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5 dingen die Amerikaanse toeristen niet zouden moeten dragen in Europa

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Information 5 dingen die Amerikaanse toeristen niet zouden moeten dragen in Europa

Title :  5 dingen die Amerikaanse toeristen niet zouden moeten dragen in Europa
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Frames 5 dingen die Amerikaanse toeristen niet zouden moeten dragen in Europa

Description 5 dingen die Amerikaanse toeristen niet zouden moeten dragen in Europa

Comments 5 dingen die Amerikaanse toeristen niet zouden moeten dragen in Europa

Wolters World
Please Note: This Video is for 35+ year old US travelers heading to Europe Young Europeans do wear most of these styles and trends, but the 35+ European crowd do not wear them to the same extent And the locals won't care what you wear, so this is more to help you blend in a bit better Great travels to you all & Thank you for all the comments & subscriptions
Comment from : Wolters World

It's quite easy to spot Americans wherever you go 😁 One piece of advice I'd give is if you are in Europe and buy a soccer jersey sometimes you have to be careful where you wear it For example if you're in England and wear a Manchester United shirt in a city like Liverpool you run the risk of being accosted by certain intoxicated individuals (and vice versa with Manchester) Honestly wear what you like, we're pretty easy going over here ☺️
Comment from : MegaCody101

Sebastian P Shanasty
So that means not even one doucheafornian could visit Europe
Comment from : Sebastian P Shanasty

Matt Kendall
Going to Stockholm later this year and was planning on being a shorts and t-shirt slob (it'll be summer) but watching another travel video and everyone seems so well dressed that I think I'd be embarrassed to do the shorts/t-shirt thing I might have to step up in class
Comment from : Matt Kendall

Johnathon W Kelsey
Do get a hair piece 🤔
Comment from : Johnathon W Kelsey

Leonardo Gregoratti
gym suits are ok if you want to meld into mafia circles
Comment from : Leonardo Gregoratti

Image And Art
I’m glad you made this video , I was going to wear my t shirt that says I’m from Brooklyn NY mother fucker
Comment from : Image And Art

Image And Art
I’m glad you made this video , I was going to wear my t shirt that says I’m from Brooklyn NY mother fucker
Comment from : Image And Art

Cozumel Girl
Actually if you watch little league World Series baseball (12 year old kids) there are European/African teams And they’re really good But Japan has typically the best So baseball hats are not unheard of Just less likely to be seen
Comment from : Cozumel Girl

Went with my friends 87 year old mother to Italy 10 years ago Her mother had emigrated to America when she was 16 to meet for an arranged marriage with a man who had emigrated years before from the same town My friends mother was the first child of her mothers, born when she hadn’t yet learned English, and so the first years of her life she spoke the regional dialect of her mother While we stayed in Sorrento and visited other cities nearby, she would try to speak to people with what she remembered It was essentially a 1920s Calabrian or Sicilian dialect People would smile and say they recognized that it was an archaic form that they could almost understand but not quite In any case, as an “Italian American” myself one generation removed, thought I would feel right at home… But although I love Italy, it clearly was a completely different world in every way culturally One thing that I hadn’t expected: Italians’ allegiance to “the right way of doing things,” more exactly usually involving the most aesthetically pleasing and elegant way of doing things If we put a foot wrong, or ordered food at the wrong times or in the wrong combination or sequence, we were corrected, usually with indulgent humor that you would give an ignorant child In a country where manners and style have been refined over literally thousands of years, they have earned the right
Comment from :

Wil McCutcheon
Don't wear a karate gi 🥋 unless you are planning to enter the dragon
Comment from : Wil McCutcheon

no sah
It's weird to watch these European videos talking about pickpockets I've been all over Europe and probably (admittedly) stood out as an American a time or two Not once have I felt like I was being targeted I'm more concerned about my safety at home in the US Lol brbrNobody has ever scorned me for wearing anything mentioned Though I don't wear baseball hats or college attire, I'm sure I've worn some comfort based clothing before I think pickpocketers can tell who is laying attention and who isn't regardless of what they're wearing
Comment from : no sah

Gillian WV
Oh no So…no jeggings or Crocs?brI’m rethinking my trip to Paris brKidding, we all have black jeans with white or grey shirts We will be there in May, hopefully it won’t be too hot
Comment from : Gillian WV

Linda Gonzalez
My advice is to not come at all as you seem to have a unrealistic perspective of everything Strange behaviour 🤔whatever you put on,screaming voice and waiving arms 🙄
Comment from : Linda Gonzalez

How about if travelers learn a little about the culture of the places they visit and act accordingly? That also applies to European visitors to America
Comment from : obiwan2112

David Szakacs
Puh-leeze! Baseball cap or no baseball cap, the local WILL know you're Americanand so what if they do? Is there a Hat Police there giving out tickets?
Comment from : David Szakacs

Golden dog lover
We can tell you out and in ireland we do where tracksuits normally so don’t listen to this guy no afffence
Comment from : Golden dog lover

I wear cowboy boots and put my wallet down in the boot Never been robbed
Comment from : 57silverwings

dtikvxc dgjbv
Americans are nice people and excellent guestsbrIt is interesting Your documenting of different dress code of Europeans and AmericansbrIn Central Eastern and South Eastern Eurooe You'll see many young and middle-aged persons casually dressed, in sportswear The difference between and Americans is that locals often don't have quality original, but fake brand so it can be more pale, and American sizes are bigger, like American XXL shirt is quite bigger than XXL in Eastern Europe, although the locals can be very huge and tall
Comment from : dtikvxc dgjbv

Chicho Charli
If I had a 🥃 each time you say "stuff like that"😂 That also screams I'm from the US
Comment from : Chicho Charli

Bob Boyd
How about a man bun?
Comment from : Bob Boyd

The Cap also says "I am obnoxious, probably drunk or high and going to try and beat you up for no reason" if you are not a teanager
Comment from : TheExplodingChipmunk

Ribb Rascal
When I was in Italy and Ireland, I wore what I wanted, which was sporty and sharpbrbrI don't care what people think Because I am secure in myselfbrbrBeing blond also is a benefit, ngl
Comment from : Ribb Rascal

Dom Wings
Since this is 5 years ago, I’ll update this Don’t wear yoga pants Mainly bc Americans are all 50lbs overweight and it’s just gross Sorry not sorry
Comment from : Dom Wings

Keyser Soze
MAGA caps?
Comment from : Keyser Soze

I am from the USA and I am not ashamed or trying to hide it I was in Italy in August, I have no regrets about my clothing they loved taking my money
Comment from : James

Ernest Barteldes
Dont wear bras either Very few western European women wear them Poland, yes
Comment from : Ernest Barteldes

I'm European and I have kakhi pants
Comment from : carbo73

Travis hatch
As an American, I've always wanted to visit Europe more specifically Norway 🇳🇴
Comment from : Travis hatch

Dave Mons
Comment from : Dave Mons

Harrison Brown
First Americans could care less But I agree New Orleans has the same problem with American and Europeans A local can always spot a tourist
Comment from : Harrison Brown

As a woman I tend to walk looking straight ahead and have a “stare right through you” look and kind of try to look like I’m not in the mood for anyone’s bs today, because I don’t want to look like a target to since guys who wanna hurt people look for easy targets, so even though I’m American I wonder if that helped me blend in Since most Americans smile a lot at people I also wear an “alternative” style clothes so I don’t really fit in for any country but where I was in Europe there’s a lot of other young people who dress “alt” I think I must’ve fit in because one person started trying to ask in French which bus he should be taking, he was so shocked when I said I don’t know a lot of French and don’t know where this bus goes He asked me some funny questions about Americans, like do I go to church and things because he heard were all Christians Most of the time I just tried not to speak to anyone unless I had to because everyone can tell my American accent even when speaking French, they said my pronunciation is good but my accent is still obvious Most people didn’t realize I was American unless they heard me speak Nobody ever tried to pickpocket me but I’m always looking all around me making sure nobody gets too close, I was there for 6 months in Belgium I even used coupons and stuff at the store and got a coupon on my waffles to an amusement park
Comment from : BananaBread

What about shorts?? When I visited italy in the 90s, shorts screamed I'm American! What about jeans??!
Comment from : Rebekka

I was heading to Sri Lanka and I wanted to blend in so I brought an Indian dress Sri Lankans were ending up dressing like Latinos in old movies I just want to say you have no chance of blending in unless you shop at your destination which can be a lot of fun, but not necessary I travelled the world and never got robbed, you do not have to overthink that either
Comment from : Csenge

I don't care what tourists wear, the only thing that bugs me is having to avoid their cameras
Comment from : freeder

americans always wear massive trainers and college sports stuff
Comment from : P S

Larry Bunnell
so dumb
Comment from : Larry Bunnell

Cameron Juntti
Pretty much all of these now seem to be moot I see plenty of Europeans in baseball caps and Nike jumpsuits
Comment from : Cameron Juntti

What a bunch of nonesense - ALL wrong advices No one in Europe will notice what you wear or not I am from Europe (51 old) and I always wear most of stuff you said not to especially when on trip
Comment from : AJones

Andrew Birch
Do not wear a Pearl Necklace, they’ll be looking for you to suck them off
Comment from : Andrew Birch

Tom A
All good points, but not only because someone is going to rob you, it's just a really bad style to wear a baseball cap (especially backwards), yoga pants and a sweatshirt
Comment from : Tom A

Jonny Taylor
This is horrible advice
Comment from : Jonny Taylor

Jose Quinton
fat jollie man on how to be ingog-neeto,,,,,,,,,,yhink Americans stick out just by tude and turdy way they carry themselveslove the tutut-real on tailore made advice
Comment from : Jose Quinton

David Fraser
Dress how you like, just control your children in restaurants please
Comment from : David Fraser

Non piacco Jenz
Comment from : GenreArtWithJB

Io porto Cinos?? Che ok??
Comment from : GenreArtWithJB

ebonic fyahahms
Dont dress ghetto! Jews are remembered as money grubbing communists that got Hitler elected! Stay safe!
Comment from : ebonic fyahahms

Carol Pool
I listened to your video once before spending last summer in Europe but honestly I found locals in Spain and Portugal wearing all the things you say not to wear I was shocked to see ladies wearing shorts and athletic wear everywhere in Madrid and Barcelona I saw lots of older people even wearing tennis shoes
Comment from : Carol Pool

Joe Vee
My father was from Italy I went there when I was 5 in the 80s But now If I went I would just wear some casual athletic for walking some jeans and no not skinny jeans I don't care my plums needs to breath and as long as there not super baggy and sagging then who cares just levis 541s For T shirts just plane well fitted diffent color plain generic Tee A casual jacket no hoodies And if your going to a nice restaurant dress casual dress shoes button up and some slacks that's all I really don't care my father was central Italy he excpeted and loved me be fore he died and keep him in my thought and just enjoy the history and views of the mother land
Comment from : Joe Vee

Eray Aktaş
I’ll wear we the f I want Who’s to dictate?
Comment from : Eray Aktaş

Gary Christison
I was in New Orleans LA and a group of black guys laughed and made fun of my shoes They were good hearted about it and I didn't take offense Ok, my walking shoes were five years old and had a hole in the side of them Part of being a tourist, everyone should be a tourist at least occasionally
Comment from : Gary Christison

Miro Bxl
Thanks for your video, as I work in fashion and I live in Europe and been almost everywhere around here, I just want to advice you to wear whatever you think It’s suitable for the occasion If your going to a city trip or a big city people definitely wear sports sneakers and it’s a big yes in fashion If it’s summer time wearing flip flops in a big city which is not near a beach such as London or Paris it’s a bit wired but only if it’s really really hot in summer time it can be okay, but going to a nice restaurant or doing shopping in nice shops with flip flops it’s a big no You can wear some nice sportswear sometimes if you have to walk a lot, do hiking and to discover the city, that’s absolutely fine and also Europeans do it Wearing caps is not very fashion or can wear it everywhere it’s again only if it’s really summer and want to be protected from the sun heat otherwise it’s a big no as he mentioned in the videos Oversize clothes are definitely for a certain generation sometimes and sometimes it’s in fashion but it depends how comfortable do you want to be, but for example men here wear tight or skinny trousers, jeans , shoes or T-shirts which is also very normal and not very normal in America Don’t be afraid from colours as Europeans like to wear so many different colours specially in summer time, winter time is different No high heels for sure when your a tourist, it’s the biggest mistake ever
Comment from : Miro Bxl

Kiki Northington
Good advice
Comment from : Kiki Northington

Hidden Mongoose
I went to Ireland and i saw ALL of these from local folks including the US State paraphernalia Very confusing to see a dude talking with the thickest Newry accent you'll ever hear wearing a New York or Georgia shirt Shockingly common The high heels thing is very true though Lots of cobble and in ireland, lots of inclines and declines
Comment from : Hidden Mongoose

Ashton Hashbrown
Honestly as an American I already don't wear any of those, so I'm set!
Comment from : Ashton Hashbrown

Wow, those were good points
Comment from : giveme5mins

We really dont care in europe :p Lots of people do wear sorts clothes The denim pants thing is true tho we do like those lol
Comment from : lemayo

Andrew Birch
Jizz Rags
Comment from : Andrew Birch

《Matsu Pannoyoyetmey Frooygi》
Coming from an Italian one thing is do not wear shorts, in some places they ban you from there because you have on shorts so if you are visiting in Italy try to wear longer shorts jeans, leggings, capris, jeggings because you never know In Italy though most Italian speakers wear formal clothes in some certain parts, once I was walking around this couple looked like people from England but they were Italian they just dressed like they were from England coming to the dang Wampanoag for Thanksgiving yk pilgrims
Comment from : 《Matsu Pannoyoyetmey Frooygi》

Ethan Atkinson
It’s great I’m seeing this video a few years after it was uploaded to YT! Well done Wolters! Seems pickpocketing and small theft is so bad - I just wanted to throw out my 2cents - move to the new Athens, Georgia(it’s been around since about 1750) in the US where you will never have an issue with pickpockets, or dangerous youth Or move anywhere in the US, cause it’s not a problem except during Mardis Gras in New Orleans which is horribly crowded
Comment from : Ethan Atkinson

The athletic wear part sadly doesn't match all of europe, especially not germany ;)
Comment from : kevmovieman

Antti Seppänen
Here in the North we wear everything said not advised to wear Be yourself at any age, feel comfort No-one cares
Comment from : Antti Seppänen

When i do rob people, i rob americans :-)
Comment from : demonchild69

See this is good and all but why am I worried about fitting in
Comment from : D4RTH TEDDYBE4R

Lisa W
You are definitely right about heels and cobble stone 😅 as soon as you plan to go to an old city and visit the center, leave them at the hotel and check streets beforehand As long as you’re not used to walk on cobble stonebrVisiting Prague you’ll see many women wearing high heels and they kinda fly over cobble stone, dunno how they do it
Comment from : Lisa W

D Filice
Funny thing, when we visited Italy/Switzerland/France before Covid, many Europeans dressed just like we do in the US
Comment from : D Filice

ralf janser
complete nonsense, except the advise for high heels, can't advise them for man too How do i find out who is a tourist? A tourist usually can be found with a disturbing behavior at places which are well known by the inhabitants These places are not used for any tours, inhabitants use them normally for a lot of business stuff including pick pockets If you want to learn something about a country you have to talk with people
Comment from : ralf janser

Ralf von der Kolk
Wear caps, pants, athletic cloth, sportshoes, universoty-logos if you like - no ptoblemo, no one will get angrybrBut please not in churches, or similar buildings
Comment from : Ralf von der Kolk

fiddler on the bike
hm tourists from the US are recognized as tourists from the US anyway, no matter what they wear
Comment from : fiddler on the bike

Barry Ballinger
Does this mean Europeans need to wear all these things when they come to America so they don’t look European?brbrOr, they can wear what they’re comfortable with I’ll wear what I want when I go there
Comment from : Barry Ballinger

Doesnt matter what they wear They talk so loud that they always stick out
Comment from : MrBenedictus25

Where what the you want They know you’re a yankee It’s fine Try not being an obnoxious douche That’s what they expect and hate everywhere
Comment from : Yojimbro71

thumbs up kevin
disagree with the first point I saw more yankee hates in Stockholm than i did in manhattan
Comment from : thumbs up kevin

Title should be changed to "5 more reasons not to go to Europe" lol
Comment from : Vol2169

Graham Vernon
I can't speak for all Europe, but in my city in the UK we dress pretty much the same as the US (yep including 35+'s)brIf I'd give any advice to our US cousins, its don't be loud/brash (it's a massive here I am a "wealthy American tourist" for theives) or rude to the service industry opertives (the service is what it is here)
Comment from : Graham Vernon

Wooly Puffin
What actually screams US is being unfriendly or demanding Sorry to say this but US tourists are very rude sometimes which is sad If you are friendly ppl will not care what you wear
Comment from : Wooly Puffin

DJ Men
The best solution is: don´t travel to Europe They are full of thiefs and scammers and authorities don´t do anything about it
Comment from : DJ Men

Scared fat dude is so deathly afraid of those around him he has to worry about what type of clothing is covering his dick and ass
Comment from : cannalingus

Francisco Tudela
Totaler QuatschbrIn Europa interessiert niemand was du trägst
Comment from : Francisco Tudela

Denise Marie
I always wear Dockers, a Rochester Uni sweat, white socks and four-inch Manolos to the supermarket Everybody gets out of my way Uh huhI think they really dig my Mexican poncho and Aussie scaup hat
Comment from : Denise Marie

Achilles Dinamita
I feel clothes have nothing to do with anything Be respectful as a tourist, don't complain, and have personal awareness
Comment from : Achilles Dinamita

Tortellini Fettuccine
My advice for Americans is, when you go to Europe, realize that you are now in a place with far more importance than your local 5 lane stroad suburb No European anywhere in the city would ever dress in gym clothes unless they were going to the gym, and they certainly would never go out in public wearing their pj's It's incredibly easy to spot an American in Europe because one, they either look very poor/homeless/are very loud This is because some Americans choose to wear things like sweatpants, hoodies, even their pajamas in public
Comment from : Tortellini Fettuccine

Ouhhhh You can see americans poorly dressed without any taste, especially girls Come on, you've got internet, check what europeans wear, thats fashion
Comment from : role

Edith González
📢Your videos are 👌🏼💯
Comment from : Edith González

As someone who grew up in Rome, a lot of it is also how you carry yourself I could wear an American university sweater and no one would wonder if I was American, but an American could dress like an Italian and most people would still be able to tell they weren’t Italian There’s also a distinct difference in how an inexperienced vs an experienced tourist carries themselves I live how subtle thing like body language can really give these things away 🥰
Comment from : Gigi

Krook S
Amerikans have an tandency to speakes laud and many are pushy which also gives you away They should also be aware of that You are Easy to spot Keep a lower profile And dont bring Fanny real jewelry Especially not in italy!
Comment from : Krook S

Michael Welsh
I gotta call bs on the yoga pants, in Spain & Italy that's virtually all I saw the entire time I was there, about 2 weeks in each country
Comment from : Michael Welsh

I say wear what to eff ever you want Who cares about what euros think! As soon as you open your mouf they will know you from the greatest country on earth They love tourists and dollars
Comment from : MS

Michał Dziurzyński
Co on pierdoli???
Comment from : Michał Dziurzyński

I spent 24 hours in London, for work I wore a suit and tie the whole time No one gave a crap 😂brbrOn a serious note: Men, a collared shirt with nice jeans is fine 😂
Comment from : T H

I'm from England and I vsited Portugal recently I wore Nike running trainers, a snapback cap, addidas t-shirt and chinos (khakis)brbrGuess I'm American 😆
Comment from : ManMang0

OMG, I appreciate a lot of your last vidz but this this one contents so much stereo types I am from Germany and I can promise that it is just not true what he is talking It sounds like European people don't wearing sport shoes or khaki shorts and you can't wear it as a tourist Sorry guys but I am wearing this stuff probably every day Just wear what you want! Nobody cares about!
Comment from : Malte

Set Name
wear what you want nobody cares
Comment from : Set Name

Bobs Your Uncle
Before we see them, we easily spot the Americans by their loud nasal way of talking Then we see packs of whales and this confirms our suspicions Anyway, I have never met a trendy American, expect in some Hollywood movies
Comment from : Bobs Your Uncle

Kimberly Hutchinson
Growing up in Japan, I learned to dress according to the venue Athleteleisure clothing seems to violate that aesthetic, so I avoid it Just seems cognitively jarring to see people who don’t work out dressing as if they are here to work out, even though here is not a gym
Comment from : Kimberly Hutchinson

To fit in in Italy you need to be slim and stylishly dressed and speak with your hands😁
Comment from : Howard

Mpls Mike
Mid-50’s American Making no particular clothing effort to “blend in” in Alsace Security guards at European Parliament just ASSUMED I was German Kind of funny
Comment from : Mpls Mike

You sir look like a German tourists You can easily spot them in the NetherlandsbrEven if you look like a tourist in the Netherlands don't worry you won't get robbed, also not in Germany brIn France, Paris its a different story
Comment from : hetspook666

dr Wilhelmus Akomba
Would flat sole sneakers like stan smith, nmd, or air force count as sport shoes? Cause it's more like lifestyle shoes now, unlike those hardcore running shoes like pegasus, and stuff like that
Comment from : dr Wilhelmus Akomba

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