northcutt

Great, Thanks!🤩
Comment from : Kellerstudio

I learned this watching Bob Marley and Jimi Hendrix play and now I know what it is and how to perfect it 👍
Comment from : Eskade

Dennis McQuoid
Great lesson!
Comment from : Dennis McQuoid

Lucas Jessop
thanks Marty!
Comment from : Lucas Jessop

Comment from : NATHAN PARRIS

I don't understand the practical implications of this I can pick out a note on the fretboard if I think about it a bit, I don't get how this helps "learn" the fretboard any quicker
Comment from : SpookyApparition

Cold Blizzard
I got that same guitar literally And it’s my first And so far Theory and the fretboard are my biggest issues rn
Comment from : Cold Blizzard

6:10 if someone says jimmi didn’t know music theory he is fake
Comment from : Bluesatmosphere

Geordie John
Wow, thank you so much that was fascinating! 🧐 😊👍🏻
Comment from : Geordie John

Gunnar Rufo
I have been playing off-again-on-again for 18 years now I'm a prime example of someone who only wanted to learn songs and never learned theory when they were first beginning to play I have no trouble learning from tabs but I want to understand the guitar more than I do This video along with some others from Marty and Chris have taught me more about the theory behind the instrument than I think I've learned in my whole life Thank you for putting them out, please continue doing what you do!
Comment from : Gunnar Rufo

Star Junkie
Marty's videos are my mealtime I'd be dead-in-the-water without them Great guitar player, too I love his teaching style and personality
Comment from : Star Junkie

Tasteless Jack      aka Jorge Ramirez
This man's changing lives
Comment from : Tasteless Jack aka Jorge Ramirez

3 sets of 20 neck curls does it
Comment from : J

Philsons Lament
I’ve been rewatching this video all week Really making sure that I was getting the concept because my self (YouTube) learning has hit a roadblock where I needed to connect the dots of what I was trying to do There is so much information and tunnels of new things to learn like voicing, styles, progressions, scales, chords…a perfect combination for any occasion that I’m not sure any one human can learn all of; this helped me get over my first Roadblock of not seeing where I was going So thank you
Comment from : Philsons Lament

Millers time
Study jimi and his movements and then you know the fretboard Lesson over Lol
Comment from : Millers time

But what is the circle of fifths used for? Why do I use this?
Comment from : Zazouz

My guitar teacher taught me circle of fifths but this video makes it much more useful I’ll be referencing it again and again Thanks for the great info and channel
Comment from : Barbelwalker

Philsons Lament
Thank you both This was great I was looking for ways to help me memorize the neck This seems perfect to do in a useful and practical way
Comment from : Philsons Lament

pow shredder
as usual I leave more confused than I came
Comment from : pow shredder

Kemosabe Uchikaze
i jus shat myself
Comment from : Kemosabe Uchikaze

Marcelo Velarde
I play piano but i felt in love with a Randy Rhoads rrx24 That i just bought And I realize that the theory in guitar is easy, the hard part is having skill But is a lot easier after knowing piano
Comment from : Marcelo Velarde

A Moose with a Uke
Comment from : A Moose with a Uke

I had to refinance my neck I only own half of it sadly
Comment from : cyben2004

CB Winning
7:30- applying the circle of 5ths to triadsbr7:50- the notes for triads are on the DGB strings (4,3,2 strings)br8:57- how to use the circle of 5ths to apply new information around the neck of the guitarbr10:38- Using the circle of 5ths on only one string
Comment from : CB Winning

Will Strohbusch
Love Marty music but this video is like another language dude I don't get it
Comment from : Will Strohbusch

C Luek
Thanks for making it SEEM simple
Comment from : C Luek

Stoney Kirby
Very helpful!
Comment from : Stoney Kirby

Colin Taylor
I’m getting some hey joe vibes from that intro sick
Comment from : Colin Taylor

Wow! This guy teaches on another level!!! Thanks man for sharing your secrets with us Marty Or in this case your teacher!
Comment from : cheese9580

Warren Bohler
Comment from : Warren Bohler

Great video Trying to find the link to his channel now…
Comment from : timbornone

Austin Knowlton
This is literally one of the best guitar lessons I've ever had
Comment from : Austin Knowlton

Sherwin S
too dark!!!
Comment from : Sherwin S

Deborah Bates
Wow! Finally understand this once bizarre circle Thank you for simplifying it!!
Comment from : Deborah Bates

Paw loss Lovable
This is the best guitar lesson video i ever watched in YouTube , i really appreciate you both
Comment from : Paw loss Lovable

Plywoodcar Johnson
This is technique Much appreciated But to be an artist you have to be a rebel Sometimes studying technique diverts the vision of the rebel on to the fretboard It's a Jedi mindtrick Don't cause trouble! Bow your head, stare on the fretboard
Comment from : Plywoodcar Johnson

Marion S
Between Chris and Marty I’ve learned so much Thank you guy!br✌️😎🎸🎶🎵🎶🎵🎶
Comment from : Marion S

Comment from : STAND BY ME

Mary K
I recently learned the circle of fifths Now I can learn to apply it, thanks to your lesson Awesome video
Comment from : Mary K

Gladys Ramontja
Dang Ur teacher strummed that guitar good when he was playing Hey Joe
Comment from : Gladys Ramontja

Gladys Ramontja
That's one fresh intro track
Comment from : Gladys Ramontja

Been watching your channel since a decade Lots of respect my man keep up the good work
Comment from : Awesome_Aragok

Lou A
Holy CRAP! this is THE best description of the circle of 5ths I've ever seen! Thank You Marty and Chris!
Comment from : Lou A

Christopher Finn
The same progression in fifths is also the song from Little Shop of Horrors (I think that’s the movie) that goes “Let’s do the time warp again” Not sure who sings it
Comment from : Christopher Finn

Jeff Nuckolls
I was told there would be no math
Comment from : Jeff Nuckolls

Billy Shakespeare
Thanks so much Chris for this insightful lesson And thank you Marty for caring enough about fellow guitarists to share your knowledge with us Love your content! Keep up the good work!
Comment from : Billy Shakespeare

Norge Repairs
Quality knowledge !!! This dude is ace !!
Comment from : Norge Repairs

Lost me
Comment from : Jayz

Thanks for all the help down the years marty, youre the best teacher , everybody else on the net is on an ego trip, i feel like you actually wanted me to learn the song
Comment from : Jayz

Scott Clark
Holy Mother of Music Theory BATMAN - I GET IT - I TOTALLY GET IT!!!!!
Comment from : Scott Clark

Curtis C
Thanks Marty, for all You do for aspiring Guitarists everywhere ! 🥰brA little Appreciation your way 😉brCheers ✌️ brPS Thanks for sharing your Teacher, Chris Sherland with Us Another great knowledge resource, for anyone wanting to master the Guitar ! 😊brbr#martymusicbr#chrissherlandbr#heyjoebr#jimihendrix
Comment from : Curtis C

Pale Boy
great information! Thanks Chris!
Comment from : Pale Boy

Ben Walmsley
I feel like bro just gave me the key to open up the doors of rock
Comment from : Ben Walmsley

Bravo 4 Adventure
Holeee shite! I decided to watch this because I'm a beginner and definitely do not know my way around the neck Just so happens that I decided yesterday that I'm going to learn "Hey Joe" as my first electric guitar song! So freakin' cool!
Comment from : Bravo 4 Adventure

George B
This makes no sense Im about to just return my guitar
Comment from : George B

You have helped me so much I used to pay £40 a lesson from a guitar teacher who when I asked him to teach me scales he just threw the tabs at me And never taught me a way to meemorize the fret board With this video, I've finally cracked it🤣👍👍👍
Comment from : oGkushtYx

No Rehab for Hounds
Great lesson Thanks Damn I wish these were around 35 years ago when I started learning guitar
Comment from : No Rehab for Hounds

That was fantastic - Thanks Marty for Chris sharing that info !
Comment from : webocoli

lashaung daukhao
Chris Sherland Guitar :: wwwyoutubecom/c/ChrisSherlandGuitar
Comment from : lashaung daukhao

Rosanna DAgnillo
Thank you!
Comment from : Rosanna DAgnillo

If I don't understand what the 'circle of fifths' is, do you really think I'm going to follow when you randomly talk about inversions?brbrI can see how it is applied to the fretboard, but I still don't understand it Maybe I'll take up the 'triangle' LOL 😞
Comment from : Quigomy

Ransom Baggins
I don't see it anywhere, so wwwyoutubecom/c/ChrisSherlandGuitar
Comment from : Ransom Baggins

William Mark
Thanks, again
Comment from : William Mark

All I want to do just pic up that thing and play it
Comment from : margita

Sukhbir Sekhon
C to G low to highbrG to D high to lowbrD to A high to lowbrA to E low to highbrE to B high to lowbrMakes no sense to me Is circle of fifths a scale, a pattern What actually is it? brSeems to be a missing link here
Comment from : Sukhbir Sekhon

Which one is the link for Chris?
Comment from : psliv77

Tony Kibble
There are some lightbulb lessons in Guitar learning, this is up there amongst the best Thank you
Comment from : Tony Kibble

Don't ever go near the dusty end
Comment from : mrbillhicks

Chris is an excellent teacher!!
Comment from : smoothpicker

Andy S
I really liked the comment regarding being the archeologist As an experienced pianists, I've always been intimidated by the guitar and it's collected dust because I've always been stuck doodling with tab's but feeling like I've never understood the fretboard or chord shapes From my reading music experience this is like a breakthrough for me and a big reason to dust off the guitar that's been collecting dust and demystifying things Thanks so much!
Comment from : Andy S

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