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How To Find MS67 MS68 Lincoln Memorial Cent Pennies

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Information How To Find MS67 MS68 Lincoln Memorial Cent Pennies

Title :  How To Find MS67 MS68 Lincoln Memorial Cent Pennies
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Frames How To Find MS67 MS68 Lincoln Memorial Cent Pennies

Description How To Find MS67 MS68 Lincoln Memorial Cent Pennies

Comments How To Find MS67 MS68 Lincoln Memorial Cent Pennies

Jana Borreson
What is it I need to do to be able have you look at my couns?
Comment from : Jana Borreson

Charles V Anthony
Good job Daniel it's rough maybe I will get lucky
Comment from : Charles V Anthony

C T Murray
Your video was very helpful but spending $1,200 for trying to save is very difficult unless you're in the business It is a different approach so give me a year I'll give it a try
Comment from : C T Murray

That's a little bit out of my batting range with bulk submission what's your video when you send bulk submission and see what you get I have 10 coins I like to send away just don't have the funds
Comment from : Drifter

Russ C
Just did a little math based on population reports and of submitted coins receiving a given gradebr I used 2009 & 2010 as sample sizes (1) for a decently large population & (2) relative ease of getting/finding ms65 or higher grades when cherry pickingbr If you have a base (holder) grade of 66 & request all others not be holdered, then approximately 62 of your coins will be returned at a $2 fee 35 will receive ms66 & 1 MS67 With a 0007 chance of a ms68 - you get that & thus is all moot Baring that, you'd be spending $132 on the 64 ungraded coins & $504 on the 36 graded coins Cost = $636br The average value of the 35 ms66s is $3120 x 35= $1092 The average value of the one ms67 is $603 but ranges wildly ($150-$1800) This gives you an average value of $1696 in graded coins Thus grossing you a $1049 profit (net would depend on costs involved like shipping, etc, and acquiring the coins)brbrThis was a fun exercise I thought I'd share Feel free comment questionsbr Bottom line If you're gonna do bulk, be sure to set a realistic min grade Look at population reports Do the math Don't count on that 68 or higher, you'll be lucky to get one 67brbrHappy hunting ✌️😁❤️
Comment from : Russ C

BulldogTony YT
The reason the coins actually look different between each grade is because they grade coins by eye and only use 5x magnification if they have to, and I'd bet that it comes down to the grader of the coin as well no matter how much of an expert they are, there will always be a coworker or colleague who will argue the point and possibly force a lower grade! With the amount of coins being sent in you know they have a team of people individually working on huge amounts of coins and not all is gonna give the same grade to one specific coin!
Comment from : BulldogTony YT

Randy Nicolas
I have one sent 1987
Comment from : Randy Nicolas

Chadd Steinberg
Can you write off Grading on taxes as an expense? I wondered the same for restoration?
Comment from : Chadd Steinberg

Maria Cisneros Hdz
Comment from : Maria Cisneros Hdz

Monsoon pain
I got lucky onceI bought a 1999 UNCIRCULATED mint setin the Denver pouch, I found a proof like JFK Half ! I didn't remove the cellophane, but its clearly proof likeits looks nothing like ANY other UNCIRCULATED half dollar I hope to submit it soon
Comment from : Monsoon pain

lorezo mendoza
thanks great job
Comment from : lorezo mendoza

Jody Settle
Hey sir, I just want to say thank you for your information You really helped me a lot I've been saving pennies and collecting coins mostly Lincoln pennies since I was in my early twenties I have a ton say the least but I have never sold hardly any of them Believe it or not I still don't have that 1943 though copper Still looking Anyway thanks a lot for your help
Comment from : Jody Settle

Justin Hughes
Should a person sending a coin to be graded that is in a plastic round holder from the mint be cleaned at the grading company?
Comment from : Justin Hughes

alicia arroyo
Thank you thank you!!! About a month ago I came across 2 unopened 1959D memorial cents and I wanted to get them graded I have been doing some research but this video actually taught me what to look at!brI ordered a loop and it should be here this week I have been dying to send a few of these coins in for grading I was concerned I would have no idea what I was doing but your video actually gave me some insight brI like videos that kind of go over how to see if a coin has value I am new to the hobby but I think I have been learning the most from your channel Thanks for all your awesome content and keep doing videos like these
Comment from : alicia arroyo

Michael Román
Comment from : Michael Román

Joseph Ference
Very informative Thank you Daniel!
Comment from : Joseph Ference

Good info , should you go to a secondary market like EBay and buy a ICG 1958 cent MS 67 already slabbed for $57 + shipping , take a look at it , and decided whether to send it to pcgs for grading brbrThanks for the input
Comment from : EivinSukoi

Rich Bloom
I found the 1968 Penny Lincoln and it's a s over D have you ever found one of them like that I can't find it let me know rich thanks like your show
Comment from : Rich Bloom

Bob Sickles
You are a good man Thank you solo much for all the info It just shows you care Thank you Not many people out here like you Your wonderful Thank you, Diana Stafford
Comment from : Bob Sickles

Bob Sickles
I will have a new phone in 3 ir4 days I will send u them
Comment from : Bob Sickles

Bob Sickles
I want to show u my coins I think are wirth money If u help me I will pay you
Comment from : Bob Sickles

Google User
What do you do if you find an 1967 MS-67 Red in an old anacs holder?
Comment from : Google User

Randall Smerna
So it cost you $299 to evaluate a hundred coins of a maximum of five dates If they all ended up grading at 66 then you'd pay $9 times 100 or $900 PLUS the $299 for a total of $1,199 God knows the shipping is included in this or notbrThen you have to sell them
Comment from : Randall Smerna

R Newton
I liked your video I am very, very new to this and have lots of coins that I had put away 50+ years ago From reading all the various web sites (UGH), I thought I might want to get some of my coins graded by either PCGS or NGC Again, this is all new to me as I collected coins as a youngster and stopped collecting around 1965 I had a lot of these in those old carboard folders/holders I really have no intention of selling these at this point (unless), just passing them off to my 5 year old grandson to continue collecting I have started to 'catalogue' starting with the cents (over 1000 so far) starting at 1900 and I was thinking I should probably get a few graded just as 'collection' pieces as part of his collection I've picked out a1909 S VDB as 1 to have graded as well a 1935 and others that appear to be high quality I have looked at the PCGS website to help me decide as you suggested (thank you for that) For some reason I also have a lot of 1957 Ds which if compare to your video on 'grading' look perfect and have no carbon or scratches on them (I bought a loop recently on Amazon) A few, probably 12 or so have that 'die chip' or 'blob' in the letter B and the date I think this is called a 'variety' not a mint error? My thinking is to send in 6 to 12 coins for grading as just examples of the quality that these coins really are Again, I'm not doing this to sell them, and I don't mind the cost, just to provide a collection for my grandson to hopefully carry-on I also have a lot of Kennedy half dollars, early 1960s in what appears (to me) mint condition Is there a preference as to either PCGS or NGC? Thanks for any advice
Comment from : R Newton

Ray Dowdy
Can you do a video on trail dies?
Comment from : Ray Dowdy

Ray Dowdy
Great information Daniel Thanks for sharing And keep the videos coming
Comment from : Ray Dowdy

Wilson Rodriguez
I own bank rolls never open from 1959 to 1979 uncirculated on ms 67 +
Comment from : Wilson Rodriguez

Dean Enterline
Great Teaching(s) as always
Comment from : Dean Enterline

Ed Duarte
Are plating blisters a mint error or a variety
Comment from : Ed Duarte

The Anonymous
Collecting coins is waste of time amd money unless you can find errors or ms65+ and they are too hard to get
Comment from : The Anonymous

Navigating through the beast system
Tremendous amount to learn & tremendous amount of time + the chance of the grade
Comment from : Navigating through the beast system

Dern Coin roll hunts
I just sent in 3 1968 d pennies and 1 got 66 and 2 got ms 67
Comment from : Dern Coin roll hunts

mac 77 gta 5 modded crew colors YT channel
I'm trying to get a coin shop like this the information you share every day is a big help to 👍
Comment from : mac 77 gta 5 modded crew colors YT channel

Agedita Sauceda
I got some 1988
Comment from : Agedita Sauceda

I have 7 1963 pennies But sent time in nam to opperate talk on this thing
Comment from :

jeffreys finds
I'm writing to you because I'm confused and I have pictures to show if wanted May be you can explain it maybe you cannot I'm watching your video and on your PCGS price guide you have under description your price guide showsbr 1959 DDO FS'101 (022 2)brMS63 2100brMS64 3500brMS65 9000brOn my computer today July 13th 2021 my computer is showingbr1959 DDO FS-101 (022 2)brMS63 4000brMS64 9000brMS65 28500brMS66 85000brMine is showing more than yours is and my prices are higherbrHere is the shocker my cell phone is showing price guide same date July 13th 2021br1959 red MS63 33000brMS64 55100brMS65 132200brMS66 286400brMS67 52,321brAnd of course on my computer the price is showing for the same coin 1959 redbrThe highest prices MS67 47500brWhat the heck is going on do you have any idea
Comment from : jeffreys finds

Domingo De Anda
July 05-2021 hell yeah, that was pretty damn good, thanks
Comment from : Domingo De Anda

I am new to the coin hobby If you found a better looking penny then the example found and sent it in and it came back with a lesser grade would it be wise to crack the case and resend it or send it to a different grader for a better grade?
Comment from : mp79kf85

alphabet661 Chris Sahar
Excellent video I will say the only time the crimped, paper roll you first showed only offer something if you luck into a BU roll Not easy to get but you can once in awhile Usually you will get these only as far back as about 2 - 3 years and that's it Problem is with current issues is the degree of spotting is fairly high For example, in the past two years I have come across rolls of BU 2018, 2019 and 2020 The 2018 often have spotting and I doubt you will find anything above MS65 unless you go to the cherrypicked tubes you showed brbrThe bulk submission idea is a good one but that also takes time and as you point out the difference between 66 and 67 can be difficult plus the idiosyncracies of the grader brbrFor me, I just keep the best Lincoln cent I can find from coin roll searching and in context of the year (my standards for the best I can find in rolls for 1955 and 1968 will be a bit lower than what I would want from a 2005, 2018) I treat this activity as a safety valve to temper my impulse to overspend on older coins of numismatic interest I think people should realize that except for the coins being issued in the present year, most you will find anywhere from G - AU grades with occasionally catching a few MS recently let into the wild
Comment from : alphabet661 Chris Sahar

Paul Fasse
Don’t buy the holder, but rather buy the coin
Comment from : Paul Fasse

This is good Daniel Just got several rolls of 72s cents Some look like they were in a pop corn popper What magnification do you recommend for this?? Under a scope I see way to many marks
Comment from : Dean

William Clark
I watch All you're videos, have to take a nap after, too much information overload = nap for mebrI'm collecting silver here and there, trying hard to not get lathered up about it, and making it a fun hobby along with other fun stuff
Comment from : William Clark

David fontenot
That 82 at a 68 wasnt exactly centered Is that something worth looking at?
Comment from : David fontenot

Doug M
It's like playing the lottery You may win one day but if you count all the money you spent on trying you mite have wasted if not more so learn to grade because the house will win every single time LOL
Comment from : Doug M

J Tyler
it hit 68 because the grader had his palms greased, or they were acquaintances
Comment from : J Tyler

Daniel, maybe I missed your past video about that one subject, or maybe you haven't touched on the subject yet I am one of those who filter quarters to find the W (or W+v75) but what I am not sure about is whether to hold on to them or to sell them right away to maximize possible profit Do you know what is better? If anybody knows whether Daniel already made a video about it, let me konw please
Comment from : StopFear

Jose Villalobos LVN BSN
I respect and appreciate you sharing your wisdom Thank you!!!
Comment from : Jose Villalobos LVN BSN

InLaws Attic
Wow, thanks!
Comment from : InLaws Attic

Exactly what i was looking for Your tips are what i came up with as well trying to get a better idea precisely what it takes to get that 67+! Thank you sir
Comment from : S P

Seth Donahue
You are very helpful man You know this though haha Thanks for explaining this all to us It makes me never wanna submit a coin now I do wanna do a bulk submission now though I do have a lot of 50's wheat pennies that are shiny We'll see
Comment from : Seth Donahue

Sharon McFaul
Very interesting Thank you
Comment from : Sharon McFaul

Maxwell Lewi
Because usually that paper roll is a little rough armour for the other 48 pennies inside
Comment from : Maxwell Lewi

Maxwell Lewi
Just one thing please, What about pennies that are in a paper roll and are in GEM BU condition but they were made in the Mint not by cherry pickers
Comment from : Maxwell Lewi

Michael Brown
Hi Daniel, love the channel Tell me if I understand the PCGS bulk submission correctly I need 100 coins (all pennies in this case), and set a minimum approved grade of 66 If none of them make 66, I owe $500? Therefore, the minimum cost is $500 and goes up another $7 per holdered coin Am I thinking straight?
Comment from : Michael Brown

Lee Rutledge
I have 2 31/2 gallen container full of Lincoln cent there are a third of each container has cions that are ms63 to ms65 or better
Comment from : Lee Rutledge

Thanks Daniel
Comment from : salma_jkrewfan123

Anthony Supplee
It’s Not just scratches For MS65-70 it’s about measurements as well Center strikes, sharp dye edging etc etc
Comment from : Anthony Supplee

Javier Martinez
Thank you Daniel always with the good information
Comment from : Javier Martinez

Jhinni mm
I have 1988D
Comment from : Jhinni mm

Well I mean because usually there are 50 pennies in a roll and there is usually 1 penny on each edge showing out so at least 48 pennies in the roll should be in MS68 condition
Comment from : ModernGamingKnight

I have a question When you send in 100 coins as bulk, Do they all have to be straight graders or can they have variety coins mixed in Thanks
Comment from : daveamtwo

I think your great but after all you sad my head spines THANK YOU Keep up the good work
Comment from : ROBERT KRAHN

Frank Reilly Jr
Hi Daniel, this might be a stupid question, lets see,brYou mentioned you want to try and get MS67,68,69 So lets say you have a MS 69 Coin, and I have the same Coin but graded atbrAU55, and they paid more for my coin over yours, Why is this Thanks
Comment from : Frank Reilly Jr

i'm trying to get rid of the silver that i got 🤣
Comment from : Anthony

Margaret Stoner
Your the best MRMALONE ❤extremely EXCECTIONAL wealth it KNOWLEDGE you are learning me If I understand this correctly am I thinking (100 coins) with the hopes of having them GRADED at or above MS 66around an 180000 fee by the GRADING co? Rememberi am far from the sharpest knife in the drawer Yepits me your friend Margaret ❤THANK you DANIEL
Comment from : Margaret Stoner

Toni Zumpano
Great as always! Thanks
Comment from : Toni Zumpano

dudeYOU FREAKIN ROCK!!!! Keep up the great work For someone who is interested in coin collecting and selling You're the best and glad I ran into your videos !!!!! Thank You as well for your work you do
Comment from : goosedoesmaverick

Sir, I have 1956 D - Lincoln one cent coin It's weight is 298 Grams (regular coin weight is 310 Grams) I have sent this coin to grading company But that grading company is not mentioned this weight in the coin grading box However, they mentioned AU 50 Can I sell this coin through online under 'less weight' category, please?brbrbrI have these kind of less weight coins in one cents (295 grams), five cents (450 Grams) and Presidential one dollar coin (785 Grams) br br Do you have regular grading along with ''COIN WEIGHT GRADING SYSTEM'', please? Which company is the best, please? If I want a coin weight grading including regular grading, what should I do?br Kindly reply as soon as possible Mohan, India
Comment from : MOHAN R D

Had to uninstall my PCGS Photograde app because it is no longer supported as of Jan 1, 2020 As I was scrolling down the list and looking for PCGS CoinFacts, to my surprise I saw that you have 3 Android apps for coins and their values You really have all avenues of the coin business coveredvery impressive Daniel !!!
Comment from : BlueMoonBee

Dan Barnett
Looks almost impossible to find/pick a coin for grading except possibly proof coins and I'm not sure about those either!
Comment from : Dan Barnett

Brian Mello
Thank you Daniel
Comment from : Brian Mello

I liked your video, especially about the little hand held scope, it's very neat and handy Looking into getting one myself, since I use Linux operating system on my computer, I find it very difficult to find one that is compatible, most of these microscopes work in MS systemsbrThanks for doing it, I will look for your next video
Comment from : Joeinslw

James F Albus
you may spend more time giving explanations than most others but in the end I come away with a lot more knowledge then before starting your videos Keep up the good work
Comment from : James F Albus

Mildred Kuizon
That was cool,thank you sir
Comment from : Mildred Kuizon

ben morales
Odd and somewhat random question about the ol 1992 D Lincoln Cent close AM variety Familiar with given examples of the error but what if the A M are doubled an are visually noticeable touching is that a win or just wishful thinking Someone lie to me and say yes
Comment from : ben morales

Josepch Will
I forgot to post this originally; with ANACS, you can submit a bulk submission at the rate of $10 per coin and you only have to submit 50 coins compared to the 100 PCGS requires, and you don't need a membership It will seem to be a good option if you have a lot of higher grade cents You wanted to see if you have anything 67+ If anything came back that way, you could always send it to NGC or PCGS for a crossover if the coin were worth it Thank you again for this video and all of your other videos
Comment from : Josepch Will

Tom Karaitiana
Awesome bro, That's really good to know Thank you
Comment from : Tom Karaitiana

Bad Butch
Thank you Sir Excellent advice
Comment from : Bad Butch

Ricky C
this guy who made this video its very stupid he just want to make money on his video
Comment from : Ricky C

Majestic Sounds of Coins
Strike, Luster,Wear And Eye appeal or Just put it in the Book Yeap!!!! It's Beautiful🥰😂 I have many that's not Graded and are just to die for😊
Comment from : Majestic Sounds of Coins

Bradley Collins
Great video Daniel Best one I've seen so far I agree with all that Plating blisters I've seen on 68 and 69 grades on PCGS so its gonna have to come down to computer grading I believe cause no one can explain why they let certain coins go with plating blisters and some not Great video though that's what I like to see
Comment from : Bradley Collins

Malissia Westmoreland
I have a very odd looking 2010 Dime on the wrong Planck, the outer edges are really indescribable, never seen one like this What kind of money do you think that it would possibly bring, thanks [email protected]@gmailcom
Comment from : Malissia Westmoreland

Malissia Westmoreland
I have a 2010 Rossevelt
Comment from : Malissia Westmoreland

JClikes pam
Looks like I have been searching the wrong way I would have to get really lucky the way I have been searching That's just my luck!
Comment from : JClikes pam

Comment from : MeDuSa MM

Michael Stanfield
i believe im getting better because for everything i start to understand i find two other areas i am totally ignorant abour Thank you
Comment from : Michael Stanfield

Jessie Ferrer
Sir ihave lincoln cent error 1955 and i have 1958 double die 1969 double die
Comment from : Jessie Ferrer

Hi I texted you a couple weeks ago telling you that i have a few 1959's and 1958's Lincoln penny's that are in excellent shape also i have one 1857 flying eagle you can read the date and the reverse side I'm trying to find someone to help me find out the value can i send you a picture of the flying eagle i couldn't get your email Thank you sharon
Comment from : emmet

William Baker
Maybe it would be helpful if they were to use laser imaging and computer grading to take out the "human" element Thanks for the info Daniel
Comment from : William Baker

George Dillon
Thanks Daniel good job as usual keep up the good work
Comment from : George Dillon

Andy Slingblade
Would a least cost reputable option be to first do a bulk submit to ANACS, then for the most expensive of those ANACS grades, crack out and submit to PCGS?
Comment from : Andy Slingblade

I have a new unopened roll of 1958 p pennies from the central bank of Philadelphia I’ve held them for 20 years Is it worth opening? The Enders are bright red I know there’s a ddo in that series But I’m nervous to handle them and how do you pick the best ones to submit? Unc is like splitting hairs to me
Comment from : stepupauto

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