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The 6 Most Valuable Roman Treasures Ever Discovered

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Information The 6 Most Valuable Roman Treasures Ever Discovered

Title :  The 6 Most Valuable Roman Treasures Ever Discovered
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Frames The 6 Most Valuable Roman Treasures Ever Discovered

Description The 6 Most Valuable Roman Treasures Ever Discovered

Comments The 6 Most Valuable Roman Treasures Ever Discovered

el v
Actually coins were buried by the opposing empire and a couple of there coins were throw in for bragging rights I own a hoard from the battle of nis 1689 in serbia a 1689 manjir ottoman empire coin in the hoard solved the mystery
Comment from : el v

Sandor Clegane
I too would go straight to the authorities if I find a treasure trove of ancient goodies
Comment from : Sandor Clegane

Treasures are buried in in times of trouble, those who are left are those couldn’t be retrieved
Comment from : MyTV

Disc Blaster
What’s with all these IDIOTS notifying authorities?! Jfc
Comment from : Disc Blaster

I hope that guy got part of that 3millionbrid be very upset if the british just took all my findings for themselves bridgaf about idiana jones moral oral blah blah just gimmie money
Comment from : Dilly

Ryan Shepherd
Those are some really nice and wonderful Roman Treasures from back in the Iron Age discovered :)
Comment from : Ryan Shepherd

god I will never understand the human nature of destroying centuries old historyit makes me sick
Comment from : RuskiVodka

Matias Geraldo the 2nd
Love your voice and humor my man
Comment from : Matias Geraldo the 2nd

joker s
here's one for you someday the computers used to watch, create, and distribute this videoWILL be melted down for their precious metals as wellthe irony!!!!
Comment from : joker s

joker s
one time i found a used condom in a 7-11 parking loti notified the museum because i didn't want to get arrested for keeping such a valuable treasure in my heart i know nero would be proud
Comment from : joker s

No word about 1920s treasure from Nish, Serbia
Comment from : *

Coins and Capsaicin
Comment from : Coins and Capsaicin

E1 Presidente
Hello from Trier :DbrLiked your Video!
Comment from : E1 Presidente

Hi, just asking how a Roman soldiers would be able to spent there money When given a gold coin, how would they be able to change this to smaller coins, as a local, market wouldn’t have the amount of coins needed, it be like us having a $1million dollar note and asking a shop keeper to change it after you brought some good costing $10 Cheers CB Australia 🇦🇺
Comment from : TheClintb17

Its pretty amazing how many Roman treasures were and are found in and around Trier I live nearby and in a lot of villages roman legacy such as foundations, vases, coins are regularly found There is even the Villa Borg, a villa rustica recontructed on the original foundations which is a huge museum complex
Comment from : Narwaro

Daniel Andries
Look into the Dacian gold that keeps getting discovered and looted by gold chasers in Romania the last 20-30 years , it's the gold the Dacians were burying when their kingdom was conquered by Trajan in 106 AD
Comment from : Daniel Andries

Jon Jones
they stole all of it, causebrbritain!
Comment from : Jon Jones

Tommy Tom
Sono un romano di 76anni quando ero bambino con i miei amici andavamo sotto il ponte s,angelo e con il Tevere in secca cercavamo nella sabbia e trovavamo monete e altre cose che portavamo ad un negozietto afontana di Trevi che ci dava poche lire ci compravano i gelati ,a pensarci adesso ,che ingenuità il negoziante ci a guadagnato😄😁
Comment from : Tommy Tom

Man i wish i found a few kg of gold just like that, the dumbest thing one can do is to report the finds to authorities
Comment from : autist420

Jos Vonk
And I got "Minted" stuck back in my headbrbrA Horrible Histories song about Marcus Licinius Crassus
Comment from : Jos Vonk

Pat Stokes
I love your channel but sometimes your enunciation makes it hard to understand You speck a little too quickly and sometimes choppy By choppy I mean you clip your words very short, cutting on word short and staring another word on top of it
Comment from : Pat Stokes

Nam H
Great content and information but your voice puts me to sleep
Comment from : Nam H

Christus Regnet
"He immediately called the antiquities authorities"brbrIdiot
Comment from : Christus Regnet

Imrich Bodor
Comment from : Imrich Bodor

Théoden King
If only I could stumble on a hundred million dollars while planting potatoes
Comment from : Théoden King

Of course the fingers melted down the precious metals The pawn shop doesn't take these old coins and treasures
Comment from : JW WONDERLAND1981

Chris Stanford
Thanks, it’s nice to know the equivalent value during the time of burial Today the gold to silver ratio is quite high, 78:1, but back in Roman times I believe it was different, 12:1? This means that the silver coins had significantly more purchasing value Even in the US during the 1800’s silver coins had greater purchasing power I would like to see how much silver/gold was needed for a loaf of bread 🥖 , a pair of shoes 👞, an apple 🍎, a house 🏡, bottle of wine 🍷, theater 🎭 🎟, pound of 🧀, a dinner 🥘, doctor 👩‍⚕️ visit then and now This would show the “real” value of the precious metals as a medium of exchange If precious metals are true hedges against inflation I would expect many purchased commodities to have similar gold values today if similar labor is involved I just started stacking non-numismatic fractional gold bullion coins, primarily old European sovereign such as 20 Swiss & French francs These coins have a known gold content and are traded around the worldbrI will compare their purchasing power over the next few years as inflation of the dollar 💵 proceeds I will have half a kilogram by the end of this year, so this amount will be my basis for purchase comparison
Comment from : Chris Stanford

Chris Stanford
Comment from : Chris Stanford

I hope whoever found the Hoxne hoard got more than a plaque at the museum!
Comment from : Started

Iam Germane
Trier, Germany was an impressive city The ruins among the vineyards are wonderful :)
Comment from : Iam Germane

Simenon холод
Arrr booty!
Comment from : Simenon холод

Michael Smith
I wish I could have a gold coin all I got is the McDonalds Golden fries!
Comment from : Michael Smith

Snuffy Smith
Wow that’s a lot of beer money
Comment from : Snuffy Smith

Even back then they had rich bastards hoarding absurd amounts of wealth, why do ordinary people put up with this?
Comment from : Havermeijer

Do the people ever get monetary compensation or do the museums always get to steal the gold?
Comment from : Ghastly_Grinner

Joe K
30,000 soldier salaries in todays money would be over a billion dollars That's absolutely insane It really shows how much less gold is worth now compared to back then
Comment from : Joe K

Bravo So happy I came upon your channel!! Brilliant and I love your poise Where do you teach? Please mention it an upcoming posting Excellent, as is also your tour of the Vatican Museums
Comment from : CHRISTOPHORUS

Peter Nyström
You Sir, is Youtubes bigest Treasure
Comment from : Peter Nyström

Cleft Of The Rock
Good stuff
Comment from : Cleft Of The Rock

Call the authorities????????brWTF MAN!!!
Comment from : RAINY

I can’t believe the 80,000 was almost all of it melted down holy shit …
Comment from : AT THE WAREHOUSE

Kim Philby
I'm not sure about diamonds,but golden coins are for ever!
Comment from : Kim Philby

leonardo ramirez
cool video👍🏻
Comment from : leonardo ramirez

I would NEVER tell ANYBODY if I ever found something like theseNEVER!!!
Comment from : rubbercheck72

S Piquerre
dear told in stone, i would be interested in pursuing studies in the matter whats the best university?
Comment from : S Piquerre

patricia wilson
So they had to deal with inflation back in old days too!
Comment from : patricia wilson

"Hi, im Doctor"brbr"YOU ARE BEUTIFUL, THATS WHAT YOU ARE"brbrThank you for your videos, as an Italian it feels heartwarming
Comment from : HeartArrowAndKey

Dionaea floridensis
He looks kinda like Bertholt from AoT
Comment from : Dionaea floridensis

Hurpa DeDurpa
Imagine you some poor old farmer in England and you and your mate discover enough ancient roman gold coins to retire 10 times over and the British government is just like "Cheers, we'll have that"
Comment from : Hurpa DeDurpa

I can’t wait until the Vatican is raided
Comment from : Milli

Ask yourself why gold is valuable 🤔
Comment from : Chickengenius420

Torin Jones
I just makes you wonder what happened to the people who buried these
Comment from : Torin Jones

Dillon Tromp
Every time I heard you say things were melted down, my jaw dropped I didn't realize that's a thing that happens :c
Comment from : Dillon Tromp

Alex Unfiltered
if I found a big chest of Roman coins on my property I'm keeping it Im not going to donate that much money away to a museum
Comment from : Alex Unfiltered

San Francisco
Love number 1 the pesant who was just doing his job ended up with 100 million imagine one day going to work saying how much this sucks than a getting a lump sum of 200 million My Gosh the stories that guy had 😂 also the series doesn’t really say what each finding would be worth today would have been nice to hear about that
Comment from : San Francisco

Merlin Kater
Makes me realise how unrealistic treasure troves in fantasy often are Dragons hoarding enormous piles of gold, adventurers finding chests filled with gold on regular basis; they would be rich as kings in no time!
Comment from : Merlin Kater

Nick Schneider
Nice video You should do one about the greatest treasures ever found in terms of their antiquity/artistic value in terms of modern dollars Like, what the pieces are valued at 🙂
Comment from : Nick Schneider

James Lingo
80 000 aurei such aurei may cost100 000 000 pounds or more
Comment from : James Lingo

Maybe something like Roman Currency 101 could be interesting?brJust explaining the different coin types, how they looked during different time periods, their significance of their name, their metal composition, so on
Comment from : badmann

Pastel Skies
Bolleon? It's okay to pronounce bullion bouy-on
Comment from : Pastel Skies

darren hengeveld
Are there any videos on what happened after the fall of Rome? Did the barbarians just up and leave afterwards? I'm sure there had to be pockets of resistance in Italy Always wondered
Comment from : darren hengeveld

Andre Newcomb
Just compensation the soldiers
Comment from : Andre Newcomb

Justin Martin
I doubt they would be worth hundreds of millions of dollars That amount, 80,000 being added to the market would have to affect the price right?
Comment from : Justin Martin

Sorry to be a pain - love your content, but when you're on camera you need to raise your gain to match the volume and quality of your commentary footage -thanks
Comment from : Sutterjack

To melt gold artifacts like this for their metal value is a complete travesty - and incredibly stupid - the historic value far exceeds the simple gold value
Comment from : Sutterjack

Zippy Thekid
Woe! just think about the lack of circulation of these coins did to the local economy? These coins just languished in the dirt all this time The Bible says that money is the root of every form of evil And a vast army doesn't guarantee that you win This is evidence of that
Comment from : Zippy Thekid

Lavioth Martel
Imagine how much more gold you would be able to get with 9000 legionaries
Comment from : Lavioth Martel

Love your videos!
Comment from : dexikid

JC Park
Don’t tell the “authorities”!
Comment from : JC Park

jose lopez
it would be so amazing to find this i could name it after my kids and have it in a museum
Comment from : jose lopez

Yaya Gazab
Silver was actually more valuable than gold in the ancient world since gold was more plentiful When the Spaniards found silver in places like Potosi, they shipped it to Europe & their colonies, thus flooding the world markets with silver so now gold is much more scarce & valuable
Comment from : Yaya Gazab

Bakona x
Of course the Rothschilds had to be involved, pretty eerie to think what else they have in their private collections
Comment from : Bakona x

Jennifer Pruitt
Nothing that comes from Rome is valuable It is most likely an abomination
Comment from : Jennifer Pruitt

Can we get an F in the chat for the Brescello Hoard 😔😣 I visibly cringed when he said melted down So sad
Comment from : thenate55555

Russ Liquid
I lost my hammer, quick! Organize a search party! Must been a special hammer… weird
Comment from : Russ Liquid

cliff luebke
Ahhhh, the vatican so ethical
Comment from : cliff luebke

Cheryl Smith
Nice video- imagine finding one of these treasures in a field!!! Imagine what has been missed & still out there
Comment from : Cheryl Smith

Rafael C
IMAGINE Finding buried treasure and giving it to the common theives called the government lol XD brI wouldnt melt it I wouldnt sell it id keep it as a family treasure and pass it down to the next generation we would say it had been passed down for milenia sadly the documents that proved its in our family eroded with the years
Comment from : Rafael C

today I learned that maintaining an army is very expensive
Comment from : NoName

Vegas Sims
I don't understand why you keep comparing the gold worth to paying soldiers of the time its more interesting to know the value in todays money
Comment from : Vegas Sims

Keegan smith
Low key based asf
Comment from : Keegan smith

gothen mosph
I wonder what would happen if they found a petrified turd from Julius Ceaser? What would it be worth? Would it go in a museum? I bet someone would pay millions for it
Comment from : gothen mosph

You and Dr Grande should battle on a coliseum
Comment from : Heróis

In 408, during the reign of Honorius, the Roman Senate paid the Goths 4000 pounds of gold to leave Italy Seems likely that all of that would quickly be dispersed among the warriors, so it won't be found all in one placebut what a find that would be! Do you knowI assume that would have been given in coins? My understanding is that groups on the periphery of the empire found coinage useful, since it was a known quantity for trading with
Comment from : unclvinny

Highview Barbell
hmm good on rothschild for buying them off the antiquities market and then donating them to the museum
Comment from : Highview Barbell

wait did the farmer get paid for his treasure or did the government just take it?
Comment from : C P

Philip Callicoat
I'm rather content with my monthly Social SecurityI have a nice little one bedroom apartment overlooking the beautiful Tampa Bay here in FloridabrI'm also blessed to have clothing and foodDon't bother me a bit that there's treasure buried somewhere Let someone else find itThankful for what I have Amen!
Comment from : Philip Callicoat

Henry C
1:17 contacting any authority would be the last thing I would ever do!!!
Comment from : Henry C

Last Straw
Such a tragedy to lose so much
Comment from : Last Straw

Don't call the authorities when you find hidden treasures
Comment from : KilroyKilled

Steger 13
Lol would you call the police if you find gold in your land? Who are those ppl Always calling polise or museum to tell them they find a tresor?
Comment from : Steger 13

Joseph Lloyd
Fun Video!! 🤩brTy sir Keep them coming!!
Comment from : Joseph Lloyd

If I ever found such a massive hoard of Gold, to me its finders keepers losers weepers Of course I would first save a few pieces to give back to the public museum without identifying myself, but as to the rest I would have it melted down and make ingots, or ounces or make new modern day coins in ounces for my survival if a depression hits etc, out of it Technically NONE OF THE GOLD BELONGS TO THE Antique AUTHORITIES or TO THE GOVERNMENTS PERIOD However such belongs to those in ancient times AND They are long dead period The Antique authorities are the FUCKING ELITE FOLKS, AND THEY GET RICH FROM YOUR FINDS OKbrbrThe vast majority of the Antique Authorities are GRAVE ROBBERS AND IT ENRICHES THE ELITES pockets Think for yourself first, and those bastards last
Comment from : Daveyo747

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