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Teach Yourself German Book Reviews! Complete, Enjoy, Tutor, and Verbs

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Information Teach Yourself German Book Reviews! Complete, Enjoy, Tutor, and Verbs

Title :  Teach Yourself German Book Reviews! Complete, Enjoy, Tutor, and Verbs
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Frames Teach Yourself German Book Reviews! Complete, Enjoy, Tutor, and Verbs

Description Teach Yourself German Book Reviews! Complete, Enjoy, Tutor, and Verbs

Comments Teach Yourself German Book Reviews! Complete, Enjoy, Tutor, and Verbs

Matilda Wolfram
Useful video! Many thanks to the author of the channel for the recommendations! The problem with many people is that they want to take a "magic pill" or get "secret knowledge" and immediately have skills and abilities However, the truth of life is that knowledge, skills, and abilities do not come by themselves You can't learn a foreign language without doing anything, without wasting your time and effort, just like you can't learn to ride a bike lying on a comfy couch, listening to lectures and watching videos about "modern methods of learning" on a bike To really learn something, you have to really practice every day You're going to fall down while you're learning, and you're going to get bumps - that's normal! The ups and downs of learning are an integral part of our lives Motivation from success and depression from failure will always be your study companions However, every student has problems in his or her studies that he or she lacks the knowledge to solve It can be: poor memorization of words; no progress in language learning; the student can speak, but does not understand speech by ear; misunderstanding of grammar; incorrect pronunciation, etc Agree that a problem you don't know how to solve is very demotivating In order to find the answer to our question we have to spend a lot of time to read videos, articles and books by polyglots In today's world, we have to solve problems as quickly as possible I don't have time to study and analyze a huge amount of information My goal is to master the basic knowledge of a foreign language as quickly as possible and already start earning money effectively in the international arena I settled on the practical guide by Yuriy Ivantsiv " Polyglot's Notes: practical tips for learning foreign language" This book is always in my bag If I have a problem while learning a language, I quickly find the answer in this book There are many different techniques and tips for learning a foreign language in Polyglot Notes I have made my own individual schedule and plan for language learning Now I know what I am going to study, how I am going to study, when I am going to study and what results I am going to achieve No problem could stop me! With an effective language learning plan my professional skills are more and more in demand internationally every day Friends, don't stop there! Everyone has talents that millions of people around the world need! Learn the language and make your ideas and dreams come true! Thanks to the author of the channel for the informative and useful video! Your videos motivate me
Comment from : Matilda Wolfram

George Wolfe
Good day to you miss brbrI have finished Complete German and Assimil German I am working through Enjoy German at the moment I plan to acquire Assimil Perfectionnement Allemand and German Tutor Do you have further recommendations for German books? brbrCordially,brMr G Wolfe
Comment from : George Wolfe

Reynaldo LOERA
Thanks a lot for this video Abigail! Quick question, how many years did it take you to finish each one of those books? I'm starting to consider starting with German this year :), thanks in advance ! have a nice day overthere!
Comment from : Reynaldo LOERA

Rishabh Chadha
Thanks for your indepth review Would you recommend Complete German for Goethe B1 exam? Or any other suppliment is needed?
Comment from : Rishabh Chadha

andy erikson
I’m on Chapter 6 and absolutely loving this book I spent about a week doing research trying to find the perfect Textbook for me and your review helped SO MUCH This textbook is exactly what I wanted Thank you!
Comment from : andy erikson

Shoukat Lashari
Good morning madam
Comment from : Shoukat Lashari

Delta Tango
One book that has been helping me was willkommen 1 It's by Heiner Schenke and Paul Coggle It has 2 cds and a dvd There are two books- a course book and an activity book I have not seen the ones you mentioned in the video, but I familiar with the TY series I have mixed feelings about that series though While the texts generally are pretty well written, the audio sounds as if it were recorded under sometimes This one was strongly recommended by guy I know who tutors on the side I always recommend highly that people use headphones while doing these so you have direct contact w the audio vs just playing it in your room I find I tend to phase it out when it does that But that's just me Other people may have a different opinion Very informative video though Thank you for sharing
Comment from : Delta Tango

Techno Projects
What about assimil method?
Comment from : Techno Projects

Vinicius Villela
Great review! Clarified everything I needed Thanks!
Comment from : Vinicius Villela

Tiktalix Deutsch
Thank you for the review!
Comment from : Tiktalix Deutsch

Do I need the audio for the complete German book? Because I’d rather not use the audio is it needed ?
Comment from : DG

do you recommend complete german for an absolute beginner ? if not what do you recommend ?
Comment from : samlulo

Just recently came across your channel Very good review of these books! I have the Teach Yourself Russian Complete and your video made me want to go on Amazon and check to see if there was a Russian Tutor book, and luckily there was, so I ordered it I’ve been looking for something more intermediate, and this sounds perfect for the level I’m at and where I want to get I’ve tried going through the Teach Yourself “Stories” book for Russian, and I feel there are definitely some gaps in my knowledge that I could really work on
Comment from : Beau

David Ward
I really gained a lot information and it has been very informative
Comment from : David Ward

Isaac Monterrosa
Do you know of a book to learn advanced german?
Comment from : Isaac Monterrosa

Is complete German book useful for beginners?
Comment from : Tōshirō

Julia Gussmann
I couldn't disagree more about the smaller vs the larger book shapes 😀 The smaller ones were impossible to lie down flat on a table I was over the moon when they started using the more "workbook" like format
Comment from : Julia Gussmann

Stephen Poole
Since you really liked the Teach Yourself Complete German course, Teach Yourself Further German, if you can find it, will increase your vocabulary EXPONENTIALY!! I was fortunate enough, many moons ago, to get both the book and the accompanying cassette tapes It follows the same format of the Teach Yourself German course which I also like about it brbrThere are several used copies of the Further German book on ebay, but I don't know if any of them comes with the tapes However, it seems you like the format of the Teach Yourself series and if your looking to increase your vocabulary, this may be the ticket Alles Gute!
Comment from : Stephen Poole

Starts at 3:50
Comment from : Afropunk

Complete German book is designed for which level? A1-b1? Or from A1 to b2?!
Comment from : RC

Annie Bananie
what about the 501 German Verbs?
Comment from : Annie Bananie

Kat Le
I decided to get the Complete German book from watching this and your old video on the Complete German book You give the best German learning book review for self learning and really demonstrate what it was like to went through with the books, which I appreciate so so much From many hours of researching online and digging through reddit for self learning tips, I was still very lost and confused from the number of resources and material out there and your videos really help clear things out for me Thank you again for your helpful and amazing review
Comment from : Kat Le

Pawan Dev
Just because you told everyone the best book to learn German You are becoming more beautiful everyday
Comment from : Pawan Dev

I got the complete book for catalan, and i havent really dove into it yet, but like it so far Im not sure how good it would be for a total beginner, but the lessons I've done with my other resources made the lessons I did in the book feel less daunting
Comment from : MycobacteriEm

chicks with ideas
my complete german book is coloured and looks a lot skinnier
Comment from : chicks with ideas

Muhammad Eldyn syauqi
So is that good enough? Which level is your German after learn from those books?
Comment from : Muhammad Eldyn syauqi

Maria Teguș
Because I heard you loved so much the German so much, I want to buy the Complete Spanish one because I'm at a point where I feel like I need structure I heard controversial things about it, anyone had used it and liked it in the comments?
Comment from : Maria Teguș

Alan Walker
Hey therebrThis is the fist time I be here ,I am eager to learn german as well brDo you think If I started by"complet german Book"can be enough ??
Comment from : Alan Walker

I Can Speak Arabic
keep it up
Comment from : I Can Speak Arabic

Marie C
You should really make videos where you speak all these languages that you have been learning I only found one video where you spoke German and it was heavily edited
Comment from : Marie C

Stephen Lee
Thank you for doing a German review I did the teach yourself complete a few years ago and loved it I got it with the mp3 downloads I added the German tutor to my Amazon queue
Comment from : Stephen Lee

Princess Dolly
I've been really busy with my Spanish now that classes have restarted, but your videos lately have been tempting to get into German! Haha br¡Muchas gracias por el vídeo maravilloso! 💖
Comment from : Princess Dolly

St L
I don´t know if you have already reviewed that Bulgarian textbook on the bottom of the pile on your desk But I would definitely like to see a review
Comment from : St L

Nice video I'm not interested in learning German I wonder what complete polish is like I've just started polish tutor and quite like it so far as it talks about cases, verbs etc brbr Anyone else learning polish ??? br I'm so waiting for a Bulgarian video update 💖✌ PS see you next Wednesday can't wait !!
Comment from : Liscatcat:)

I bought Complete German 2 months ago and it came with cds
Comment from : Chill

I never made it all the way through Complete Spanish because it was from the library I liked what I did, but it was the very beginning of my very first language learning journey outside of school I have heard people say it isn't one of the better Complete books I might check it out again to see what I think of it now As always, thanks for the great video!
Comment from : theoraven

Ophelia Vert
On your recommendation from your old video, I bought Teach Yourself German a couple of weeks ago! I love this video 💛
Comment from : Ophelia Vert

Oliver Antosch
Should practice on wwwLearnwitholivercom/german you will feel über-confident! :)
Comment from : Oliver Antosch

Shay From Scratch
From watching your videos I feel confident I know exactly the resources to start with if I ever decide to study German! I don't intend to study German, but then I never intended to study Farsi either Great reviews! A lot of language textbook reviews don't give a great sense of what the book actually brings to the table, but that's the most important part! As much as I like knowing whether a person likes or dislikes a textbook, the WHY is what makes the review
Comment from : Shay From Scratch

Avec Davi
o dólar tá tão caro, triste saber q n vai dar pra comprar
Comment from : Avec Davi

Shay From Scratch
Not to be that person, but "Posted 58 Seconds Ago" was weird and exciting to see haha - watching now!
Comment from : Shay From Scratch

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