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T-Mobile Money High Interest Checking Account

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Title :  T-Mobile Money High Interest Checking Account
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Description T-Mobile Money High Interest Checking Account

Comments T-Mobile Money High Interest Checking Account

Roberta Leahy
But is the money safe?
Comment from : Roberta Leahy

How does the interest get taxed?
Comment from : JRei

Eric Adkins
I have M&T Bank and I have been with them for years, but they are going downhill so I am going to close my accounts and switch to T-Mobile Money! I have T-Mobile Money now and I love it!
Comment from : Eric Adkins

I would use this bank as a prepaid service I like having zero monthly fees and using it online I can fill as much money as I want and if it gets hacked or stolen, they're only taking money from the T-Mobile bank, and not from the main bank I'm with I can also shop overseas, as many prepaid services don't allow you
Comment from : Megatron2013

They are the largest carrier now
Comment from : geno816

lori radtke
Comment from : lori radtke

Duane Dyer
Now that Ally is at 010, even the 1 looks sweet, eh?
Comment from : Duane Dyer

Yobani Gomez
I'm concerned about the interest earned Is that not taxable? Also, wouldn't the cost of ordering new checks remove the purpose of the interest earned?
Comment from : Yobani Gomez

seymore scagnetti
I switched to t mobile from at&t earlier this year Service is much, much better, and it’s a little cheaper
Comment from : seymore scagnetti

Triet Tran
what deposits of $200 are counted ? They say 4 for qualifying deposits Can check deposit and ETF/ACH be accounted? Thanks
Comment from : Triet Tran

Angel Montiel
But I think for me it would work and just open up a ally savings account and just deposit most of my money there still get that good interest rate and as well get that 4 interest on my checking i really don't keep more then 1000$ in my checking anyways but what I want to know is that can I deposit cash into my t mobile account and deposit check through my mobile phone
Comment from : Angel Montiel

1 For $200 direct deposit can you just transfer $200 from another account or does it need to be a direct deposit from an employer? br2 Do Sprint customers apply?
Comment from : T S

Ed Whang
The 279 rate is a net rate based on a $5000 balance ([email protected] + [email protected][email protected]) And with banks now hovering around 1 this deal is much more attractive, don't you agree?
Comment from : Ed Whang

The Warrior Scholar
Maybe I’m cheap, but why not use T mobile account AND Ally? I will get out of bed for 4 on $3,000 every day!
Comment from : The Warrior Scholar

Vic Turingan
Is it gonna be a hard pull or a soft pull when you open this account? It doesn't say anything on the FAQ
Comment from : Vic Turingan

granted this video is almost a year old, many banks have lowered their APY on savings accounts from around 22 to around 16185 while T-mobile's 4 still stands I think it is worth it because it's a "checking" account and I don't have to worry about the 6-time limit to move my money with the savings accounts brOther high APY checkings that I found just have too many rules and restrictions Most of them require you to make 10 debit transactions plus monthly deposits and only up to a small balance will earn that high APY brWhile I have to deposit $200 into T-mobile, I will just use this account to pay for my phone, internet, or other monthly bills brWith the money that I am putting into "savings accounts", I an using worthy bonds- 5, and I am looking into LoanDoctor- 6 These are not necessarily FDIC insured, so these are more like my "play money" brWith my FDIC insured money I am using BEAM app- 15-7 APY for up to $15,000 brIf you have more money than that then there are other accounts that require even more work brFor example: Netspend family prepaid cards- 5 up to $5000 in their savings accounts (5 accounts, $1000 each)
Comment from : Y H

throttle therapy
4 sounds like a lot but since its capped at $3000 and you need to be a TMobile customer, its sort of like getting a $10 discount from your phone bill
Comment from : throttle therapy

Miggy Husky
There’s even allpoint in england
Comment from : Miggy Husky

Luis Mejias
I don’t see anything wrong with it honestly Bank of America is JUST 1 overall T-Mobile offering 4 and just deposit $200??? That’s is cake just attach your paychecks it’s super easy No over draft fees and no maintenance fees?? I see nothing wrong with T-Mobile money I’m tired of banks Taking $130 dollars away from me every year Not including $30 per overdraft transactions T-Mobile Money 👍🏽
Comment from : Luis Mejias

S Ross
Thanks for the info! As a T- mobile customer I was a little uneasy about their checking account
Comment from : S Ross

Poohwe Campbell
This shit is stupid WTF!!!!!!!! T-Mobile
Comment from : Poohwe Campbell

Morganna Winterfrost
I just checked the math*b**please correct me if I am wrong***/b since I am highly considering this If you deposit 3,000$ at a 4 apy (daily not semi or quarterly or yearly) after 12 months the interest you would earn after 12 months is 13467 per year Not bad at all considering every other bank only really offers 1 So question, is this daily interest and did I do my math correctly? And then anything else you add to your balance has a lower apy but you will still get the original 4 on your original 3k until tmobile decides to change? Please let me know if my math is correct and if I am understanding this whole thing please ? Great video! Thank you for explaining things clearly for all of us who are not that great at understanding apy
Comment from : Morganna Winterfrost

otis driftwood
Does metro pcs count because they are partnered with t mobile?
Comment from : otis driftwood

Cute Monny
Thanks this was helpful
Comment from : Cute Monny

EdEdd Edgar
If i get a pay check or cash how do i put it in my Tmobile account
Comment from : EdEdd Edgar

Lorenzo Johnson
I have 360 and it sucks
Comment from : Lorenzo Johnson

The Guzmans
Do you get your 4 monthly or once a year?
Comment from : The Guzmans

Perez Michaels
Glad you did the researching for me
Comment from : Perez Michaels

Adan Feliz
I’m a new sub brI love your channel already bro 😎
Comment from : Adan Feliz

shadow silverlight
typical tmo, promise all these perks just to get you to enroll, then after they get you, they come up with excuse to change things
Comment from : shadow silverlight

Mauro’s Garage
Bank mobile is horrible, Just look up the reviews I had them for about 3 years They are not that great, limited ATM locations and charge Fee's for stupid things For example I had to pay $15 for a new debit card because my last one got damaged, while bank of america or chase will just send you one with out any fee
Comment from : Mauro’s Garage

Mike Kelso
Fills a void?? You mean gets you more money Fuckin manipulator Smh
Comment from : Mike Kelso

2:24 “ew” haha that made me laugh idk why
Comment from : LapisGoBlue

Joaquinnn S
Take forever for bank transfers but ehh
Comment from : Joaquinnn S

Joaquinnn S
I change my banks all the time pay me more interest I’m leaving
Comment from : Joaquinnn S

Idk anything about banking so bare with me
Comment from : DarthKirby7601

joshua ooroth
Tmobile as a wireless carrier is really good Dont let the "they are only the 3rd largest" words fool you In speedtests, they have been recently surpassing verizon in some performance metrics
Comment from : joshua ooroth

Jarrad Morrow
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Comment from : Jarrad Morrow

Juan Carlos Meza
Thanks for explaining! Thumbs up!
Comment from : Juan Carlos Meza

Skip Dalu
I just opened an account I have found out these two things that make me wornder if I'll keel it, despite the decent interest date on the first $3,000 balance: No joint accounts, and doesn't work online with Zelle You can use Zelle if you download their mobile app, which I will not do for security reasons (no banking apps or retail accounts of any kind on my mobile devices)
Comment from : Skip Dalu

Kaloka Cruz
Why 200 dollars at month that a lot off money
Comment from : Kaloka Cruz

Love Like a Hurricane
Whats the problem with the Tmobile checkings account?brbrIf a person were to switch 20000$ of their funds to Tmobile they would earnbrbr$3000 x (04) = $120br$17000 x (01) = $170brTotal = $290 /yearbrbrIs there a cap as far as how much you can store in the Checkings account?
Comment from : Love Like a Hurricane

Thanks for the breakdown
Comment from : vinark

Jasmin Pagan
So is it worth it or not?👀👀i need to know before i switch my direct deposit
Comment from : Jasmin Pagan

First of all, love your video! I do have some qeustions for you and hopefully you can answer them First to start off with, I am currently a T-mobile customer and I am looking for a savings account just to store my money I'm without touching it brbrI am aware that T-mobile's savings account is offering a 4 APY up to $3000 and anything above will only get 1 APY My first question is will you get the 4 APY as long you're under the $3000 threshold in general OR is it only ever the first $3000 that you deposit that will recieve the 4 and forever only get the 1 afterwards? If it's the first case where as long as you're under the $3000 threshold you'll get 4, do you think it will be optimal to open a second saving account from a different bank with also a high APY like PNC bank with their 235 APY and transfer a optimal amount of money from the T-mobile saving account to a PNC saving account before passing the $3000 threshold on T-mobile saving account and before they hit you with that 1 APY? For example, let's say you have $2900 in the T-mobile saving account Obviously to get that 4 you will need to deposit that monthly $200 but that deposit will potentially push the saving account up to $3100 thus leaving 100$ with 1 APY for the next month Instead, transfer $200 from the T-mobile account to a PNC saving bank (thus leaving the total balance in T-mobile of $2700) where that $200 is getting 235 in PNC instead of $100 getting 1 in T-mobile Then lastly meet that monthly deposit requirement by depositing $200 which will leave T-mobile account back to $2900 and recieve that 4 for the month brbrI'm basically saying to replace money in the most optimal way without worrying about the specific threshold Sorry if my questions and comments are too wordy but I've been thinking about this since T-mobile has announced their new accountbrbr Thank you so much and keep up the work!
Comment from : Th3z0mbi3surviv0r

Jay Chase
It works I do like it but I get paid by check you take a picture of the check and it will put a hold in it If there is anything wrong they email you a lot 7 PM eastern time and you take another picture and that causes another delay for them to realise at 200 so for me I put my full check in on May 24 and my first 200 became available to me on May 29 the rest ON May 30
Comment from : Jay Chase

Junior Cruz
Best I seen is Goldsman 225 no minimum, no CD, no limit
Comment from : Junior Cruz

Mr Moneysign
Thanks for the video great 👍🏽
Comment from : Mr Moneysign

C Sanders
You seem to be missing a few things if you want to use the carrier angle Like the additions in savings and perks Just the fact your bill is less and you don't have to pay for Netflix makes this better than the 2, cough Larger by volume carriers
Comment from : C Sanders

John Turner Jr
I dunno, this seems more like a "value" play for T-Mobile customers This way they can say that you get more with us so you should switch to us I'd say this is more of slight perk if you are already a T-Mobile customer and if you either dissatisfied with your current checking account or thinking of switching cell phone providers This could be a reason to take a look at another cell phone provider Additionally, if you consider the other perks from T-Mobile, this isn't a horrible dealbrbrI'm confident that you know that many checking accounts, at least those from the big 4 banking institutions, offer much less for a simple checking account and if you can work with a money market account the 2 whatever is probably in line with those rates
Comment from : John Turner Jr

Lucas Huynh
what happen ? if my t mobile money have $3000 do i have to deposit every month $200 to get 4 or just leave it with $3000 in an account and automatic earn 4 ?
Comment from : Lucas Huynh

Rebeccas Quest to FIRE
Lol but wait! More strings!!🤣😂👏🏻
Comment from : Rebeccas Quest to FIRE

Thanks for the info Would like to have heard more on the whole APY and what that means in regards to is that 4 a monthly return or yearly brbrRegardless I am a Tmobile customer and plan on paying my phone bill and any future device payments via this service
Comment from : Joker916

Yo bro tmobile is neck and neck with verizon in terms of ranking atm idk if you did enough research
Comment from : Ginso21

Phil 488 Pista
The t mobile money app is broken af!
Comment from : Phil 488 Pista

You can't compare Tmobile Checking account's 1 with Ally Savings account's 22 because we need both Checking & Savings With Savings, you can only have 6 withdrawals in a month which won't be enough for all the bill pays or ATM withdrawals So, using TMobile Checking and Ally or CIT bank or Citi etc for Savings is a good combo
Comment from : H H

Todd LaRiviere
You do realize that even 1 percent is about 100x more then most bank checking accounts
Comment from : Todd LaRiviere

Chime banking does not charge any overdraft fees if you would like some information about their Bank contact me
Comment from : PHONE KING

Every always sounds good on the surface Thanks for the video Very informative
Comment from : alishiagilmore58

Lisa NY
I have it (Money), I love it! I love t- mobile, I left Verizon and there ungodly rates/fees 6 years ago, and don't miss it at all T-Mobile also has outstanding CS reps Oh, I have unlimited talk, text and data
Comment from : Lisa NY

Save Like a Pro With Leah
Wow! T-Mobile is offering checking accountI had T-Mobile for many yearsI like themI went to Lycamobile couple of years ago since they use T-Mobile line and it's a prepaid ServiceI pay only $21 per month for both international and domestic calls, includes unlimited calls , text and some data
Comment from : Save Like a Pro With Leah

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