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Title :  Learning About Learning Disabilities
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Patricia Schuster
I did better with my learning disability as I grew Horrible in high-school, but once I was diagnosed in 2nd year of college, I was able then to learn and earn my Master of Divinity
Comment from : Patricia Schuster

Wilson Toddd
How About Put Them On The Vac Work Program
Comment from : Wilson Toddd

Krystal Russell
Dysgraphia is described as written expression
Comment from : Krystal Russell

Krystal Russell
Not many gave me any credit for my intelligence
Comment from : Krystal Russell

Cat Santos
Fuckkkkkk you Karen for thinking we can overcome it It doesn’t go away 😆
Comment from : Cat Santos

I have a learning disability and I’m 52 now and I remember in elementary school other kids were saying that LD stood for” Lame Dude”and I’ve never forgot that…and we also had a old man in my neighborhood who was a bad alcoholic and I remember him saying to me”your never going to amount to anything boy”I can remember that like it was yesterday and that was in 1979
Comment from : JETSTEEL TheRealDeal

margaret perdue
Was in special class as a kid in 3 grade and the principal and my teacher thought I was to smart for the class so they put in 4th grade and a month later I couldn't do the work or keep up and they decided that put back in 3grade special classes I was so distraught and felt so embarrassed and went home crying and my mom wasn't happy period and since I had trouble with my grades reading comprehension and writing still have problems today
Comment from : margaret perdue

Alice Connolleu
Homeless shelter
Comment from : Alice Connolleu

Alison Smith
I want to thank you for this well thought out video
Comment from : Alison Smith

Autism is just disabilities different abilities and I have autism and anxiety 🚁🚁🚁🚁🚁🚁🚁🚁
Comment from : Olivia

John Rainsman
Why aren't learning disabilities and intellectual disabilities the same thing? They both are about struggling with what you learn, aren't they?
Comment from : John Rainsman

CJs tube Jack of all trade
I am more than average and still have learning disability
Comment from : CJs tube Jack of all trade

Tara miller
I have mild learning difficulties I was born premature born early I hate having learning difficulties having learning difficulties ruins my life I also have a job working with people with learning difficulties I work with adults with learning difficulties
Comment from : Tara miller

‘’If they can overcome their disability, then they can go on to be successful’’ This teacher is confused - a disability isn’t something you overcome It’s a disability A disability isn’t something you can overcome by sheer will or determination Just because some disabilities are invisible, doesn’t make them any less a disability It makes as much sense as telling a child that’s blind they can overcome their blindness with practice
Comment from : David

It is a great to gave a video; however, we shall be more education Did your organization hire some one with mental health and/or disability learning for more a year?
Comment from : Zechariah

I just realized about my learning disability like a few months ago :/
Comment from : Lukas

Matthew McCorkle
I have a learning disability
Comment from : Matthew McCorkle

Learning disabilities dont exist Period
Comment from : Babyfacedblackjesus

Stephanie Harrigle
But this video is good
Comment from : Stephanie Harrigle

Stephanie Harrigle
I have a learning disability because I feel some of the stuff these people feel in the video because I have part of some stuff they have like I get confused and I have trouble with math and I sometimes try too do what is right or said too me because I try too be normal and people don't understand me but when I watch this video I am happy too know I am not alone and I totally understand this video and I also have some friends with learning disabilities too or some friends that are not there and I also have someone normal friends too that have different problems too and some that are just weirder than me but I totally understand them too most of the time and I understand my disability even when people don't understand it and I am ok with that
Comment from : Stephanie Harrigle

Venom Bro
Fuck my Learning disabilities having a hard time reading and put me in special education
Comment from : Venom Bro

Aurelian Thor
Im guessing we should kill ourselves
Comment from : Aurelian Thor

fatfitness vang
Inono why I was place in disability classes from 1-12th grade when I learned just fine My older brother had a disability so i guess they must of thought it would run in the genes Now till this day I'm still wondering whyyyyyyy
Comment from : fatfitness vang

Julia weber
I also have problems with writing and have proof read ten times and sometimes I still don’t catch my mistakes
Comment from : Julia weber

Julia weber
I have a learning disability I have trouble comprehending words or conversations and people’s feelings and expressions, I believe martial arts for nine years helped me to to be able to process information and learn faster I’m driven as well and I love to try things I do have self esteem issues and I’m sentive to certain things and people experissons and I’m affected by the way people treat me I find the emotions I feel can sometimes cause me sinus infections just by being sad Also medication doesn’t effect me Because I had nycol cold and cough medicine so much because of sinus infections because of black mold I can’t be around I’m now ammuned literally and it doesn’t work like when I was pregnant it was the weirdest experience and like an out of body experience because unlike normal people it was new, very scary and I got so much axceity I got a panic attack and the numbing medication didn’t work and I was uncomfortable but got through it because it was new and I didn’t understand it and it was unusual for someone like myself whose unaware of what would happen
Comment from : Julia weber

Anirvan Sen
My child is 7years 10months old he has disabilities to read and understand n remembering please advise me what I should do Is there any way to fix this
Comment from : Anirvan Sen

I never found out what LD problem I had They first thought I was dyslexia, but after further testing they still didn't know I think I have a organization problem and memory problems
Comment from : A

Claire Baron
They may not have a learning disability just learn in a different manner In my mind thats not a disability thats a different method of learning
Comment from : Claire Baron

Sarah Adams
I am 29 and I have learning disability and autism
Comment from : Sarah Adams

will someone with a learning disabilities be able to become a plumber because
Comment from : mynameischarlie97

Shane Atkinson
I got pull aside for my work at college and at University I felt very embarrassed and distressed and I got recently diagnosed with schizophrenia (mental disorder), and psychosis "hearing voices" all in which affected my essay's There is a book called "Grammar Made Easy": by Debra dykes, and she explains how to write sentences and grammar in the correct places Defo recommended purchasing' Learning difficulties/dyslexia is something you cannot get rid off, but its something you can try and manage
Comment from : Shane Atkinson

David Cortez
I’m David and I’m 12 I had diarrhea for 36 years and ya
Comment from : David Cortez

Norma , Gerald Steven Hernandez Pride
I do agree with this video 💯💯💯💯💯I was born with Dyslexia disability see video I Luv the video
Comment from : Norma , Gerald Steven Hernandez Pride

I have it two but i have a decent job i be working for ups since i was 18 years old im now 21 years old still working for them i love the job so much I'm a driver for ups
Comment from : Musicality

I should of got the help i have some of this struggles Processing words and conversations is a big one but i ware a earing aid
Comment from : TheLMJVG

Blue Horse
Why do I have to have learning disabilities
Comment from : Blue Horse

I don’t get jokes or sarcasm, like when my bf makes a joke I get upset he was like I’m joking and I can’t tell
Comment from : Lik

Based Brooklyn
there are almost no learning disabled children, only shitty parents and low skilled teachers
Comment from : Based Brooklyn

Tashalynn Wells
I am 35 years old I have a learning disability I have asked a doctor if a child was born with the umbilical cord wrapped around their neck twice could that cause the child have a learning disability he said yes it causes lack of oxygen to the brain my 8 year old was born with the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck twice he haves to be in a special class plus he haves low muscle tone
Comment from : Tashalynn Wells

Gabrielle Center
Language and understanding are my worst disability
Comment from : Gabrielle Center

Rilo Robinson
I'm 19 and have a learning disability should I kill myself
Comment from : Rilo Robinson

Christopher Bellamy
College will not be happening
Comment from : Christopher Bellamy

NHS Hypocrisy
Really dishy boy @ 1:27
Comment from : NHS Hypocrisy

itsvenom bro
It’s only acting bro Searcy they don’t care about you my special ed teacher made sure that I didn’t go to any community college they put lies about me and my IEP meeting papers I was in high school for nine years suffering a lot busted my ass not GPA with a C+ and no college and no community college in my state will ever except me I apply to 16 jobs and no jobs want to except me special education is a joke if Monday program I have been bullied many times at my high school and not once did my special ed teacher stoppedDI I did not do jacket shit **t in Special ed the special ed teachers only care about your own self they only care about the money seriously they would not give a f**k about your own students who has a disability when they graduate I have been suffering a lot now have a sense I graduate high school I can’t find a job I got rejected in college so many times seriously special ed teachers should be all fired and I hope Donald Trump shut down the special ed program department in United States because seriously it out there to teach the dirt to make money I have witnessed so many times how special ed teachers make fun of disabled people make me sick of my stomach to see these dumb f**ks making so much money against us see you so I don’t know what to do my life is been warned day by day I just apply to 16 jobs and all of them rejected me because I didn’t have any job skills and I blame it on my teachers they need teach me anything for nine years I have been suffering in high school I am now years old 26 I don’t have nothing seriously I hate this life I’m living in right now I have no friends and everywhere I go people are judging me how the way I look
Comment from : itsvenom bro

Elizabeth Schiada
I have ADHD and a learning disability When I read, sometimes I have trouble remembering what I read or what was read to me But I don’t mix letters or numbers up Does that mean I also have dyslexia?
Comment from : Elizabeth Schiada

Maka Tusaumwe
I am in grade 9I have always had learning disabilitiesIt makes it hard for me to learn new things;concerntrate and listenI am always getting easily annoyedbr It is making my grades and life go downhill I hate my life because of it😷😷😷
Comment from : Maka Tusaumwe

Dr Phoenix
I don't have a disability but I respect everyone that has it
Comment from : Dr Phoenix

I have a learning disability,I just wished I got rid of it and lived a normal lifebrI'm in the 9th grade and I'm about to fail math because I'm struggling with math and I hate mathbrI keep paying attention but I keep forgetting stuffs and that's how I'm not good at mathbrI pray to God that he'll help me pass the 9th grade😔😔😔brI feel like I'm gonna cry
Comment from : Harverc

Comment from : ecfearfactory86

Illuminati HEHE
If you have a disability, its nothing to feel proud of
Comment from : Illuminati HEHE

Illuminati HEHE
Learning difficulties is not nice to have
Comment from : Illuminati HEHE

Valorie Ritter
Man its crazy seeing all this stuff I had learning problems in school My parents were very support which was awesome I later was found out I had Add which makes since why I had some problems interpreting people Walking around Not listening
Comment from : Valorie Ritter

I got one kind of learning disability that dyslexia I got bully all through grade school with these problems It was my reading skills and also reading aloud to my classmates I would stop reading if I forget a word or stuttering by reading
Comment from : roslynw7

Jean-Luc Thomas
This is so 90s
Comment from : Jean-Luc Thomas

rebecca cullen
any one else here got dyslexia and doesn't see whatever that was
Comment from : rebecca cullen

Kira Cox
This woman is talking about learning difficulties NOT disabilities ffs total different things!
Comment from : Kira Cox

Paul Kim
I'm 27 and I also have learning disabilities and I hate it so much! I wish I was born a normal brain but I wasn't I had convulsions since I was 1 years old which affected my brain throughout my life and I also have adhd as well I struggled with school work, making friends, and everything else in my life My biggest problem was language I had a hard time reading, writing, talking, listening, and understanding what's spoken or written I was a slow learner and didn't understand what other people are saying and I easily blanked out on what I should say or write I'm also a very slow reader and difficulty comprehending what's in the reading passage or in the text I was in special ed classes from elementary school to high school Luckily, I had a good memory and I was also good in math I went to college and majored in math because I enjoyed math more than anything else and I got a degree Now, I'm trying to look for a job which is tough for me because all my disabilities gets in the way of me not getting a job
Comment from : Paul Kim

ryley parrett
I have a mild learning disability but am completely normal I don't have anybrOf these haha except I did have math issues but now I'm 20- almost 21 and have mastered it better when I did homeschooling but in a regular classroom I couldn't
Comment from : ryley parrett

James Mathis
l have all them I am 39 I can't read 6,7,8,9,10 grade reading level I can't work because I can't do the paperwork
Comment from : James Mathis

I think I have the expressive language, audio processing difficulty, and memory problems especially because after every lesson in class I can't remember a thing the teacher said, sometimes only parts I can remember, same with studying for tests, I'm not getting the best marks
Comment from : Dapper_Rose

it's hard to understand things correctly but I'm smart and can't show it good sometimes I'm LD as well
Comment from : A

Ashley Rose
In junior year I struggled with math and my case manger that was teaching math class was being tough on me told if you don't get this done I'll wright you up and I had a hard time understanding the work even if it was explained to me I still didn't get it and my case manger made me cry cause of all the pressure he put on me and I have a sensitive heart too so I couldn't hold back my tears and these two girls didn't like the way he was treating me they were compassionate and understanding so that made me feel better that I had support
Comment from : Ashley Rose

Ashley Rose
I have a intellectual learning disability I have problems with math i can't remember to do things or remember what a person said I have problems communicating with people cause I'm very shy and don't know how to talk to people
Comment from : Ashley Rose

Bernadine Mccants
This video was very helpful toward my research paper Finding ways to help children with learning disabilities in school is one of my goals for pursuing my Master degree in education
Comment from : Bernadine Mccants

dana burns
i am so sad to see the comments about bullying and people being called stupid I dont have learning disabilities but i love and respect everyone the same I think you are all really brave and should be very proud of yourselves for having the courage to tell the truth xx
Comment from : dana burns

Anna Lunas
i have a lea ning disability of reading words
Comment from : Anna Lunas

Alison connelly
I have a learning  disability   spelling reading writing dyslexia and understanding  maths I was born 6 weeks early  didn't walk or talk till I was 7 I am now 32 at bullied still by it I am very  slow and I like to upload and do imvu videos  but  for the last 2 weeks I been getting bullied because of my need  I hate having this but I always get by  sometimes when someone asked me to fill a from in read I cry  and feel a shamed  of myself some people ike me and wont be my friend
Comment from : Alison connelly

They should do more scientific research on learning disability
Comment from : M

I have learning disabilities and I dont mind, but sometimes it can be a challenge I believe that to deal with it, trie to focus on things you can do, and trie to motivate yourself to get better at things that are difficult
Comment from : M

I have a learning disabilities to
Comment from : TheHollister140

yanna cawaii
I also have learning disabilities and I hate it, no super duper I hate itbrIt's so hard to study and all people around me is always saying that I am so stupidbrIn all my life they are laughing at me I always cry because I have lowgrade in a test or quiz even though I study hard or my classmates say something to hurt me in my back I don't have friends because they do not accept who I am they're also thinking I am weird person brIt's so hard to have learning disabilities brbrSorry wrong grammar or spelling😀
Comment from : yanna cawaii

victor beaubriant
I have a learning disability with not understanding words and not knowing definitions of what they mean Some of them is hard for me to explain the words
Comment from : victor beaubriant

The recognition of learning disabilities by the average Joe is kind of new A lot of people still associate it with being stupid I know people believe that it's just a scam to get money Some professors consider it as being lazy which shocks me because they're educators They see the problem a lot
Comment from : hdjksa52

Shannon Lewis
Great video thanks!!
Comment from : Shannon Lewis

Bob the builder
I am 14 and I past my special ed la class in 8 grade I am pretty smart for one I ask for help etc
Comment from : Bob the builder

Stephanie Ripai
I'm 12 years old and I have ld
Comment from : Stephanie Ripai

yeah i have one of these :( i am 21 i still have problems with doing a lot of things even with a lot of the work i do and my spelling is not the best and so is grammar but it's getting better over time and school really did not help me out a lot i was put into a class with people that had disabilities and the teachers in those class did not help me out but with the internet today i am starting to get my spelling and grammar a lot better 
Comment from : NiteTrix

Elane Horhi
Does anyone know how an adult with learning disability can be helped specifically?  What are the techniques and strategies?    
Comment from : Elane Horhi

Colin Shields
5-8 we are superior 
Comment from : Colin Shields

Adam Oliva
I think I might have a learning disability because i'm showing all of the signs Bad memory, short attentions span, needs things repeated etc
Comment from : Adam Oliva

im 28  and i have ld to so dont feel bad i fight everyday
Comment from : widz2live

Cloud Strife
At least, I'm not the only one out there in the world I'm currently in 9th grade and well, I have learning disability since I was four years old I just wish there was someone giving me inspiration, time, and lastly, motivation Every time I'am in a classroom or even at home I have real hard time listening Is there anyone out there that can help me? Like advice or something?
Comment from : Cloud Strife

Exterminate Bullies
I have every learning disability there is except for dyslexia The one that affects my ability to work the most is my gross and fine motor coordination  because that keeps me out of a lot of jobs such a truck driving ( I can't drive a stick) and I also can't type very fast and that keeps me out of office jobs
Comment from : Exterminate Bullies

You didn't learn from this video I'm joking ;)
Comment from : 1GTX1

The Titan
Then you don't have a learning disability The special ed team are full of shit I know because I don't have a Learning disbility either yet im in special ed for math
Comment from : The Titan

The Titan
Whats worse is that I cant prove to the special ed team that I don't have a learing disability which is why im depressed
Comment from : The Titan

The Titan
Hey guys I don't have a learning disability but the special ed team says that I do they say I cant process on what im reading or trying to express myself And im 14 and when there talking they don't have difficulty talking to each other That's because us kids cant process as fast as an adult can Its not just special ed kids its all kids So yah if the special ed team says that you have a learning disability they could be wrong, And most special ed teams have learning disability them selfs
Comment from : The Titan

Birgitte Østby
We have som limits here in Norway, you must have passed all subjects in high school and exams And then you can search freely in colleges and university In some cases, you can get in if you have documented a learening disablitiy
Comment from : Birgitte Østby

Birgitte Østby
I have learning disibilities too, but I can still study even if I have disability in matematihcs, and I have never had grades or been alble two get that I am stuiyning in college I am taking a studyprogramme in pedagogics, I am on my first year in a bachelor degree Are there are no exceptions to that you can study at all?
Comment from : Birgitte Østby

I have dyslexia it's a pain mine is only mild though I hate English as a subject and it's still hard to read questions on test I also hate it when people on YouTube get mad at u for making grammar mistakes I'm glad this phone has auto correct :3
Comment from : janelbbuck

i get builled because i can't get into Uni because its to academic for my Learning Disabilities :(
Comment from : GalwayChickx

Comment from : irishkk99

I think it may because i was a sperm that was given while my father was intoxicated
Comment from : lithprincess

I was put in SPED for a lot of my life When i asked my mother why She said i have a learning disbility When i got to grade 7 i was taken out of sped and was told that i no longer had a learning disability Thing is i think i may still have it,and i dont know exactly which disability it is I had a speech impediment,and dyslexia But i had a problem understanding thingsi still do Dyslexia however runs in our family so its not as much as a problem I think it may because i was a sperm that w
Comment from : lithprincess

Liz Zacarias
same with me
Comment from : Liz Zacarias

Liz Zacarias
Comment from : Liz Zacarias

Dreu Breezy
This is bullshit
Comment from : Dreu Breezy

aidan dunwoody
I have a learning disabilitie I do try learning as best as I can But I can do good amount of stufff in school but as long if it is broken down in a way I can understand Also with the program that im in my high school it dose not help at all But im hopeing that I switch to a diffrent program in school befour I finish school
Comment from : aidan dunwoody

Thank you for this video
Comment from : Darlene

Stephen Sawicki
Thanks for all the helpful info
Comment from : Stephen Sawicki

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