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Why you Should Stack British Gold Sovereign Coins!

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Information Why you Should Stack British Gold Sovereign Coins!

Title :  Why you Should Stack British Gold Sovereign Coins!
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Frames Why you Should Stack British Gold Sovereign Coins!

Description Why you Should Stack British Gold Sovereign Coins!

Comments Why you Should Stack British Gold Sovereign Coins!

Richard Francis
Eagles ALWAYS sell for a premium Unless damaged
Comment from : Richard Francis

Richard Francis
Go to a different LCS !! I just sold a quarter Oz Eagle for $15 over spot to my LCS you got got dude
Comment from : Richard Francis

I like them Not sure of their liquidity here in the states But I'll take my chances
Comment from : john

Big E
Been getting excited to get onto 1/4 oz size coins after I finish my first tube of 1/10 gold 1/2 way done and the more I look the British Sovereign I think it might be the coin for me… just like to be a little different
Comment from : Big E

This is one of my favorites However, be careful for the Chinese Sovereign and the Middle East Sovereign; there are a lot of fake sovereigns out there
Comment from : c17360

Paul Powell
Nice to see the British sovereign being championed overseas
Comment from : Paul Powell

Seth Smith
In the original Jumanji film, the scene where the hunter impatiently drops a bunch of gold coins onto the counter at the gun shop were British Sovereigns😂
Comment from : Seth Smith

Andrew Derksen
I don't want to not pick ;)brBut brCanada , Australia and South Africa have them aswell 👍👍brActually there are good premiums on a frew Canadian and south African ones aswell :)brbrExcellent video 👍
Comment from : Andrew Derksen

Billy Bob Mirango
20 francs, sovsall good options for fractional I'm staying away from eaglesgold is gold and paying so much for a stamp is crazy in my mind
Comment from : Billy Bob Mirango

Michael Buckley
I can only afford the half gold sovereign coin but I do have a nice start for a awesome collectionbrBeautiful design !
Comment from : Michael Buckley

Mark Chaplin
Such a high copper content these days compared to the old ones
Comment from : Mark Chaplin

Thanks for the video It’s weird Here in the UK, gold sovereigns seems to be plentiful still whereas most of the 24k coins are out of stock Yet the sovereigns have less premium per pure gold oz than even the 1oz Britannias Maybe these days people prefer the shiny, more brilliant look of 24k gold over 22k and are willing to pay higher premiums for them
Comment from : jacc88888

Comment from : Eli

Thanks for this videogood to know these are liquid in the states
Comment from : Jen

harryzero 156
Buying the occasional double sovereign when a commemorative date becomes available confims an amazing belief in your original decision to stack gold coinbrOnly this year, a 2002 golden anniversary of our Sovereign's reign became available to mebrIt was apparently only issued in a 3 coin proof boxed set, so the chances of finding a separated one was extremely slimbrOf all my sovereigns of various monarchs, from half, full and doubles, this my most prized examplebrI would say to anyone before you get in too deep, read and attain as much knowledge as can, even a lack of recent knowledge can bring regretsbrFor example, I know I had 3 × 1957 sovereigns at one time, now I have only 2, since parting with that third one, I found out that the 1957 was our current Sovereign's first issuance, 4 years after taking her seat on the throne Britain had been recovering from WW2, it was only when forgeries started to circulate, that a genuine release of her first sovereign was decidedbrThese first 1957 sovereigns are the only sovereigns with a finer reeded edge than any other sovereignbrThis was done so the genuine sovereigns could more easily be identifiedbrSo I parted with a 1957 sovereign when almost any other date of the same design would have better suited me
Comment from : harryzero 156

FYI: Any Gold Sovereign minted from the reign of Queen Victoria onwards is legal tender in the UK The ones from earlier monarchs have been demonetized by UK law, so get treated differently for tax purposes (the legal tender ones are exempt from VAT at purchase and CGT at sale)
Comment from : samy701

Verbil Kint
I love them only gold I buy Same thought as silver, I buy the metal, not the coin
Comment from : Verbil Kint

Si Devon
Walking home today in the Great British county side and found a 1909 Edward VII Sovereign laying on the side of the road It must have been there for years and is very scuffed and marked but sill just under 8g of 22k gold
Comment from : Si Devon

Lobo Plateado Stacker
Sovereigns are the pinnacle of of divide and conquer applied to gold stacking It's easier to buy 4 Sovereigns one by one, than a full ounce all at once, and it also helps cost dollar averaging As for resale performance, stacking in ounces is les than 2 more efficient than Sovereigns here in Spain I picked several gold ounces when I was fresh into stacking and had lots of dry powder Nowadays, it is more convenient for me to grab a Sovereign every one or two months I will get some 24K ounces now and then to diversify beyond 22K gold just in case
Comment from : Lobo Plateado Stacker

I just started buying gold to compliment my silver Started with 1/4 eagles, then 1/10, now I'm onto my first of many sovereigns to come! I don't know what it is about them but I get a better feeling of worth from them and of course love the price
Comment from : Sawyer

Great video! Thanks for sharing Silver Dragons! Ohh…looks like you have found ideal candidate for 100k GAW😍🤙😵‍💫
Comment from : Silverado

I got 23 of them
Comment from : MGTOW CHAMPION

Jovey Suma
And how about 1914?
Comment from : Jovey Suma

The voice of Reason
A sovereign a month for the Rainy day fund 👍
Comment from : The voice of Reason

I definitely need to buy more gold to complement my silver, and since I’m already in the UK, sovereigns are the way to go, especially since they’re exempt from capital gains tax and VAT over here! I currently own a 1996 proof full sovereign, a 2020 proof half sovereign and a 1911 circulated half
Comment from : RCT3Crashes100

Adil Alirana
How much price
Comment from : Adil Alirana

Ortwein International
Couple years later SD, did you increase your Sovereign holdings much over the last 2 years? I really like these coins and was thinking of buying more of them (Currently, I have 1)
Comment from : Ortwein International

Sebastian Baragwanath
If you start at age 25 and buy one Gold Sovereign each month by the time you reach 50 you will have a worthwhile Pension that is easy to hide and You hold
Comment from : Sebastian Baragwanath

British RAF pilots and SAS soldiers carry them when on missions to use in emergency escape and evasion situations; the gold sovereign is still legal tender in the UK
Comment from : Richey

Kyle Brooks
We must remember if u get an old one You will have historical rights with the coin so if the governments ever do session act 6102 It be much harder for them to take ur gold cause it class under historical coin get dates before 1930s
Comment from : Kyle Brooks

Amit Kumar
I have 1 gold coin 1909old
Comment from : Amit Kumar

The prices you're paying for sovereigns are really good Here in Australia, where the coins were legal tender, we're charged 10 gst The premium is about 16 over spot!brbr999 bullion has no tax, so it makes no sense to stack these coins in Australia
Comment from : CatsMeowPaw

Jared Charland
Anything that's not pure gold or an easily divisible fraction is easy to buy & difficult to sell these along with French roosters, ducats, etc 👎
Comment from : Jared Charland

They are legal tender especially with latest head on
Comment from : RPM

Romans 8:11
I’ve just bought my first coin It is a quarter sovereign It’s tiny but I now have my first gold coin 😊
Comment from : Romans 8:11

First sovereigns were minted in 1487 by Henry 7th Now they are 732 grams of fine gold, worth approx £300 with a face value of £1 There's a perfect example of inflation
Comment from : EF

The Middle Journey
I have some and some half sovereign s I would like a 1822 but your talking £700 here in uk
Comment from : The Middle Journey

'paying $34 over spot for an AGE is outrageous'
Comment from : Mike

I have a few of the British sovereigns, but was wondering about buying the 1/4ioz AGE or a deal offered at an online dealerbrOf a Random quarter ounce gold government coin that’s about $35 cheaper than the American gold eagle br(I know there’s possibly a liquidity factor but I was looking at saving $35) ?
Comment from : Eli

Rpaul Millam
You can buy direct from the Royal Mint
Comment from : Rpaul Millam

Gjuetarët e Thesareve Albania Exploring
Hello Archeology group beautiful coins
Comment from : Gjuetarët e Thesareve Albania Exploring

Great Vid thanks for the show I picked one up the other day from my lcs Sounds like you got a great deal I paid 40 over spot I need to find new sources for buying my gold!
Comment from : Shilver101

pchang chang
Watch this gold stock St James Gold (TSXV: LORD)(USA-OTC: LRDJF) it was the #1 gainer last week Very low float and amount of shares This can seriously move as you can see from last week Precious metals are rocking now People lie but numbers dont governments are printing $$$ gold looks bullish to me in my opinion
Comment from : pchang chang

Bradley Pearce
What's "spot" mean anyone?
Comment from : Bradley Pearce

Womble Stacker
Easy to store easy to sell on good price
Comment from : Womble Stacker

ShaneO 4285
Great video I know people find them metal detecting in Australia As they were minted in a few commonwealth countries and used as legal tender brIt’s also a great idea to diversify your stack I agree 100 with what you have said in previous videos about stacking what is most liquid in your country, ie: US eagles, Canada maples, Australia kangaroos, China pandas ect But it’s also important to have brands/mints that are liquid in other countries Incase of a worse case scenario where, your countries economy crashes And you need to sell on the international market Countries metals with a better economy will be a lot more liquid Imo Everybody should at least have a little US mints, Canadian mint and Perth mint minimum
Comment from : ShaneO 4285

The BeezNeez
anybody here also own a portion of BTC or other cryptos?
Comment from : The BeezNeez

Alexander United ☑️
I have a 1890 Jubilee Head minted in Melbourne Nice looking coin
Comment from : Alexander United ☑️

Alexander Ivkin
Imagine this: 1 ounce of gold was 425£ back then Now the gold price is 1400£ Money printing brrrrrrrrrrrrr worked very well
Comment from : Alexander Ivkin

Bullion by Post in the UK , good place to buy from
Comment from : J G

Just brought 25 , thinking of getting another 25 to protect my savings for when they steal evryones savings in 2021 under the WEF Great Reset
Comment from : J G

I just made the transition from stacking silver to gold with gold sovereigns The premiums and VAT in the UK on silver makes them I feel unviable as a store of wealth for the UK investor
Comment from : Alan7997

Aaran Addis
What’s stacking and circulating
Comment from : Aaran Addis

Dan Mac
When you compare over spot prices, you're forgetting these are only 92 gold That 8 should be considered alsobrIf spot is 2000USD, that 8 equals to 160USD over spot! Not to mention the premium
Comment from : Dan Mac

Patrick Murphy
Scored my first Sovereign today 1927 George V in mint state condition Woo Hoo!
Comment from : Patrick Murphy

Daniel McLaughlin
What I like about Sovereigns is they have some of the lowest premiums of all Gold coins
Comment from : Daniel McLaughlin

Shane O Rourke
Its worth noting from collecting these, the new ones will have an accurate weight of 798 old sovs can be 7654 7695 etc They went out of common use after WW1 and became bullion after that and the weight became more important to be accurate So don't worry when your weighing to buy a say 1898 one it says 7623 instead of 798
Comment from : Shane O Rourke

Sovereign Saurus
I have a few of these and some variations, proofs and smaller Sovereigns, nice coins and great for stacking, often sold with low premium here in the UK
Comment from : Sovereign Saurus

G YamBal
Comment from : G YamBal

I have the Sovereign coin from Britaniar and design in 1878 youtube/Nf2hwH1cQZkbrI want to sell
Comment from : LEZAN46

Spectral lim
I'm vegan, so I buy maples LOL just kidding
Comment from : Spectral lim

Metal Detecting Micky UK
Very informative Buddy Thanks 🙏
Comment from : Metal Detecting Micky UK

Great vid, I’ve been buying these for only about 3 years now I really like the low premiums and I always save my ebucks for these purchases Take care
Comment from : Eli

Chops and Archie
Hi All,brbrI believe the first sovereigns were introduced in the reign of Henry VII in 1487, two years after BosworthbrbrCheers
Comment from : Chops and Archie

How are coins a good investment when it’s dependent on the whim of your local coin shop?
Comment from : TheBooban

Gold Digger Dave
Only problem with gold is when you look back what you bought and what you paid you wished you bought loads more!
Comment from : Gold Digger Dave

Paulienkham Vaiphei
They are also made in India by mmtc-pamp under license from the royal mint👍👍
Comment from : Paulienkham Vaiphei

Bullion Addict
SDbrIt's something to watch a video from 6 months ago to see how times have changed and premiums brBut I do like the Sovereigns I actually had none at the beginning of the year and now I have four
Comment from : Bullion Addict

David Ryan
Underrated right now especially
Comment from : David Ryan

Gil Balfas
I finally subbed to your channel Nice job
Comment from : Gil Balfas

Bombs Away LeMay
With gold prices so high, along with ridiculous premiums on silver, these Sovereigns look very attractive
Comment from : Bombs Away LeMay

I put everything in capsules I'm OCD but more importantly for resale
Comment from : Charon

Are the Royal Arms Gold coins any good?
Comment from : MonsterHunterVideos

The Chief Coin Sovereign
The chief coin
Comment from : The Chief Coin Sovereign

Nathan Soper
Gold sovereigns actually go back a lot more than 200 years they had them in Tudor times
Comment from : Nathan Soper

nicholas owens
there are also half soverigns available as well
Comment from : nicholas owens

When you selling then are they deduct any commissions?? Or where to sell
Comment from : Kabr

Oleg Petelevitch
I do , I have and still doing it with silver too 35yrs ! Only full and half ! No smaller !
Comment from : Oleg Petelevitch

I love gold sovereigns They sell really well here in the UK because, as legal tender, they are both VAT free and capital gains free Also, they are really interesting coins in their own right and with a bit of study you can get to know what is rare and unusual and make even more selling on I buy only Sovereigns and partial Britannias (which are pure 24ct gold unlike the 22ct Sovereigns)
Comment from : aucourant

Jason Phillips
Wait till The military comes and wants all your gold!
Comment from : Jason Phillips

I prefer 20F European coins, but sovereigns are cool too
Comment from : Ricois

The HRS Channel
They are still legal tender in the UK and can be spent, although you wouldn’t, it has a nominal value of £25 in the UK
Comment from : The HRS Channel

Hello, I’ve just uploaded a video of a gold coin that I found in my house when I was trying to catch mouse in my kitchen! Can you take a look and see if you can identify the coin for me please?
Comment from : Mothballjim

William Burkenroad
So a Sovereign was worth (16 oz) 1 pound of 925 Sterling Silver in Old England - so around 84 oz to an oz of gold (2354 x 4 = a little less than 1 oz of pure gold to a pound of Sterling Silver) to a pound (16 ozs) X 4 = 84 ozs Sterling Silver! Classic England gold to silver ratio = 84 approximately while today the value is peaking @ 95 oz’s silver to one oz of gold! & probably going to an all time high close to a 100 to 1 2020 before coming down later in 2020
Comment from : William Burkenroad

robert feinberg
Hate the hands
Comment from : robert feinberg

I found 1 also 1927 georgivs bgd britt but I dont know the value
Comment from : Norhainie

So I don’t have to pay the California tax, I go to Nevada once a month I’ve done the math for silver from buying premium to selling Turns out, generics are the absolute best way to go They sell for $115 over spot and buy for $65 under spot Meanwhile, ASEs sell for $325 over spot and they’ll buy them back for spot brbrThe way I see it, if the price doesn’t go up and you’re suddenly forced to sell for some unknown reason I’d much rather be out $180 vs $325
Comment from : Swingkat

stephen pack
Love the sovereign great price great size
Comment from : stephen pack

stephen pack
Sovereign first introduced in 1492
Comment from : stephen pack

Yeah, I'd stack sovereigns if I could buy them for spot but that doesn't happen very often even with a 10 ebates coupon But, I can buy swiss and french 20 Francs at spot all day with that 10 coupon and they also qualify for ebucks
Comment from : TheRealSiberD

Snag these when you can get the 10 ebay bucks promotion :)
Comment from : mascmc

An important consideration for US buyers is the tax on gold In my state, IL, gold under 999 fineness has a 975 sales tax ! So do US Eagles, so I do not buy them online, because dealers must charge me that tax WI is 55 on ALL gold Check JM bullion for gold buybacks, they seem to have better prices than coin shops
Comment from : PinballBob1

great pick up 👍👍
Comment from : Sovereign_uk

A couple of points, with gold going up at the moment 90 of Sovereigns, from young Victorias onwards are basically worth their gold weight However, sometimes you can get a small premium on young Victorias and also Shieldback Sovereigns are usually worth a little more Some years from some mints are also more valuable but there are too many examples to list
Comment from : sheikhyaboooty

Garry Croft
Very popular for stacking worldwide, easily traded Bonus in the UK for stacking gold is there is no sales tax on any gold coins and bars Second bonus in the UK is no capital gains tax on UK gold Coins (Sovereigns and Britannia's)brThe bummer here in the UK is Silver, we have a 20 sales tax on silver
Comment from : Garry Croft

Scott Osborn
My LCS sells 1 oz Eagles and Maples for 30 bucks over spot
Comment from : Scott Osborn

Omer Alwais
I have an Iraqi gold coin, can you see it old 1980
Comment from : Omer Alwais

blind hog
Gold Sovereign coins kept Franco and his generals out of WW2 The cavalry of St George was more appealing to Franco than dying for Hitler
Comment from : blind hog

Sov V's Eagle? USA, USA, USA! About right?
Comment from : tallthinkev

local coin shop in carolina was offering 88 cents to melt value for my sovereigns along with all the crap of how difficult it is sell / expenses of operating a coin shop etc I was taken aback getting such a low ball I was hoping 2 - 4 under the melt (yours $14 below sounds like about 4 below) More surprising was the fact the guy told he sometimes has to melt it to sell it - and gets 99 cents on the melt value
Comment from : Nikhil

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